Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    01.11 I've got a bit of a reputation...
    01.06 AC underway, and a puzzle to solve!
    01.01 Happy new year! Have some announcements of varying importance.
    12.31 Enter the Winter Labyrinth if you dare!
    12.23 Professional Quidditch things...
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    Beanie's Reputation Logs
    Character Name: Anthony Grimstone
    Reputation Level: 5

    November 22nd, 1881
      - In which the Prophet reveals Evangeline Asperhand's romance with Tony's brother Elias, and insinuates that she was stringing along the younger Grimstone as well.
    November 24th, 1881
      - In which Evangeline Asperhand claims that she and Elias are betrothed, but her father refutes the claim.
    August 6th 1882
      - In which Elias' workshop - and the Grimstone home - burns to the ground in a fire in Bartonburg.
    January 11th 1883
      - In which the engagement debacle is dredged back up by Miss Moira Hudgens.
    January 13th 1883
      - In which the engagement debacle is discussed further and negatively.
    March 6th 1883
      - In which Tony's sister Ruth is attacked by a purist.

    Shit You'd Know
    • Elias Grimstone is a famous broomstick inventor. His business successes vaulted his family into the middle class in 1879.
    • Tony's sister, Ruth, is married to former Quidditch player - and member of the British National Team! - Magnus Lockhart.
    [Image: tony1_zpstcdcujiv.png]
    Elliot Emmett Carmichael

    19 March 1884 April 3rd 1884
    In which Elliot's uncle runs for Minister.In which Elliot is horrified by his uncle's campaign.
    12 April 1884September 20th 1884
    In which Elliot's uncle retracts a campaign point.In which Elliot has a piece of weirdly girl-like parchment.
    28 September 1884September 28th 1884
    In which Elliot is the 7th most dashing professor.In which Elliot and Mason are mortified by Witch Weekly.
    02 December 1884April 8th 1885
    In which Elliot comments on a snowstorm.In which Elliot is insulted in class.
    27 January 1885--
    In which Elliot's uncle retires from being Head Auror after losing a leg.--
    Shit You'd Know
    • Hair game strong.
    • Elliot's father is an Interrogator on the Wizengamot.
    • Previously, Elliot worked for the Improper Use of Magic Office.
    Elliot has the Sight. Hit me up.
    Emma Macmillan nee Pendergast

    11 May 1883 --
    In which Atalanta Pendergast, Emma's mother, is mysteriously attacked.--
    31 May 1883--
    In which Minnie Pendergast debuts.--
    04 June 1883--
    In which Attie's attacker is captured after staging a thing in Padmore Park.--
    06 April 1884--
    In which Emma's father, a Ministerial candidate, makes a donation.--
    07 July 1884--
    In which Reuben Pendergast, Emma's father, dies of the plague.--
    05 October 1884--
    In which Emma's sister is a Pendergast Rose.--
    01 March 1885--
    In which Emma may or may not have killed her cousin with her mind.--
    04 March 1885--
    In which Emma did not kill Noelle Macmillan.--
    08 March 1885--
    In which Emma's cousin's wife's death is further speculated on.--
    Shit You'd Know
    • Emma was a bit rebellious until 1878, so people who were at Hogwarts with her may remember this.
    • Emma's paternal aunt, Olivia Pendergast, runs PSYR.
    • Emma's father ran for Minister of Magic.
    • Are you an UCPB? We're probably related. I'm just too lazy to check right now.
    [Image: IfshZm.jpg]
    [Image: IV2Zgm.jpg][Image: 2emeyw8.gif][Image: nqi.gif]
    Prometheus Alexandros Yaxley

    26 January 1884 --
    In which Titan Yaxley dies.--
    29 June 1884--
    In which Mrs. Cecelia Yaxley comes back from the dead.--
    04 July 1884--
    In which Honoria Yaxley loses everything.--
    24 September 1884--
    In which Prometheus publishes a book.--
    05 October 1884--
    In which Prometheus marries his brother's widow.--
    12 October 1884--
    In which Prometheus is a notable October birthday.--
    03 December 1884--
    In which someone tries to blow up Clementine Yaxley.--
    Shit You'd Know
    • Prometheus married his sister-in-law.
    • Prometheus was living abroad from 1869-1884.
    [Image: 4v5kjk.png]
    Zelda Ophelia Fisk

    27 July 1884 October 4th 1884
    In which Delia Fisk dies of the plague.In which Zelda is rumored to fancy Frank Hooch.
    01 February 1885November 30th 1884
    In which Zelda's brother's bizarre engagement is discussed.In which Zelda and Ced are trapped by mistletoe.
    08 February 1885January 18th 1885
    In which Konstantin Fisk is the victor of the dueling tournament.In which Julian, Zelda's brother, becomes engaged to a girl he just met.
    29 March 1885--
    In which Ari Fisk is a handsome healer.--
    Shit You'd Know
    • Hogwarts students and professors would probably know that Zelda's best friends are boys.
    • Similarly, many of Zelda's school supplies are secondhand because she has nine siblings.
    [Image: uUQiz4B.jpg]
    Amos Henry Harkiss

    -- --
    Shit You'd Know
    • Amos is an identical twin.
    • Amos' best friends are Tom O'Hare and Heinrich Echelon; the former is a LCHB and the latter is an UCPB.
    • Amos' sister, Veronica, married up and is now Mrs. Nathaniel Gallivan.
    [Image: amos1_zpscde66ee4.png]
    [Image: 2rptlqg.gif][Image: 2qxvnuc.jpg]
    Lavender Hannah Tinker

    11 January 1884 December 1st 1885
    In which Lav's sister Prim finds a lost purse.In which Lav is caught under the mistletoe with Mr. Tom O'Hare.
    18 January 1884January 29th 1885
    In which Prim returns the purse to Mrs. Abigail MacFusty.In which Alfalfa, Lav's brother, is told off for kissing in the HCR.
    23 May 1884--
    In which Lav receives the Parkinson scholarship.--
    Shit You'd Know
    • Lav's family owns a farm near Irvingly.
    [Image: lavsig_zpsl5omckty.jpg]
    [Image: flower.gif][Image: mistletoe1_zps60c67112.jpg]
    Marius Florent Favreau

    24 September 1884 March 15th 1885
    In which Rainier comments on a book about dragons.In which Toussaint is stabbed. Mildly.
    09 February 1885--
    In which Toussaint is involved in some sinkhole nonsense.--
    22 March 1885--
    In which Virginie Favreau is an acceptable bride, according to WW.--
    Shit You'd Know
    • The Favreau family originally hails from southern France, where they are pretty respected.
    • Those in the magical creatures / dragons circle probably know of Marius' father, Rainier Favreau.
    • Marius' best friend is Charles Macmillan.
    [Image: 308kxv6.png]
    set by soph!
    [Image: de0hao.png]
    Ùna Laoghaire McKinnon

    -- --
    Shit You'd Know
    • Ùna has an identical twin.
    [Image: vV0h87j.png]
    This set is by LADY, THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE.
    Godric Clifford Slughorn

    06 September 1884 --
    - In which Godric's brother-in-law is revealed to be a Selwyn bastard.--
    19 October 1884--
    - In which Goddy is interviewed by Witch Weekly.--
    Shit You'd Know
    • Godric is a bit ridiculous and slightly womanizing.
    [Image: godric1_zps0e7e395e.png]
    Kieran Riordan Abernathy

    10 February 1885 --
    - In which Kieran writes about flying pigs.--
    28 April 1885--
    - In which Kieran writes about a sham potion.--
    Shit You'd Know
    • Kieran is a bit of an alcoholic.
    • He lives with Eileen Buchanan.
    • He hangs out around Jude Wright and his merry band of activists.
    [Image: wa6ko0.png]
    soph made my things! <3
    [Image: 2njvb5x.gif]
    Justin Lachlan Ross

    06 January 1885 --
    - In which Ross comments on a stabbing.--
    21 April 1885--
    - In which Ross comments on Azkaban partially falling into the sea.--
    Shit You'd Know
    • Ross has worked in the DMLE for ages.
    • He was Minister Urquart's first Wizengamot appointee in the summer of 1884.
    [Image: qWk2Ukx.png]
    SET BY BEXY <3
    Laura Samantha Humphrey

    15 April 1885 30 November 1884
    - In which Laura's cousin, Viscount Corcrest, runs for Minister of magic.-In which Laura's brother is trapped under the mistletoe with one of his friends.
    31 May 188408 December 1884
    - In which Laura's cousin, Lady Penelope Humphrey-Mavis, debuts.- In which Laura's cousin is stalked by Tamsin Skeeter.
    17 August 1884--
    - In which Laura's grandparents (and guardians) die.--
    Shit You'd Know
    • Laura's best friend is Miss Cecily Gallivan.
    • Laura and the other Humphrey children are in the custody of their cousin, Earl Esterwick.
    [Image: laurasig_zps6ee17c73.jpg]
    [Image: 2sbwllg.gif]
    Kavita Maliha Singh

    -- --
    Shit You'd Know
    • Kavi's mom is Mandira's DHM.
    • I imagine she'll be picking fights with Ori's white boy.
    Kavi is fluent in Hindi and Punjabi, but is capable of speaking very basic English.
    "You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want."
    quote code by soph!
    Alexander Oliver Vane

    -- 14 February 1885
    --- In which a student faints while dancing with Professor Keene.
    --21 April 1885
    --- In which Professor Keene is pissed off about illicit bathroom locking.
    Shit You'd Know
    • Barrett has two nephews and a niece in Hogwarts. He also has a very paternal role with them.
    • Barrett wrote a shitload of books on dead things.
    [Image: IiHeS2.png]
    SET BY MJ 
    Alexander Oliver Vane

    -- --
    Shit You'd Know
    • Ace's family moved back to the UK from Boston in January of 1885.
    • Ace played Quidditch for Puddlemere from 1875-1878.
    • And Quodpot for Boston from 1878-1880.
    [Image: acesig_zps062e0bb9.png]
    [Image: 2ias9qg.gif]

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