Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Look a Fridge!


    Hi I'm Mika! I'm 17 years old girl from the Philippines and currently in 12th Grade. If you need me I can be hollered at @Katherine Midford. If it's something urgent you can ask around for my skype.

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    Katherine Ashley Midford

    17 | Ravenclaw | 7th Year Student;Head Girl| UCHB | Sweet-Intelligent-Ambitious
    The Fears & Regrets of Kathy M. [Journal]


    01.01.1887| This is wht I'm not an Ice Princess Open
    03.08.1887| Staying in Kansas with Daffodil Potts & Lycoris Dempsey
    03.22.1887| Or You Could Try Not Sucking with Topaz Uquart
    04.22.1887| Dueling Tournament vs. Castor Allaway
    04.--.1887| Tutor For Hire Community Bulletin
    05.30.1887| Ka-Boom! with Alfie Castor
    09.01.1887| Start Of Something with --
    10.18.1887| Silence is Golden [NEWT Charms]with Edgar Pompfrey & Classmates


    01.20.1886 | Not Again! with Cecily Gallivan
    01.31.1886 | Girl Power with Cecily Gallivan
    02.08.1886| Teach me How to Fail with Maximillian Redford
    02.14.1886 | I Never Promised You a Rose Garden with Rasmus Mohr
    02.15.1886 | Friendly HeartsFrom Rasmus Mohr
    04.16.1886 | Dueling Tournament vs. Larkin Mishra
    04.26.1886 | Set In Stone with Flora Halliday
    05.02.1886 | Final Countdown with The Arts Club Members
    05.06.1886 | Chocolates And Talking with Ava Eldridge
    05.12.1886 | I'm Burning Up! with Handsome Whitledge
    05.12.1886 | Dillydallying with Daffodil Potts
    05.27.1886 | A Wet Birthday Surprise with Jalek Dronul
    05.31.1886 | Waltzing into the Future with Clayton Ross
    05.31.1886 | Devil in Disguise with Rasmus Mohr
    06.12.1886 | Time For Tea? with Constance Huntingtower
    07.22.1886 | You Wish I was Not Here with Barnabas Skeeter
    07.30.1886 | OWLS RESULT From Hogwarts

    01.15.1885| Potions {3-5} Potions Homework
    05.01.1885 | It’s Raining Cats and Dogs with The Grey Lady
    05.29.1885 | It’s a Full Lockdown with Cecily Gallivan
    06.16.1885 | Twelfth Turn with Charity Baddock, Marius Favreau & Merida Cameron
    10.17.1885 | Happy Feet (Not) with Rasmus Mohr and Clayton Ross
    11.09.1885 | Dueling Tournament vs Cecily Gallivan
    11.29.1885 | Real Men Read Witch Weekly with Henry Berkwood, Cecily Gallivan & Rasmus Mohr
    12.17.1885| Peek A Boo with Adasia Mohr, Tristan Carmichael & Peeves
    12.29.1885| Christmas DADA [All Level] Homework
    02.14.1885 | Of Handkerchiefs with Rasmus Mohr
    06.23.1885 | Prince of Cats with Vissarion, Marius Favreau & Alfalfa Tinker
    08.15.1885 | Summer Comes and Goes with Angelica Fawley
    10.02.1885 | Girls' Book Club:'The Curse of Dusk' with The Book Club Members
    [s]11.08.1885 | Come Aboutwith Nytelli Reese
    11.13.1885| Head in the Clouds, Literally with Questor Spryly
    12.02.1885| Awkward with Phineas Black

    12.15.1884 | Bumping with Novella Braunstone

    Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers


    Meeka has gone back to school and is sorry for the very slow replies. Also, if she promised to to start something and forgot please PM her.

    Exquisite Set Made by Lady
    [Image: RgBIFSu.jpg]

    Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

    Clubs: Book-Transfiguration-Art-Astronomy || Classes: Ancient Runes - Ancient Studies - Astronomy -Charms - DADA - History - Transfiguration

    October Elizabeth Lynch

    14 | Slytherin | 3rd Year Student | MCPB | Independent-Clever-Quirky


    05.12.1887 | Creepy Crawlies with Sweetie Whitledge, Blythe Fairchild, and Morgana Gaunt
    04.17.1887 | Lost and Not Found with Simeon Silverstone
    09.01.1887 | Welcome to the Snake Pit with Holly Scrimgeour and Kristoffer Lestrange
    09.12.1887 | Hungry Like the Wolf [OWL DADA] with Nikolai Sleptov & classmates
    10.27.1887 |Letter To My Sister Letter to February Lynch


    09.02.1886 | Crushing Snakes with Simeon Silverstone
    04.16.1886 | Dueling Tournament vs. Lena Hill
    04.21.1886 | Trapped! with Kristoffer Lestrange, Evelina Rosier, Alistair Darrow, Larkin Mishra, Henry Berkwood, Demela McGonagall
    04.30.1886 | Always in Check with the Dueling Club and Chess club Members
    06.04.1886 | Octimeon ftw Letter From Simeon Silverstone
    01.10.1886| Wands at the Ready! with Dueling Club members
    02.17.1886| Heffalumps and Woozles [TR] with Katherine Yaxley
    05.02.1886 | Destination Flirtation with Simeon Silverstone
    06.07.1886 | Blood Of My Blood with February Lynch


    09.25.1885 | Well, Don't Expect Me to Move with Kristoffer Lestrange
    11.02.1885 | All That Glitter with OWL COMC students
    12.19.1885| Presents Under the Christmas Tree with September Lynch & January Lynch
    09.01.1885 | Snake Fangs with  Jason Zakarian, Laoise Simpson, Isotta Ellesborough, Nigel Yaxely, Pansy Tinker,Saundra Darrow & Seneca Lestrange
    09.28.1885| Spoiled Rat... with Vanille De Aevum
    11.09.1885 | Dueling Tournament Vs. Archelaus Lestrange
    11.20.1885 | Dueling Tournament Vs. Lorna Van Patten
    10.23.1885 | Snakes in the grass with Vanille De Aevum
    12.04.1885 | Dueling Tournament vs. Cecily Gallivanr
    12.4.1885 | A Letter  From Your Baby Sister Letter to February Lynch
    12.10.1885 | Dear Gussy Letter to August Lynch

    Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers
    [Image: leYc9BD.png]

    Ligeia Asteria Baudelaire

    22 | Slytherin Class of '83 | Desperate Debutante| UCPB | Charming -Sly- Dramatic


    03.08.1887 | Next On The Docket with Jasper Kernaghan, Eugene Scamander, Lisa Fairbain & Glory Dawlish
    03.31.1887 | Dancing Shoes with Roberto Devine
    04.23.1887 | Dueling Tournament vs Natsuko Mountbatton
    04.28.1887 | Someone Looking Pretty with Benjamin Twemlove
    05.13.1887 | Where Art Thou Fur with Antigone Lestrange
    07.30.1887 | It's Hard To Dance With The Devil on you Back with Leon Lupin
    08.19.1887 | Happy Birthday Sis Letter To Antigone Lestrange
    09.26.1887 | Burnt Toast Letter from Tiberius Lestrange
    10.14.1887 | Swooning (The Romantic Kind) with Zian Zhao
    10.27.1887 | Little Bo Peep with Prunella Vaisey

    01.01.1886| Dueling Tournament vs Margaret Callum
    01.17.1886 | A Chance to Scold Letter to Antigone Lestrange
    02.14.1886 | Our Siblings are Married so Let's Bond with Tatiana Lestrange
    02.14.1886 | Flash of Mauve, Splash of Puce with Faustus Prewett

    04.10.1886 | BIG Bunny Monthly Grouper
    04.15.1886 | Dueling Tournament vs Epiphany Thorne
    04.27.1886 | I Wanna Stuff Some Ice Cream In My Face with Antigone Lestrange
    05.05.1886 | Petals in the Ashes Read-only
    05.28.1886 | Speak Now or Forever Hold You Peace with Beatrice Lancaster
    06.05.1886 | Even My Dog wants me to get Married with Rufus Scrimgeour
    08.00.1886 | Rich People Problems with Zian Zhao
    08.14.1886 | Dueling Tournament vs. Edward Bobbin
    10.31.1886 | Swan Song with Odira Potter
    11.13.1886 | Dueling Tournament vs. Marianne Hatchitt
    12.04.1886 | Damsel In Distress with Nicholas Everett


    07.15.1885 | Sister Rivalry, Cousin Rivalry with Ellory Pendergast
    10.26.1885 | Condescension At Its Finest with Antigone Lestrange
    10.31.1885 | Halloween with a Bang with Justus Westenburg
    11.08.1885 | Dueling Tournament vs Dexter Perry
    11..20.1885 | Dueling Tournament Vs. Rose Banges
    11.15.1885| Don't Feed The Monster with Lucy Pettigrew
    12.09.1885 | Dueling Tournament vs Imogen Macfusty
    12.04.1885|Go Figure with Demetria Longbottom
    12.20.1885| It's Never Too Late with Valeria Greengrass
    12.23.1885| Dueling Tournament vs Tybalt Kirke
    12.24.1885| Pretending Not to be a Scrooge with Jasper Montague
    12.29.1885| Fancy Meeting You Here with Evangeline Rowle
    12.31.1885| Dueling Tournament vs James Monroe

    Charlotte Marianne MacCarthy


    Born from a middle class family, Charlotte has grown into a social butterfly after her marriage. Energetic and gentle are just some of her positive traits. Although cheerful most of the time, the lady is still mourning for being childless. She is BFFs with Nathalie Jennings and Porphyria Dempsey.


    02.14.1886 | Death is Your Gift [TR] with Zian Zhao & Eugene Reese
    03.05.1886 | I Host Tea Parties Like The Mad Hatter with Nathalie Jennings & Porphyria Dempsey
    03.13.1886 | Mad Love with Locran Byrne
    06.15.1886 | The Birds and Bees? Oh My! with Aurelia Wallingford, Porphyria Dempsey & Nathalie Jennings


    06.01.1886 | I Have Cake!: Porphyria Letter to Porphyria Dempsey
    06.01.1886 | I Have Cake!: Nathalie Letter to Nathalie Jennings
    Date | Thread Title with Charatcter
    Date | Thread Title with Charatcter


    02.08.1886 | Help Me If You Can I'm Feeling Down with Constantia Ganymede
    Date | Thread Title with Charatcter
    Date | Thread Title with Charatcter
    Pretties by Bee
    Lilypie First Birthday tickers

    Veronica Noelle Gallivan

    26 | Ravenclaw Class of 1877 | Wife | UCHB | Quiet-Soft Spoken-Weak Willed


    06.13.1887 | (Step) Mother Knows Best with Cecily Gallivan
    06.15.1887 | Murder Most Foul with Elle Lassey, Kerensa Bonney, Queenie and Banshee Simmons
    08.07.1887 | The Pack with Nathaniel Gallivan, Cecily Gallivan and Theodore Gallivan


    05.07.1886| Old Mcdonald had a Farm with Ainslei Blackbourne
    06.05.1886| Gallivan Family Vacations with The Gallivans, Harkiss Twins & Daffodil Potts

    07.31.1886 | Mother Duck Said Quack Quack Quack Quack with Charatcter
    09.14.1886 | Revelations with Nathaniel Gallivan
    [Image: nYlWvSU.jpg]

    Honey Bunny Kerensa Whitledge 

    11 | Hufflepuff Class of '92| Student | UCHB |Competetive-Endearing- With a hint of Violence

    03.08.1887 | Booknado with Ale Salcedo, Phyllida Rummage & Isaiah Triggs
    03.22.1887 | Little 'Minion' meets Little Sister, This Shall be Sweet with Sweetie Whitledge & Constance Huntingtower
    03.23.1887| Trivial Pursuit [Intro DADA] with Nikolai Sleptova & Classmates
    04.24.1887 | Dueling Tournament vs. Questor Spryly
    05.05.1887 | Dueling Tournament Vs. Seneca Lestrange


    05.4.1885 | Series of Fortunate Events Letter From Handsome Whitledge
    06.08.1886| Meeting New (Furry) Friends with Irene Fudge
    Date | Whitledge Family Fun Time with Handsome Whitledge, Cupcake Whitledge & Knight Whitledge
    06.19.1886 | A Scoop with Cherry on Top with Knight Whitledge
    09.01.1886| [Sea]Sick Day with Knight Whitledge,Jessamine Normanson & Cameron Gillenwater
    09.01.1886| Sweet Family Housing with Sweetie Whitledge & John Ellory

    09.14.1886| The Sorting with The Sorting Hat & Other Firsties
    10.28.1886| Wanted: Tutor with Katrina Winthrop & Meserimus Valenduris
    11.12.1886| Dueling Tournament vs. Sapphire Weasley
    12.--.1886| After Hours with Ivory Kamaria
    [Image: 3u4dMIm.jpg]Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

    Anais Priscilla Beaumont 

    17 | Slytherin Class of '87| Pendergast Rose | UCPB |Classist - Ladylike -Moody


    05.13.1887| *Tries To Write A Happy Letter* Letter to Mathias Beaumont
    05.16.1887| Wish You Were Herewith Artemisia Carrow
    05.31.1887| Bittersweet Thoughts with Brighid Connolly
    06.12.1887| The Night of Nights with Aldous Crouch
    07.17.1887| *Continous Sobbing Letter from Mathias Beaumont
    07.22.1887| Death Surrounds Us with Artemisia Carrow
    10.25.1887| I don't like you but you're still my brother Letter to Mathias Beaumont
    12.24.1887| Romance is the Mistletoe with ---

    [Image: mIIrgVp.jpg]
    [Image: wki5uv.png]