Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

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    12.13 On the first day of Charming, Kayte gave to me...
    12.11 Some quick reminders!
    12.08 Another peek at what's to come...
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    12.04 We have our PW winners for November!
    12.02 New Skins! In less exciting news, the AC is underway.
    11.27 AC Saturday and election next week!
    11.21 A glimpse at post-move changes.
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    11.10 Election update!
    11.07 We have Posting Wizards!
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    Wilfrieda Vaisey
    In Character
    Full Name: Wilfrieda Prunella Vaisey née Flint
    Nicknames: Frieda - the one acceptable nickname. 
    Willy - used exclusively by her husband to annoy her.
    Birthdate: February 5th, 1826
    Current Age: 59 years
    Occupation: Harridan
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: Kent
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin
    Wand: Ebony and kelpie hair, 14 inches.
    Blood Status: Pure
    Social Class: Upper
    Flitterbloom 'Gilbert' Vaisey — Husband — While Frieda would claim the man is the bane of her existence, she does so only because she enjoys complaining so much. He's a man who cares only for things that interest him and as such, fairs poorly with responsibility when he is disinterested. He does much in excess and actually enjoys a party as much as his wife. The couple have a tendency to needle each other but usually with little malicious intent. That being said, he has become very negligent with the family finances and unless he does something about it soon, they are very much in danger of losing the lifestyle they are accustomed to. Flitterbloom Gillyweed Vaisey was thusly named as his father was absent at the time of his birth and his naming was left to his very delirious mother. Unofficially, he goes by 'Gilbert' and likes to believe that everyone thinks his name is Gilbert, though really most people know his first name is Flitterbloom.

    Thelma ____ née Vaisey — Daughter — Thelma was the first Vaisey child and died just over ten years ago in childbirth.

    Quentin Vaisey — Son — The eldest son. Quentin is named after his paternal grandfather. He has a somewhat haughty demeanor and is quite full of himself - surely a result of being hopelessly spoiled in his youth. His parents are of the opinion that he is the finest heir they could wish for, though little do they know that his habit for making outrageous bets with his peers has lost him his house in London and he is presently living in an apartment he used to let out. He has been very shifty of late.

    Gilbert Vaisey — Son — Twin of Wilfred.
    Wilfred Vaisey — Son — Twin of Gilbert.
    The twins were named after their respective parents and are frequently pitted against each other by said parents - both have found a need to be competitive with their namesakes. This has brought about immense tension between two brothers from a young age and driven the two apart. They are eternally fighting between themselves and their fights are steadily increasing in severity. Most recently, Wilfred stole the attentions of a young debutante away from his twin and then dropped her as soon as he was sure his brother was appropriately furious. Their spats have more than once ended in physical violence.

    Prudence ____ née Vaisey — Daughter — The eldest living daughter, Prudence is aptly named. She had no desire to marry the man she was betrothed to, but she did and lived in quiet resentment for many years. One day he mortified her in public when he was caught in the midst of seducing her best friend. He turned up dead six months later. Prudence has since remarried and appears to have her new husband under her thumb.

    Temperance ____ née Vaisey — Daughter — Temperance is also aptly named. She is very much like her mother in personality, though lacks her hypocrisy and actually practices what she preaches. Preach being the operative word, Temperance is the bane of every family get together when she is of a mind to lecture her family members. Her husband avoids her at every cost and has had numerous affairs, none of which she seems aware of while the rest of family think they are keeping them secret from her. She prefers to deny her husband's infidelity despite her condemnation of immoral behavior and privately resents her family for withholding the truth from her - even if she does know already.

    Honorine Vaisey — Daughter — Honorine was a particularly pretty child and for the first seven or so years of her life, was fiercely doted on by her mother. However, during her eighth year, she began suffering severe seizures and soon after it seemed she had suffered some form of irreversible brain damage. The cause of this was never discovered and within a year of her seizures starting, Honorine was sent away to live in a mental asylum. Her sudden disappearance was explained away by death. Wilfrieda actually visited her daughter for the first two years but her visits have since stopped.

    Amos Vaisey — Son — Amos is very severe and lacks any sort of sense of humor. He works very hard and is very frugal with his money, even foregoing a wife up until now in the belief that wives and children will be the end of his wealth. He has been dubbed a killjoy and mercenary by his siblings, frequently finding himself at the mercy of their teasing, though he claims he is above it and they do not bother him. His siblings are convinced he has some skeletons in the closet as he seems too perfect. Maybe he does.

    Greta ___ née Vaisey — Daughter — Greta, always one for pushing the boundaries of what her strict mother would allow of her, has managed to pull the wool over everyone's eyes. Greta's husband is secretly a muggleborn. He was coincidentally born to a family of muggles whose last name happened to be shared with that of a prominent pureblood wizarding family. Greta, being the schemer that she was, saw the opportunity to quietly rebel the moment she was first introduced to her now husband at her Coming Out Ball. Greta is not actually in love with her husband and views him as a lesser being for his gullibility and blood status, but he is also her greatest act of disobedience to date. She intends to keep his true blood status a secret until one of her parents are on their deathbed, for now, knowing that she has made her parents accept and consent to her marriage oblivious of the truth is enough for her.

    Albertine ____ née Vaisey — Estranged daughter — In her youth she was a problematic and willful young girl and insisted on marrying a man other than her betrothed. Unfortunately, her betrothal fell through anyway and her parents reluctantly consented to her being courted by the gentleman of her choice. The two eventually married and had a few children. Then tragedy struck. Her husband had managed to keep his secret from Albertine for five years, convincing her his regular disappearances had to do with business. In all actuality, she had wed a werewolf. One month he was delayed setting off to hide himself for another full moon and Albertine accused him of having a mistress. Stubborn and determined to have the truth out of her husband, she refused to let him leave, unaware of the perils of her actions. He turned right before her eyes and attacked her. He fled but died shortly after when he encountered the Werewolf Capture Unit. Albertine thought she had escaped the furry fate of her husband until the next month when she turned and killed all but one of her children. There was a scandal and she was disowned.

    Alpheus Vaisey — Son — Young, naive, and headstrong. Alpheus has a very strong sense of justice but he's a little afraid of his parents' wrath. He has frequent fleeting fancies (usually for inappropriate females and secretly males too) and has tried convincing his parents to let him marry on several occasions, each time to a different girl. At least one of them was an exotic dancer. So far he has given in to his parents, but he's growing more sure of himself as he gets older and thus less likely to obey.

    Mavis ____ née Vaisey — Daughter — Mavis is very normal and proper, thank you very much. Except she has a tail. Particularly good at transfiguration, Mavis had a mind to become an animagus. Impatient and thinking herself skilled enough to pull it off, she attempted the final transfiguration too soon and consequently has a tail and a few other animal attributes that refuse to go away. Fortunately, she was already engaged when she attempted this, though she blinded her fiancé so he would not break it off. She likes to make Prunella feel worse by rubbing in the fact that even she can get married.

    Prunella Vaisey — Daughter — Very plain in appearance and very passive. Prunella is Wilfrieda's last child and to all who will listen, her parents' greatest disappointment. In her early twenties now, Prunella's marriage prospects seem very bleak. She wants very much to marry in order to escape the tyranny of her mother that she hasn't been able to stand up to, but her self-confidence has been so thoroughly decimated that she is all but defeated. Frieda likes to complain to her friends (and in front of Prunella as much as possible) how disappointing she is and how she may as well be called a spinster now for all that she's likely to marry. In reality, any gentleman that has so much as glanced Prunella's way has been ferociously deterred by her overbearing mother who actually wants to keep her youngest around forever. Frieda actually adores her youngest and shows her affection by being horrible to her at every turn.

    Appearance: Though only two inches taller than average, Frieda has the appearance of someone several inches taller. This has much to do with the heels of her shoes, her personality, and a very bony and narrow body. She was always more on the slender side, but almost continuous pregnancy did wonders for her figure. However, she now resembles her original shape more than she ever did in her childbearing years. She wears mostly subdued colors - browns, grays, mauve, etc. with intricate details making up for the lack of color. She enjoys extravagance and likes to show off with hats and jewelry. Frieda is right handed.

    February, 1826 — Wilfrieda is born, the third and final child for Mr. and Mrs. Flint.
    1830 — Wilfrieda's first magical act is to knot her sister's shoelaces together which resulted in Greta tripping over and spraining her ankle.
    1835 — Frieda is betrothed to the Vaisey heir.
    1837 — Her Hogwarts letter arrives and off she goes. Her ambition and cunning see her sorted into Slytherin.
    1844 — Frieda graduates from Hogwarts with decent OWLs and NEWTs under her belt. She marries in November, finding out during the vows that her husband-to-be's name is not in fact 'Gilbert', but Flitterbloom. She finds it very difficult to take him seriously after this, she is also deeply embarrassed to have found out at the last minute in front of a room full of people.
    September, 1845 — The couple's first child arrives, a daughter they name Thelma. All parties are very healthy and so there is little concern that sons will follow in due time. The first year of marriage has proven difficult at times, but not unhappy for Frieda. She has come to regain her respect for her husband despite his name, and steadily comes to accommodate for his habits and manners. It does help that she has also decided he's not bad to look at.
    August, 1846 — The second child follows the first in barely under a year and this time it's a boy. Quentin is named for his grandfather and is much celebrated by family and friends.
    December, 1847 — Much to everyone's surprise, December brings with not one extra son, but two. The couple see this as an opportunity to pass on their names. Sort of.
    1848 — Gilbert has started up an affair with Frieda's Lady's Maid. Frieda catches on after a few months. In order to mortify them both into stopping, she sends both similar letters arranging for them to meet in the family library. Each thinking the other wrote the letter, they meet each other and though confused at first as to who invited who, they soon cannot help themselves. Before anything too explicit takes place, Frieda takes both by surprise by suddenly appearing, two year old Thelma in tow for the extra guilt factor. The plan works and Gilbert is horrified about what his daughter almost saw. Frieda is immensely satisfied, the maid is fired. Thelma thankfully didn't remember the incident as an adult.
    February 14th, 1849 — Prudence is born. She has forever resented the date of her birth.
    March, 1849 — With their marriage in a precarious state as Gilbert has taken to coming home late in the evening from the club very drunk, Gilbert decides to accept an offer of work out of the country for the better part of a year. This does not ingratiate himself into his wife's good opinion.
    September, 1849 — Gilbert returns early and mercifully sober too. He brings gifts for their children and some particularly expensive looking jewelry. Wilfrieda begrudgingly forgives him. His drinking starts up again within a few weeks, much to her exasperation.
    May, 1850 — Another daughter is born. To thoroughly display her displeasure with her husband and his drinking habits, Frieda names their daughter Temperance.
    1851 — Gilbert's father dies from complications with alcohol. This has the sobering effect on her husband that she's been hoping for. It also means he inherits everything. In October, Honorine is born.
    December, 1852 — After an unpleasant miscarriage at the start of the year, 1852 ends pleasantly with the arrival of their eighth child, Amos.
    May 23rd, 1853 — A ninth child arrives far too early and dies within moments.
    July, 1853 — Left somewhat fragile from the whole experience, Gilbert takes his wife overseas to recover. They grow considerably closer while out of the country and end up staying far longer than expected.
    April, 1854 — They return home after almost a year absent with another child, Greta. The couple decide they have too many children and stop sharing a bed.
    1856 — After a particularly jubilant party, the whole avoidance of sharing a bed thing goes out the window, permanently.
    September, 1857 — Thelma and Quentin depart for Hogwarts at the same time. Frieda is deeply sorrowful to see two of her favorite children (because of course she has favorites) leave, but is distracted soon after by the addition of Albertine. With Hogwarts fees to pay and yet another child, the financial responsibility of so many children becomes very apparent to Frieda's husband.
    July, 1859 — Alpheus is born. Two months later, the twins leave for Hogwarts.
    1860 — Honorine starts to suffer from bad seizures. Healers are unsure of the problem and try several different medicines to try and cure her ailment. After several months, it has become clear that Honorine has suffered brain damage. Struggling to find any way to fix her, the decision is made to send her away to an asylum. In September, Prudence goes to Hogwarts.
    September, 1861 — Temperance goes to Hogwarts.
    January, 1862 — Mavis is born. Gilbert started drinking several months prior in anticipation. Later in the year, Frieda visits Honorine in the asylum for the last time as she has shown no promise of recovery and if anything, is worse.
    November, 1863 — Prunella is born. Frieda is beyond done with having children and, fortunately, won't go on to have any more. Gilbert privately decides that Frieda catching him with a prostitute is preferable to more children and stops all bedroom activities.
    1864 — Thelma and Quentin graduate from Hogwarts in May, while Amos starts in September.
    1865 — Greta goes to Hogwarts. Thelma marries her betrothed.
    1866 — The twins graduate. Prudence finishes her OWLs and Gilbert expresses a wish to cut her education short at OWLs in order to save money, but Frieda violently insists that he not do so as people might think they have money troubles.
    1868 — Prudence finishes Hogwarts and honors her betrothal before the end of the year.
    1869 — Temperance graduates and her betrothed died several years prior, Frieda convinces her husband that sending her to finishing school is for the best. Albertine starts Hogwarts.
    1870 — An arrangement for Temperance's marriage is made early in the year and she is married by October. Alpheus goes to Hogwarts.
    1871 —Gilbert loses a hefty sum at the club having decided to try gambling. Frieda chastises him ferociously for weeks.
    1872 — Amos graduates.
    1873 — Greta graduates and attends finishing school at her mother's insistence, despite her brothal. Frieda insists she needs to attend finishing school. Mavis starts Hogwarts.
    1874 — Greta returns from finishing school after a year and debuts. At her Coming Out, she makes designs on a muggleborn gentleman.
    1875 — Prunella starts Hogwarts. Greta marries her secret muggleborn with fiendish glee, Frieda is none the wiser to his lineage.
    1876 — Albertine finishes Hogwarts and like her sisters before her, it is arranged for her to attend finishing school too, despite looming money trouble and her pre-existing betrothal. Frieda feels if she sends all of her daughters to finishing school, that no one will suspect the family is struggling with money.
    1877 — Alpheus graduates from Hogwarts. The muggle rejection of wizarding society makes Frieda pester her husband into purchasing a home in Wellingtonshire, insisting that it's a good investment. They can barely afford the house. Albertine returns from finishing school. Within a few weeks, she falls in love with a gentleman who is eligible in every way except that he is not the man she is betrothed to. Frieda insists that she must honor her former marriage arrangement instead. A matter of weeks later, Albertine's betrothed ends the agreement in order to propose to another girl. By the end of the year, Albertine is engaged to the gentleman she fell in love with.
    1878 — Albertine marries.
    1880 — Mavis graduates and is sent to finishing school. Albertine's secretly lycanthropic husband attacks her, and a month later, Albertine mauls all but one of her children to death. There is an embarrassing scandal and she is promptly disowned, along with her surviving child. The family move from the family home in Kent, to the Wellingtonshire house as it is smaller and costs less to maintain than the country estate.
    1881 — Mavis returns from finishing school a few months early as payment for her tuition was never received. She hastily debuts for lack of a betrothal and is fortunately courted by a gentleman within a few months. Later in the year, he proposes and she accepts. Shortly after, she prematurely attempts an animagus transformation and fails. Her fiancé is mysteriously rendered blind around the same time.
    1882 — Mavis marries. Prunella graduates and does not attend finishing school as money is far too tight. Frieda tells anyone who will listen that the reason she isn't attending finishing school is because she is so awfully plain that not even finishing school could make her marriageable.
    1883 — Gilbert takes another big loss while gambling. For sentimental reasons, the country estate in Kent is not sold and the family move back there, selling the Wellingtonshire home instead.
    1885 — Money is growing very tight despite leasing out the London town house they own and selling some of the more frivolous possessions they own to keep the household running.
    Personality: Abrupt. Opinionated. Cantankerous. Strict. Hypocritical. Unsympathetic. Snobbish. Proud.
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