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Claude Burke for Beatrix Burke.
She loves him not.
"I'll bleed wherever I damn well please!" She shouted, scowling at him. As if to prove it, she uncovered her nose and shook her head back and forth like a dog attempting to dry its fur of water. Little droplets of blood rained on the sidewalk all willy-nilly. Billie Farrow in A Good Dusting
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Journal Guidelines
Journal Guidelines

Journals can be a great way to develop characters through internal monologue—and can be quite fun to both read and write. Because of this, we've created a space for character journals! We only have three guidelines we ask you to follow regarding journals!

  • All OOC information (cover, coding, epigraphs, etc.) should be solely in the first post of the journal.
  • As journal entries count as IC posts, 'placeholder' entries and timelines should not be posted. We'll have to delete them if you do!
  • Multiple journal entries set on the same day should be confined to one post.

Happy journaling!

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