Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Olivia Pendergast
    In Character
    Full Name: Olivia Regina Pendergast, nÚe Lestrange

    Nicknames: Livvy, but only amongst her sisters.

    Birthdate: February 23rd, 1837

    Current Age:Forty-Five

    Occupation: Socialite

    Hogwarts House: Slytherin

    • The wand with which she started was a 9?-inch mahogany beauty with a unicorn tail hair, but was of a stubborn nature and the two did not get along easily. Nonetheless, it served her for her first few years, until her mother's death. Olivia then inherited Octavia's wand, a Yaxley heirloom, which she uses to this day.

      Today, her wand is made of Cypress, with a mixture of chimera scale and unicorn tail at its core. It is reasonably short, at only 7¢ inches, but good at just about anythingùwhen it wants to be. Olivia can wield it in either hand, but prefers to use her right.

    Blood Status: Pureblood

    Social Class: Upper Class

    • William Lestrange, Father (1763-1879; Unspeakable; Former Slytherin) | Olivia was never close to her father, who left her care largely to her mother and various staff. He died mid-conversation at his retirement party in æ79

      Octavia Lestrange nÚe Yaxley, Mother (1803-1852; Socialite; Former Slytherin) | Save for her early demise at the hands of smallpox, Octavia is the woman Olivia has always sought to emulate.

      Klaus Lestrange, Half-Brother (1801-1875; Former Ravenclaw) | Born well before any of his siblings, Klaus was the only child to William and Maria nÚe Krum. He had little to do with his siblings at any point in his life, though his children did interact with them to varying extents. A Department Head, he was slaughtered by his brother in 1875.

      Lucius Lestrange, Brother (1827; Wizengamot Interrogator; Former Slytherin) | It was fortunate for Lucius that Klaus died when he did; as a result, Lucius inherited William's estate in '79. Lucius was always opportunistic, but carefully so; he had no qualms deciding against his brother in '75 to get the public eye well away from the family, and has never hesitated to quietly manoeuvre himself towards power. Both prefect and Head Boy in his day, ingratiating himself with his superiors has always come easy for him. Though he would deny it publically, Lucius dabbles in dark magic.

      Sebastian Lestrange, Brother (1830-1882; Former Ravenclaw) | Sebastian is a twin to Katherina.

      Katherina Selwyn nÚe Lestrange, Sister (1830; Socialite; Former Gryffindor) | Katherina is a twin to Sebastian.

      Tybalt Lestrange, Brother (1834; Dark Wizard; Former Slytherin) | Tybalt was always just a little bit more on edge than his siblings, and a little bit too interestedùpublically; there is scarcely a Pendergast man who hasn't at least dabbledùinterested in the Dark Arts. This, unfortunately, culminated in 1875, when, in an attempt for more power, he murdered thirteen Ministry workers, including his brother Klaus. Currently, Tybalt is serving a life sentence in Azkaban.

      Mariana Macnair nÚe Lestrange, Sister (1840; Healer; Former Ravenclaw) | Mariana and Olivia were particularly close as children, a bond which remains between the two to this day. Unlike her parents, Olivia has never looked down upon her sister for having an affairùshe knows that her sister has never been fond of the husband their father found for her, and appreciates Mariana's general discretion on the matter. She is also impressed that her youngest sibling found a career for herself, even though she openly chides this decision publically.

      Philip Pendergast, Husband (1826; Former Slytherin) | Though indifferent to her husband initially, Olivia eventually came to respectùand even love, though not necessarily in any way more than platonicallyùthe man her father chose for her to marry.

      Regan Pendergast, Son (1861; Keeper for Puddlemere United; Former Gryffindor) | In his mother's eyes, Regan will never do any wrong. Not only her first child, but her eldest son, Regan is her pride and joy, and she will always put all efforts towards forwarding him, above her other children. She allows him to do as he pleases while he is young, though if he does not settle into a more reasonable occupation within the next decade or so, she will likely become concerned. He married his childhood friend, Aoife Ward, in 1882, and they have since produced for her two granddaughters. He once had a twin, called Linaeve, but she no longer exists.

      Evelyn Abercrombie nÚe Pendergast, Daughter (1863; Slytherin) | The daughter Olivia wished Lina had been. Well-behaved, if a bit quiet for her own good, it is no surprise that Olivia focuses so much of her attentions on Evelyn. She was the third second of the Pendergast children to marry, doing so in January of 1883.

      William Pendergast, Son (1864; Hufflepuff) | The younger of Olivia's two sons. Though he is male, having three siblings before him means that his mother does not have much of a relationship with him. His mother does, however, take great pride in the fact that he is currently a prefect.

      Rosalind Pendergast, Daughter (1866; Prefect; Slytherin) | For all her accomplishments, her position within the family leaves Rosalind little relationship with her mother, who looks at her as more of a responsibility than a daughter.

      Ellory Pendergast, Daughter (1867; Gryffindor) | Though something of a trouble-maker as a child, to the best of Olivia's knowledge, she has tamed since beginning at Hogwarts. Unlike many parents, Olivia does not dote on her youngest, but instead has the same expectations of her that she does of Ellory's sisters.

      Regina Pendergast, Daughter (1883) | Twin to Warrick. Not at all intentional, but loved dearly by her mother nonetheless.

      Warrick Pendergast, Son (1883) | Twin to Regina. Having almost slain his mother during his birth and being rendered a cripple as a result ensures that she will never bear much love for her youngest son.

      Orestes and Priam Lestrange (1836 and 1844; Children of Klaus) | Though too close in age to properly be considered nephews, Olivia interacted with the boys far more than she ever did their father.

      Andromache Pettigrew, nÚe Lestrange, Niece (1839; Daughter of Klaus) | Second in closeness only to Mariana, Olivia always considered Andromache to be a sister. She was widowed only two years into her marriage and never remarried; her only child, a son (Arthur), squandered most of his father's money when he came of age, relegating her down to the middle class, now working as a governess to earn a living.

      Claudius, Cassius, Valeria, Cornelia, and Seneca Lestrange (1859, 1866, 1865, 1870, 1873; Children of Lucius) | All pureblooded, they live with their parents in Hogsmeade.

      Sebastian, Mirella, and Priscilla Lestrange (1865, 1862, and 1867; Children of Sebastian) | All pureblooded, their father's disgrace saw them fall to the middle class. The younger two reside with their mother in Italy, while the eldest has recently moved to Hogsmeade to work as a governess.

      Lucille Callaghan, Noelle Selwyn, Two Other Nieces, One Nephew (1856, 1865, 1850, 1858, and 1862; Children of Katherina) | All pureblooded, they now are old enough to have started families of their own, or be well on the way to doing so.

      Tiberius Lestrange, Nephew (1864; Son of Tybalt) | A student in Slytherin, Tiberius resembles his father both physically and mentallyùthe latter of which is troubling to his relatives. He was sent to live with Lucius until coming of age and now, at seventeen, intends to stay there until he wears out his welcome.

      Tatiana Lestrange, Niece (1866; Daughter of Tybalt) | A student in Slytherin, Tatiana's birth brought about her mother's death. A sweet girl, if a bit too naive for Olivia's tastes, Tatiana was taken in by Marianaùwho had always wanted a daughterùafter her father was sent to Azkaban.

      Valerian, Agrimony, Betony, Yarrow, Germander, and Sage Macnair (1861, 1864, 1864, 1868, 1870, 1872; children of Mariana) | Save for the twinsùwho look nothing like their father, a fact that tends to be ignored by the public and are half-bloodsùall of Mariana's boys are pureblooded, like any æproper' Lestrange grandchild should be. Ranging wildly in appearance and personality, their number makes it no wonder that their mother looks older than her years.

      Olivia also has a large extended family, including the Minister of Magic.

    • Olivia's look is on the darker side, favouring primarily her Lestrange bloodline. Her dark chestnut hair is kept short, falling just inches below her shoulder blades, and always pinned up neatly. Her eyes are of a similar shade, large and round. Hers is not a particularly intimidating frame; though she is solidly builtùenough so that it is puzzling that she did not have more success bearing childrenùOlivia stands at a paltry five feet, two inches. She dresses as is befitting of her age and station, bending to fashion insofar as color palate is concerned, as she is too old to worry about the latest style of skirtsùshe saves that for her daughters.

    • February 23rd, 1837 | Olivia is born the fifth child to William and Octavia Lestrange.
    • Winter, 1840 | She begins to show signs of magic, inadvertently blowing up her elder sister's dolls.
    • September 1st, 1848 | Olivia begins her studies at Hogwarts, and is placed without ado into Slytherin, joining brothers Lucius and Tybalt.
    • June 17th, 1851 | Olivia is informed that a husband had been found for her, to marry after the completion of her schooling.
    • July, 1852 | Octavia falls victim to smallpox, and passes away not long after; Olivia is distraught for the remainder of the summer.
    • September 1st, 1852 | Her fifth year begins, with Olivia now in the role of Prefect.
    • September 1st, 1854 | Her final year at Hogwarts begins, with Olivia now taking on the role of Head Girl.
    • June 8th, 1856 | Olivia marries Philip Pendergast, a pure-blooded match arranged by her father.
    • October 7th, 1857 | Olivia suffers her first miscarriage.
    • July 18th, 1859 | Olivia suffers a second miscarriage after taking some time to conceive, and begins to fear she might be unable of carrying a pregnancy to term.
    • September, 1860 | She discovers that she is pregnant, and begins going to extremes to ensure that the pregnancy lasts.
    • May 21st, 1861 | Her efforts are rewarded when she delivers not one, but two healthy children, taking both Pendergasts very much by surprise. Though the infants themselves appeared to be in no immediate danger, the delivery had been a challenge on Olivia, who took the better part of a fortnight to recover. Nonetheless, this gave her greater confidence in her role as a wife, and seemed to please her husband greatly as well.
    • December, 1861 | Olivia is aghast to discover she had lost a child she did not even know that she was carrying.
    • November 15th, 1863 | Olivia's efforts are rewarded once again with the birth of her second daughter, Evelyn.
    • December, 1864 | Quickly becoming pregnant again after Evelyn's birth, Olivia delivers again just over a year later, this time to another son.
    • June 17th, 1866 | A third daughter is born, Rosalind.
    • May 10th, 1867 | Though she does not know it at the time, Olivia gives birth to her sixth and final child, Ellory.
    • April 12th, 1869 | Olivia miscarries six months into her pregnancy, and is discovered by the twins.
    • Summer, 1871 | Thoroughly unimpressed with the governess assigned to Ellory, Olivia promptly fires the woman and hires one older and more disciplined.
    • September 1st, 1872 | No one is surprised when the twins leave for Hogwarts, though Olivia is not as troubled by their departure as she might have imagined. Regan is sorted into Gryffindor, and Lina into Slytherin.
    • Autumn, 1872 | Regan is made beater of his house quidditch team, and Olivia is proud that her son is able to excel in something at so young an age.
    • July, 1873 | Olivia suffers another miscarriage, three days after learning she is pregnant.
    • Autumn, 1873 | Olivia is furious to learn Lina has begun playing quidditch. Though she would have pulled her daughter from Hogwarts at that very moment, it is only Philip's reassurancesùafter all, an appropriate match had already been arranged for the girlùthat cause her to relent, though she steadfastly refuses to ever mention the matter, and will send anyone who brings it up in her presence from the room.
    • March, 1875 | In a fit of madness, Tybalt storms the Ministry of Magic headquarters, seeking some dark device or another. In doing so, he slaughters thirteen Ministry workers, including Olivia's eldest brother, Klaus.
    • August 19th, 1875 | Tybalt is sentenced to life imprisonment for his crimes. His children are sent to live with Olivia's siblings.
    • September 1st, 1875 | With great pride, Olivia learns that Lina has been made a prefect in Slytherin house. Evelyn begins her studies at Hogwarts, joining her sister in Slytherin.
    • September 1st, 1876 | William joins his siblings at Hogwarts, where he is sorted into Hufflepuff. Olivia is unsurprised, but disappointed he did not wind up in a more presteigous house.
    • Autumn, 1876 | After receiving flawless OWL scores, Lina removes herself from the quidditch team. Though she never states the reason, Olivia rewards this decision with a new, custom-made ball gown.
    • 1877 | After the kafuffle with the muggles, the Pendergasts are one of the first families to relocate to Hogsmeade, settling into a large manor on the northern end of Wellingtonshire.
    • September 1st, 1877 | Rosalind joins her elder siblings in Slytherin house. Lina is made Had Girl.
    • January, 1877 | A final miscarriage, after which Olivia decides to stop trying for further childrenùafter ten years without a successful pregnancy, she is unwilling to suffer the challenges of miscarriage again.
    • Summer, 1878 | Olivia learns of Lina's plans to elope with a particularly unacceptable man with little to recommend him. She and her husband intervene, and forbid their daughter to ever interact with the man again. Regan accepts a position with Puddlemere United, launching his professional quidditch career.
    • September 1st, 1878 | Ellory becomes Olivia's only daughter to be sorted into Gryffindor.
    • May 3rd, 1879 | William dies mid-conversation at his retirement party. Olivia calmly ushers the guests out of the room and calls for the healers.
    • September 1st, 1879 | Many of the children return to school; William does so as Prefect.
    • September 7th, 1879 | Lina marries the husband selected for her, and becomes estranged from her parents. Olivia is not troubled by this, so long as Lina keeps herself out of trouble.
    • September 1st, 1880 | William returns to school as Prefect.
    • September 1st, 1881 | Rosalind returns to school as Prefect.
    • November 7th, 1881 | Lina gives Olivia her first grandchild, a boy called Wesley, though he does not last.
    • Autumn, 1881 | After the unfortunate demise of Felix Turnbull, Philip is made Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot. Olivia is pleased by this.
    • March 4th, 1882 | Regan is the second of Olivia's children to marry, taking his childhood friend as his wife in a small ceremony.
    Personality: Charismatic. Stubborn. Active. Proper. Distant. Vocal. Creative. Loyal. Driven.

    Sample Roleplay Post:
    Quote:She hated the days she was assigned to James.

    Once, Felicity had looked forward to such days, found the other healer so easy to be with, so fun.á The first shift of the new year had been the worst, the most awkward.á Any verbal response she gave him had been restricted to yes, no, and I'm not sure, Sir.á It had since gotten better, but only because Fee did her best to act before he needed to direct her, and kept any conversation stalwartly centered around workùshe didn't even try to come up with excuses to leave the room anymore, which, in the intern's mind, was a vast improvement.á Still, anyone in the department was preferable to her, and it was always with a sigh and a sense of reluctance that she left the break roomùwhere such assignments were postedùto begin her day's work.

    What was worse, James was not even an effective teacher anymoreùat least, not as effective.á Whether that was restricted to her alone or whether the other interns felt it, Fee could not say, but days in his company always seemed to stagnate her learning which, everything else aside, was not alright.á Though she never questioned him on the matterùthat would require an actual conversationùthe witch suspected he had taken to drinking; what else would have explained his perpetually sub-par state.

    She finished helping an elderly woman long-since addled by obliviators back into bedùthe long-term patients seldom needed proper magical care, and so rarely required Felicity to be directly supervisedùbefore moving onto the woman's roommate, a middle-aged man who had been at the hospital only three days.á "Now Mr. Knivert," the redhead greeted with a pleasant smile, "I'll just have to ask you a few questions this morning."

    He performed poorly.á Fee assumed whatever work James had done on him the day beforeùshe had been assigned elsewhere, and so could not have paid attention even if she had wanted tooùhad not held overnight.á Doing her best to ensure she did not look to concerned in front of the patient, she turned to walkùhesitantly, for being too close to him still felt her with an unfortunate mixture of dread and excitement, for all that she tried to stave it offùtowards the senior healer, who appeared quite interested in his mug of coffee.

    It had been cocoa when they were together.

    "Mr. Knivert needs more work done on him this morning," she informed him, not making eye contact.á "Sir," Felicity added, for good measure.á "If you... if you'd like to simply tell me what to do, I could see if I can handle it on my own and let you get back to... your coffee."á Get back to nursing your hangover.á Get back to making me feel like a foolish child.á If she could, that was.á Though smaller tasks were now becoming second nature to her, the more complex solutions the job required still had a fairly high failure rate.á Mercifully, she had yet to make a patient any worse, but on more than one occasion her attempts to make things better had backfired... onto her.

    Her attempts to have a better relationship with her coworkers had backfired too.

    Out of Character
    Name: Kayte

    Age: Twenty-One

    Contact: PM Odira for the contact deets.

    Other Characters: Enough for a quidditch team and a half.

    How did you hear about us?: Magic.
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