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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Emilia Wright for Jude Wright. Casually alienating offspring since 18882.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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Almost There
See Inside 
September 1st, 1888 - Black Lake

For first years on Boat C

The train had finally arrived in Hogsmeade and Sybille could not believe how close to Hogwarts they were. Only a few days ago it had seemed so very far away and now she was here with Fleur almost there. Amid the rush of older students making for the carriages she heard someone shouting for all first years. She made her way over to the voice, making sure Fleur stayed with her. In short order she found herself in front of boats.

Sybille liked boats, the few of them she'd been on. There had been a outing here and there in her childhood and she knew enchanted ones wouldn't let her fall out. Mother had always said so, and surely Hogwarts's boats were enchanted, right? She stepped into the boat and made sure that the others had room to settle in before the boat started off into the lake.

"Oh, I'm so excited! I can't believe we're almost there." She admitted to the others with a grin.

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Fleur had been unable to sit still on the train. Her face had either been practically plastered to the window, admiring the landscape, or excitedly pacing about the train car. When they finally pulled into Hogsmeade, she very cheerfully stated the obvious, "Syb! Hogsmeade!"

When they spilled out, she tried her best to also not lose her cousin as they made their way to the boats. Oh what a wonderful way to travel! Edgar had either left this part out, or she had been too busy grilling the poor boy about a million other things that she had simply forgotten.

She climbed into the boat after Sybille and turned a delighted smile on the two other first years who joined them. "Hello! Oh, this is going to be wonderful. I know we're just going to have the very best view of the castle this way."
Hurry Tansy, we're going to be late! Terry's mind spoke as he awaited his sister's presence by the shop's door. He bobbed up and down on his tip-toes out of excitement with tinges of anxiety and nerves. Leaving mum was something he wasn't looking forward to, and truly it would be one of the most--if not the most--tragic and terrifying moments of his life. Months without a hug or physical contact of any form. How would he survive? He figured the best way to deal with it would be to rush the departure, but Tansy wasn't making matters any easier.

With his twin finally in tow, Terry attempted to pace himself by her side. He refrained from looking over his shoulder back at the shop, despite his parents being rather busy with their work regardless, and marched along the street to their destination. He wasn't sure how he was feeling then in comparison to the start of the day. Comfort was stripped from him, and in its place a sense of unfamiliarity and solitude. The young wizard had no one, besides Tansy, to share in these feelings and hoped the other first years would understand his mindset.

The docks were cluttered with other young children ready to embark to the castle. Had the journey to this location not been overwhelming enough, this sight would have done it. Terry sought Tansy's hand to hold as they walked to their designated boat. His eyes darted left and right as his head fell slightly to the ground. What was he getting himself in to? "Are you ready, Tansy?" He asked of his sister, wondering if she was just as nervous as he.

His first step into the boat was made with uncertainty. His legs wobbled slightly which caused him to lose his balance momentarily. Luckily, he had enough sense to him to maintain his composure and quickly settled onto one of the wooden seats provided. Two other girls had already been on the boat prior, to which the wizard gave a shy smile to. "You think? I've always wanted to see it up close," he replied to the girl with the darker, curlier hair. "I do hope these things are safe to get us there, though," he added, with a light whisper to his sister.
Sybille hadn’t even thought of the view they might have. “I don’t think it’ll be long before we get to see it up close.” She told the boy with a cheerful smile. The two on the other side of the boat looked similar to each other and with the way he leaned in to her, Sybille was willing to guess they were related.

I’m Sybille Lukeson.” She reached out to shake the boy’s hand. “This is my cousin Fleur Rey.” It never hurt to introduce yourself, her mother had instructed her. Besides, one never knew if they’d all be in the same house as each other. Even if they weren’t it’d be nice to have friends in other houses too.

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Tansy had been an anxious ball of nerves. She'd packed and unpacked then repacked her suitcase on several occasions. It was the reason she'd held them up from leaving when Terry had wanted to. She just couldn't help herself. What if she packed the wrong things? What if she forgot something? It was all a bit terrifying. Her mother, luckily, had reassured her that she could always send something via owl if she was missing something. She'd finally been ushered from the family shop and she'd been on her way with her twin.

She found herself sitting next to her brother and across from two other girls. For once, Tansy remained the quiet one and simply stared about wide eyed. She almost wished she were like an owl that could turn its head all the way around just so she wouldn't miss anything that they were seeing. She was brought back to reality when her twin leaned into her and spoke. "Oh I'm sure it is," she responded in the same quiet whisper.

"I'm Tansy Tatting," she ended up responding, finally breaking her silence to the other two girls.

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