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Edward Macmillan
Full Name: Edward Wilbur Macmillan
Nicknames: Ned
Birthdate: November 15th, 1857
Current Age: Thirty Years
Occupation: Gentleman of Leisure
Reputation: 9. His personal reputation has remained wholly unscathed, but there have been whispers about his immediate and extended relatives at one point or another.
Residence: Hogsmeade, Scotland
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Alumnus ('76)
Wand: Beech, 12 inches, Unicorn hair, Surprisingly swishy
Blood Status: Pureblood
Social Class: Upper Class
John Macmillan, Father [1831]
@Helena Macmillan (née Pendergast), Mother [1837]
@Charles Macmillan, Brother [1860]
— Noelle Macmillan (née Selwyn), Sister-in-law [18XX-1885]
— Nimue Macmillan, Niece [1884]
Howard Macmillan, Brother [1861-1864]
Elmer Macmillan, Brother [1863]
Lawrence Macmillan, Brother [1866-1868]

Thaddeus Macmillan, Uncle [1833-1877]
— Megara Macmillan (née Cresswell), Aunt [1837]
— @Killian Macmillan, Cousin [1855], and family
— Orla ----- (née Macmillan), Cousin [1858], and family
— ----- Macmillan, Cousin [1860]

Albert Pendergast, Grandfather [1798-1876]
Rowena Pendergast (née _____), Grandmother [1808-1879]

Philip Pendergast, Uncle [1826-1884]
— Olivia Pendergast (née Lestrange), Aunt [1837-1887]
— Regan Pendergast, Cousin [1861], and family
— Eloise Manwaring (née Pendergast), Cousin [1862], and family
— @Evelyn Abercrombie née Pendergast, Cousin [1863], and family
— William Pendergast, Cousin [1864]
— Rosalind Pendergast, Cousin [1866]
— @Ellory Pendergast, Cousin [1867]
— Regina Pendergast, Cousin [1883]
— Warrick Pendergast, Cousin [1883-1884]

Reuben Pendergast, Uncle [1828]
— Atalanta Pendergast (née Fawley), Aunt [1840]
— @Emma Macmillan (née Pendergast), Cousin [1862], and family
— @Minnie Pendergast, Cousin [1865]
— Walter Pendergast, Cousin [1867]
— Samuel Pendergast, Cousin [1870]
Edward has never been the ideal gentleman in terms of appearance, his features softer than they are angular and overall out of proportion. However, these same features makes him seem more approachable than he might otherwise seem, which undeniably helped his social life as an gawky teenager. His once-thin figure has begun to fill out in recent years, but he could by no means be considered heavy-set. He stands at an average and entirely unimpressive five feet, seven inches tall.

He has dark hair that, much to his dismay, has begun to thin, but balances this out with well-groomed facial hair. His hazel eyes crinkle at the corners when he smiles and are framed by dark, bushy eyebrows. He dresses in a conservative mix of wizarding and muggle fashions, generally preferring robes unless running into a muggle is a possibility. He wields his wand with his left hand, though was trained with both.
1857 | Edward Macmillan is born the first son and child to John and Helena Macmillan. Though doted on by is mother, he's proves to be a fussy baby who prefers his nanny's attention to all others'.

1860 | The addition of another child into the household marks a tumultuous time in Edward's young life; despite showing interest in his little brother, baby Charles is always inconsolable when in the midst of his fits, making it difficult for three-year-old Edward to bond with him. While he eventually deems him more of an annoyance than a happy addition to the family, these feelings would ebb as he grew older and more mature.

1861 | Another little brother, Howard, joins the family.

1862 | His first sign of magic comes after being introduced to his newborn cousin, Emma. An anxious fit while watching the adults pass around a fragile infant sees a vase in the room shatter. Fortunately, no one is injured.

1863 | Edward's mother gives birth to another son named Elmer. Though taking to the role of the eldest brother with relative ease as he had with every brother before (save for Charles, who seems to have made it his personal mission to make his life a nightmare with his tantrums), the recent births of a number of female cousins leaves him wondering why he can't have a sister.

1864 | The death of Howard leaves Edward devastated. It marks the first notable death in his life, and one of the earliest prominent memories to survive adulthood.

1866 | Edward's mother births another son named Lawrence. Still recovering from the death of little Howard, Edward does not grow as attached to this brother as he had the ones before.

1868 | Lawrence dies. The death itself does not hit him as hard as Howard's did—at least not for the same reasons. While he's able to remain strong during the funeral, seeing his mother in a deep melancholy takes a toll on Edward. His deteriorating relationship with his younger brothers during the mourning period does not help things, and he instead sets his mind to the upcoming school year.

1869 | Edward is the first of his brothers to go off to Hogwarts and finds himself in Ravenclaw, the same house his mother was sorted into. He takes to his classes well enough, though does not fit the typical description of a studious Ravenclaw. His position among other wealthy pureblood families saves him from complete loneliness his first year, but he is not a notably social student.

1870 | An attempt to branch out sees him trying out for the Ravenclaw quidditch team at the beginning of his second year. He (unsurprisingly) does not make the team, but isn't very bothered by the fact.

1871 | His third year brings the addition of a new elective: Ancient Runes. He excels in the class, but does not see a future in which he uses it in any sort of career path.

1873 | The summer before his fifth year, he's told of a betrothal to a Miss _____ ____, a girl __ years his junior. A romantic at heart, he's quietly saddened by the prospect of an arranged marriage, but understands the why. Because of her young age, their contact is limited—and he's fine with that. As the school year approaches, Edward receives his supply list from Hogwarts, along with a shiny prefect badge. A friendly kid, takes to the position with relative ease, but takes a few weeks to find a disciplinary tone.

1874 | After taking his OWLs in the spring, Edward returns home to the family home in Scotland. An outing with a few of his school friends in London sees him pressured into visiting a brothel, where he loses his virginity. The entire experience—namely, the peer pressure and the lack of emotion in the actual deed itself—leaves him feeling a little icky (not that he would ever admit that). It would be years before he once again shared a bed with a woman, and the only time he would do so while completely sober.

1876 | After graduating from Hogwarts with the blanket set of five NEWTs that could get him into almost any career, he begins an internship at St. Mungo's. He struggles to find his niche, beginning in Magical Bugs, and then Artifact Incidents, and then Spell Damage. He remains in that department through the duration of the training, but, feeling that healing doesn't suit him well, chooses to conclude his internship the next spring without pursuing the career in full. He returns home to Scotland to live a life of leisure without much ado.

1877 | Edward moves to Hogsmeade with his family when the muggles begin to riot, though does not feel particularly threatened with the number of muggle-repelling charms at their disposal. (Homemade seems to implement his thought process on a much larger level, anyways, and combined with the the freedom of an all-magical village, there is very little to complain about.)

1878 | Charles graduates from Hogwarts and, being the ambitious of the bunch, goes into the Department of International Magical Co-Operation with high hopes for the future.

1880 | The death of his young betrothed leaves Edward in a short mourning period. While he's saddened for her family, his lack of contact between him and his intended keeps him safe from heartache.

1882 | Edward begins to suspect Charles is suffering from fits of paranoia. His brother leaves the family home and seems aggravated all the time—not that he should expect much else from the emotionally-constipated git.

1883 | Charles gets married to Noelle Selwyn, a shocking fact considering Edward himself has yet to marry. He does his best to avoid conflict while the wedding is being planned, and, save for a few instances where he worries for his mother's health, everything seems to go off without a hitch. Seems.

1884 | Edward becomes an uncle to little Nimue Macmillan, and the laughing plague sweeps through Hogsmeade. With a completed healing internship under his best, Edward offers what help he can from within the quarantine zone and luckily does not come down with the illness himself. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for a number of his relatives; following the end of the plague, Edward—along with half of Hogsmeade—enters a period of mourning. The fire that sweeps through High Street and Wellingtonshire takes out the Macmillan home, causing Edward and his family to return to the Scotland estate.

1885 | Charles has some sort of quarter-life crisis in which his wife perishes and he tries running away from his problems. Edward tries to ignore it the best he can while also doing what he can to help his now-motherless niece, but without a career of his own, it seems family gossip is the only thing that can keep him occupied. Edward ponders asking for an advance on his inheritance to purchase his own home, but decides against it after realizing that moving out might only make things worse.

1887 | The disaster at the Wizarding World Market leaves his Aunt Olivia dead, and for some Merlin-forsaken reason his mother decides to buy the home on a whim. Ever the loyal son, he follows without question.

1888 | Hogsmeade turns to Fogsmeade and Edward seriously considers moving out. For good.
Thoughtful. Mild-mannered. Polite. Understanding. Soft purist. Humble. Dutiful. Romantic. Reserved. Independent. Family-oriented. Quietly judgmental.

Name: Bree
Age: 19
Contact:PM @Edric Umbridge
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