Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Lucy Pettigrew - Finished!
    In Character

    Full Name: Sarah Lucille Pettigrew née Carrow.

    Nicknames: Goes almost exclusively by Lucy to those that know her.

    Birthdate: 5th November, 1837.

    Current Age: 47.

    Occupation: None.

    Reputation: 5.

    Residence: Wellingtonshire.

    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw.

    Wand: Silver birch, 14 inches, unicorn hair. Flighty. Lucy is left handed.

    Blood Status: Pure blood.

    Social Class: Upper class.

    Edward Carrow | Father |
    Eurydice Carrow née Nott | Mother |
    Argyros? Carrow | Brother |

    Henrich Pettigrew | Husband | 1831-1884
    Thom Pettigrew | Son | July 1855-
    Chastity Pettigrew née Browne | Daughter-in-law | 1860-1884
    Odessa Pettigrew | Granddaughter | 1882-
    Alexander Pettigrew | Grandson | 1883-
    Jane Prewett née Pettigrew | Daughter | Deb 1856-1883
    -Faustus Prewett | Son-in-law | 1850-
    -Edelweiss Prewett | Granddaughter |1877-
    -Jessamine Prewett | Granddaughter | 1877-
    -Iris Prewett | Granddaughter | 1882-
    -Cornelian Prewett | Grandson | 1883-
    -Mezereon Prewett | Grandson | 1883-
    Martin Pettigrew | Son | March 1858-
    Simon Pettigrew | Son | March 1858-

    Appearance: Blonde and delicate, with a slender figure and standing at 5’3 Lucy was an idyllically beautiful woman in her youth and age hasn’t really diminished her looks. She dresses fashionably and would never consider leaving the house looking anything other than respectable. Blue-eyed, she has sharp cheekbones and a face that suggests anger rather than softness, though this is usually misleading.

    1837: Born the upper class Carrows, Sarah Lucille is the oldest daughter and utterly spoiled rotten from birth.

    1844: Sarah, known by everyone as Lucy by this point, first displays magic by half-transfigurating the teapot of her tea set into a black cat, resulting in a new doll from her parents for the achievement and the poor governess chasing a scurrying fluffy teapot with a furry tail in lieu of a spout around the nursery.

    1849: After an entirely pleasant but utterly remarkable childhood in which Lucy is the darling of her household, beloved of servants and guests alike, she attends Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw. She is slightly disappointed, having hoped for Slytherin, but she quickly convinces herself that it is just as distinguished and makes friends.

    1849-1854: Lucy has a lovely time at school, utterly failing to live up to the lofty intellect of her great house, but having a gleefully inquisitive nature where it comes to other people. One might, if they were being impolite, almost call her nosey though she would never admit to this! She blossoms from a pretty child to a beautiful young woman and halfway through her fifth year and OWLs realises that there is simply no point in remaining at school and convinces her father to find her a husband over the summer.

    Autumn 1854: Daddy comes through! Yaay! He introduces her to Henrich Pettigrew, who happily, isn’t that much older than her and is rather handsome and Lucy has enough of a girlish heart for it to flutter quickly and decide that she loves him. They marry in the September, with Lucy taking great pleasure in the thought that this is a great deal more productive than attempting something as silly as NEWTS. worst Ravenclaw ever

    July 1855: Having fallen pregnant almost immediately – go Henrich! – Lucy gives birth to her first son, Thomas. He immediately becomes the centre of her world and she always approaches her hour with him with glee.

    December 1856: Lucy gives birth to Jane, her first and only daughter and gahhhh she’s so pretty Lucy loves her like the prettiest doll ever!

    March 1858: She gives birth to twins – something that is quite the surprise at the time and leads to a mild bout of hysterical fretting before Simon joins his slightly older brother Martin in the world. Henrich vacates the bedroom on a regular basis, though he occasionally returns at Christmas or birthdays, and though they aren’t physically affectionate they are remarkably fond of each other.

    1866-1870: Over a short few years all four of her children head off to Hogwarts and she misses them dearly, having tried her best to be a nice enough mother. She’s a bit aloof but hopes they miss her too and settles into social events and charity being her main occupations.

    1871: Jane is betrothed to Faustus Prewett and marries him in 1875, having three granddaughter’s over the place of five years that make Lucy feel extremely old! they’re pretty and well-behaved so she likes them secretly shush

    1881: Thom marries Chastity Browne and Lucy is pretty incensed because of her class and throws a snit that literally only Henrich indulges her in. Once she has been reassured by as many people as her husband can find to get involved that everything is fine and no one thinks they’re peasants now she calms down.

    May 1883: Quite literally the worst thing that has ever happened to Lucy in her overprotected, privileged life occurs when Jane dies giving birth to twin boys. Lucy was aware that people did die under such circumstances of course, but she had never imagined for a moment that it might take her daughter and the shock hits her very badly, being the first trigger in her deteriorating state.

    1884: Both she and Henrich contract the laughing sickness that ravages the wizarding population and though she is able to fight it off he is not so fortunate and she loses the man she perhaps didn’t love with a great passion but certainly the one she intended to grow old with. Theirs was a love of familiarity and without Henrich, who had always sworn to look after her, she feels lost and alone and her behaviour becomes increasingly strange during her recovery. As she is not the only newly widowed member of the family Thom moves her into his home in September 1884, at which point she relocates to Hogsmeade for the first time after a life in the quiet countryside.

    1885: As of now she is living in Wellingstonshire, coping with a variety of disorders of varying degrees of severity is hoping against hope that her son finds himself a new wife once his mourning is done. One that is utterly respectable. and whose father he hasn’t been part of the death of preferably At some point she intends to marry the other two off too and she has every intention of hiring a female companion because :’( she misses her daughter.

    Hysteria: Right, so Lucy has what the doctors of the era would have categorised as hysteria but as I’m not sure whether that’s a diagnosis that the wizarding medics would ever give I’m just going to assume that she sees healers for individual things but as they all seem hospital-based rather than someone having a GP I doubt anyone would put together her string of symptoms. Ergo, she won’t be being sent to any asylums anytime soon.
    Generally speaking she always appears perfectly healthy to everyone in the public eye, if a little drawn but this is put down to her recent tragedies, however she has the following symptoms that close family members/household staff may well be aware of:
    Hypochondria – Self-explanatory. She keeps her distance from people she doesn’t know are perfectly healthy and after last summer anyone laughing too much around her can trigger anxiety attacks.
    Panic attacks – She never suffered from them until after Jane’s death, at which point they began to occur infrequently, however, it wasn’t until Henrich died and she nearly followed him to the grave that they became more common.
    Insomnia and irritability
    Muscle spasms and faintness: Although the latter can largely be put down to her frequent loss of appetite and not eating or drinking all day because she just forgets and/or can’t be bothered.
    Histrionic Personality Disorder

    Personality: Though occasionally fragile and often odd due to her illnesses Lucy is still mostly charming and polite, only letting her mouth run away with her when she is amongst the most familiar company. She is astute in dealing with others for the most part – she used to be a lot better and could read people extremely well indeed – but she was never any great scholar. She has spent a lifetime trading on her beauty to get things done and can pretty much still do this for the most part, something that pleases her immensely! She is incredibly nosey and used to be an A+ card player after Henrich taught her – now she has no one to play with and keep up her practice which makes her pout. Poor Lucy. #widowproblems

    Sample Roleplay Post: See Helena.

    Out of Character
    Name: Lauren.
    Contact:PM to Helena MacMillan.
    [Image: Lucy_SIG_by_MJ_2.png]
    spectacular set by MJ

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    I just moved to a new country! [Image: mThvFq.png]
    set by MJ!

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