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Archer Belby
Full Name: Archer Flynn Belby
Nicknames: Archie
Birthdate: June 20, 1877
Current Age: 11 years
Occupation: Incoming First Year
Reputation: 6 His father is a werewolf, and his parents are divorced. He is also very shy.
Residence: London, England
Hogwarts House: TBD
Wand: TBD
Blood Status: Half
Social Class: Middle
Ephraim Cyrus Belby/Cyrus Westerman - Father [1852]
Eloise Belby — née - Mother [1854]
Aria Belby - Sister [1874]

Cygnus Belby - Grandfather [1818]
Antiope Belby née Westerman - Grandmother [1828]
Isaiah Belby - Uncle [1855]
Iris — née Belby - Aunt [1860]
Major Belby - Uncle [1864]
Begonia Belby - Aunt [1867]
Appearance: Archer has curious, dark green eyes and a mess of brown hair that he’s always carding his fingers through in thought. His shirts are often coming untucked, and his tie is generally askew from constant, anxious adjusting. Much to his mother’s dismay, his shirt sleeves are often blotted with ink. As far as colors go, he prefers earthy tones of brown and green. His pockets are always stuffed with items he has collected, bits of paper, and a book, if it will fit. He stands at a modest four foot four and is left handed.
History: Archie was born the second child to Ephraim and Eloise Belby in 1877. His sister Aria was born three years prior. His early years were pleasant. He was a typical, bubbly little boy. He always seemed to have something to say, and his questions were incessant. As a toddler, the family joked that the only sentences he knew were ‘Why?’ and ‘What’s that?’

However, in 1883, his father was bitten by a werewolf, and his family’s life was forever changed. Ephraim thought it best to divorce Eloise for everyone’s good, which only made his mother and sister resentful. Without proper adjustment skills, Archie grew quiet and drew in on himself, not wanting to make their lives difficult in any way. It seemed whenever he asked his usual questions, nobody wished to answer him or grew impatient, especially if it was about his father. The boy instead turned to books, and they’ve been his most loyal companion ever since.

While the rest of his family has written off his father, Archie still hopes to one day re-establish a relationship with him. Since nobody tends to talk about him, the boy does all the research he can on werewolves in books, articles, and by asking questions everywhere he goes. (And sneak reading the letters his sister receives.) He is of the opinion that it isn’t the fault of the person who was turned, and, therefore, he doesn’t understand why the world shuns them. In his research, he’s also stumbled upon information on vampires, ghosts, and more, all of which he is intensely interested in. Though, speaking of such doesn’t really gain him many friends, so he tries to keep it under wraps.

Archer’s first acts of magic came and went without any remark from his family as they occurred not long after the incident. He had a habit of making books float back to him after they had been banished to a shelf at bedtime. His family would say that he first displayed magic a year later when he prevented another child from falling out a window.

Now eleven, Archer is anxious to start attending Hogwarts. It's all he's been able to think about for months. He has tried his best not to grill his family members with incessant questions about it, but a few tend to slip out every now and again. He has taken to wandering about London lately and trying to engage others in conversation as practice. Sometimes, he's successful. Sometimes, he's not. How was he supposed to know that kid was just chatting him up in preparation to pick his pockets?

Personality: Archie has a good heart, and he cares immensely about others. (Sometimes, a little too much.) He tends to give people the benefit of the doubt and far too many chances, which often ends up in disappointment on his part. He always tries to do what he thinks is right, even if he doesn't always follow the rules or social mores by doing so. However, he is also incredibly shy, so he can't always make connections with others or express his thoughts the way he wants to. He's especially closed off to his family because he knows they probably wouldn't approve of his interests, and he fears that he'll become some sort of disappointment, too. He doesn't want to cause anyone else anymore grief, so he tries to be the easiest going child he can be. His unquenchable quest for knowledge is one of the few things he allows his shyness to take a backseat for. If he has a question, he'll often pursue it to the end of the world and back. While very intelligent, he isn't very street smart. He's incredibly excited about going to Hogwarts, both for the academics and for the chance to branch out from his family unit.
Other: He has a great singing voice. He tends to sing when he thinks he's alone, or when's he's trying to figure out something very complicated. Archer is athletic, yet he has little interest in it. If convinced, he'd likely excel at quidditch as a beater, but his heart wouldn't be in it. He loves gobstones. He's very messy and disorganized, but he always knows where everything is. Except for his socks.
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