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Abigail Langley
Full Name: Abigail Mellie Langley
Nicknames: Abi, Gayle
Birthdate: February 28, 1867
Current Age: 21 years
Occupation: debutante
Reputation: 9 -- general family oddballness
Residence: Irvingly
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: oak, 9 1/2", unicorn hair
Blood Status: halfblood
Social Class: middle
Kenton Langley, father, healer [b.1833]
Brigit Langley neé ---, mother, retired healer/socialite [b.1836]
Fletcher Langley, brother, healer [b.1857]
Appearance: Almost half a foot shorter than her brother Fletcher, Abigail tends to dress as flamboyantly as she can. She prefers soft fabrics like silks and satiny fabrics, and bright colors. Her neckline is as daring as society allows and her sleeves are as short as possible. She'd never do anything to embarrass her family, but she likes to show herself in small ways. Although Abigail is right handed, she is left-hand dominant with her wand. With pale grey eyes, Abigail looks happy ALL the time. She's got a perpetual smile on her face that is surrounded by a cloud of brown hair that alternates between being well tamed in curls at the nape of her neck and crazy hair whenever she is safe at home with her family (although her mother tends to disapprove of the wild hair that she lets go at will).

Play-by: Kianna Stupakoff
Prebirth: Kenton and Brigit met while working at the hospital. The two were healers in different departments but often found themselves working the same shifts. A bond quickly formed soon after Brigit became a full healer. They were eventually married and Brigit ended up leaving the hospital fairly quickly to have Fletcher.
1857: Her brother is born
1867: Abigail is born ten years after Fletcher. Brigit had a rough pregnancy with Abigail and Kenton told Brigit she should stay home from work for good. Brigit participated more in Abigail's life than she had in Fletcher's and Abigail grew up knowing she was loved, despite her mother's often heavy-handed approach to her life. Brigit was and still is quite invested in her daughter's upraising.
1874: Abigail shows her first sign of magic, having stolen her mother's wand and set a candle aflame. It didn't seem like much compared to her brother's spout of water that hit the governess in the face, but it showed that she has magic like her family.
1878-1885: Abigail goes to Hogwarts and is Sorted into Gryffindor like her brother. She breezes through class but never seems to make anything of herself. She wasn't a prefect, she wasn't a Head Girl, she was just there. It suited her fine, and she was able to make of herself what she wanted.
1886 to present: Abigail has been a debutante for the last three years and she's slowly growing accustomed to being put on parade for an eligible bachelor. What she'd really rather be doing is something vaguely important like a teacher or even a governess to a family in Hogsmeade. Just something that gives her something to do.
Personality: sweet - bubbly - high spirited - opinionated
Other: Abigail has feelings about being a debutante, she'd prefer to be doing something important with her life, but it makes her mother happy so she deals
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