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A New Home for the Magical Community?
— The —
Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
July 10th, 1888
A New Home for the Magical Community?
Could Avalon Be Our Next Home?

Since Magical Community migrated to Hogsmeade in 1877 it has been beset by a variety of ill fortunted events. To name a few: The Laughing Plague of 1884, the Collapse of the Wizarding World Exhibition in 1886, and this summer’s Magic Killing fog. It begs the question, should the magical community remain in Hogsmeade and the later settled Irvingly or should they resettle to a new safe haven?

As readers of the Daily Prophet will know, in a June 28, 1888 article the possible discovery of the ancient island of Avalon was reported. It seems to this reader that it may be high time to resettle the island and to be rid of this ill fortune. If the island is not Avalon but is also not a muggle discovered island this could be a refuge for our battered families, an end to the misery.

To that end this reader would advise the Ministry to put forth every possible effort to help resettle the community. It appears as if the Ministry is grasping at straws to rid us of this fog, sending volunteers instead of their employees into the fog. They should redirect their efforts into evacuating the fog and resettling. For the time being London and Sanditon Resort both remain unaffected, families could be temporarily settled until the necessary supplies and ships could be readied. This reader implores the Minister to look at a plan to not just solve this current problem, but to find a permanent solution such as settling the island of Avalon.
M. Pince
Written by Fallin

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