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Alihotsy-eems Like An Issue
August 14th, 1888 - St. Mungo's Break/Tea Room
Mal had ventured to the break area within the hospital to take a much needed rest. She had enjoyed her short stint as a healer thus far but knew her post required an enormous amount of attention and energy to properly see to her patients. Luckily, she found a reprieve in the form of her co-workers who she often directed her burning questions, comments, or concerns to on a daily basis. While not always serious, the conversations kept her sane from the chaotic environment that enveloped the space beyond the doors she previously entered.

On this day in particular, Mal was joined by another from her department. They sat at a table close to the beverages so they needn't move far and immediately jumped into the topic first on their minds: Alihotsy leaves. The plant had been discussed throughout their schooling and certainly used by a majority of wizarding society, however what Mal hadn't the opportunity to fully comprehend was whether the effects were truly concerning or not. Sure, a fit of hysteria was a noticeable annoyance, but beyond that was it really seen as horridly harmful? Or, would the case be prioritized over others if both showed up to the hospital?

Such questions poured from each of the healer's mouths when in walked perhaps the perfect person to ask, Mr. Langley, the head of the Potion and Plant Poisoning department. Mal took a moment to grant her co-worker a glance prior to removing herself from her seat. She made a slow approach to the department head and, on the way, grabbed herself a cup of tea to occupy her hands. "Excuse me, Mr. Langley? I do have a question for you if you have the time to spare."

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Life had gone back to relatively normalcy once the fog had lifted. At least, at St. Mungo's. Fletcher's life, however, seemed to be just as hectic. With his sister knowing he was seriously seeing a woman and that she lived in Irvingly, he'd had to make a concentrated effort to see his family more frequently. Though, his time with Eavan still took precedence. The only thing she didn't trump was work. And despite the injury to his ankle, he was determined to not let any of it slide. After spending nearly a month cooped up in an infirmary bed with nagging nurses, he wasn't about to give anyone a reason to coddle him.

He'd gone back to work almost immediately, determined to get back to work. It had been hell on his ankle and he'd had to take breaks more often than not. But with nearly two weeks of work behind him, he was starting to notice he could go longer and longer on his feet before needing a break. It didn't mean he could go entirely without them, though, and he still found himself in the tea room at least once a day to partake of some coffee and to get his foot up.

He'd just wandered into the break room, limping just faintly as he'd clearly over done it for the day, and was intent on heading toward a pot of coffee to get himself a cup when he was intercepted by a healer from another department. Looking at her with a brow raised, he gave a small shrug. "I suppose I do," he answered a bit simply, "But let me get a cup of coffee first. And a chair."

Softening the blunt tone with a smile, he continued on his way to get himself a cup of the coffee before finding a seat and table with empty space so she could follow him. Once he was settled, he motioned for her to take a seat and sipped on the warm liquid while she took her own seat. "What can I answer for you?" he asked while holding the warm mug between his hands.

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Mr. Langley seemed to sport a slight annoyance to Mal's presence, but she paid little attention to it. After all, the burning questions she had for the healer in charge viciously circled through her mind, desperately awaiting to be answered.

She watched as the man followed through with his word. He was seated a distance from where Mal had been initially, though close enough to where she could provide her friend with a suggestive look whenever she found out more information. It was certainly nerve wracking to even think about posing a question of this nature to a man who was not only experienced in the respective field, but had made a living and career off of it. Was it too simple or idiotic? Should she have the answer given that she was a healer? The witch began to doubt herself as she pulled a chair opposite of Mr. Langley out, sat down, and adorned her face with a shy smile.

"This may not, exactly, be worth your time," she began with uncertainty. If she backed out now, it most certainly would not be worth his time at all. In fact, she may be seen as an utter fool or a complete idiot, more so if her questions were just as childish. She took a slight pause and rested her arms on her lap. "But, you see, I recently have been discussing the leaves of the Alihotsy tree and their effects. Hysteria is, of course, a serious issue, but, with your informed opinion, would a case of this be deemed more or less important when compared to other disorders if they were waiting to see you?" Mal hoped she had been clear enough in describing what she wanted to know. In truth, she had almost confused herself while speaking, so at this point expected an odd response from Mr. Langley if he had anything positive to say at all.

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Fletcher regarded the woman with a raised brow again as she preceded her question with a phrase he wasn't all that fond of hearing. His time, quite frankly, was valuable. His spare time, even more so. He didn't often get much of it, especially when he was actually at the hospital. He was often asked questions or for input even when he was on a break. Like that very moment. The fact that she was already concerned with wasting his time didn't bode well.

He listened, however, idly sipping on his coffee as she prattled on in a slightly confusing manner. His brows furrowed slightly as he tried to understand what it was she was asking, tossing the words about in his mind to make sense of it all. With another sip of his coffee, he set it down before giving her his full focus.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're simply asking if a fit of hysteria brought on by Alihotsy is a more pressing matter than something else?" he asked, brow raised once again, "If so, it all quite depends on what other matters are at hand. However, Alihotsy hysteria can often run it's course without treatment. It is only in the most severe of cases that I would intervene and, even then, it's a relatively easy fix."

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The sheer expressions of her colleague provided enough evidence to support her claim. This wasn't worth his time; it was a stupid question. She sent a depressed look towards the friend that had joined her on her break before she focused, yet again, on the man who was about to give her a stern lecture. Hysteria didn't seem, to the healer, like that dangerous or concerning of a condition, especially when compared to, say, a severe reaction to some wild poisonous plant. Still, she thought the point was, at the very least, worthy of a discussion. Perhaps not with this individual specifically.

"Well, yes, I supp-" Mal began as she was cut off by the continuation of Mr. Langley's explanation. A relatively easy fix? That was quite interesting, especially if the patient was really suffering that badly. "If you don't mind me asking, how is it that you tell if one's hysteria is that worse off than another's? Is it possible that someone can, in a way, make their condition seem less invasive if they have enough will power?" She had only heard of the effects of the tree from text and word of mouth. Never had she witnessed a case, most likely due to what Mr. Langley had already stated. Thus, her curiosity still lingered.

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Fletcher was a bit unsure of where the whole conversation was going. He figured it would be pretty obvious to see how cases of hysteria could vary. And when it came to Alihosty, it would be hard for a person to end up with too extreme of a case unless they somehow managed to continue scarfing down the leaves or perhaps even fudge without paying attention the how they were already reacting to it. It would become rather hard to continue eating, after all, when one was in bouts of hysterical laughter.

"Well when a person cannot even communicate properly because their hysteria is to that extreme of a nature, that would be your first hint to a more extreme case," he started, his tone still not quite condescending but it was obvious he was less than enthused with having to answer such things, "And it could be quite possible but again all depends on how much they've had. Alihosty is a rather fast acting substance, after all, so it wouldn't take long for it to begin taking affect."

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Can you just shut up? Mallorie's conscious spoke as she figuratively kicked herself for continuing the conversation. Mr. Langley probably thought she was a complete dolt for her unending questioning of a simple matter, especially since the item they were discussing had been so basic and useless. Obviously a case of hysteria so severe would cause the individual to become almost immobile and one a little less daunting would produce significantly fewer hindrances. Why Mallorie continued to act this way was beyond her, though she wanted to push forward.

"Right, I don't know what I was thinking," she responded in an almost defeated tone with a slight breathy laugh, "Perhaps the most basic of cases are the ones often overlooked. Truly, I had forgotten myself how such a substance could, in a non-negative way, incapacitate someone. It's somewhat remarkable."

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It seemed as if she were finally starting to catch on. Now she just need to pick up on the fact that Fletcher wasn't all that keen to continue on discussing it. Not because he didn't think it worthy at times, but because he was tired and it was a rather pointless discussion in his opinion. Especially since she was not even in his department.

"And, if I'm being honest," he started to say after drinking some more of his coffee, "Even the most basic of cases are ones we don't see. As fast as Alihotsy can take affect, it fades rather quickly. It's got a relatively short lifespan after being ingested. And if it was taken on purpose, we'll rarely see the cases here unless someone messed up the dose they had decided to take." Why anyone would want to be hysterical to such an extreme was beyond him but he knew it was still something that was done from time to time.

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