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Brendan Jennings
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Full Name: Brendan Stephen Jennings
Nicknames: None, though he goes by his last name more often than not
Birthdate: November 3, 1855
Current Age: 32
Occupation: Creature Induced Injuries Healer in Charge
Reputation: 9
General family oddness
Residence: Irvingly
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: Oak, 11", supple, Unicorn Tail
Blood Status: “Muggleborn” (But he knows he’s a halfblood)
Social Class: Middle
Cecile Jennings “Father,” University Professor [1829]
Brielle Jennings neé O’Shaughnessy Mother, Muggle Socialite [1836]
Robert Jennings Brother, Wizard [1858]
James Jennings Brother, Muggle [1860]
Natalie Jennings Sister, Magical Bugs Healer [1861]
Annabeth Jennings Sister, Muggle [1865]
Appearance: Brendan stands at a relatively average height of fight foot six inches and boasts an athletic and trim sort of build. He’s constantly on the go and it has resulted in a trim but toned figure. He tends to stick to his healer’s robes and is only seen in muggle fashions if he’s been managed to be dragged to some event he’d likely rather not be at. His hair is a simple brown color in hue and often kept trimmed to a shorter length so that he doesn’t feel it will be a hindrance in his job. He often has facial hair though it is kept neat and trim as well. He prefers it over a clean shaven face so it’s a rare occasion to see him without a beard and mustache of sorts. Perhaps the most defining and noticeable feature of his rather average and plain appearance, are his piercing pale blue eyes. There’s certainly a keen and attentive intelligence reflected in his baby blues though they can almost give him a cold edge even when it isn’t intentional. He is right handed.

Play by- Tom Mison
1855: Brendan Stephan Jennings is born to a perfectly respectable and kind muggle couple. Though unbeknownst to Cecil, Brenadan is not biologically his son.
1858: Robert is born, another child resulting from Brielle’s affair.
1860: Cecil’s first true child is born, James.
1861: Natalie is born, yet another product of their mother’s affair.
1865: Cecil ends up with another child, a daughter named Annabeth.
1867: A strange thing happens and a man shows up at their home, informing the Jennings that Brendan is actually a wizard. That the strange occurrences that have happened as a result of strong emotions from the boy are actually magic. Wary and unsure, they are willing to give it a chance and Brendan finds himself being introduced to a whole new world he never knew existed or could have even imagined existing. From the train ride to the unmanned boats across a massive lake to go to school in a legitimate castle, he’s in awe. He’s shuffled in along with other kids his age and ends up finding himself on a stool with a ratty and worn looking hat being placed on his head. To his surprise, it shouts out a strange name and he finds himself being herded to a table with burgundy and gold colors. Gryffindor quickly becomes his new home. Natalie shows her first sign of magic and Brendan couldn’t be more excited!
1869: Having shown magic himself, Robert joins Brendan at Hogwarts. He’s excited to be able to share the world first hand with his brother, having only been able to do so thus far by relaying his own stories.
1871: Prior to leaving for his fifth year at Hogwarts, Brendan receives an owl stated he’s been named Prefect. He’s thoroughly excited even if his family, other than Robert, don’t seem to understand what all the excitement can be over a badge with a P on it. When he and Robert leave for their next year at the school, it is without James. Brendan feels bad for him, not knowing his brother feels better knowing he has no magic. The fact, however, makes him question why he wouldn’t have any magic but that Natalie does. He begins asking questions while at school and begins to learn about wizarding blood in a more educational sort.
1872: Brendan’s fifth year wraps up with his OWLs. He does extremely well on them, having shown quite the hard work and education to his studies.
1873: The best news of his Hogwarts career comes before he starts his seventh year at school. He’s been named Head Boy! He takes his position seriously but continues his hard work on his studies as well as trying to find out more in regards to magical heritage. Something doesn’t seem to fit right from all he’s learned...
1874: Brendan is actually quite saddened at the thought of being done with school but he looks forward to the next adventure. He begins interning at St. Mungo’s as a Creature Induced Injuries healer. After speaking with some colleagues about magic blood, he ends up returning home and speaking with his mother in private. He brings up his concerns and questions to her. And though she tries to deny much of what he’s already expected, she comes out and admits to her affair over the years with one man in particular. It had long ago ended, the last time having been with Natalie’s conceiving, but it leaves him with far more questions. His father, his true blood father, surely must have been a wizard. The revelations cause a riff between him and his mother but she begs for him to keep her secret. He agrees to, reluctantly, but doesn’t want to be the one to tear his family apart. Instead, he throws himself into his work.
1875: Brendan’s year as an intern blows by faster than he anticipated. He had spent the majority of his time working, however, to avoid the tension he now felt at home upon discovering his mother’s secret.
1877: Unrest in London over witches and wizards only adds to the tension Brendan already feels at home. With the founding of Hogsmeade, he finds himself requesting a transfer to the hospital being founded there and even moves into a small boarding house there. He feels like he can finally breathe again once there and settles in quite well.
1880: Brendan watches from the sidelines as his sister begins officially courting another healer. Good choice, Nat.
1881: Brendan feels awful for his sister when the man she clearly loved disappears. There’s nothing he can do about it other than be there for her if she wants though he certainly applauds when she decides to seek out an internship at St. Mungo’s. Otherwise, he continues to spend more time working than he does anything else.
1882: Brendan is promoted to Assistant Head of his department after showing hard work and dedication throughout his years at Hogsmeade.
1885: While Brendan has no luck on the romance scene thanks to his long hours of work and nothing else, Nat seems to have another sort of luck. And it isn’t good. Her fiance leaves her a week before their wedding to run off with his butler. It’s really quite awful and if Brendan ever saw the man he’d likely throttle him. As it is, he can’t do that. Instead, he decides to get a home in Irvingly and offers for Natalie to come along with him. It takes some convincing, but they eventually get their parents to agree and Natalie comes to live with him in the quaint little town mixed with both muggles and wizards. Before they move the last of Nat’s things to his home, their mother pulls him aside and feels the need to reiterate keeping her secret. It angers him and he proceeds to not speak to her for some time after.
1888: The Healer-in-Charge position opens up for his department. Having nothing else going on in his life but work, he applies for it and finds himself promoted. Just in time for disaster. The fog certainly makes life hard for the healers but he feels he’s quite capable of handling it all and is determined to prove just that.
Personality: Hard Working. Dedicated. Intelligent. Kind. Untrusting. Cautious.
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