Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Rowena Holwick
    Full Name: Rowena Katherine Holwick
    Nicknames: Ro
    Birthdate: August, 14th 1867
    Current Age: 18
    Occupation: Debutante
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: Irvingly
    Hogwarts House: Unknown (attended Beauxbatons)
    Wand: Larch, 10”, dragon heartstring
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Upperclass
    Father - Stanley Holwick I – Crown Prosecutor
    Mother – Charlotte Holwick (nee Ashcroft) – Wife. Mother.
    Brother – Stanley Bertram Holwick II “Shay Ross” – Ex-Auror
    Sister – Rochelle Jane (19) - Wife. Mother.
    Brother - Philip (deceased)
    Second Cousin – Josephine Redburn (nee Ashcroft)
    Second Cousin – Marcus Redburn. Architect.
    Third Cousin – Alice Marie. [1864]
    Third Cousin – Marcus Harold Jr. [1873]
    Third Cousin – Spencer James [1874]
    Great Aunt Jane. Spinster

    Rowena is very petite. She stands at 5’5”, but she’s rail thin and a little frail from being asthmatic and anemic. She’s brunette, with deep brown eyes, long lashes and a heart shaped girlish face. She has a small mouth, usually sporting a tiny demure smile, but she can laugh readily. Growing up, she wore the latest fashions from London and Paris, and only ever wore modest jewelry, even after her debut. Her feet are a little large, and she’s a little self conscious of this. She’s also conscious of the larger nose that runs in her family.

    When her brother left home, it was never explained to her why. She had just turned 7, and Rochelle was 8, and suddenly their brother wasn’t home anymore. At first her mother had explained that Stanley had been sent to a boarding school elsewhere. But she was always rather vague with the details. The house was suddenly very tense. They had to hire a new governess and house staff, which was upsetting because she was rather attached to the old ones. Everything was very strange.

    Rochelle began to show abilities first, and – in the bedroom they shared – whispered quietly one night, “I think I’m going to disappear too.” And Rowena sobbed until their new governess (a hefty woman they called Ms. Stone) came into the room to hush her. Did these abilities mean you would be taken away? It certainly seemed like that to Ro, thus she was very careful not to get caught when her own magic started to show. That is, until she lost control seven months before her 11th birthday. She’d been playing with her dolls in her room and she’d changed the hair colour of her favourite doll. By then, Rochelle’s invitation to Hogwarts had been ignored and she was starting her homeschooling. Rowena’s mother, Charlotte, witnessed this bit of magic, and took matters into her own hands. Rochelle’s magic seemed contained. Easy. Rowena and her mother always thought it might be because Rochelle just wasn’t very talented. Charlotte already lost her son to another family, and her husband refused to take him back, so she vowed to keep Rowena’s magic hidden. It was easy enough to keep Rowena's father from discovering she too had magic, as he was rarely home. When he was, he locked himself away in his spacious study.

    Charlotte reached out to a second cousin living in Southern France, on a villa near Carcassonne. Rowena was sent to live there three month before her birthday. After she turned 11, a letter arrived addressed to Rowena from a school her family had never heard of. Perplexed, they discovered she had been invited to a magical school in France, Beauxbatons. In this way, Charlotte learned that the school her son attended was not the only magical institute. Rowena was nervous about attending, and was truly concerned her family would never speak to her again if she attended. But her mother assured her she would find a way. Charlotte told her husband Rowena was attending a private academy in the South of France. That way, Ro’s father believed he was paying for his daughter to obtain a top-notch, international education -- though he really worried she would lose her British ideals for more French fancies. Charlotte took care of everything, even hiring someone to forge papers documenting her time at a school Rowena had never laid eyes on.

    Rowena performed well in school, but she found the whole experience a little overwhelming. She learned French, Latin and Spanish from her second cousin Josephine during the summer periods. She played with her cousins, who showed no magical ability. They were unsure where the magic came from, but they were more accepting than Rowena’s immediate family. Cousin Marcus, married into the family, found the whole thing fascinating, and began to research where the magical blood came from. He found distant cousins, even grandparents with vague gifts that could only be magic.

    Alice, Marcus Jr. and Spencer were all very jealous.

    Rowena loved her time in France, but hated going home. She didn’t like having to pretend to be someone else.

    The summer she turned 15, she discovered letters her mother had tucked away in her jewelry box. In truth, she'd been snooping to find her birthday present. She'd looked all around the house when the others were out, and it was really more to admire her mother's expensive things that she checked the box. The letters were well hidden, in a fake bottom. She'd simply glanced at them at first, then, curious, stole them away to her bedroom to read fully. She was able to piece together the illustrious, and absolutely scandalous relationship her mother appeared to have had with another man (she always flushes thinking of the details). The last letters, which were returned to sender, had Charlotte confessing to the man that she'd bore him children. That the children had his eyes. That Shay, Rochelle and Rowena were born from the affair, and it seemed this other man -- who she never found the name of -- wanted nothing to do with them.
    She kept the letters for a month, half hoping her mother would discover their absence and seek her out. But she did not, and eventually Ro put the letters carefully back where she found them. She never said a thing about it to her mother, but it did make her wonder. There were small hints that suggested this man, whatever his name or station, wasn't a muggle. Perhaps, she thought, the mystery of her and her siblings abilities lay in this mystery man.

    Before returning to school, she snatched one of the letters again, one she hoped her mother would not miss. She keeps it with her now, hoping one day she can solve the mystery.

    She graduated with top marks, was presented to society in France, then in London at her father’s insistence. But Ro expressed her desire to be part of the magical community, not the muggle one that wouldn’t accept her. She’d seen what it had done to her sister. She knew about the letter that their father had written to Stanley telling the lies about Rochelle, but she was asked to keep it quiet for it was Rochelle’s wish. She hated all of the lying. She hated being in her family, but she knows that she’ll be expected to marry soon enough, and she’ll be free of them.

    Her mother wrote a letter to Stanley, asking him to keep an eye out for his sister, make sure she doesn’t fall into ill repute. She wouldn’t allow Ro to move to Hogsmeade by herself, but allowed her to move to Irvingly to live with her spinster Great Aunt Jane.

    Personality and Facts:
    * Hardworking
    * Can be a little naïve at times
    * Restless
    * Loves to draw and write
    * Allergic to spider bites
    *Has a Komondor dog named Bits (much to her Great Aunt’s chagrin)

    [Image: tumblr_inline_n0r5de9kL71ql3m18.gif]

    Name: Rori
    Age: 27
    Contact: PM @Shaymon Ross or skype
    Other Characters: Shaymon Ross, Sindri Visk, Effie Blackwood
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    unless you're related to him, work under him, or are a mudblood, lucius is actually very friendly. your character might find him intimidating, but would not consider him a giant dick, esp. if they are also a UCPB.
    [Image: pelLJj0.png]
    set by bex

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