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Rhoda Edgecombe
Full Name: Rhoda Augusta Edgecombe
Nicknames: Rhodie
Birthdate: January 01st, 1862
Current Age: 26 Years
Occupation: Department of International Magical Co-Operation Secretary
Reputation: 8. Her family has seen better days and has suffered financial woes throughout the years, but none that are unimaginable for a woman of her station.
Residence: Hogsmeade, Scotland
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Dropout ('78)
Wand: Silver lime, 10 inches, Unicorn hair, Firm
Blood Status: Pureblood
Social Class: Working Class
Roger Edgecombe, Father [1817-1880]
Beatrice Edgecombe (née -----), Mother [1835]
Newton Edgecombe, Brother [1857-1878]
Georgiana ----- (née Edgecombe), Sister [1859]
Rhoda has never been the type of woman to write home about, but neither has she ever considered herself repulsive. She has soft, rounded features and vibrant, blue eyes. Her hair, which ranges from medium-blonde to light brown depending on the season, is short and often styled in curls. She stands at a respectable five feet, five inches tall and carries herself with an air of confidence that her wealth and status (or lack thereof) cannot justify.

She wears the finest dresses she can afford, and, due to the frugality she grew up with, will tailor, mend, and adjust her outfits—often to where they seem like different dresses entirely!—before purchasing a new one. Ever the practical one, she has never been tempted to indulge in finer fabrics that might be easily ruined. She does not often carry a wand on her person, though wields it with her right hand when she does so.

1862 | Rhoda is born the third and final child to her parents. While the Edgecombe family is not dirt-poor, they often spend every knut of their income and are always one missed paycheck away from total ruin.

1866 | With two literate parents, it is not long before Rhoda has a book in her hand. Her parents' high value on education—namely their desire to see each of their children at least achieve their OWLs—is often at odds with their lack of savings, meaning they wish to see their children get by on academic scholarships and secondhand books. Rhoda is aware of this fact from a very young age and thus seeks any opportunity to gain the skills she'll need to succeed in a traditional academic environment.

1869 | Newton goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw. As expected, he excels in his classes and returns home at the end of the year with a set of high scores on his first year examinations.

1870 | Georgiana goes to Hogwarts, shortly after her elder brother, and is also sorted into Ravenclaw. She excels in just about everything—academics and the social scene. It is during the winter holidays that Rhoda realizes her sister has truly changed, looking towards her own future prospects rather than her family's.

1871 | Rhoda displays a first sign of magic, albeit a little late.


1873 | Rhoda begins Hogwarts and, like both her siblings before her, is sorted into Ravenclaw. Though not asocial, it becomes quickly apparent that her focus is on her schoolwork more than her socializing. She gets through the school year with a collection of Os and Es on her end-of-the-year examinations.

1875 | In the spring, Georgiana leaves Hogwarts after securing a decent selection of OWL scores. She immediately pursues and internship at the Ministry, but finds herself engaged—and soon married—to a middle class departmental worker whose attention she manages to capture; and thus, she abandons any potential career in order to enjoy an idle life as a wife. In her third year, Rhoda adds only Arithmancy to her course load, feeling anymore may prove a detriment to her grades.

1876 | Newton becomes the first—and eventually the only—Edgecombe sibling to graduate Hogwarts with a set of NEWTs. While pressured to pursue a sensible career such as a museum curator, Ministry departmental employee, or even a librarian, he chooses to pursue an curse-breaker apprenticeship at Gringotts.

1878 | In the months leading up to her OWL scores, Rhoda receives solemn news: her brother, on his first year as a full curse-breaker, succumbed to an injury while on the job. The loss of his income, combined with a set of lackluster OWL scores caused by her stress, leads Rhoda to leave Hogwarts.

Early Blooming

1878 | With a small loan from Georgiana's husband, the Edgecombe family is able to cope better with the loss of a primary income source. Rhoda struggles to find a position that makes her happy. While not completely educated, she is a woman with a brain and would very much like to use it. With mindless shop-keep positions and domestic service incapable of holding her attention, she opts for a job as a Daily Prophet reporter.

1880 | Rhoda's father suffers a heart attack in spring, leading to his untimely demise. In the midst of their mourning, mother and daughter move in with Georgiana and her husband, and, most humiliatingly, find themselves in positions of service. Unhappily a nanny to her nieces and nephews and a companion to her sister, Rhoda is only finds comfort in the fact that her employer would never wish to see her on the streets.

1882 | Rhoda strikes up a friendship with her sister's neighbor, the son of a missionary for the Church of Magical Jesus. While she does not gain a new belief system, she does gain something else: an intelligent, eager tutor who is able to educate her in topics even Hogwarts could not offer a girl of her station: knowledge of the romance languages and other skills usually limited to the bourgeoisie. By the end of the year, she has gained something else—and something very unwanted: a crush on her tutor that will not cease to exist.

1883 | Rhoda hates romance. She hates it. She comes to this conclusion when, in late summer, her tutor informs her that he's to be married to his Hogwarts sweetheart who was widowed four years earlier. She writes him long, melancholic (unsent) letters in every language he tutored her in and moves on with her life.

1884 | She returns to the Daily Prophet—this time as a mere columnist—on top of her current position, writing about heroic tales from history under the pen-name "Paige Turner". While she does this mostly because she needs something more stimulating, it's partly she no longer wishes to be her sister's nanny.

1885 | The last of many arguments between her and her sister sees her hastily packing a single suitcase and walking out into the streets of Bartonburg in the early morning hours. She stays with a friend living in the Hogsmeade slums; the atmosphere, while nostalgic, remains a bit scary for a few weeks while she readjusts to life among the poor. She picks up a day job as a shop-keep girl on High Street.

1887 | The drama that envelops the magical community is drama that Rhoda does her best to ignore. Never one to involve herself on politics (for the wealthy men in charge hardly care about the woes of the impoverished), she cares very little about who gets elected in the election and who does not.

1888 | The magic-inhibiting fog challenges Rhoda's patience in ways that not even her sister ever managed to. When it clears in the beginning of August, Rhoda makes a change: she goes to work at the Ministry as a secretary with the hopes of finding something to keep her busy that does not require stocking shelves.
Knowledgeable. Unprejudiced. Thoughtful. Principled. Diligent. Observant. Always knows a little about everyone, whether it be a lowly shop employee or a highly-ranked Ministry official. Detail-oriented. Good at giving unbiased advice. Can tolerate the company of most, but enjoys the company of very few. Career-minded. Mediator. Problem-solver. Cares far too much about the opinions of others though has the mind to acknowledge this failing. Compulsive organizer. Can be obsessive. Neat. Apolitical.
Name: Bree
Age: 19

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