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Soo-Jin Proudfoot
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Full Name: Soo-Jin Proudfoot
Nicknames: Susie, by her late father. Her great-grandmother exclusively calls her Susan.
Birthdate: June 15th, 1877
Current Age: Eleven
Occupation: Student
Reputation: 8
Soo-Jin is a wildcard—no one knows her and she doesn’t know anyone. Her broken English and general otherness is not particularly helpful, either.
Residence: Swallowbury, Irvingly
Hogwarts House: --
Soo-Jin’s wand belonged to her father. At fourteen inches, it’s comically long against her small frame, though the unicorn tail hair and cypress both suit her well.
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Middle Class
Henry Proudfoot, Father [1847-1884]
Hana Proudfoot née Kim Hana, Mother [1852]
Jung-Hee Proudfoot, Brother [1874]

Juliet Proudfoot née —, Great-Grandmother [1797]

Soo-Jin has no contact with the grandmother or two aunts on her father’s side, nor with the grandparents, three aunts, and two uncles on her mother’s.
Soo-Jin is tall by her own reckoning, at five feet even in height. Her sturdy frame is topped with sleek, chestnut hair. Her skin, as described by Granny Juliet, is “beige”, and her almond-shaped eyes a deep shade of chocolate. In terms of attire, Soo-Jin endeavors to stick out as little as possible in Britain, and so dresses as neatly as she is able on the family budget. She is right-handed.
Soo-Jin has always thought it something of a marvel that she was born. Who would have thought that someone from as far away as England would meet and marry her mother in Korea? But that was precisely what Henry Proudfoot did, travelling the country as an assistant to the British Ambassador to Korea’s answer to the Ministry of Magic. That he fell in love with her mother, a silkmaker’s daughter, seems to Soo-Jin to be as if a fairytale, though one she is very glad for!

Her childhood was spent quietly and rather distant from those around her. Her maternal family did not like that her mother married an outsider and so shunned Hana; her paternal family did, essentially, the same to Henry. Soo-Jin did not feel as though she lost out in any way, though, for she knew no other life. On occasion, she would play with the neighborhood children, but by and large, her main companions were her mother, father, and elder brother.

It was, thus, a tragedy when her father died of a magical ailment in the autumn of 1884. The first time Soo-Jin ever truly knew loss, the girl was devastated by this turn of events. Not a fortnight later, a lawyer arrived upon the family doorstep to inform them that Henry Proudfoot had, after all, inherited from his grandfather (who had sworn to cut him from the will when he married an “oriental girl” #historicalracism)—but that the terms of the will, on Henry’s passing, would not allow those funds to transfer to those left behind. Time would later reveal that he took the news of Henry’s death back to Hadrian Proudfoot’s widow, who sent for her grandson’s children and wife to come to England. With little else to sustain them, and knowing it would be what was best for the children, Hana reluctantly agreed.

Britain was not what the family expected. While Juliet Proudfoot was happy to dine with her Korean family—so long as she did not have other guests—and arranged to provide for the children’s schooling and expenses, the rest of the family had no interest in following suit. Hana’s limited English and Soo-Jin’s broken English meant that Jung-Hee had the burden of doing most of the liaising with the outside world, at least at first. His departure for Hogwarts in the autumn of ’85—a week shy of the anniversary of Henry’s death—put further strain on the Kims, who decided to relocate to Irvingly for a bit of distance from Great-Grandmother.

Hana’s English improved tremendously, allowing her to find work as a translator at the Ministry of Magic—her lack of French was outweighed by her fluency in Korean and her incredibly legible handwriting. Soo-Jin’s own language skills, frustratingly, progressed more slowly. She now rather dreads her departure to Hogwarts, as, after looking at her brother’s textbooks, she’s convinced she is completely inadequate to the path ahead.
— Fluent in Korean; nearing spoken proficiency in English, but appallingly bad at reading/writing it.
— A lovely soprano singing voice feat. perfect pitch.
— Learning piano

— At the insistence of Granny Juliet, has been well schooled in the Church of Magical Jesus. She has a bible that she studies from weekly, and the family attends service in Hogsmeade once a month.
— Will be accompanied to Hogwarts by a pet toad, called Jack
— Soo-Jin is afraid of the dark.
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Age: 27
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