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Quidditch Injuries Abound
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Price One Knut
August 26th, 1888
Quidditch Injuries Abound
Teams Rely Heavily on Second String To Cope With Schedule

The condensed August Quidditch schedule has already produced its share of injuries and mishaps, causing many coaches to pull players up from second string to fill positions and seeing some players confined to the bench indefinitely.

Most notably last weekend, Caerphilly Catapult star chaser and team captain Edrick Porter saw his dominant wrist shattered by a bludger from Falmouth's beater team. While healers state they can mend the damage, regaining his dexterity in the affected hand will be a long process, meaning Porter is likely out of professional matches for at least a month. The Catapult's Keeper has assumed the role of Captain in the interim.

The Appleby Arrows, Falmouth Falcons, Pride of Portree, and Wigtown Wanderers are the teams "doubled up" this weekend, all of whom are playing their second match at some point today. Attendance for the Falmouth / Appleby match is reported to be at a record low. As Arrows fan Peter Fennel commented, "The match just isn't as interesting when the players aren't performing at their best, and you can definitely see how it's been affecting them. The Quidditch League should have spread these matches out over more week-days, to give them some time to get back into it."

Some fans are enjoying the change of pace. Hogsmeade resident Josiah Lemon has never been to a professional Quidditch match, but went out of his way to buy tickets for his entire family to the Puddlemere / Hogsmeade match on September 1st. Both teams will be on their second game of the weekend, and Lemon "is ready to see someone go down," in his own words. Expectations for the Holyhead / Ballycastle match of the same day are equally low, as most expect the all-women team will prove unequal to the challenge of performing two rigorous matches in as many days.
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