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This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa
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Aubrey Davis
Full Name: Aubrey Davis
Nicknames: --
Birthdate: 5th June 1858
Current Age: 30 Years
Occupation: Resentful Pet Hedgehog
Reputation: Er, 7?
He was an upstanding young man from a respectable working class family, although did go spontaneously missing a decade ago.
Residence: In @Elijah Urquart’s pocket, essentially. Not by choice.
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: Rowan, 9”, unicorn hair, pliant. A second-hand wand, lost somewhere in the Urquart house in 1878.
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Working
John Davis | Father | 18xx - 1877
Fanny Davis née ____ | Mother | 18xx - 1877
Jacob Davis | Brother | 1854
Wilhelmina Davis | Sister | 1856
Hugo Davis | Brother | 1859 - 1884
Poppy Davis | Sister | 1863
Henrietta “Henry” Davis | Sister | 1866

Elijah Urquart | Jailkeeper

(He may also have a few... hedgehog children.)

Appearance: The last anyone saw of Aubrey, aged twenty, was a young man in smart footman’s livery. He was 5’6” in height, right-handed, and unassumingly plain in looks, with ginger hair and light eyes.

His eyes now have darkened, and his other features have much changed. He is small and round, has a furry white stomach and large whiskers, and the sharp spines all over him are a familiar reddish-brown in colour. His teeth are tiny but kept sharp, all the better for biting. (As a human | As a hedgehog)

CHILDHOOD | 1858 - 1869

Aubrey is born to a working class family in Yorkshire, and a terribly ordinary life; his parents, like their parents before them, have both worked their whole lives in domestic service, although Fanny leaves her position to bring up the children. Aubrey makes three, but Hugo, Poppy, and Henrietta follow soon after. Their parents are a witch and wizard, albeit uneducated: still, they know enough to explain that 'strange things' their children find themselves doing are, as it happens, magic. On account of this, they keep their children away from the local muggle school, and the children spend their days picking up odd jobs and what work they can, or looking after the younger ones. Aubrey is a cheerful child. A little distracted, but there's hope.

HOGWARTS | 1869 - 1870

Hogwarts has always been a bit much to hope for. Jacob, the eldest child, and eldest son, is where their parents try the hardest to better the family: he is the only child to achieve OWLs and able to seek a more promising profession. For the rest of them: they all attend for their first year, at least, and anything after that is entirely dependent on the chance of a scholarship. Some of his sisters prove a little quicker to pick up basic literacy and magical skills, but Aubrey is no youthful wonder, and so when his first year is over, his time is already up.

DOMESTIC SERVICE | 1870 - 1878

Aubrey begins the rest of his life as a page boy in a fancy wizarding household, doing menial work and not much better off than a house elf. At fifteen (1873), he gains a position as a footman - a lesser footman, not the first! - in the Urquart house, to an upper class, pureblood family who are granted a son and heir only the next year. Aubrey doesn't question his lot, though if he does tend to dream of excitement and adventure while he polishes the silver, well, where's the trouble?

His parents both die in the riots and chaos of 1877, which is the first real shake-up in the Davis family. It's not yet their last. Of course, when Aubrey goes abruptly missing in 1878 at the age of twenty, the Urquarts scarcely seem to notice. They promote the next footman under him. His siblings, on the other hand, are entirely more confused, but never get any answers, no matter how much they press. And their habit is not to press, particularly since they are all bound to their own households. If they stop hearing from him altogether, well... mostly they expect Aubrey has stumbled into new circumstances, somewhere; perhaps accidentally ended up abroad. (After ten years, they've obviously given him up for lost; Aubrey, if he's honest, can't blame them.)

THE HEDGEHOG YEARS | 1878 - 1888

The elder Urquart boy - a spoilt brat, even Aubrey can see that - shows his first sign of magic. By turning Aubrey into a hedgehog. Aubrey is perplexed, then panicked, then angry, then... nope, he's still mad about it. It's been ten years, and he's still. A. Hedgehog. Elijah co-opts him as a convenient pet. Aubrey bristles. (The only upside to this situation are his bristles, by the way.) Aubrey tries everything he can think of to make a break for it, to turn himself back, to let his family know what has happened to him. But, as it turns out, doing anything is a kind of an ordeal for a hedgehog. So when Elijah Urquart swans off to Hogwarts in 1886, Aubrey finds himself going with him. This is not what he wanted, this is not what he planned, and he's just gotta say: he does not understand.

Personality: As a human, he was happy-go-lucky. His head was always lost a little in the clouds, but fanciful daydreaming didn’t usually stop him from knowing his place, getting down to earth and down to work. He was never the brains in any room, nor the looks, nor the most outstanding in any regard - but he was warm-hearted, fun, and willing to make the best of things.

As a hedgehog, he is... not so amiable.

Other: --

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Name: MJ
Age: 23
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