Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Katherine Ashley Midford
    In Character
    Full Name: Katherine Ashley Midford
    Nicknames: Kat, Kath, Kathy ,Kitty by her relatives
    Birthdate: May 27 1870
    Current Age: 16
    Occupation: Student
    Reputation: 5
    Residence:Grimmauld Place, London
    Hogwarts House:Ravenclaw
    Wand: Silver lime, 11 ½ inches, Dragon heartstring, Unyielding
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Upper
    Ashley Midford née ____|PB| Grandmother| 1823-
    Claude Midford|PB| Grandfather| 1805- 1876

    Vincent Midford|PB| Father|Factory Owner| 1844-
    Cassandra Midford née MacCarthy|HB| Mother|1850-
    Dylan Midford|HB| Brother| Ministry Employee| 1868
    The rest of their kin ca be found here

    Katherine MacCarthty née ______ |HB|Grandmother|1810
    _______ MacCarthy|HB| Grandfather| Deceased
    Ceasar MacCarthy| HB| Uncle|1853
    -Charlotte MacCarthy née Harvey|HB| Aunt| 1862

    Katherine has fully grown to the height of 5 feet and 4 1/2 inches. Her physic is slim and has developed some curves. She has inherited her mother's pale complexion and blonde hair and her round blue eyes from her father. When she isn't in her school robes, she dresses in the latest muggle fashion and prefers them to be in pastel shades although at home she prefers to wear wizarding robes rather than tea gowns. Her hair is placed up with a variety of hair accessories but typically a laced butterfly comb.


    1870| Kat is born and named after her two grandmothers. Cassandra Midford finds out that she could not bear more children due to complications. Although saddened by the news, the couple would still find the baby a wonderful addition to the family.

    1875| She was raised to become a refined young lady of society. Katherine proved that she had wits. She was quick to learn several languages which were French, Latin and Basic German & Italian.

    1876| Katherine and her family mourns at the death of her grandfather and her father becomes the head of the family  

    1877|Despite mourning, Kat continue on with her lessons. Her governess also praised her talent in painting and singing but was disappointed with her mediocre skills in playing the piano. Due to the influence of her brother, she becomes interested with the stars and frequently does star-gazing with him.

    1879| Her brother is sent to Hogwarts and is sorted in Slytherin. She is left in the company of her younger cousins.

    1880| She was not completely excited for Hogwarts as she was an extremely quiet and shy girl. Katherine could remember being uncomfortable with the atmosphere of the the Great Hall. When she was sorted, the sorting hat contemplated on Slytherin or Ravenclaw and decided that Ravenclaw best suited her. It was a shock and she was quite disappointed with the result but a few weeks later she settled quite well at her second home.

    1880-1883| Majority of her time was spent studying. Astronomy, History of Magic and Transfiguration were her favorite subjects and Herbology her worst. Her brother thought that she spent too much time studying so he pushed her to socialize more. She takes Ancient Runes, Ancient Studies and Divination for her electives in Third Year.

    1884| She is more friendly and open this year. She is friends with several girls in her house as well as other houses. She is thankful at her brother for his patience in helping her grow more social. Kat also develops a crush on a boy named Rasmus Mohr and was even bold enough to tell her his feelings during the Valentines Day ball but was rejected.

    1885| Kat couldn't be more happy at receiving her prefect badge as she jumped in joy while reading the letter.She had also launched her plan on making Rasmus fall for her. She joined his little History Club with another Ravenclaw. She enjoyed History and through the months she had grown attach to both Clayton Ross and Raz. On Valentines Day, she gets stuck under a charmed rose arch and was forced to kiss her crush and to her relief their relationship did not become awkward.  Also during her summer break, she was on internship under Barnabas Skeeter  in the Dueling Commission.

    She also takes her OWLs Exams. Here are her results:

    CHARMS — O

    1886| She is contemplating on what she really wants to do in life as at the moment she is really confused. On one hand she wishes to work for the ministry and the other she would like to become a debutante.

    Cheerful- Friendly- Helpful- Ambitious-Quick Witted- Graceful- Creative- Observant at Times- Still prefers solitude and silence-
    Easily distracted
    Sample Roleplay Post:
    The light of the fireplace was starting to burn out. In the dimly lighted room sat Katherine with a book in her hand. She was engrossed with reading that she hadn’t notice it was already dusk.  The book was given to her by a muggleborn witch she has grown fond of at school.  She smiled lightly as she turned to another page. From this book she has seen a glimpse of how muggle life works. She was fascinated on how they can live without magic. She always read the book alone for she knows that it is not allowed to read such literature. It can stain her clean reputation that’s why she was careful.

    Her thoughts was disturbed by a knock at the door of the family room. She looked at the door and frowned at it. “Come in..” She said. The maid entered with tea. The maid walked towards her awkwardly. It seems that she was clumsy and can hardly pull herself together. The clumsy woman placed the tea at the table and gave the Lady a curtsy. Katherine replied to her with a curt nod. The woman quickly went out of the room.

    Katherine was highly displeased with the maid. The woman was not only clumsy but she was also impolite! She sighed. She didn’t want to anger herself just because of a maid. It will only cause gray her to grow on her luscious locks. She took the teapot gingerly and poured tea on her cup. She took the teacup carefully. She drank slowly and savored the flavor.  The tea tasted delicate and light and liked it. She placed the china down and continued reading.

    Suddenly the doors busted open. The sound startled young lady that she accidentally knocked the teapot down. She saw a young man roughly 5’9 in height. The both of them had similar features except his face was more masculine. The man smirked as he enters the room. The young lady glared at the man as she stood up. Hasn't etiquette class taught you something? I guess your brain is THAT small Dylan.” Katherine’s glare shifted into a smirk that rivaled her sibling. “You went out of the house without Mother and Father’s permission haven’t you? Ha! Wait until I tell them!” The blonde girl giggled as she approached her brother.

    Out of Character
    Name: Meeka
    Age: I joined when I was 15 but I'm almost 18 D:
    Contact: PM Katherine Midford
    Other Characters:See CML
    Last updated 05/25/2017
    Meeka has gone back to school and is sorry for the very slow replies. Also, if she promised to to start something and forgot please PM her.

    Exquisite Set Made by Lady
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    Clubs: Book-Transfiguration-Art-Astronomy || Classes: Ancient Runes - Ancient Studies - Astronomy -Charms - DADA - History - Transfiguration

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    unless you're related to him, work under him, or are a mudblood, lucius is actually very friendly. your character might find him intimidating, but would not consider him a giant dick, esp. if they are also a UCPB.
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    set by bex