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DADA Entry Homework
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Before I can begin to teach you, it is helpul to be aware of what you already know. Please write a short essay on your understanding of the word "defence". What does it mean? How might it be applied to the magical world? I expect it to be placed in my hands on the first day of classes. Happy summer!

Leave as a reply to this thread. 50-150 words. 10-25HP per.
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Defense means to block from something bad. Like when muggles were hunting magical folk when I was a baby. Magical folk had to protect their homes and families. In the magical world this could mean that if a bad spell is sent your way you would want to protect yourself from it so you would defend yourself.

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Defense means to prevent or to protect against danger. This is often physical harm, but one could be defended against social or emotional harm, as well. In the magical world, defense could be used to stop a hex or a jinx from harming yourself or another person. One could also defend themselves from dark wizards or dangerous magical creatures. Defense is also an important part of magical duels. Defense is a highly important skill for one to learn, so you can be able to protect yourself and those you love from potential harm.

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Defense means to stop bad things from happening. You can stop bad spells. You can stop bad magical people. You can help defend people you like. Sometimes your family can defend you from mean people who want to say and do bad things. Defense in the magical world can be done with spells.

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Defence means to protect from the bad stuff like when someone is being mean to you so you huff at them and then when they are not looking, you glue their shoes to the floor so they can’t be mean anymore when you leave because they are stuck! And when it comes to magic, defence is stopping bad spells from happening! Like if you use the shield charm to stop another spell.
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Defence means to defend yourself from bad people who try to harm you. Such as when you go on an adventure and there are wizarding pirates that attack. You can use spells to protect yourself from their attack. Or if a giant creature tries to eat you. Then you can stun the creature before it tries to bite you.

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15 August, 1888
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In basic terms, 'defence' means to block against. In the magical world, it more specifically refers to a brand of magic used to defend oneself against offensive attacks — jinxes, curses, and whatnot. Apart from spells, defensive magic helps witches and wizards defend themselves against attacks from dark creatures and objects.

Flora Mulciber

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The word defence is defined as "The action of defending from or resisting attack." It is a word that brings with it feelings of both safety and desperation. It is the key basis for a number of spells such as shield charms and disarming spells, as well as a number of developments throughout history: knights had shields, castles fortified walls.

It can be tangible or not. For example, one might write a letter in defence of a person or idea, or speak their defence of a friend in conversation. One might also built a moat around their house to deter intruders.
01 September, 1888
DADA Homework

At least in the context of the magical world, "defence" usually refers to defensive magic, one used by both the aurors and ordinary citizens to protect themselves against dark forces. Defensive spells, like any other type of magic, vary in their difficulty and power, and some have very specific circumstances in which they prove useful.

Carius Bulstrode, Gryffindor

Hastily written the evening of September 1st after being gently reminded by a dorm-mate that they had a summer assignment to do.

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