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    Catherine R. SaDiablo (née Aesalon)
    In Character
    Full Name: Catherine Rosemary SaDiablo (née Aesalon)
    Nicknames: Kitty or Kit
    Birthdate: 18th June 1865
    Current Age: 18
    Occupation: N/A
    Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumna
    Wand: Red Oak, 12", sturdy, Dragon Heartstring
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Lower (by reputation)


    • Matthias Aesalon; deceased at 75 (1792-1867) - Paternal Grandfather
    • Caroline Aesalon (née Browne); deceased at 78 (1803-1881) - Paternal Grandmother

    • Victor Bartholomew Aesalon I; deceased at 47 (1832-1879) - Father
    • Velda Aesalon (née Siner); 42 (born 1842); Hogwarts Librarian - Mother
    • Victor Bartholomew Aesalon II; deceased at 24 (1859-1884) - Eldest Brother
      • Serafina Aesalon (née Machado Nunes); deceased at 18 (1865-1883) - Late Sister-in-law
      • Victor Bartholomew Aesalon III; 1 (born 1883) - Nephew
    • Maud Estelle Rutledge (née Aesalon); 24 (born 1860); Housewife - Elder Sister
    • Ezekial Matthias Aesalon; 21 (born 1863); Hog's Head Manager - (favorite) Elder Brother

    • Baldassare SaDiablo; 50 (born 1832); Ministry Occupation - Father-in-law
    • Desideria SaDiablo (née de Laurentis); 38 (born 1846); Wife - Mother-in-law
    • Guiliana Donati (née SaDiablo); 19 (born 1865); Wife - Sister-in-law
      • Antonio Donati; 28 (born 1856); Respectable Occupation - Brother-in-law
      • Lucrezia Donati; 0 (born 1884) - Niece
    • Evelina SaDiablo; 15 (born 1868); Slytherin Student - Sister-in-law
    • Damiana SaDiablo; 11 (born 1873) - Sister-in-law
    • Salvatrice SaDiablo; 8 (born 1876) - Sister-in-law

    • Alexander SaDiablo (née Howard); 20 (born 1864); Ministry Occupation - Husband
    • Theresa Maud SaDiablo; 2 (born 1882) - Daughter
    • Catrina Velda SaDiablo; 0 (born 1885) - Daughter


    • HAIR: The words "“frustrating" and "ugh" would accurately describe Kitty's hair. Thick and mostly unmanageable without the assistance of a maid, Kitty's hair is of a dark-brown hue which can appear either lighter or darker than it should depending on the lighting of the room.
    • EYES: Much like her hair, Kitty's eyes are a shade of brown that changes according to a specific lighting. In the light, her eyes can appear to be a sort of hazel-brown color. In dim lighting, her eyes are remarked to be either dark brown, or even black.
    • HEIGHT: 5'5"
    • WEIGHT: 126 lbs.
    • APPAREL: Before she had married into a wealthy family, Kitty gave the idea of fashion very little thought, and therefore, had no real input into what she wore. However, now that she is quite bored with her position with a wife, she recently began showing an interest in fashion, and now she is usually donned in the latest fashions. And she has discovered that she has a preference for darker colors.
    • OVERALL APPEARANCE: A little taller than average for a woman of her era, but fortunately, tallness was not so uncommon amongst women that it would make her a target for ridicule. Although not considered to be "plump", Kitty's figure is quite curvy and her breasts of an ample enough size. She is in possession of ivory skin and full, coral-colored lips - two physical features of hers that she is quite proud of in addition to her dark, thick tendrils.

    • June of 1865 | Mrs. Velda Aesalon gives birth to her final child in the form of a female infant, a second daughter who was christened Catherine Rosemary. Having already had two sons and a daughter before their final child, Kitty's existence to her parents was not one of thrill, but they were pleased about her safe arrival into the world nonetheless. Kitty's infancy was rather ordinary - she ate, slept, urinated, pooped, and occasionally found herself in a spot of trouble - and there was nothing really interesting to remark upon besides that she said her first word ("“cat") at the age of one year and four months and took her first steps at the age of a year.

    • Autumn of 1870 | Kitty was age five years when her eldest brother, Victor II, departed for his first year of Hogwarts in which he was promptly sorted into Gryffindor - a house that was considered to be sentimental to the Aesalons. Having never been particularly bothered by her eldest brother - for she did have a favorite sibling, and that person was Ezekial - Kitty was hardly saddened by the prospect of Victor's departure. Truthfully, she had been rather glad of his absence as it meant that she would have Maud and Eze's attentions all to herself.

    • Autumn of 1871 | Kitty's elder sister, Maud, departs from home to join Victor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Considering that Maud was her only sister, Kitty was quite saddened by her absence, but fortunately, she still had Ezekial to keep her company. It would be during the years leading up to Eze's eventual departure for school himself in which Kitty builds a strong relationship with her brother that was based on affection, jokes, and pranks.

    • Summer of 1873 | Kitty was eight-years-old when she received her magical capabilities. After being refused by her mother for a pet cat ("wait until your time comes to go to Hogwarts" she said), Kitty stomped up the stairs angrily before entering her room and plopping down on the floor, her arms folded tightly across her chest as she childishly pouted. Her displeasure at being denied her one heart's desire was made evident by the little bursts that could be heard from her room as books and other hard objects collided to the floor with a loud "“thud!" Fortunately, she managed to reign in her displeasure long enough to put an end to destroying her bedroom, but her punishment was the assignment of cleaning up her room, which was properly referred to as a "“disaster area".

    • Autumn of 1874 | The autumn of 1874 marked Ezekial's departure for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and Kitty was immensely saddened by this prospect because she would be the only child of Victor and Velda Aesalon to have yet to receive her acceptance letter. While she was never close to her parents as she was to her siblings - Victor excluded - she still loved them in her own way, but her love for them did not lessen the dread she felt at the idea of spending an entire two years at home whilst her siblings received their magical education and experienced their respective adventures.

    • Summer of 1876 | Kitty finally receives her Hogwarts acceptance letter, and wastes no time in badgering her parents to accompany her to Diagon Alley to purchase her school supplies. It was during the aforementioned school shopping when Kitty finally receives the pet cat that she had always desired, a male Maine Coon kitten which she had named Milo. Excited at the prospect of finally leaving home to join her siblings at the majestic school of magic, Kitty bounced around the house with enthusiasm for the rest of the summer, often coming across as annoying and bothersome.

    • September of 1876 - May of 1877 | Along with her three elder siblings, her trunk, and a large cat cage (larger than normal considering what type of cat breed Milo was), Kitty departs for the school of magic, her excitement and nervousness evident by how restless and fidgety she was. Having been left in the dark as to how the students were sorted, Kitty felt rather nervous about the Sorting Ceremony, but she was soon put at ease when she noted with some amusement that the sorting was performed by a frayed and ugly witch's hat that talked and had a mind of its own!

      With her surname coming at the beginning of the alphabet, Kitty was one of the first students to be sorted, and it was with slightly shaky legs that she strolled towards the hat that would determine the house that she would reside within for the next seven years. The hat barely grazed the top of her head before it announced her a Gryffindor, and Kitty hopped off the wooden stool and ran towards the cheering Gryffindor table where she squeezed herself between her favorite brother and another unidentified Gryffindor.

      Kitty’s first year would proceed fairly smoothly with a few scrapes here and there as she attempts to become used to the school as well as her classes, which she was glad to admit that she found to be rather effortless. She becomes good friends with those in her dorm as well as with others outside of her house - a young girl named Miss Adamina Flamel in particular, whose stories about her travels to France, Italy, and Africa rather intrigued her, and piqued her curiosity. She would end her first year with satisfactory examination grades and relishing the thought of spending her three months of summer with nonsense and play.

      Victor would also graduate at the end of the 1876-1877 school term.

    • September of 1877 - May of 1878 | Kitty's second year begins on an interesting note as she decides to join some clubs that piqued her interest, which would be Club Quidditch and Dueling. While Kitty had always been fond of flying, her father forbade her from officially joining her house's team as he believed that it would distract her from her studies, but he did allow her to participate in the sport as an extracurricular activity. As for dueling, if her father had not been comforted by the thought that at least his daughter would not actually be dueling, but rather practicing charms and producing prettily feminine displays, he would not have allowed her to join that club either. Although slightly disappointed that she could not properly play Quidditch on her respective house's Quidditch team nor could she participate in a proper duel that involved the use of defense spells, Kitty reasoned that she might as well appreciate the fact that she had been allowed to join those two particular clubs at all! Therefore, her complaints were few and far between.

      Maud would graduate from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as well as make her debut into society. Being only an ickle second year, Kitty was not allowed to attend the Coming Out Ball to observe her sister's descent into eligibility, but she was certain that Maud was radiant in her new gown and she refused to believe otherwise. She would choose the electives of Ghoul Studies and Care of Magical Creatures as her two electives for her third year.

    • September of 1878 - May of 1879 | Kitty's enters her third year with curiosity as she wonders what her new electives will contain, and she denoted with pleasant surprise that she found both new lectures to be to her satisfaction. While Ghoul Studies sounded to her to be a rather morbid subject, she found that it was actually quite an interesting class and she enjoyed it immensely - it was not everyday that one would sit down to a lecture that focused primarily on ghosts, ghouls, and poltergeists. As for Care of Magical Creatures, Kitty chose the subject because magical creatures had always fascinated her (dragons, in particular), and she had been aware that it would be a class that she would undoubtedly enjoy, and she had been correct.

      However, Kitty's enjoyment of her third year would soon end by the time the Spring Term began as she and her elder brother, Ezekial, received the unexpected news of their father's demise. Having fairly been closer to her father than her mother, Kitty was grieved by his death - which, according to her mother and the inspectors, was achieved by his drunkenly descending the steps and falling over the railing and onto a table which resulted in him receiving a severe concussion which had not been quickly tended to - and would participate in the period of mourning that was required for losing one's parent. However, as the mourning period went on, Kitty could not help but wonder why her mother had not come to her father's rescue when he had needed it the most, and it seemed that she was not the only person who thought of her father's strange cause of death.

    • September of 1879 - May of 1880 | Kitty enters her fourth year still in mourning for her father, and therefore, her socialization throughout that entire school year was rather limited as she did not wish to insult her father's memory by acting as if his brief presence in her life did not mean much to her. However, by the time spring approached, Kitty threw herself into committing her classes, her clubs, and her social life. It was also during the spring of 1880 that Kitty would realize that her affection for a certain Mr. Quinn SaDiablo strayed far beyond a mere fancy.

      She and Quinn had been acquainted since her second year when they both joined Club Quidditch, and the two youngsters had become fast friends, and even so far as to say best friends! She enjoyed his company as much as he enjoyed hers, but she had never expected her feelings for him to stray beyond friendliness. However, they had - but at the point in time, Kitty was ignorant of Quinn's own developing romantic notions towards her, and she was of the opinion that he would only ever view her as a friend and nothing more. Thus, her affection for him went unconfessed.

    • July of 1880 | Upon receiving her annual letter from Hogwarts containing the materials list and the usual advisors about broomsticks, school wear, and pets, Kitty is surprised when her own feels decidedly heavier than it had done the previous times. Having some inkling about what the letter may contain, Kitty carefully tore open the package, and a tiny gasp escaped her lips as her brown eyes fell upon a shiny, gold object - a Prefect's badge.

      However, her shock about the whole ordeal soon wavered once she came to terms with her new status as Prefect. Having never believed that she had been impressionable enough for the honorable position, Kitty wore her Prefect's badge with pride and took full advantage of her brief time as an authoritative figure.

    • September of 1880 - May of 1881 | Kitty's fifth year begins on a rather stressful note as her Professors begin to lecture on the importance of scoring well on their O.W.L examinations in May. But fortunately for Kitty, however, she had few difficulties with studying for her exams - in fact, she rather found others' anxiety over the whole subject to be rather comical. She could not quite comprehend why the other students in her year groaned and moaned about their studies - it was not as if it was very taxing, after all.

      Nonetheless, she found her O.W.L year to be one of ease, and it was due to her capability of properly handling stress that resulted in her having a bit more free time to with as she pleased. This free time would be spent in the company of a one Mr. Quinn SaDiablo, whom she was aware that she should be cautious of being since with as he was Lower Class, but she quite head-over-heels for his man, and it was struggle to stay away from him. Much to Kitty's satisfaction, Quinn seemed to return her feelings of romance, and it was the week before Kitty would return home with Eze for the Christmas Holidays when she would receive her first kiss - and under a mistletoe, at that!

      Kitty would end her fifth year with the following O.W.L examination scores:

      • Astronomgy - A
      • Charms - O
      • Defense Against the Dark Arts - O
      • Herbology - D
      • History of Magic - T
      • Potions - A
      • Transfiguration - E
      • Care of Magical Creatures - E
      • Ghoul Studies - E

    • September of 1881 - May of 1882 | After a long summer filled with the delights that Hogsmeade had to offer and writing a string of letters between she and her secret beau, Kitty returns for her sixth year of schooling with renewed energy and the willingness to commit to her school activities. Although her examination scores had been average at best, they were satisfactory enough to allow Kitty to continue with five N.E.W.T classes, which were Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures, and Ghoul Studies. Suffice to say, her sixth year would proceed quite smoothly until the middle of the year in March.

      Having become quite serious in their relationship, her and Quinn begin to discuss the topic of perhaps becoming even more intimate than they already were. Of course, Kitty was fully aware of the consequences that would befall she and Quinn should their trysts be discovered, but being far too curious for their own good, she and Quinn would consummate their relationship, and afterwards, they would celebrate their engagement which occurred on the very same night that they first began being intimate. However, any notion of marriage would have to wait until they had both completed their education and were able to care for themselves sufficiently.

      In early May, two months after she and Quinn experienced the joys of intimacy, Kitty discovers the most horrendous shock possible - she was with child. Now fully regretting her actions of the two months previous, and dreading the prospect of informing her family of her unfortunate situation, Kitty faces the fact that she would no longer be able to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and once the school year ended, Kitty departed the school with a heavy heart and had shed bitter tears.

    • May of 1882 - November of 1882 | Once Kitty departed from school, she did not immediately return to her family's home in Bartonburg, and instead stayed with a trustworthy friend whom kept her delicate condition a secret. However, it was not long after - late July, to be precise - when the girls’ mother discovered Kitty's pregnancy, and reported the shocking ordeal to Mrs. Aesalon, whom was quite disappointed with her daughter's foolish decisions but (much to Kitty's astonishment) had not disowned her, but rather sent her to reside with a relative in the country until Quinn received permission from his father to house Kitty and his unborn child.

      In September of 1882, Kitty received word from Quinn that his father had given his permission to allow Kitty to reside under his roof. Quite pleased to have a reprieve from the dull activities of country life, Kitty wasted no time to returning to Hogsmeade to be with her husband-to-be, and it was there in Quinn's home where she would give birth to her first child.

      It was a rainy day in late November when Kitty finally began to feel the pangs of impending labor, and although it was a bit earlier than the midwife had expected, Kitty was assured that her child should be born with no complications. After thirty-six hours of labor, sweat, and unmeant obscenities, Kitty finally bore her fiancé an infant girl, a daughter which they named Theresa Maud SaDiablo - Tessie, for short.

    • March of 1883 | Once Quinn had been assured that his wife was capable and stable enough (though she had been recovered for quite some time) after the birth of their daughter, Kitty became Mrs. Catherine SaDiablo. Although the ceremony had been a small one with only her husband's family, her mother, and her favorite brother in attendance, the wedding had been quite successful, and the SaDiablo family managed to conceal Kitty's strange departure from school as having married Quinn while abroad during the 1882 summer, but anyone with a lick of sense would be able to conclude that the situation was less than ideal nor proper. And as a wedding present, Mr. SaDiablo had pronounced Quinn as his sole heir, and thus resulted in Kitty having married into wealth.

    • April of 1883 | A month after Kitty would become the new Mrs. SaDiablo, she learns of her favorite brother's impending nuptials to a woman she had believed she was acquainted with - however, she had been proven wrong once she realized that the woman in question was one that she kept a steady correspondence with during her pregnancy. Although quite astonished by her brother's choice in wives - she quite approved, of course! - Kitty welcomed Abraham into the family with open arms, even if her dear mother didn't. However, what she did not approve of, of course, was that the reason for Eze's marriage was because Abe had been carrying his unborn child. Although only a year apart, and having only just given birth to her own child the year previous, Kitty was quite sympathetic towards the young woman's plight and she subtly punished Eze whenever she could.

    • August of 1883 | Four months after Eze's marriage to Abe, Kitty is informed that her niece had been safely brought into the world and that she has been proclaimed as she child's godmother. Having believed that the position as godparent was just as honorable as receiving a shiny Prefect's badge, Kitty gladly accepted and dotes upon little Ariella whenever she is able to.

    • January of 1884 | As a Christmas present, Mr. SaDiablo had bestowed his son and his wife a place of their own in Wellingtonshire. Quite delighted at the thought of running her own household and being in the privacy of her own home, Kitty looked forward to the move with eagerness, and had pronounced the Head Housemaid who always tended her as her own personal Lady's Maid.

    • March of 1884 | Four months after she and Quinn moved into their new home, Kitty discovers that she is yet again with child, and now that their future was secure and they were living in comfort, she is far more comfortable with the idea of bringing this child into the world than she had been with Tessie.

    • Affectionate
    • Ambitious
    • Risk Taker
    • Impulsive
    • Quick Wits
    • Mood Swings
    • Flexible
    • Adaptable
    • Protective
    • Courageous
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