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Mallorie Vance
Full Name: Mallorie Macy Vance nee Marchand
Nicknames: Mal, Mally
Birthdate: February 12th, 1853
Current Age: 35
Occupation: Spell Damage Healer - St. Mungo’s & Silent Bookkeeper for Vance and Co. Enterprises
Reputation: 9 - Involvement with business / Profession
Residence: London, above Vance and Co. Enterprises
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: Larch, 10 ¾”, Phoenix Feather, Slightly Springy
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Middle
Father [1829] | Marion Marchand

Mother [1834] | Shirley Marchand nee Owston

Sister [1855] | Marguerite Morrish nee Marchand and family…

Sister [1857] | Mamie Emerson nee Marchand and family…

Brother [1858] | Richard “Dick” Marchand

Husband [1847] | Marcellus Vance

Son [1872] | Harrison “Harry” Vance

Son [1873] | Calvin “Cal” Vance

Daughter [1875] Verna Vance

Mallorie stands at 5’1” and has a thin, healthy physique. Her dark hair, when not done-up, cascades approximately half-way down her back. Her eyes, more narrowly shaped from her mother’s side, share a similar hue to her locks. One notable feature of Mrs. Vance are her pronounced cheeks which are further exposed when smiling. She has a warmer skin tone than most but wears it proudly, often adorning herself with standard middle class fashion and colors that compliment this complexion. She is right-handed.

Born in 1853 to father Marion and mother Shirley, Mallorie had a very pleasant childhood. She was the only child for two years and enjoyed every second of that stretch of time. From playing in the garden to re-enacting tea parties with her dolls, the young toddler was ecstatic to not have a hindrance to her free time.

This burden, however, arrived with the birth of her first sister, Marguerite, who, from what Mallorie could tell, would eventually steal all of the attention. She could quickly see her parents focusing solely on this new life and began to do everything in her power to redirect it back to herself. Unfortunately, she realized that perhaps this wasn’t what was needed and eventually they would come around. After all, she enjoyed being in the spotlight, so maybe Marguerite could have her time in it for a few years just as she and pass it off. Well… this somewhat worked out.

At the two year mark, another sister was born: Mamie. Mamie was an odd-ball, even when she was only months old. Mallorie observed the child who, oddly, wasn’t prioritized as much as Marguerite, or herself, had been and wondered why that was. These thoughts were answered when the child threw up on a miniature tea set and began splashing it around as if she were enjoying a nice swim in a puddle. Mallorie was disgusted by this and avoided all contact with the menace to ensure her own sanity. She did want some company at home however and would try to bother the staff or even her parents for some attention, to no avail. In a desperate attempt, she approached Marguerite who luckily agreed to welcome her company. The two weren’t always civil towards each other, given the slight jealousy on Mallorie’s end, but they maintained a sisterly relationship throughout.

Just a year after Mamie’s birth, much to Mallorie’s surprise, another sibling was brought into the mix. This time, it was a brother by the name of Richard. The five-year-old was perplexed by this new addition. Would he be nice? Would he bother her? Would he try to steal her things? These were the questions on her mind as he slowly grew. She tried to prevent anything from occurring early on so treated the baby as if he were a dog of sorts, granting him affection when he did something good and disciplining him by avoiding any contact with him for as long as she could. She even tried bopping him on the head with a stick once to see what would happen, but figured out that wasn’t the best idea after the blob began crying which provoked their parents to coddle him like a precious gem pulled from the depths of the earth. How annoying.

In 1860, at seven years old, Mallorie experienced her first signs of magic when at a family gathering. Companied by her siblings in a small game of hide or seek, she spotted Richard in a bush and yelled for him to come out. He did, though not without throwing a few fresh berries he had collected in the shrub towards his sister which splattered on her new dress her parents purchased for her for this event specifically. Infuriated, she chased the boy into a clearing filled with tall grass. Unable to catch her quick sibling, she caused the grass to grip onto him which led him to fall. Shocked, and somewhat worried, she slowly approached Richard. He was fine. Squirming and distressed, but fine. Mallorie then laughed and called him a few names before running back to the crowd.

Four years after her discovery of magic, during the summer of 1864, Mallorie receives her letter to attend the wizarding school. She gleefully goes shopping for her supplies and remains excited up until the start of the semester. She is sorted into Gryffindor and soon discovers a liking of potions and transfiguration. The girl always wanted a family of her own one day, but had a similar desire to assume a profession as well. Her choices numbered, she decided that, if fate may allow it, she would one day become a healer. The first two years she was at the castle were absolutely wonderful. She made new friends, excelled in her classes, and, in her mind, advanced as a person. At the start of the semester in 1866 however, Marguerite made things a little more difficult. With the arrival of her sister at the school, Mallorie felt that she needed to be her sister’s tour guide slash mentor. She brought the eleven-year-old around to every inch of the castle she could and along the way noticed Marguerite had been talking to a few other students. Had she already made friends? What a joke. Mallorie quickly let the girl on her own in a slight fit of rage and returned to her dorm. Again, all of the attention had been stolen by little miss perfect. Mallorie’s scores began to slip as she both worried for and envied her sister. She didn’t want to see her sibling fall into bad habits because of her peers and at the same time wanted to be in her shoes. Mamie would then join in Mallorie’s fifth year in the fall of 1868. This brought some relief, though not much. Mallorie’s focus rested with Marguerite as Mamie was a nutcase. The girl had, over time, seemed disinterested in most everything. Why she even attended the school in the first place was a mystery to the older girls, other than to abide by societal standards and views. So long as she continued this streak of odd behavior, Mallorie could care less about her. Not to mention her exams were approaching, so she needed to devote a significant amount of her time and energy into studying if she wanted to see her future pan out according to her wishes. Her efforts eventually paid off when her scores arrived as she received all E’s in Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology, Charms, and DADA, an A in Arithmancy and a P in Ghoul Studies which she added in her third year. The last course wasn’t exactly her favorite and her studying evidently didn’t help, so she decided to drop Arithmancy and Ghoul Studies in favor of her five better subjects. Dick ends up joining the girls in 1869, within Mal’s sixth year, and quickly tries to join any and every club he can. Mal quickly learns that her siblings were truly a hindrance on her own learning and decides to isolate herself from them in her final two years to ensure her capability of a student doesn’t dwindle in their presence. In 1871, she takes her NEWT exams and, much to her delight, receives E’s in Transfiguration, Herbology and Charms and O’s in Potions and DADA. During the ball as well, she meets a man by the name of Marcellus who happens to be six years her elder. She hadn’t remembered him during her first year at the school as she was so obsessed with her new surroundings but was glad he found her then.

The couple end up eloping in 1872 and have their first child, named Harrison, late in the year. Mal was so happy to begin her sought after family in good health and quickly learned how one could love another being in such a way. She was so accustomed to hating, or disliking, her relatives in her youth which made each moment spent with Harrison seem surreal and shocking. Any idea of why she felt such a way towards her siblings in the past slowly dissipated--although not entirely--and in its wake a new outlook on life emerged. She still saw a future as a healer, but wanted her attention focused on the child and her husband.

Just under a year after her first son’s birth, another came along. Little Calvin brought another ray of sunshine into Mal’s life, but the attention she provided Harry never faded. She learned from her own childhood that one should not give one child more attention than the other. Harry just, well, received more encouragement and praise from Marcellus which seemed counterintuitive to the mother but was not opposed. She truly loved both of her children equally and couldn’t judge their talents at such a young age just yet. Within the year of 1873 as well, Marguerite finishes her schooling and seems to have garnered the attention of a man during her ball.

In 1875, the Vance’s are granted with a daughter who they named Verna. Verna Vance, the ever so… unique child always seemed to perplex her parents. She consistently surprised them with her actions, such as playing around with bugs in the dirt or knocking her head into a cabinet repeatedly. Mal was worried about the girl’s health and figured it may improve over time. It didn’t. Mal also began to notice a sense of rivalry between her two boys. Even though they were young, it was apparent that something was going on. Was this reminiscent of her relationship with Marguerite? She hoped not. Verna graduated within the year and, as if some miracle had struck the family out of the blue, found a man after her ball as well. Dick graduates the following year without much of a hope for a woman in his life.

1880 brings with it very exciting news. Marcellus receives full ownership of his family’s company, Vance and Co. Enterprises, from his father. This newfound responsibility takes more time away from his family, though he always adjusts his schedule for them weekly. Marcellus quickly learns however that owning a business isn’t exactly all that easy, so enlists the aid of Mal to assist him with the bookkeeping. The closest educational field she had any experience with numbers was Arithmancy. This fact alone provided no comfort in the task of tending to the finances of a growing business. Even still, she wanted to help her husband in any which way she could so utilized all of her skills to accomplish the task. She continues to aid her husband in this way though keeps it a secret.

Harry heads off to the castle after the summer of 1884. She knew Calvin would follow the year after and had prepared herself as much as she could. Her children meant the world to her and if they enjoyed the school as much as she had, then this must have been a great thing for them. She did hope, however, that with the addition of Calvin, the boys wouldn’t be fighting throughout the six years they had together at Hogwarts. She wanted them to experience the school in a way she hadn’t, free of drama and jealousy and full of excitement and bewilderment.

Her final child leaves for the wizarding school in 1886. She was afraid for young Verna as her peculiar behavior had only continued throughout her adolescence. The girl was a lost cause in Mal’s eyes, almost akin to her sister Mamie, but somehow her sibling found a spouse so maybe it would work out for Verna. With her final child attending the school, Mal consults with her husband on the idea of finally utilizing her education to become a healer. He agrees that it may be a nice choice to aid the family financially throughout the kid’s schooling. So, she begins an internship within the Spell Damage ward at St. Mungo’s within the year.

Mal completes her internship within 1887 and becomes a full spell damage healer. She is very excited about what is to come for her and her family and the experience she may lend to her newfound patients.

As 1888 rolls around, the family and business are chugging along. Everything seems to be working for everyone, Mal is happy with her decisions, Marcellus is hard at work, the kids are doing all they can at school and striving to do what they enjoy. There have been some feuds between the boys, as expected, and Verna remains strange. The strangeness has become endearing, but bordering on being creepy.

Mallorie is extremely supportive of her boys, somewhat to Verna, and of course her husband. She is loyal to her family and loves them dearly, however has grown somewhat distant from her siblings which has slightly angered her. She remains civil when with them but always hosts resentment for their actions, or lack thereof. She is benevolent in most cases and isn’t afraid to issue punishment or assume a more authoritative role if necessary. Overall, she is balanced, fair, firm, intuitive and perceptive.

Might fill this up later, but for now this is a placeholder!
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