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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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September 2nd, 1888, Evening — Second Year Gryffingirls' Dorm

"You don't think his ears look a bit...long?" Madeline Bell asked, now second-guessing her brilliant scheme. "They look long to me, for a cat, at any rate."

She had confessed to Sisse because she had felt quite pleased with herself—it was not a simple spell, and any spells were expressly forbidden outside of school until her seventeenth birthday. But the now second year had been unwilling to leave Elliot behind again. Papa did not know how to take care of him, Nanny didn't want to, and while Oakshaft loved the small mammal, that love was likely as not to translate into him accidentally strangling the creature in a hug. That, in Maddy's mind, had not been an option.

And so Elliot the almost-cat sat on her bedspread, ears possibly a bit long and tail probably a bit short, wriggling his little nose as though he were still a rabbit, his hind end twitching as though he were about to leap back into his original form at any moment. Of course, Maddy had considered simply smuggling him into the castle, but this had seemed more foolproof at the time. What if she proved to be the fool?

At least he's still white, the young witch thought with satisfaction. She had done that much right!

Open to 1-2 second year Gryffingirls!

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They do look just a tad long.” Sisse admitted peering at the creature on Maddy’s bed. It certainly didn’t look like a rabbit, which Maddy had informed her the creature really was, but there were certain things that didn’t really look like a cat either. Like whatever it was doing with its nose. “But I really don’t think anyone will notice.” She added quickly. Surely there were enough pets brought in by students that a teacher wouldn’t even notice that oddities of one almost-cat. The fact that Maddy had even managed such a spell impressed Sisse, whose own transfiguration skills were marginally short of terrible.

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Summer was finally over, even if the drama from such events continued to haunt her family. Camille had noticed the off looks that she had gotten every now and then. Some likely due to everything with cousin Bella and uncle Argus. Though some might just think of her as a slightly younger version of her sister, even if they weren't really alike or of the same house. Either way, she continued to get odd looks. Well, she might have to live with those odd looks. Especially if she got on the quidditch team this year. Then even Holly might give her strange looks.

No matter, the drama of that may soon pass. Though not having made herself too much of the social young lady that her sister had last year, Camille felt that it was time to make more of an effort of making friends. Even with the small acts of rebellion, that shell wasn't the easiest to get out of. It didn't help when Holly's personality was so much more... noticeable than her own. Perhaps that was her problem, always living in Holly's shadow. Even under her own twin's shadow it had been easier. At least her twin had been nice to others.

Looking between the 'cat' and it's owner, she was rather impressed by the strong show of magic compared to her own. "For one of our year, I must say that what you have done is very impressive. At least he isn't a tea cup." She commented. If anything, didn't one breed of cat or another have ears that were a bit long? Who knows, but Camille doubted the professors would question it. "I'd say that if anyone did, they might think the cat is more of a unique breed than anything else. Though I wonder how long transfiguration like that lasts on it's own." She added.

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“Hmmmmm,” she mused skeptically. If Sisse saw it too, then the house matron might too. Worse still, Professor Podmore--his life revolved around creatures, after all! That Miss Scrimgeour had overheard their conversation only served to heighten Maddy’s nerves, but fortunately, her wealthy dormmate seemed more impressed than…snitchy. Besides, she wasn’t nearly so bad as her Slytherin sister!

“The book didn’t say,” Madeline admitted in answer to the question, “but if it were going to fade on its own, I would think it would do so sooner than later. It’s been three days now—surely he’d give some sort of a sign?”

Did cat-rabbits have signs to give? It occurred to the second year that she probably should have researched a bit more before going ahead with her scheme.

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"Do you think the twitching thing he's doing with his nose is a sign?" Sisse asked as she twisted to the side to peer face to face with the poor creature. Miss Scrimegeour had a good point after all.

"If it does wear off I can't see the matron sending him home. He is already here after all." It would be an awful lot of work to send just one bunny home.

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