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Leo Lupin
Full Name: Leonard Lloyd Lupin II
Nicknames: Leo
Birthdate: January 10, 1884
Current Age: 4 and a half  (That half is VERY important)
Occupation: Tiny Terrorist
Reputation: 7  He causes havoc nearly everywhere he goes.  
Residence:Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade
Hogwarts House: Unknown
Wand: Unknown
Blood Status: Pure
Social Class: Upper
Elsbeth Lupin (Mother)
Leonard Lloyd Lupin ("Father")
Lysander Echelon-Arnost (Bestie/Cousin)
August Echelon-Arnost (Uncle)
Harold & Virginia Lupin (Grandparents)
Alix Arnost & Jena Echelon-Arnost (Grandparents)
Appearance:  Standing at approximately 3 feet and 3 inches, Leo has the air of a tiny dictator about him.  He has surprisingly good posture for someone so young, but it's mostly due to the fact he likes to try and tower over younger children as a show of dominance.  He's skinny, yet muscled from always being on the move.   He has thick, brown hair and light blue (and often narrowed) eyes.  Leo doesn't yet have control over what clothing he wears, but he tends to keep himself fairly clean for someone his age.  Except for his nose.  His nose is usually smudgy.
History:  Sometime in May 1883, Leo's mother, Elsbeth, became pregnant with him after sleeping around during the Quidditch World Cup.  Soon after, she was wed to Leon Lupin who went along with the ruse that he is the child's birth father.  It is unknown who his true father is, but the boy is none the wiser.  

He was a fairly easy infant, quiet and observant.  It wasn't until around when he began to speak that he started to slowly mold into the terror he is now.  Once he found his voice, he used it to scream in order to try and get his mother or father's attention.  When he didn't immediately get it, he resorted to throwing toys or pounding his little fists on the ground until they were near to bruising.  As he grew, he started to learn that if he raised a big enough stink, he would get anything his little heart desired.  

When he turned 3, Leo started to occupy some of his time with what he calls 'speriments.'  He started out with bugs he found skittering about their home.  He would pick them up and do things to them.  At first, he wanted to see how far they could fall without getting injured, or if certain insects might fight one another.  Soon, it turned into finding out if they could swim, or how long they would survive submerged under water.  Eventually, he was found methodically plucking off limbs and wings until barely anything was left.  He has since graduated to other creatures, but those experiments are more tentative and secret.  

Now four and a half, he sees the world as his playground, and everything else in it as something to be toyed with.  His tantrums haven't decreased, they've just become more deliberate, and his destruction of property more calculated.  Leo doesn't quite understand his emotions or actions.  All he knows is that he wants what he wants, and he wants his mother's attention most of all.
Personality: At times, Leo can be a rather pleasant child to be around.  His laughter is infectious.  He possesses good manners, and he's ever curious about the world around him. He is constantly on the go and wanting to try new things.  However, that facade will drop in a heart beat when the boy realizes his 'charms' won't get him what he wants.  He is incredibly spoiled and notorious for throwing tantrums when someone tells him 'no', or plotting sweet revenge.  Other people's public or private property is fair game to be destroyed in his book.  Leo doesn't get along with most other children, save for his best friend Lysander.  He doesn't seem to understand that bullying, not sharing, and generally harassing others is not how you make friends.  Little Leo has quite a few sociopath tendencies which include aggression towards others, particularly other children and small animals.  He's recently developed a habit of chasing small dogs and cats with rocks.  He's not sorry; it's too much fun.
Other: He loves cake, and he just might bite anyone who tries to take it away from him.
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