Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Beanie's Reputation Logs
    Hi, I'm Beanie, and my rep logs live here.
    [Image: tumblr_nc8o2zaRtc1sj484uo6_250.gif]

    Anyways this is a wip. Hi.
    I just moved to a new country! [Image: mThvFq.png]
    set by MJ!

    [Image: 11shy53.gif][Image: 16204dv.gif]
    Character Name: Andren Lovegood
    Reputation Level: 5
    • October 26th
        - In which Andren complains about women being banned from Quidditch.
    • December 9th
        - In which Andren's sister is called a hussy for exposing some leg.
    • December 10th
        - In which Andren is pissed at the Prophet for calling his sister a hussy and writes them a letter.

    • February 15th
        - In which the Prophet speculates on the dissolution of Andren's sister's betrothal.

    • January 17th
        - In which Olive Lovegood is outed as having posed for pornography and subsequently disowned.
    • February 22nd
        - In which Andren's brother comments on booming owl prices.
    • April 6th
        In which Andren's brother comments on stabilized owl prices.
    • May 7th
        - In which Olive Lovegood dies of a miscarriage.

    • January 21st
        In which Olive Lovegood is namedropped, and not in a fun way.


    Shit You'd Know
    • Andren's brother owns the Owl Emporium and his living sister is a debutante nearing spinsterdom
    • Andren has played for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team since 1880, and captained the team for the 1882-1883 and 1883-1884 seasons.
    • Hogwarts students and professors would likely know that Andren's best friend is Harvey Beauregard, a MCHB.
    • Hogwarts students and professors may know that Andren retained some measure of loyalty to his sister, Olive, and was left quite shaken when she died.
    [Image: 28835zd.png]
    Character Name: Sirius Black
    Reputation Level: 5

    • September 10th
        - In which Sirius gains a younger brother and all of Hogsmeade is surprised.
    • December 30th
        - In which the surprise infant dies.

    • June 2nd
        - In which Sirius' mother miscarries on the Hogsmeade trail and blames the Minister.
    • June 29th
        - In which Isla Black abandons the family to court a muggleborn and is disowned.
    • November 15th
        - In which Isla Black becomes engaged to Robert Hitchens, the muggleborn she left the family for.
    • December 30th
        - In which Isla Black is married.

    • January 12th
        - In which Ursula Black airs her prejudiced views.
    • February 8th
        - In which Sirius' brother Phineas is announced.

    • January 17th
        - In which Sirius' mother falls down the stairs and miscarries.

    Shit You'd Know
    • Sirius' father is the Hogwarts Headmaster. He isn't particularly popular, and his positions tend to be conservative - banning girls from Quidditch for two years etc.
    • The Blacks are also definitely hardcore purists.
    • Sirius has two younger brothers.
    set by rune!
    Character Name: Gabe Hatchitt
    Reputation Level: 5
    November 28th 1881
      - In which Gabe rescues an upper-class girl from physical assault.
    April 21st 1882
      - In which Miss Dianna Crewe, who was staying with the Hatchitt family, is killed by a vampire.
    May 2nd 1882
      - In which Gabe's engagement to an upper-class girl is announced.
    February 5th 1883
      - In which Gabe's cousin Noah gets married because of amortentia.
    February 9th 1883
      - In which Gabe's wife delivers triplets and one of them dies.
    March 27th 1883
      - In which Gabe's sister drops out of school to play Quidditch for the Holyhead Harpies.
    February 25th 1884
      - In which Connie Hatchitt flees the country and is cut off by the family.
    July 13th 1884
      - In which Mercy Hatchitt dies of plague.

    Started November 16th, 1883
      - In which people speculate on Gabe hanging out with Miss Adella Beauregard after a funeral.

    Shit You'd Know
    • Gabe's wife moved up from the lower class to the upper class, and then back down to middle because she married him. Your character might know this.
    • @Jesse Hatchitt plays Quidditch for the Hogsmeade Howlers. His twin, Constance Hatchitt, played until she fled the country.
    [Image: gabesig_zpserhjd8bg.jpg]
    Character Name: Malcolm MacFusty
    Reputation Level: 4

    • April 25th
        - In which Malvina MacFusty is expelled because of a rumor that she blew her way to being Quidditch captain.
    • June 6th
        - In which a MacFusty is spotted with an unchaperoned woman in the Three Broomsticks.
    • November 29th
        - In which Mac's cousin abandons her betrothal to elope with an Italian man.
    • February 27th
        - In which Mac's brother Tor elopes due to the amortentia tea.
    • April 18th
        - In which Mac's sister-in-law falls out of a window and dies.
    • August 28th
        - In which Mac elopes.
    • September 17th
        - In which Robby MacFusty is eaten by a dragon, Donald MacFusty loses a leg, and Malvina MacFusty is missing.
    • October 21st
        - In which Donald MacFusty is to head a new Ministry subdivision.
    • October 29th
        - In which people are shocked that the MacFustys are heading a department.
    • October 30th
        - In which Trey Gamp defends the existence of the subdivision.
        - In which an anonymous letter to the editor defends the MacFusty family.
    • November 2nd
        - In which Witch Weekly talks shit about Violet MacFusty.
    • December 28th
        - In which Tilda MacFusty is a PMG champion.

    Shit You'd Know
    • Mac's wife is a known bastard and her extended family hunts vampires, even if she doesn't.
    • Mac's brother Tavish has a known bastard.
    • Actually, several of his brothers have known bastards.
    • So many drunk MacFustys.
    [Image: macsig_zpsf3ce43a0.jpg]
    [Image: INZ05F.png]
    Character Name: Sophronia Van Helsing
    Reputation Level: 3
    • February 20th
        - In which the Van Helsing clan moves to Hogsmeade.
    • February 21st
        - In which a vampire is afraid of the Van Helsings.
    • February 27th
        - In which the Van Helsings reaffirm that they are harmless to peaceful vampires.
    • April 19th
        - In which Sophronia kills a murderous vampire in the Forbidden Forest.
    • September 16th
        - In which Sophronia kills a vampire who was stalking a young woman.
    • January 5th
        - In which Sophronia's sister makes her debut at a private Coming Out Ball.
    • August 28th
        - In which Sophronia's cousin elopes with a MacFusty.
    • December 28th
        - In which Sophronia's sister is a PMG champion.

    Shit You'd Know
    • Sophronia's job is illegal.
    • Artemis Van Helsing had a bastard son and was disowned.
    [Image: RoniSig03.jpg]
    [Image: RonniusButton.jpg]
    Character Name: Cassius Lestrange
    Reputation Level: 5
    • April 12th
        - In which Cash's brother is betrothed to Miss Gemma Dearborn.
    • November 13th
        - In which Cash accidentally injures another student duelist.

    • August 15th
        - In which Cash's sister Seneca is kidnapped.
    • August 24th
        - In which Seneca Lestrange is returned to the family.
    • November 8th
        - In which Cash's sister Cornelia is pulled from Hogwarts in her third year to be married.
    • December 2nd
        - In which Cash's sister Valeria's wedding date is set.
    • December 20th
        - In which Valeria Lestrange weds Theseus Greengrass.
    • January 26th
        - In which Tullia Lestrange weds Will Pendergast.
    • February 7th
        - In which Alexandria Lestrange, Cash's mother, dies in an inspiring feat of idiocy.
    • March 22nd
        - In which Cash's cousin Priam runs for Minister of Magic on a conservative platform.
    • May 4th
        - In which Cash's aunt Olivia runs a finishing school.
    • June 3rd
        - In which Cash is taken on as first-string seeker for the Chudley Cannons.

    • Started May 18th
        - In which Hogwarts students gossip about Cash's quidditch prospects.
    • Started August 1st
        - In which Cash is rumored to have bought his way onto the Cannons.

    Shit You'd Know
    • Cash was a member of the Ravenclaw quidditch team from 1878-1884, and captained it from 1883-1884.
    • Students/Professors who were at Hogwarts with Cash might know that he is very close friends with Eli Swan and Angie Sinnet, and may have Opinions but they absolutely do not know that Cash and Eli were lovers unless you've discussed it with Lynn and myself or unless Cash tells them.
    • In 1875, Cash's uncle Tybalt killed 12 people and was sentenced to Azkaban. Whoops. Anyways the family mostly ignores him now.
    I just moved to a new country! [Image: mThvFq.png]
    set by MJ!

    [Image: 11shy53.gif][Image: 16204dv.gif]
    Character Name: Lucinda Beauregard
    Reputation Level: 4
    • September 16th
        - In which Lucinda finds a dead baby in a suitcase.

    • January 3rd
        - In which Lucinda marries Wesley Cavanaugh.

    Shit You'd Know
    • Lucinda married up on December 25th, 1884.
    • Her husband is the head of the DMGAS.
    [Image: IfsBNG.jpg]
    Character Name: August Echelon-Arnost
    Reputation Level: 5
    • February 13th
        - In which August is helping aurors to find the Minister's missing sister, and no one has any idea why.
    • March 1st
        - In which August's brother is the second-string seeker for Britain.
    1882 1884
    Shit You'd Know
    • August is very liberal and a member of the Magical Equity Club. He also managed Eugene Scamander's Ministerial campaign.
    • The Echelon-Arnosts have a bit of a reputation for being batty; nothing enough to damage the family reputation, but a little bit out there nonetheless.
    August walks with a cane.
    [Image: 21vhj8.png]

    [Image: 2pt1c10.png]
    Character Name: Grace Grimm
    Reputation Level: 4
    • November 12th
        - In which Grace's team loses a Quidditch match to Puddlemere United.
    • December 28th
        - In which Grace's brother is killed after attacking a widow.
    • December 29th
        - In which Sidney Gallagher is revealed to have died because of a veela.
    • February 11th
        - In which Grace comments on an embarassing disaster of a Quidditch match.
    • March 27th
        - In which Grace hires a seeker.

    Shit You'd Know
    • Grace played Quidditch for the Holyhead Harpies for several years, and captained them from 1882-1884.
    • Grace's husband, Everett Grimm, has an iffy reputation.
    [Image: pp66UW.jpg]
    shiny set by Bree!
    Character Name: Arthur Pettigrew
    Reputation Level: 3
    • March 1st
        - In which Art is announced as the captain of the British National Team.
    • May 5th
        - In which Faustus Prewett punches Arthur in the face.
    • September 10th
        - In which Art switches teams to captain the Hogsmeade Howlers.
    • August 30th
        - In which Arthur is arrested with Fitzroy and Freddie Prewett for playing Creothceann.
    • September 2nd
        - In which teenage girls leave flowers outside of Arthur's house in protest.
    • October 4th
        - In which Arthur and the Prewetts are cleared of all charges, but he can't afford his bail.
    • October 11th
        - In which Arthur finally gets out of Azkaban.


    Shit You'd Know
    • Arthur was born upper class, but managed to lose his entire fortune when he was eighteen and very stupid.
    • His extended family is the Lestranges.
    • Is notoriously bad with money, gambling issue but hasn't since August of 1884.
    • Captained the British National Team; Art is pretty famous.
    • Your character may or may not know that Art is friendly with Amalia Meliflua.
    [Image: 2rgfha9.png]

    Character Name: Gaius Ollivander
    Reputation Level: 5

    September 5th 1884
      - In which Gaius' father burns to a crisp and he inherits the Hogsmeade branch of the shop.

    Shit You'd Know
    • Gaius' sister is married to a MacFusty
    [Image: GaiusSig.png]
    [Image: 29bkq9s.jpg]
    Character Name: Jonathan Webster
    Reputation Level: 3
    February 7th 1884
      - In which Jon's sister saves Darcy Potter's life.
    April 1st 1884
      - In which Jon announces his Ministerial campaign.
    April 29th 1884
      - In which Jon adopts a bear and a commitment to magical creatures.
    May 6th 1884
      - In which Jon talks about how Hogwarts students are smart and don't deserve chastity belts.
    May 30th 1884
      - In which Jon defeats a chimera and rescues two debutantes.

    Shit You'd Know
    • Family friends assume that Eden Webster is Jon's bastard.
    • Jon is frequently up to various shenanigans.
    [Image: IfsFW1.jpg]
    jenny removed the watermarks from these images for me, b/c she is an angel
    [Image: IV9vxP.gif]
    Character Name: Ellen Marguiles
    Reputation Level: 5
    Character Name: His Majesty Merlin Huxley
    Reputation Level: 5

    April 15th 1884
      - In which Merl announces that he is running for Minister of Magic.
    July 20th 1884
      - In which Merl's brother dies of plague.
    August 17th 1884
      - In which Merl's other brother dies of plague.
    December 10th 1884
      - In which Witch Weekly talks about Merl.

    Shit You'd Know
    • Merl ran for Minister of Magic at the age of seventeen on what can essentially be described as a 'disenchanted youth' platform.
    [Image: Bfar0TJ.png]
    Character Name: Florizel Collins-Potter
    Reputation Level: 5

    April 19th 1884
      - In which Flory's father runs for Minister of Magic.
    July 13th 1884
      - In which Huxley Collins-Potter dies of the plague.

    Shit You'd Know
    • Flory is related to a lot of rich purebloods: the Huxley and Zane families through his father, and the Potter, Sedley, Prewett, Longbottom, Riley, Rosier, Clencewood, Lestrange, Pendergast, Selwyn and Macnair families through his mother.
    [Image: 2ecmdg0.png]

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