Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Mariana Macnair
    In Character
    Full Name: Mariana Iris Macnair née Lestrange
    Nicknames: Just don't.
    Birthdate: August 2nd, 1840
    Current Age: 44
    Occupation: Restless Housewife
    Reputation: 4
    Residence: Cambridgeshire
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
    Wand: Vine, 12", Dragon Heartstring
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Social Class: Upper
    Family: Klaus Lestrange — Half-Brother — 1801-1875
    Lucius Lestrange — Brother — 1827
    Sebastian Lestrange — Brother — 1830-1882
    Katherina Selwyn — Sister — 1830
    Tybalt Lestrange — Brother — 1834
    Olivia Pendergast — Sister — 1837

    Eustace Macnair — Husband — 1834
    Valerian Macnair — Son — 1861-1884
    Agrimony Macnair — Son — 1864-1885
    Betony Macnair — Son — 1864-1885
    Yarrow Macnair — Son — 1868
    Germander Macnair — Son — 1871
    Sage Macnair — Son — 1872
    Mandragora Macnair — Daughter — 1885-1885
    Tatiana Lestrange — Niece — 1866

    Marigold Thorne — Granddaughter/Ward — 1878-1884
    Appearance: Mariana is a little over average height at 5'4". She often looks taller, however, as she is slender and slight of build. She is naturally left handed but she was taught to use her right hand as a child. Now that she is no longer under scrutiny, she uses her left hand as she pleases but sometimes still uses her right hand. Her sense of style and dress is not at all normal for she favors a more medieval style of dress and walking around barefoot though she is of course respectful of society and will make the effort to dress accordingly when in public.
    August, 1840 — Mariana is the last child born to William and Octavia Lestrange.
    1844 — At an early age, she grew attached to Olivia, more so than to her other siblings. The hero-worshiping phase passed quicker for her than in most children and by the age of four, she no longer adored her sister like an awed puppy but as more of an equal. Around this time, she showed her first display of magic when she managed to magic herself up a tree after having been told she wasn't allowed to climb trees.
    1848 — Olivia left for Hogwarts. She sulked miserably for the first couple months, cheering up at Christmas.
    1849 — Mariana found a wild grass snake but was forbidden from keeping it. Not content with being denied snake-keeping permission, she decided to keep it in secret. Others soon followed. When her governess discovered her slowly growing collection of snakes she was keeping, she was scolded quite severely and her snakes released back into the wild. In an effort to encourage her into other hobbies that were more ladylike, she was taught flower arranging. She initially disliked it and refused to cooperate but upon learning more about magical plants and flowers that were poisonous, she warmed to it.
    September, 1851 — Mariana was finally able to join Olivia at Hogwarts. She had assumed that like the majority of her family she would make Slytherin, she was consequently surprised when she made Ravenclaw. She wasn't wholly upset for she would be seeing her older sister more often than she had being at home anyway and Ravenclaw was better than Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. She grew very fond of her house quickly.
    1852 — Her mother passed away. Being her first experience of death, it came as a great shock and she was deeply upset by the loss.
    1855 — She became a prefect.
    1858 — It was at her Coming Out Ball that she first met her fiancé and she decided instantly that she didn't like him. She didn't need to speak to him to know from the way he held himself, the expression on his face and more that she would not be happily married to him. Nonetheless, she had no emotional attachment to any other eligible bachelor and while she was not the most obedient of the Lestrange girls, she knew better than to put up a fight. Her sister had a reasonably happy marriage did she not? In the winter, she married Eustace Macnair and found that married life did not suit her and so she endeavored to spend as little time with her husband as was humanly possible. As such, she took up her old hobbies and began collecting exotic serpents and plants to occupy herself with.
    August, 1861 — Mariana avoided marital duties as much as possible and consequently it took nearly four years for them to have a child. Fortunately, it was a boy meaning her obligation to give her husband a son was done with. Mariana insisted on naming him Valerian after the plant. She was reasonably pleased to have a son but of course the care of the child was primarily in the care of staff and so she saw little of the child. She was still displeased with married life and embroiled herself further in her plants and pets.
    1862 — Her interest in venomous creatures eventually brought her into the path of Mr. Oswin Bennett who was a breeder of exotic animals. A few meetings after their initial acquaintance, an affair began. At the time she almost fancied herself in love with him but the reality was, she was only in love with the risk, the escape and the rebellion of it. She went about her infidelity with the utmost secrecy and discretion, not wanting to bring shame to the Lestrange family name.
    1864 — She carried on in this way until it became clear that she was with child. Shortly after, her lover turned up dead. To this day she doesn't know who killed him. Her feelings regarding his death were rather cold, to say she was disappointed would not be an understatement. By December she was the mother of a pair of twin boys. Illegitimate twin boys. Her husband seemed to turn a blind eye to what she had done despite it being quite obvious they weren't his.
    1865 — As a way to spend even less time with Eustace, she took up a job at St. Mungos as a Healer. It was certainly frowned upon and Mariana had known from the start that it would be, but she didn't particularly care. She despised her husband and if that irritated him then all the better for her.
    July, 1868 — Yarrow was born. Despite minimal intimacy with Eustace and rather more with the occasional lover over the years since the twins, she is beyond certain he's legitimate. It is at this point that Mariana realized she wanted a daughter instead of more sons.
    1871 — Germander was born. Another legitimate son. Mariana is irritated at this point by her many sons.
    1872 — Sage. Another boy. Mariana started concocting poisons and antidotes of her own devising in her spare time. To take away some of the disappointment of having yet another son, Mariana dressed Sage as femininely as possible.
    1875 — Tybalt was arrested for murdering some people Mariana didn't really care about. Her main concern is his only daughter whom she insists on taking in, she was less enthusiastic about Tatiana's brother, Tiberius, who was taken in by Lucius. Klaus died.
    1877 — Tatiana left for Hogwarts. Mariana was very displeased at the loss of her pseudo-daughter to school.
    1878 — Mariana transfered from St. Mungo's Hospital to Hogsmeade Hospital, she was shortly thereafter promoted to Assistant Head of Potions and Plant Poisoning. The Macnairs moved to Hogsmeade.
    1879 — Mariana could no longer keep Sage in girls attire full-time without it being strange. He would still occasionally get shoved in a dress for her own amusement when really bored, however.
    1882 — In May she was drafted for the Hogsmeade Trail. Mariana reached the end of it unscathed but was then held prisoner by muggles, much to her disgust. She did not return home until August. Afterwards, Mariana was promoted to Healer-In-Charge of the Potion and Plant Poisoning ward at Hogsmeade Hospital. She also stopped dressing Sage like a girl - completely. At the age of ten he could no longer pass for a pretty little girl. It was also revealed that Valerian had a bastard daughter. After her return from the trail, Eustace attempted to improve the state of their marriage by winning her affection. Sebastian died.
    1883 — A serial killer nearly killed Mariana but she managed to escape, not without losing some pride first though. Mariana's feelings for Eustace were rapidly changing but then a letter from a former mistress of his arrived. The revelation that he had managed to father a daughter with another woman, ruined the progress they had made. Valerian then decided to run off with his bastard and her mother. Mariana hunted him down and upon finding him, she murdered his bastard's mother - whom he had married - and took both him and his daughter back to Hogsmeade. The child was set up as a ward, renamed and obliviated. The entire debacle further soiled her budding feelings for her husband who had no helped her in recovering their wayward son.
    1884 — After finding out Yarrow was sleeping around with a low class hussy, she grew concerned he might do as Valerian did and made him take an unbreakable vow. Mariana later discovered she was with child for the first time in 12 years. The Laughing Plague arrived shortly after, Mariana fell ill, Valerian died. Days later, a fire spread throughout Hogsmeade and burned down the house, Marigold perished along with it. Mariana resigned from the Hospital. They did not rebuild in Hogsmeade.
    1885 — Mariana finally got her long-desired daughter. She then sent Agrimony and Betony off to get eaten by Quintapeds because inheritance issues.
    Personality: Eccentric. Aloof. Stubborn. Headstrong. Clever. Restless. Holds grudges. Spiteful. Playful.
    Sample Roleplay Post: [Image: tumblr_inline_niyyxz0ADZ1scmq8o.gif]
    Out of Character
    Name: Olive
    Age: 21
    Contact: With hands.
    Other Characters: Die now.
    How did you hear about us?: Forever Frozen apparently...

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