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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree ( Submit your own)
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This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa
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Introductory threads are probably the only things about joining a new forum that have ever given me anxiety honestly - I never wholly know what to say, so I am going to just fill out a form and hope that tells you all enough.

NAME: Holmes
PRONOUNS: When it matters I grant indicators, but I tend to default he/him.
ZODIAC SIGN: Cancer / Crab
TAKEN OR SINGLE: Neither. I don’t prescribe to the societal custom of dating.

01: My greatest masochistic tendency is to go swimming in the ocean when it is windy and the tide is coming in and just letting the sea kick me around until I feel better. Downside of this was discovered on the 7th when the surf slammed me real good into a rocky portion of the shoreline and my body suffered minor fall damages.

02: My walks to and from work are sacred me time moments where I have my headphones in and music blaring and I plot out various responses to roleplays, come up with new ideas, or just plot my course for the next bit of writing / productivity I am hyped about. It’s part of my daily organizing and nothing makes me crankier than having it interrupted because my work uniform convinces people they can talk to me and I have no choice but to stop my day, take out my headphones, and accommodate them because so long as I am in uniform I am representing my company and I have no choice.

03: My favorite cheese is Balderson 2year old smoked cheddar. It is sharp as hell and absolutely divine.

PAST PLATFORMS USED: gaiaonline / msn / aim / invisionfree / proboards / H!L / skype / cbox
CURRENT PLATFORMS USED: tumblr / discord

GENDER: I enjoy writing females but I am well aware that they don’t get attention / the attention they do get on the tumblr platform tends to annoy me so I cater to the audience and write as males, but when I am not focused on demographics and I am just Doing My Own Thing it really evens out and I write across the entire gender spectrum without much of a care.
LEAST FAVORITE FACE(S): I used to have a faceclaim blacklist back when I gave a shit about running a blog for tumblr rather than running one for myself, but to make a long story short the general gist of it was:

If the faceclaim is deceased - I cannot do it.
If the faceclaim is a youtuber - I cannot do it.
If the faceclaim is someone I personally dislike or who infuriates me on the principle of past interactions - I won’t do it because I don’t want to project that on the player. This one I generally keep to myself because it’s my own business and these actors rarely come up - and when they do I simply inform the person that is a character I will not interact with on account of said reason.


FLUFF / ANGST / SMUT: All of the above, honestly. Smut is kind of touch and go though and depends on the purpose of it / who I am writing with.
PLOT / MEMES: I live for memes and turning them into stories! They are the easiest way to launch off for me, but I love plotting when there’s the seed of an idea but it needs a little hammer through.
TRIGGERS / SQUICKS: I have hard stances against getting involved in threads or storylines involving acts of sexual violence, alcohol or substance abuse ( casual drinking in sociable acceptable settings is fine; drinking in excess / as a coping mechanism or self medicating technique is not. While I am abundantly aware of the use of laudanum and opiates as medical aides in this time period, I would prefer to be excused from threads involving such matters ) pregnancy or miscarriage. While suicidal ideology can at times be reflected in my characters with those who are comfortable with it, they never rely on others to pull out of it, and I do not involve myself with characters who are actively suicidal. My only squicks would be vore and gratuitous Hannibal-level violence descriptors and I mention this only because I've had some Interesting Werewolf Encounters over the years.
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I kept reading "pronouns" as "patronus" and got super confused. #PotterHead
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— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by lady ❤ —
[Image: _wave__by_royaba-d31cibr.gif] 

I barely had the internet in 1999, so props to you there, lol

My drive from work is generally my favorite time to think about ~Charming things, because I generally don't get to sit down and have RP time until after my kiddos are in bed, so I feel you there!

Welcome aboard!
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Hey, I'm Té and we've already met in the cbox but I wanted to post here as well. Welcome! :D
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[Image: xU9tKc.png]
set by Bee
Hi there, Holmes!

I'm Bree and I'm a Hufflepuff/Taurus and my favorite cheese is, disappointingly, not Brie (it's Swiss, actually). I'm currently a tutor for preschool/elementary-aged children. Most of my roleplaying experience has come from charming, unless you count the shitty chatspeak roleplaying I did through messaging when I was 12/13. Uhhh I'm best known for my walrus obsession, very unhealthy sleep schedule, and my obsessive (and unnecessary) spreadsheet-making.

But welcome!
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Want to help ruin the social lives of your favorite characters? Contribute to Witch Weekly!
Hi, I'm Kelly. Welcome to Charming! I've been here for over two years now, and it is a very magical place. I hope you enjoy it here and I am excited to plot with you. I am a Hufflepuff and Virgo.
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Magic by MJ!

OOooh, you used Gaiaonline? I started there, and whenever I go back to read those first posts in 2007/2008/2009 it makes me cringe. I was never very active in the RP community on that site, though. I had a few friends that i'd always RP with because I didn't know anyone else and group threads made me very nervous.  hell, they still make me nervous, but I try to ignore that.

HI! I'm Ocean. I've been on this site for a few years - since 2014, i believe, but I wasn't really active until 2016 - and just recently brought my three current characters back from the dead.  I'm a Hufflepuff/Leo.
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MJ is a goddess and made Avril's set!

Thirty Song Challenge!
Kayte: Mood on the patronus thing omg. I imagine if I had a patronus of my own it would look like my bowlegged kitty.

Bee: I was hilariously lucky in the fact that my parents were among the first in our little townstead to have a computer, and my mother ended up doing technician work over time - for several years she pretty much spearheaded progress in that dinky little town and I will forever be grateful to her for it. Thanks for the welcome <3 I am absolutely delighted to be here!

Té: Thank you for your help when I was rolling about earlier, it was much appreciated! <3

Bree: Sad as I am about the missed opportunity of brie, swiss is a solid contender xD Walrus are adorable sea children and I would hug one of those big boys in a hot second. As I tend to operate on cthulu time, I feel you on the sleep thing lmao.

Kelly: Hi there! It’s awesome to see how many long term members this site has - it gives it a very homey vibe and I am all for that. I look forward to getting to know folks and settle in honestly, and can’t wait to get plotting running!

Ocean: A name after my own heart, lmao! And god - yeah gaiaonline is something I think back on and on one hand - I am glad for how much I learned on the platform and on the other, I wonder how I even managed to do anything productive at all in that mess xD Though I do shamelessly check in on it even still and fuss with the avatar, for no other reason than nostalgia, I most certainly do not write there now @_@

And for all the mentions of houses, I should mention that ever since the concept of house quizzes all the way up to Pottermore, I have been split 50 / 50 between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, which means I tend to flop toward Ravenclaw as I am the least ambitious person alive ( hello, I am an actual sea cucumber ) but then I think about all those stairs and then having the mental capacity for riddles and realize I would rather live in the dungeons.

Hi. I'm Kayte, and I teach high school English and social studies up here in Canada. I am decidedly a Slytherin, and I have long evaded the discomfort of writing introductions by... not doing it xD I've been roleplaying since 2000 (thanks, neopets!) and on Charming since 2010. The only people who have been here longer than me are Te (the founder) and Olive (who beat me by like, two weeks).

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— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by lady ❤ —
Hi Holmes! I've been cbox lingering when you are on, but I suppose I'll actually introduce myself. I'm Fallin I've been roleplaying since about 2000 (like Kayte, I thank neopets) then came up through Invisionfree boards and Gaiaonline. I've been here for about a year now. Always happy to plot it throw my peeps into threads if needed. Favorite cheese is actually white extra sharp cheddar, although bourbon smoked gouda has given it a run since I discovered it. Welcome aboard!

[Image: x5VH1p.png]
An amazing signature from Bee <3

Hello! I'm Hawke, one of the resident mamafolk 'round here. I started rping around 2010 and also thanks to Neopets. I had always kinda considered myself a Slytherclaw but in recent years have started to realize Puff seems to take over those Slyther tendencies I once had. But welcome, welcome! I'm here most often during the day on weekdays and not around much on weekends. I'm a stay at home mama of 3 boys and so when my husband is home I spend the time with the family. Random fact, I'm obsessed with kangaroos and always have been. I would love one as a pet one day even though it is highly unlikely and quite ridiculously considering I live in the mountains of Nevada where our winters are cruel. Hope you enjoy your time here!

Another Glorious MJ Set!
[Image: xy6Q4W.png]
Hey, Holmes! Welcome to Charming!

I'm Finn. I'm pretty new compared to everyone else (just since July), but everyone is wicked nice, so I'm definitely here to stay. I hope you are, too! I've been rping since 2000 or 2001 on Neopets, then I moved to Gaia, and it just snowballed from there. I absolutely love all types of cheese, so I'll have to keep an eye out for your favorite and give it a try! I'm a Ravendor. I live in Snowpocalypse, NY at the moment, and I chase after small children all day work with kindergarteners.

Anywho, welcome! Hope to rp with you. :)
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[Image: xxq4g6.png]
Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
@Aldous Crouch - A fellow Canadian! How delightful =D I'm out in Nova Scotia myself. And honestly bless your face - I am absolutely in love with the Hornblower series ( I actually write as Horatio and Major Cotard; occasionally as Matthews and Styles when the need calls for it ) and I won't deny William is based loosely off some of my portrayal elements of Horatio - an easy starting point though I imagine he will fly off in his own directions quite swiftly beyond what is already unique to him. <3

@Sisse Thompsett Yknow I missed the NeoPets thing entirely but I did end up on smaller, indie petsites with a strong RP focus ( one of which I'm still active on and will always have a nostalgic soft spot for admittedly ) and I always wonder if maybe I missed out on something xD Extra sharp cheddar was where it was at for me before I found Balderson so A++

@"Fortuna Lockhart" Ah hello! Kangaroos are neat - I've a few friends in Australia who have shared Horror Stories about them but up until I heard those they were pretty up there on my list of favorite animals! But like everything else down under, they're dangerous - probably for the best you can't keep one around xD ( And I always forget about the like - cross house names like Slytherclaw / Ravendor whatnot bless )

@Billie Farrow My goodness your FC looks precious and vaguely familiar, darned if I can recall what he is from though. And bless your soul for teaching gremlins ( there are a couple teachers here I note, that's supremely awesome! ) Weather's been absolutely WILD this year - you have snow and so does Newfoundland and then there's my city, PLANTING PALM TREES to see if they will survive in our new climate of "Disgustingly Hot."
Hi Holmes! I'm a little late to the party already, but welcome and glad to have you! :)

I'm MJ, I'm 23, from the UK, and just finished with uni, probably for good! I'm also a Ravenclaw... I feel that sea cucumberness... and I also Strongly Agree with your facts up there: walking is sacred, cheddar is glorious, and I similarly enjoy kicking about uselessly in the water, and have spent many a summer at one of the Great Lakes floating half-asleep and not noticing the storm rolling in until there's, uh, lightning everywhere. xD Also props to the Hornblower love, I have a soft spot for Any and All historical navy/pirate/ship dramas out there. <3

Hope to RP with you soon!
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/don't worry MJ, you're not as late as me...

Hi Holmes! I'm Lauren, another UK resident who has been roleplaying since the heady days of dial-up and yahoo groups and I've been here on Charming for over five years now. I enjoy the genealogy aspects of the families on site and try to play a variety of characters to stretch myself as much as possible, so I like to think there's something for everyone :D

Hope to thread with you soon!
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gorgeous set by MJ

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