Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Josephina Flint
    In Character
    Full Name: Josephina Elva Flint nee Flint
    Nicknames: Josie in her youth, she only tolerates this now from old friends and people older than her, which is mainly just portraits and ghosts by this point, lbr.
    Birthdate: January 31st 1779
    Current Age: 105
    Occupation: Your worst nightmare.
    Reputation: Five
    Residence: Minister’s Avenue, Wellingtonshire
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin
    ☞ Hawthorn, 9”, Phoenix feather, supple [1790-1819] broken in fit of rage
    ☞ Oak, 12”, Hippogriff feather, unyielding [1819-1823] broken ‘by telegraphs’ (in a fit of rage)
    ☞ Myrtle, 12”, Dragon heartstring, brittle [1823-1825] broken after being thrown at an advisor
    ☞ Myrtle, 14”, kelpie hair, hard [1825-1827] broken after being voted out of office
    ☞ Hornbeam, 10 1/2”, unicorn hair, bendy [1827-1829] broken after being thrown at midwife
    ☞ Myrtle, 10”, phoenix feather, hard [1829-]
    Blood Status: Pure
    Social Class: Upper
    her family is massive and can be found here

    Bramble Flint [1743-1798] Father
    Gretchen Flint nee Marsh [1755-1801] Mother

    Rodrigo Flint [1730-1849] Uncle, Father in law
    Arcturus Flint [1780-1884] Cousin, Brother in law
    ---- Flint [1794] Cousin, Brother in law

    Bernadus Flint [1767-1874] Husband, Cousin
    Ernest Flint [1809] Son and family
    Clifford Flint [1812-1870] Son and family
    Ursula Crouch, nee Flint [1821-1857] Daughter and family
    Vivienne Warmsley nee Flint [1825] Daughter and family
    Bernadette Abercrombie nee Flint [1829] Daughter and family

    Elva Flint [1750] Aunt
    Josephina stands at 5”, half an inch or so shorter than she did in her prime, though her elegantly coiffed hair adds to the illusion of height- not that she needs it to be intimidating. In her youth she was blessed with seemingly endless piles of glossy dark curls which run in the family, though now they are white they are no less impressive, though lack the striking contrast to her pale blue eyes they once had. She, like any lady, is right handed, and whilst she has not dressed in the latest fashions since at least fifty years ago her clothes are still undoubtedly rich enough to not be seen as frumpy- not that anyone would dare to tell her that anyway.
    1779 Josephina is born to Bramble and Gretchen Flint, and she is promptly betrothed to her first cousin Bernadus who is twelve years her senior.
    1787 Josephina's first act of magic sees a scullery maid who had been crying over toothache in the night unable to make a noise for a week.
    1790 She leaves for Hogwarts and is sorted into Slytherin.
    1794 Her fifth year supply letter brings with it a prefect badge which Josephina then does a Percy Weasley with and begins wearing everywhere.
    1796 By this point fully expecting and enjoying power, she is not surprised when she is appointed Head Girl in her seventh year.
    1797 Josephina comes out in a spectacular private Coming out Ball, demanding her father spares no expense for the party. This is then topped less than a month later when she is wedded to her cousin, who she quickly discovers is rather malleable in temperament, which suits her just fine.
    1798 Her father dies, and Josephina is frankly distraught. She miscarries the baby she had been carrying for just over two months, though this is concealed from society and even her husband, thanks to the efforts of her lady’s maid. Well, she had been bound to an unbreakable vow to do everything in her power to hide it, it wasn’t hard.
    1800 In a competition run for the turn of the century, Josephina’s wedding ranks as the most extravagant, something that pleases her immensely, though she can’t help but wish her father had been alive to see the results of his rather flamboyant spending in the eyes of the public.
    1801 No sooner had she been beginning to truly get over the loss of her dear Papa, her mother dies. This knocks her for ten.
    1804 Another miscarriage, this time three months into the pregnancy. Josephina at this point becomes a lot more stubborn than she had been before, determined to hold onto what she already has.
    1806 After hearing two women mocking her for her lack of children after nearly ten years of marriage Josephina silently jinxes them both without their knowledge, and within a week both have lost all their teeth. This slightly consoles her.
    1809 After another miscarriage a year earlier, Josephina delivers a perfectly healthy heir, Ernest.
    1812 Josephina has another child, Clifford. He too is perfectly healthy, and Josephina is immensely proud of both her sons, even if she finds herself longing for a daughter.
    1819 Grogan Stump’s term comes for an end and with the support (and perhaps slight blackmail of those she didn’t like) of the most eminent society hostesses and matriarchs Josephina wins the election. Shortly after she breaks her wand in a fit of rage after she hears a secretary complaining about having to serve under a woman. Before she breaks it, however, she sees him hit by a ‘stray’ jinx that sees him grow elephant ears.
    1821 Finally a daughter, whom Josephina names Ursula and dotes on to the extent that her under secretary resigns, declaring babysitting was never in his job description after the tot ruins his filing system. He later loses all his hair in an event Josephina had no knowledge or or involvement in whatsoever.
    1823 Living in London at this point, Josephina attempts some rather complicated magic which doesn’t work. She breaks her wand in rage and determined to find an excuse, publicly declares it was malfunctioning because of the new telegraph poles being erected nearby. She purchases a new one and moves to Hogsmeade, declaring that she shall live amongst muggle savages no more.
    1825 That wand lasts two years before she throws it at an advisor who had tried to curb her anti-muggle comments and it breaks, rather amusingly causing him to turn bright purple in the process. Don’t mess with pregnant women. She delivers Vivienne not long after.
    1827 Her term as minister ends and so does the life of another wand.
    1829 Wondering why on earth her fertility has kicked in now, the arrival of a final child, a third daughter Bernadette, sees the end of yet another wand as Josephina throws it at the midwife who had offered chloroform to her. Nasty, muggle invention.
    1833 Josephina writes to the Prophet a ten-page letter on the growing dangers of telegraphs. It isn’t published and Josephina narrowly avoids breaking her wand. Again. seriously when were stress balls invented
    1840 She publishes her memoirs. In all honesty it’s not actually that good but she issues it as presents to every young female relative as ‘guidance’ and pays ‘visits’ to all major bookstores, and it sells quite well. It later turns out, however, her husband brought most of the copies for the maids to use for fuel.
    1845 Josephina begins brewing her own youthfulness potions and develops a slight obsession with using them twice daily which still continues.
    1849 Her father-in-law dies. Which is kinda sad, you know. Seeing as he was also her uncle.
    1852 One of her maids is revealed as a muggleborn and is thrown out into the Wellingtonshire streets in broad daylight by Josephina herself, something that causes some mild rumours of shock, though she clears them up by blaming a number of invented petty thefts in the house on the maid. She doesn’t really care what happened to her.
    1857 Ursula dies and Josephina is distraught. She pays for a large memorial in her daughter’s favourite park and wears black for at least three years after. Not that she has favourites or anything.
    1865 Josephina publishes her second book, “The Incompatibility of Species”. Guess what it’s about. It’s actually a mild success.
    1868 The sequel, “The Muggle Interference: Our Greatest Threat” is published and does a little better.
    1870 A debutante sits in Josephina’s chair at The Lady Morgana. It’s not technically hers, but she had been sitting in it pretty much everyday since the club’s founding in 1837 and it offered the best judging position, so she was- and still is- rather protective of it. The giggling debutante refuses to move ‘for some old biddy’. In totally unconnected events, the girl’s hair all falls out during a ball the next week.
    1874 Her husband dies. Josephina is genuinely upset over losing such an agreeable companion of so many years and finds her frankly sprawling house rather empty. It’s so sprawling she is pretty sure a maid has starved to death in there before.
    1877 Shit hits the fan and Josephina gets very ‘told you so’ ish. She sees it as confirmation of her anti-muggle conviction. Her book sales skyrocket and she publishes “The Premises of Purity and Other Essays” which is an instant hit. Smugness ensues.
    1880 Josephina, in a strike of inspiration (if she does say so herself) decides the best way to keep up the number of inter-pureblood marriages (and to counter comments of inbreeding, though that’s a tad hypocritical) is to ‘sponsor’ an upper class pureblood debutante from a lesser-known family and help them make a good, pureblooded match. Basically the poor girl gets endlessly unsolicited advice. Her first ‘project’ ends with the girl eloping with a halfblood which causes Josephina to send the couple a massive pile of horse dung anonymously as a wedding gift.
    1882 Her second girl makes a much more attractive match and Josephina is very pompous at the wedding. The first daughter born to the pair is also named Josephine which pleases her ego enough to gift the baby a diamond necklace, because that’s obviously the most practical baby gift, ever.
    1884 Plague. Fire. Her third project dies which is unfortunate and she publicly blames muggleborn carnival workers for it all. Her cousin/brother in law dies which is again, sad.
    1885 New year, new chance to run people’s lives.
    Imagine if Lady Catherine de Bourgh had a lovechild with Sirius Black’s mother. And you’re halfway there.

    Josephina is set in her ways to the point that she has sat in the same chair at the club for nearly fifty years now. She is highly resistant to any form of change, especially if it involves muggle technology, and never fails to offer her views on that- or on anything really. She is convinced her opinion is always justified, her advice solicited and her approval desired, which combined with her extreme pride, ambition and conviction is a rather unappealing mix.

    If she approves of you she can seemingly be rather pleasant, though you do have to then contend with her advice in every aspect of your life. This is probably only marginally better than the fate of those she doesn’t approve of, which is highly frosty, critical and snide. She is most definitely purist, though may tolerate halfbloods if they have no immediate muggleborn family. Mudbloods are publicly and visibly shunned by her, and she has no qualms in doing so. At the very least, she claims she can smell muggles and that this hurts her delicate constitution. Her eyesight is failing slightly in old age, though she is too proud to admit this, let alone wear glasses- Josephina is also rather vain and has a compulsive need to use youthfulness potions and is susceptible to flattery.
    Sample Roleplay Post:
    [Image: tumblr_lw6oeqVp4l1qc67tzo1_500.gif]
    Out of Character
    Name: Jenny
    Age: 17
    [Image: tumblr_medlqlUyG41rae9heo4_400.gif]
    [Image: U0Ffls8.jpg]
    A full list of Josephina's writings can be found here

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