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Fern-hunting parties became popular, allowing young women to get outside in a seemingly innocuous pursuit with less rigid oversight and chaperoning than they saw in parlors and drawing rooms. They may have even had the occasional romantic meetup with a similarly fern-impassioned beau. — Bree

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Bunny Devon for Anne Devon. My fair lady of the night
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

Barnabas Skeeter in CYOA: Group D

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Storage <3

[align=center][size=x-large][b]----- DAVIS[/b][/size]
[align=justify]<dd>Davis never expected much out of life—heck, without even OWLs, he was fortunate to get a position as a footman! What he <i>did</i> expect, though, was to live out the rest of his life as a human. Unfortunately, Elijah’s first act of magic (1878) saw him transfigured into a hedgehog, which has been his condition ever since. During the school year, he attends Hogwarts with his <i>jail keeper</i>, but is not happy about it. He has a habit of biting people.

[i]Immediate Ties:[/i] @"Elijah Urquart"
[i]Potential Ties:[/i] @"Gabriel Urquart", Slytherins </dd>[/align]

[align=center][size=x-large][b]BEGONIA BELBY[/b][/size]
[align=justify]<dd>You know what’s hard? Finding a husband when your brother was <i>very</i> publicly outed as a werewolf. The fact that you were once caught in a state of undress in a broom cupboard with one of your dormmates? Nah, nothing to do with it! Begonia is the youngest Belby. While the rumours of her indiscretion have never been proven—nor has such indiscretion been repeated, not on her mother’s watch!—it has not helped matters. Begonia is bisexual and literally this family is pureblooded so there would be more PB debs for me to hurl at Aldous #SorryNotSorry. She does [u]not[/u] live in Hogsmeade. Suggested PB is [b]Sophie Turner[/b]. Reputation is 6.

[i]Immediate Ties:[/i] @"Cyrus Westerman"</dd>[/align]

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

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More to store!

[align=center][size=x-large][b]ARCHER BELBY[/b][/size]
B. 1877 | MCHB | TBA | INCOMING FIRST YEAR (’88)[/align]
[align=justify]<dd>Aka “Archie”. Was not yet six when his father left, and so has some memories of him but more memories of people disparaging him, which is not great for a father-son relationship. Suggested PB is [b]Jared S. Gilmore[/b]. Reputation 6.

[i]Immediate Ties:[/i] @"Cyrus Westerman"
[i]Bonus Ties:[/i] @"Begonia Belby"
[i]Potential Ties:[/i] Other incoming first years! </dd>[/align]

[align=center][size=x-large][b]ARIA BELBY[/b][/size]
B. 1874 | MCHB | NOT HUFFLEPUFF | FOURTH YEAR (’88)[/align]
[align=justify]<dd>Every month, Cyrus sends his daughter a letter to reassure his estranged family that he is still alive. Every month, Aria does not respond. She took great offence to her father’s leaving, and is quite sensitive about all matters involving werewolves. Privately, she suspects Cyrus was the one to turn Topaz Urquart, though she won’t say as much aloud—she doesn’t like to draw undue attention to her family’s situation.  Suggested PB is [b]Willow Shields[/b]. Reputation is 6.

[i]Immediate Ties:[/i] @"Cyrus Westerman"
[i]Bonus Ties:[/i] @"Begonia Belby"
[i]Potential Ties:[/i] @"Artemis Fairchild" @"Edgar Rey II" @"George Waterford" @"Cane Backus"</dd>[/align]

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

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<div class="thead">The Brother in Law</div>
<center>— For @"Phoebe Yaxley"  —</center>
<center><img src="https://cdnw.nickpic.host/vpskPF.png"/>
[i]b. 1867 | UCPB | Gentleman of Leisure | Suggested PB: Edward Wilding[/i]
Kenton went to school with Phoebe and likely was in [b]Slytherin[/b] with her. He's well aware of her [b]antics[/b] then and now. Problem is, he's always had a [b]liking[/b] for her and has been a bit [b]jealous[/b] Gregory was the one that got to marry her. She's never given him much notice beyond being a brother in law until now. She's well aware of how [b]attractive[/b] he is and has started wondering what it would have been like had she been stuck married to him instead of Gregory. Kenton is the total [b]opposite[/b] of his brother in personality and can be a bit [b]outspoken[/b] and is most certainly [b]confident[/b]. I certainly see some potential for plotting [b]murder[/b] either simply on his part in hopes of getting the girl and the money or even a combined planning between him and Phoebe.

<center>WILLING TO TRADE!</center>

Kenton has a played sister - @"Livia Crabbe"

And this can be deleted.

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