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Carson Bixby for Sloane Bixby. You can take the middle-aged man out of quidd—oh, apparently you can't.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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Let's Talk Promotion
August 1st, 1888 - Ministry, Dept. R&CMC
Clint could hardly believe what had happened. He'd signed up for the expedition feeling his knowledge of creatures and the like would come in handy. He'd expected it to last a day or two at most. It still felt like it had only been a day or two. Unfortunately, that was far from the case. His face had drained of color almost instantly when the Ministry officials had informed them they'd all been gone for nearly a month. A whole month he'd been away from his department. Mrs. Skeeter was going to be pissed.

The moment he'd finished giving his report one what had happened with his group, he'd left directly for his office. He had been a bit surprised to see it in rather pristine and orderly condition just as he'd left it. He'd quickly been filled in that Mr. Adlard had overseen the office in his absence. That, at least, had been a sigh of relief. The man was a good worker. He'd definitely be a good replacement if he could finally see to getting the promotion he wanted. He'd have to point that out to Mrs. Skeeter. And he planned to do so. Right then.

Sprucing up quickly with a spare change of clothes he had in his office and being blessedly grateful for the use of magic, he looked far more presentable when he knocked on Mrs. Skeeter's office door. He waited for a call of admittance and then stepped in. Instead of flashing his usual boyish grin at her, he had the look of a man with strictly business in mind. He wasn't going to try and flirt and charm is way into this anymore. It hadn't worked previously and he was far too exhausted to deal with that. Though, he did feel a bit of a surge of adrenaline after he stepped in and made his way toward her desk.

"Mrs. Skeeter, you look well," he said with a slight nod by way of greeting. He took in a deep breath though before his blue eyes settled on her rather seriously. "I'd like to apologize," he started, watching her closely to see how best to gauge her reaction, "When I signed up for the expedition, I anticipated it taking no more than a day or two, just a handful at most. It still feels as if I've only been gone a few days, truth be told. But I'm aware that was not the case and I offer my sincerest apologies for any struggle I may have caused to the department." He paused then, regarding her with a cautious silence to see how she'd respond before he continued on.

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To say that Morwenna was most emphatically not in the mood for anything to do with her place of work was a gross understatement. Her son was back. And, from what a brief memo had dispassionately informed her, in rude health despite the time that had passed. Still, she would not believe it until she saw it and could hold him in her arms again, to prove to herself that he was well and he was back and this month might have been the longest she had lived through since the weeks leading up to her first transformation but it was emphatically over.

With the memo still in hand she gathered her walking stick, half out of her seat, when somebody knocked on her door and she called for the entrant to get on with it. The sooner she signed whatever blasted thing her secretary thought important the sooner she would be away. Unfortunately, it was not Miss Bainbridge’s efficient but ill-timed face and instead-

“Mr Podmore,” she replied, puzzled by why he was here. Did the man not have a ridiculously wealthy family that wished to celebrate his return? Apparently he had different priorities if he had come straight here to see her, and she could hazard a guess what they might be. Surely he wasn’t so desperate he couldn’t even wait a day? She had Mason to see and he must have a gaggle of people waiting, he seemed the sort to have more people care about him than he realised.

“It’s no matter at all,” she spoke as pleasantly as she could once he had finished apologising, keen to get him back out of her office as soon as possible. “I’m quite sure you did not delay proceedings deliberately and the department ticked over quite smoothly in your absence. Think nothing of it. It’s good to see you back though,” she finished magnanimously, half-rising from her seat. “If there was nothing else?”

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She was responding well enough at least. Clint wasn't entirely sure how receptive she'd be in regards to what he really wanted though. He'd alluded to it in the past but he felt there was no longer any reason to wait. He was ready to step further into his life goals. Once day, he hoped, he'd have her position. But until then, he was quite content with being the assistant. Maybe even then, he'd take his flirtations a little more seriously and find himself a wife. Ha. Maybe not that far..

"There is, actually," he said, still a bit cautious but he was obviously still a confident man. Coming in line with the chairs across from her desk, he stood behind one and clasped his hands behind his back. "I've seen the reports left behind by Mr. Adlard," he continued, his eyes taking on a determined look, "He did a phenomenal job in my absence. With that in mind, I think he could easily take over the department in the event I be promoted."

It was a bit presumptuous, he knew to phrase it in such a way, but he continued on regardless. There was no posturing this time, not absurd grin to give to her, showing just how serious he was in that moment. "I think I've come to a point in my career where I'm ready to progress further," he added, "And I think I've proven myself to be quite worthy." He came to a close then, feeling he had made his point and fell silent to await her response.

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Ah, well that was far from unexpected really. He had been dillydallying around actually coming out and asking for the job for as long as Morwenna had been out of it so she was not overly surprised that he finally had. Or indeed that his adventure in Irvingly had been the catalyst. What she was surprised over was his specific timing. Surely he must know that her son had also taken part? Somewhere in the Ministry Mason was waiting to be unwillingly nagged and embarrassed in front of his other adventurers and she was missing out on being the instigator of both those things to listen to Mr Podmore’s pitch.

It wasn’t a bad one of course and realistically Morwenna was quite aware he was the most logical appointment, but his timing riled her. Even his positioning of Mr Adlard as his substitute riled her.

“Do you?” She said as she sat back in her seat, resigning herself to actually having this conversation. “Not to be overly facetious Mr Podmore but how exactly does spending a month traipsing around a small, foggy village prove your worthiness to become my second in command?” It was scathing and she knew it, might even have felt a little remorse for it, but every moment she couldn’t tell with her own eyes that her son was as well as he was said to be was a tense one. “I’d say Mr Adlard’s dedication to work says more about his worthiness.”
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Clint's timing perhaps wasn't the best, unfortunately, he was oblivious to that. He'd gotten the idea in his head and had been a bit brash in simply moving forward with action. And as she seemed to look at him in the cross manner he often saw from her, he was feeling almost unprepared. He wasn't about to balk though. He'd put his request in motion so he surely had to see it through.

He paused at her her rebuttal. Anger rose first within him but he didn't let it show. At least, he tried not to, but there was certainly a flash in his eyes at her words. He took a moment to focus on his breathing though. It wouldn't do to yell at her even if he was feeling a bit out of sorts. Perhaps he should have waited and thought things through..

"I feel it showed an ambition to help where ever I could," he started to say, thinking on the fly and trying to see it through as best as he could, "And a compassion to help those that needed it. And my work ethic has always been strong. Though I was absent for a month, I was unaware to such a thing but continued to work hard while in the fog to do what I could. Once my report was given to the proper officials, I came directly here. Not to you exactly, but to my office to look things over." He paused just briefly, his gaze focused entirely on her to continue showing how serious he was in the matter. "I went over any and all reports left for me in my absence. I made sure to set any aside that needed further looking into and saw that the rest were handled and put away where they belong," he added, not going into specifics on Mr. Adlard again. While he liked the other man and surely thought him a good worker, he wasn't going to further emphasize that for fear of seeing her promote him into the position he was vying for instead of himself.

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