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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

Ephraim Belby // Cyrus Westerman
Full Name: Ephraim Cyrus Belby
Nicknames: For the sake of anonymity, goes by Cyrus Westerman
Birthdate: February 13, 1852
Current Age: 36
Occupation: Healer
Reputation: 4
On top of being publicly outed as a werewolf and fired from the hospital, Cyrus then did the “honorable” thing of divorcing his wife for that fact, which doesn’t help his status any.
Residence: Hogsmeade Slums
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Birch, 12 inches, with a unicorn tail hair. Swishy.
Blood Status: Pureblood; Werewolf
Social Class: Working Class
Eloise Belby née —, Ex-Wife [1854]
Aria Belby, Daughter [1874]
Archer Belby [1877]

Cygnus Belby, Father [1818]
Antiope Belby née Westerman, Mother [1828]
Isaiah Belby, Brother [1855], and family
Iris — née Belby, Sister [1860], and family
Major Belby, Brother [1864]
Begonia Belby, Sister [1867]
Cyrus was always best described as a beanpole, and years of uncertainty have hardly improved matters. Standing at a lanky five feet, eleven inches, he’s as slender as a board with long, delicate fingers and a slender face. That face has been aged by hardship, with more wrinkles and roughness to it than earlier in life. When shirtless, it can be noted that he has a distinct bite scar on his side and abdomen; when naked, the scratch scars on his right thigh can be observed, too.

Cyrus sports neatly-kept, sandy hair and gray eyes. He dresses practically, and keeps his clothes well-mended. He is left-handed.
The Starting Line
He was born on Friday, the thirteenth of February. Neither he (growing up) nor his father put much stock in this, but to his mother—always the superstitious sort—it was an inauspicious beginning. Ephraim Belby, however, proved to have as benign a childhood as one could imagine. His first act of magic, late at the age of ten, saw him heal the wing of an injured owl, which he then kept and which served him until shortly after his son’s birth. He was joined, as many boys were, by siblings as the years grew on, with whom he had perfectly pleasant relationships. And then, at long last, it came time for Hogwarts.

Always curious in nature, young Ephraim saw himself sorted easily into Ravenclaw. He made a few friends, but what he was truly passionate about was learning more about the world around him. He did so with voracity, picking up Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Care of Magical Creatures in his third year. His fifth year arrived without a prefect’s badge, which stung a bit, but when he (unsurprisingly) failed to earn a Head Boy badge with which to conclude his studies, he did not mind for he had found something more important: love.

Her name was Eloise, a fellow Ravenclaw two years his junior. After tutoring her the year previous, the two exchanged letters throughout the summer. That she waited for him to be useful enough to marry is, he maintains to this day, nothing short of a miracle, but wait she did.

After the conclusion of his studies, Ephraim took up a Magical Bugs internship at St Mungo’s, then a Potion and Plant Poisoning internship, and then at last an internship in Creature-Induced-Injuries. By the time he was a full, practicing healer, the year was 1873. Eloise’s father had died during her final year at Hogwarts, and her mother was content simply to see her daughter happy, and so at last, the two were wed.
The Finish Line
Married life and working life were, as expected, busy but fruitful and pleasant. Eloise gave him their first child in 1874, called Aria, and a son, Archer, in 1877. In 1879, he was promoted to Assistant Head of Creature-Induced Injuries, which brought with it a modest raise and a great deal more work, but he cared little, for he had a loving wife to come home to, children upon which he doted, and a delightful, supportive natal family—at least, he thought he did.

It shouldn’t have happened. Looking back at the 1883 evening, he knows that all too clearly. He had seen the injuries, seen they were fresh, and had been on the cusp of recognizing them properly for what they were when the man had turned to wolf and attacked the healer with great savagery. Two other healers were killed and another intern turned in the attack which effectively ended Ephraim’s life.

Such a savage attack was, of course, reported in The Daily Prophet, and names were named in black and white for all the world to see. The hospital director recommended that Ephraim might prefer to find work elsewhere, and his wife began to receive rather uncomplimentary letters via owl. His parents and siblings, who had always been so supportive, were now silent—an action that spoke more plainly than any words could. The end of an era.
The End of the Line
Cyrus Westerman was born of convenience. With his wife divorced—at his insistence and to her protest, for all that it was in her best interests!—and his career finished, he shed the name to which he had been born in the hopes that, in so doing, he would shed some of his notoriety. He kept only a modest portion of his savings for himself, using it to purchase a cramped but tidy cottage in the Hogsmeade slums, out of which he began providing healing services to those in need at a lower fee than the hospitals would charge. Instead of joy, his life has merely been full of existing day by day.
Other: [Any other information you want to include.]
Name: Kayte
Age: 27

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