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Fern-hunting parties became popular, allowing young women to get outside in a seemingly innocuous pursuit with less rigid oversight and chaperoning than they saw in parlors and drawing rooms. They may have even had the occasional romantic meetup with a similarly fern-impassioned beau. — Bree

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Bunny Devon for Anne Devon. My fair lady of the night
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

Barnabas Skeeter in CYOA: Group D

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Journal Guidelines
Journal Guidelines

Journals can be a great way to develop characters through internal monologue—and can be quite fun to both read and write. Because of this, we've created a space for character journals! We only have three guidelines we ask you to follow regarding journals!

  • All OOC information (cover, coding, epigraphs, etc.) should be solely in the first post of the journal.
  • As journal entries count as IC posts, 'placeholder' entries and timelines should not be posted. We'll have to delete them if you do!
  • Multiple journal entries set on the same day should be confined to one post.

Happy journaling!

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