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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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July 7th, 1888 — Irvingly infirmary

Two days. Two whole days that her brother had been laid up in the infirmary just down from where she lived with her family and Fletcher hadn't bothered to send an owl. Or a messenger. Or anything. He just laid there in the infirmary and said nothing. So when she'd finally heard about it, Abigail had dressed in her finest clothes, curled her hair to perfection and placed her most precious locket around her long elegant neck. And then she'd stormed out of the house without her shoes.

She'd made it about half a mile down the road before realizing that she'd bruised one heel and had given her an excuse to go to the infirmary to get it looked at. Still, she needed shoes lest she injure herself even more. So she'd gone home and gotten her softest shoes and slid them on her feet. And promptly returned to her journey to berate her brother.

Upon entering the building where Fletcher was laid up, Abi spoke softly to a nurse before limping to where he was. A light slap on the shoulder and then her grey eyes lit up with a righteous fire. "Fletcher Langley, you have been here for two whole days and haven't said a thing to your family. I had to hear from a friend that you were here. A friend, Fletcher, not you. Someone else. What do you have to say for yourself?"
Fletcher, quite frankly, was not a happy camper. He'd joined the expedition to help, to actually do something. And there he was laid up in a bed in the infirmary at Irvingly with a broken ankle. The worst part: he'd simply fallen in a ditch. A ditch of all things. Not some heroic and gallant sort of deed. He'd tripped in the dark into a ditch and snapped his ankle. The pain had been indescribable and the pain potions he'd been given were far from enough to ease the pain. And without magic, well he was a bit shit out of luck for the time being. So no, he had not written to his family to let them know he was there.

He had just managed to doze off when he felt a slap on his shoulder and he opened his eyes to a familiar voice and face, both clearly angry. Shit.

"Nothing," he answered simply, looking to the irate face of his sister with a frown of his own, "I've nothing to say because there was no need to worry you. It's just a broken ankle." A broken ankle that hurt something awful.

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"No need to worry me?!" Abigail shrieked before realizing where she was and toned her voice down. "Fletcher Augustus Langley, a hangnail is enough to worry Mother, and you know that something as serious as a broken ankle when there is no magic should be enough to merit a letter home. Neither of your hands are broken, so you should have sent one immediately. Now, you're lucky Mother doesn't know yet, so that's good. While I'm here you can pen a missive to her and I will deliver it anonymously to the front of the house. Then she can rest easily knowing her son is okay."

Having said her piece, Abigail flounced to a chair nearby and then kicked up her soft soled slippers onto the edge of the bed, uncaring that her ankles showed and a great deal of her calf too. It wasn't like Fletch would be looking.

"So," she said conversationally, now that her ire had worn out and she was left with a pleasant smile on her face. "I heard from a little birdie that you have a lady friend. Eavan, that's her name, right? I need to hear all about her. I mean, I want to hear all about her. Since you can't escape me, you can tell me everything I can tell Mother and Father and then everything I shouldn't." That merited a wink at her brother and a mischievous smile as she waggled her well-groomed eyebrows at him. "You know you want to tell me everything, brother dearest. Especially if you want me to leave you in peace later on."
Fletcher's hands came up to rub at his temples. The headache was already starting and Abi had just barely shown up. He should have known better. Should have known word would have gotten back to her that he was there but he hadn't expected her to show up and go on some tirade at him for not having written. The very thought of his mother was enough for him to groan in frustration. The last thing he needed was the both of them there and giving him hell. He was starting to seriously reconsider his desire to have gone on the stupid expedition at all.

His hands moved just enough for him to see her having kicked her feet up on the foot of his bed and all he could do was roll his eyes. "Abi, could you not act like a little girl," he said, the frustration clear in his voice, "I may have no interest in your ankles but others could still see you." And the last thing he wanted to deal with was their mother chastising him for letting her act in such a way. He had a headache enough as it was.

"Miss MacKay is a lovely young woman I have been spending a great deal of time with," he answered simply, though he wasn't about to say that she lived there in Irvingly because then Abi would realize he'd been spending time there and not seeing them, "She's a magizoologist from America. She's quite well traveled and has a specialty in birds. And that is all there is to tell." She didn't need to know all the details, at least, not about their kissing sessions and how he was fully smitten with the woman. There were still plenty of detail to work out before anything became truly serious. At least, in the public eye.
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Snorting as Fletcher covered his face and then chastised her for showing her ankles, Abigail dropped her feet to the floor and then smirked at him. Taking her time, Abi placed the fabric of her dress around her ankles, making sure that every available inch of skin was covered, Abigail gestured broadly to her legs. "Better?" she asked, her tone full of indolence and mirth.

She listened intently to the words that her brother was saying about his lady friend, and then tilted her head inquisitively to the side. "Miss MacKay? Her name sounds Scottish, yet you say that she's from America. How has she ended up here? I imagine there are much more interesting places for a magizoologist than Hogsmeade and Irvingly. Our birds are nowhere near as exotic as those in India. Should she not be there studying?"

Grey eyes sharpened with glee as she realized what could have happened. "So," she said thoughtfully, "If she settled here, rather than continuing her studies elsewhere, things must be fairly serious between you two. Do you use her first name yet, or is she still Miss MacKay? Have you held her hand? Kissed her? Oh come on, Fletch," she said gaily, "Spill the beans, I simply must know everything!"
Fletcher simply nodded when she asked if it was better. It would have been best if it hadn't happened to begin with but that was beyond the point at that moment. He probably shouldn't have expected any less of her though. Abigail had always been a girl with her own mind and liked doing her own thing. It had been cute when she was younger, still could have been. However, he was far from in the mood to deal with it.

"She had family her," he said simply, "Her father was on an expedition somewhere else and she thought to come here for a time. Started working at the zoo and seems to have quite enjoyed it." It really was that simple. Though none of it was truly any of Abigail's business. Not now anyways.

But then she had to go further with it and he looked at her with something of a glare. He could hardly believe she was asking for such details. "I hardly see how any of this is any of your business, Abi," he added, choosing not to even bother answering any of the questions she'd asked.

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"Fletcher, when has anything ever been my business?" She settled in peaceably, listening to the sounds of the infirmary around them while she pondered what her brother had said. A piece of her mind latched onto the fact that he said she worked at the zoo. Which was in town. Which meant that he had been in town.

Slapping her thighs, Abigail turned with narrowed eyes to look at her older brother. "Fletch, you said she works at the zoo. You realize I'm not an idiot, right? You said just a minute ago that you spent a good deal of time with her." Defiance tilted her chin upwards as she looked down her nose at her brother.

"That means you've been in town, doesn't it? You've been coming to Irvingly without telling me and without sparing me time with Mama. You know how heavy-handed she can be when she wants something. And what she wants is for me to get married. As soon as possible. To a man of importance. You know how little I want that to happen. Why?" The last word was said quietly, a tone of defeat in it. Her brother didn't even want to spend time with her, he was so caught up in his own life. How awful.
Now Fletcher had done it. He'd slipped up. Mentioning the zoo, clearly, was a fatal error. Abigail had quickly put two and two together and now she was looking at him as if he'd physically wounded her. His own defiant demeanor softened then. He hated to see her like that and he knew all to well what their mother could be like when she got something stuck in her head. After she had Abigail, that had become her world when she couldn't return to work. Every ounce of spare time she had had been put into his little sister and he could only imagine how suffocating that could have been for the girl.

"C'mon, Abi," he said softly, reaching over to take her hand and give it a gentle squeeze, "You know I'd never do anything to hurt you. Not intentionally." But clearly he still had managed to hurt her. Once all the fog business was over, he'd have to invite her to the zoo with him. He'd introduce her to Eavan then. Surely that would help.

"I have been busy with work but when I've been able to spend time with Miss MacKay," he was still making a point to refer to her as such, not wanting to wound his sister further by letting her know how seriously things had become between them, "I've wanted to focus it on her. I do really quite like her and I'd hate to ruin any of that. But once this damnable fog is gone, I'll steal you away from the house and take you to the zoo just to meet her."

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When Fletcher reached out to take her hand, Abigail stiffened. She didn't want to be that rude and yank her hand back from his, but her older brother had seriously hurt her feelings. Granted they were a decade apart, and hadn't spent much time living together before Fletcher had left for Hogwarts and then he'd been gone but every break he'd had she'd followed him around like a lost puppy wanting to find its owner. She thought they were close enough that he'd sneak over to see her and make her promise not to tell their mother or something of the sort.

Tears welled in her eyes for a moment before she blinked them away. Of course he was using the girl as a reason why he hadn't come to see her. Quite serious? [/i]Serious meant you would want to share her with your family, Fletch,[/i] she thought angrily, swiping under her nose with a slight sniff. Was she laying it on thick? Being just dramatic enough to show her brother that he'd hurt her feelings?


Yes she was.

"You promise?" she asked huskily when he offered to take her to go meet the woman who'd caused all the problems. The woman who'd kept her brother from her side whenever he came to town. She hated her fiercely for a moment before simply letting the feelings go. There was no reason to hold a grudge against the woman when it was her brother's fault for choosing to ignore his family and focus on the woman in question.
Fletcher nearly groaned. He'd really hurt his sister and she was making a point of showing him just how much he had. Though, if he had to guess, she was playing it up a bit. It didn't stop from tugging at his heart though. Those protective big brother instincts were in full force and he had no one else to blame for the suffering other than himself. It was frustrating to say the least but at least she was responding to him

Offering her a sincere smile, he nodded. "I promise," he said with sincerity, "She works mainly in the aviary so you'll get to see all the birds at the zoo probably up close." He wasn't quite sure where her interests lie currently but he hoped that what he'd said sounded enticing enough to draw her attention.

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Sniffling delicately into a handkerchief she produced from a hidden pocket in her skirt, Abigail smiled a watery smile at her brother. Too much? She was still awful mad at him, and if she was over the top in her response to him, it was because he deserved it. Keeping his lady friend a secret from their mother? Totally acceptable. If Abigail had any love interests she'd do her best to hide it too. But keeping her a secret from Abigail? Totally unacceptable.

But he promised to take her to meet this woman he was involved with and that had to be okay for her. She would positively die if Fletcher left her to their mother's machinations completely by herself.

Smiling more securely now, Abi nodded her dark head. "Sure," she said quietly. "I'd love to meet her. After you're both better that is." What she wasn't going to tell Fletcher was that she was already formulating a plan to go see Miss MacKay on her own. This way she could see exactly what the woman was like without her brother around. If she was scheming or something, she'd learn it a lot easier with Fletch not there.
It seemed as if Fletcher had managed to placate her enough for the time being, even if he did think she was being a bit over dramatic about it all. She was still rather young, he had to remind himself. He had an entire decade on her so their maturity levels were at two entirely different positions. He just hoped she wouldn't do anything to brash or go and tell their mother. He was ready to deal with that yet.

"As soon as I'm better and as soon as this damnable fog is gone," he said with a nod. He just hoped she'd listen.

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