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Eva smiled slowly as she felt his hand in her hair and she shifted closer, snuggling in to use him as a pillow instead. "No, no, I'm sorry. I don't want to waste all of your hard work and time." He'd gone through all the trouble to get it packed up and come over and she would feel terrible if she didn't even partake! Plus she wanted to see him, to spend time with him when she could. "I probably shouldn't have come back so early. I was just so bored at home." There was only so much bed rest a girl could take before she went absolutely mad.

"Takes more out of me than I realized." It had been well over a month now, but after such a long hospital stay and then going home, she hadn't been up and active in quite a while, it was tiresome. Not to mention she wasn't sure her body was totally ready for all of the strain just yet. It was hard to find the balance. The new hatching of diricawls had been a good excuse to come back, but they were a lot of work too.

Of course after getting herself comfortable by snuggling, she wasn't exactly making it easier to stay awake. "Make sure you eat," She sighed as she closed her eyes again. "Don't let me sleep, I just need to rest a minute, I promise." Maybe if they kept talking she'd stay awake. "How's it being back at the hospital?"

“It started out as a feeling
which then grew into a hope.”

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Fletcher continued to gently stroke her hair as she apologized. Smiling down at her, ready to tell her not to be sorry at all, he ended up chuckling as she continued. It didn't surprise him she'd gotten bored at home. He'd been stuck in a bed in the infirmary in Irvingly for several weeks and it had been the most boring time of his life. Letters from the ex-intern Miss Scrimgeor and occasional visits from his sister were the only things that had broken up the monotony. Then, of course, there'd been the news from her and her accident and he'd spent the rest of the time until the fog had lifted in the worst pits of worry he could have ever imagined.

But, she was there. And she was alive. He was looking right at her, smiling and feeling her presence against him. The soft scents of her hair as he continued to calmly stroke her head and the slight weight of her leaning against him confirmed to him that it was all real. He hadn't lost her and that was all he could have ever hoped for.

'There's plenty of time to eat," he ended up saying before placing a soft kiss against her temple as she closed her eyes. He paused briefly, thinking of how things had been at the hospital before he started to answer. "It's good," he started, resting his head back against the couch, comfortable how they were, "Things seem to finally be getting back to normal. Tink is still a bit cross with me I think though. I think she'd all but leave if I disappeared for a month again."

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Admittedly, their position on the couch and the feeling of his hand in her hair was lulling Eva into a a daze. Her body was exhausted and she was desperately trying to stay awake, but was finding it harder and harder. "Mmm, glad to hear it." Eva knew how much he enjoyed his job, she was relieved to hear everything was going alright, especially with his promotion still being relatively new.

"I will never stay awake if you keep that up." She chuckled quietly, catching his hand with hers and intertwining their fingers. She tilted her head back to kiss his cheek, sighing softly. Eva had been so unsure of what to expect from this meeting that now that things seemed to be back on the upswing, she didn't want to sleep through it! It had been so long since they'd been able to simply spend time together, which was what she enjoyed most about their relationship, and she didn't want to miss out.

It was then that her little diricawl on the end of the sofa hopped into her lap from her little perch and Eva chuckled quietly. "I will take my wee birdies over crocodiles any day." She mused with a giggle as the little chick settled herself rather comfortably, preening her wing feathers. "This is Delilah, she's a little on the small side and Horatio likes to bully her." That was how Eva ended up with Lucy, the poor wee babe was so small, she wouldn't have survived without Eva's intervention.

“It started out as a feeling
which then grew into a hope.”

deep quote code by Soph ♥
Fletcher chuckled when she told him he'd put her to sleep if he kept up stroking her hair. He was happy with the alternative though, feeling her fingers twine with his own and the soft kiss against his cheek. He smiled down at her, happy to settle as they were on the couch. He was really quite comfortable himself and wouldn't have said no to a little nap himself had she fallen asleep. But, as it was, she appeared to be intent on remaining awake so he would as well.

He grinned down at her "little birdie" as the diricawl hopped onto her lap. He frowned slightly at the mention of Horatio being a bully. He supposed he could see that of the bigger bugger, especially with the way he'd acted. Very confident and sure of himself. "Sounds like someone needs to teach him some manners then," he answered simply even if he wasn't sure how one would even do such a thing.

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Chuckling, Eva readjusted her position so that she was less likely to fall asleep. She was rather enjoying the comfort of having him to lean on, both figuratively and literally at the moment, but didn't need to pass out on him. Plus she had Delilah in her lap, so she couldn't go very far. "Oh, by all means you give that a try." Eva laughed in earnest now. "You've met Bastien, you think I didn't try to teach him manners?" Some critters were beyond behaving when asked.

Eva ran her fingers over the diricawl's fluffy baby feathers with a bemused smile. "I'm glad you came by today." She admitted as she turned her chin up toward him, blue eyes turned toward his, an almost sheepish smile on her lips. Though she'd been worried it would be an argument of some kind, it had turned out alright, better than, even. This was something she could certainly get used to.

“It started out as a feeling
which then grew into a hope.”

deep quote code by Soph ♥
Fletcher chuckled as she brought of Bastien. He was a bit of a nuisance, he had to admit. One that liked shoelaces a bit too much. He'd have to see about getting him some for Christmas or something. Was that thing? Buying pets presents? He wasn't quite sure. But maybe it would get him to leave his own laces alone.

He smiled down at her as she turned her chin up to look at him. "I'm glad, too," he said softly as he brought a hand up to cup her cheek and gently run his thumb against her cheek. He dipped his head to kiss her softly then, unable to resist the temptation she so easily presented him with. It was a soft kiss though, gentle and slow that spoke more to his love for her than anything, before he slowly pulled away. A small peck went to the tip of her nose before he pulled all the way back with a smile still on his features.

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