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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Emilia Wright for Jude Wright. Casually alienating offspring since 18882.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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The Day We Met
June 6, 1885 - Florence, Italy
It has almost been a year and it feels like a life time since Persephone had ran away. New name, new life, new people who were a part of her life. And yet her heart ached for home. Did her family miss her? Or did they only feel anger due to her sudden vanishing act. Did they think she was dead? After all, she had left with the festival right after the plague had ended. All of this was a mystery to her. The festival had not even been back in Hogsmeade since then, which was completely fine in Persephone's opinion.

Looking out at the rest of the festival, her little fortune tent had barely got any visitors. Her fellow carnies had told her to give it time, that new attractions were not always recognized for their worth right away. So rather than stay in her normal spot like she was supposed to, she looked out at the festival, peaking from her tent in both wonderment and thoughtfulness. So many people were out there, and her more experienced carnies were certainly getting more attention. Was it that they drew more attention because they knew how? It was the most likely reason for the gap of visitors between her and them.

Deciding to get something to eat, she stepped out of her tent and charmed it so it would stay shut until her return. Glad that their audience wasn't one of muggles, it made things like this so much easier. Walking for a bit, she looked around. Deciding to get food from a booth rather than go bug their usual cook, she walked over to one after looking at her options. "You know you're not supposed to be wandering around." The person on the other side of the booth said with a hint of playfulness. Laughing softly, Persephone shook her head slightly. "And you know me, I'm more of the wandering type." She responded.

After placing her order, she waited patiently as she gazed out at the rest of the festival once more. There were so many people to look at and wonder what their lives were like. Having traveled to some places that were new to her over this year, it was always fascinating to see the differences in dress and behavior of those that were not from her home.

Clayton Beasley

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Claytons boss loved carnivals. It was like a 'more entertaining street market', he said. They also managed to find some interesting magical plants whenever they stumbled on a street market, fair, or carnival that traveled the way they did -- all over the place. Maurice, his boss, was a bit of a plant activist, so if he saw plants being treated poorly he'd either take the time to educate the person in position or try to buy or trade it from them. They often returned to England with may more than they came with, which was fine with Clay. He didn't really care that much for plants, but the fact that he had spent the last four years travelling and learning about the world made it all worth it, even if he did have to carry everything around with them so his boss could focus on the tasks at hand.

They had left their bags at their hotel today, though, when they saw the carnival was in town. Clay didn't go when this particular one had visited back home, so he was looking forward to seeing what it was all about. He enjoyed places like this. Loud, fun, active, entertaining places. As they walked through the carnival, Clay thought about how he would really fit in with the crowd here and could even play his violin as an act or something. Though, Maurice assured him carnival life was not for everyone... but Clay just took that as more of a challenge.

He broke away from his boss, exploring the carnival on his own for a bit. He wanted to see every single attraction and talk to the workers about their lives. What exciting lives they must have! A lot of them didn't seem willing to break character to really talk to him, though, so he started to get frustrated as he came upon the food area.

When he arrived, he stepped up to one of the booths and ordered food, then hung back to await it. He folded his arms and leaned against a pole nearby, surveying the crowd. Then, his ears heard something that made him turn his head. A girl saying '"And you know me, I'm more of the wandering type." That was exactly something he had said plenty of times before. "Is there any other way to be?" he chimed in, once the girl had stepped away to await her food.

Then he looked at her, really looked at her, and his brow furrowed. She... looked incredibly familiar. Close to the same age as him, obviously...

The festival was quite fun to move around with and such. Much more freeing than home had been. Though there was the fact that she did miss some of the average day to day things that home had provided. She missed her friends, her family. Of course the parties were quite a thing to be missed, but the festival was far more entertaining. One thing that Persephone did miss were the clothing. Her clothing before had been much softer and cleaner than her current outfits. Part of her truly wanted to save up to get some better clothing. There were times where she would wear her old dress that she had run away in. It was saved for more calm occasions, and so had stayed decently intact.

Trying to smooth her current dress down a bit, she looked up when her previous comment was addressed by a somewhat familiar voice. Looking up, she thought for a moment. She recognized him. From a previous location that the festival had been at? Perhaps... from her time back when she was a much different girl. "Well, one could always be stuck in one spot. Though that would be completely boring." She replied. It seemed that he was trying to place where he had seen her, which might rule out seeing him at the festival previously. Oh, had a shadow from her past finally caught up with her?

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Her voice made his mind reel even more, he definitely knew her from somewhere. But they were in Italy! Granted, this carnival traveled as much as he did, he was sure, and she did not have an Italian accent. He smiled, though it wasn't as genuinely charming as his normal smile because he was too stumped. "That would be bloody awful," he said, shaking his head a little at the thought... and shaking his head because he couldn't figure out who she was.

Though, he did use a little trick he had learned from a friend. When he saw someone who looked familiar but he couldn't place them, he'd imagine them in Hogwarts uniforms to start. That was generally where most familiar faces came from. Even if he didn't talk to a lot of people there and they were all separate and whatnot it was the surest place to pull a face from memory. In the split second he tried to do that with her, she seemed even more familiar.

"Did you... go to Hogwarts?" he asked, leaning forward just a little, pulled in by curiosity.
Practically seeing the wheels turn in his mind did little to ease hers. If anything, it was getting harder and harder to hide her growing stress. She was in a different country, how could her past come back to find her now? Why would it come back to find her at all? Couldn't she live without the guilt that nagged at her for leaving in the first place? Apparently the answer was no.

Trying not to give anything away, she gave a light hearted smile. "Sadly, some people are simply like that. It's hard to change from how someone typically is to someone they've never been before. …Or so I've heard." She said, adding the last sentence just a bit too quickly. She was overthinking it. This whole thing, she was over thinking about this whole thing. He didn't know her, how could he. Perhaps he was just a local who was trying to think if she was actually part of the festival or not.

Sadly, those hopeful thoughts vanished the moment he asked if she'd been to Hogwarts. There were two options on the table now, lying or telling the truth. Would it be easier to lie and send him on his way? Or would lying only lead to more questions that she was in no way prepared to answer. Finally, she nodded after what felt like forever. "Yes I did. I'm a Slytherin." She responded.

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She said that sadly some people were like that, unchangeable. That was sad, Clay thought. The world was such an ever changing place and if you couldn't keep up with it then it was going to run you over like those crazy steam engines. "Well, it's always worth trying," he suggested. He wasn't sure if he meant trying to change yourself or trying to change other people but... either way, change was meant to happen.

After he asked if she had gone to Hogwarts, he felt a bit like he had invaded on her privacy. He didn't really think there was anything wrong with asking someone if they went to the same school as he had, at least not normally, but the energy in the air and the amount of time it took for her to answer... but, finally, she nodded. A Slytherin, she said. "Oh. As am I. A Slytherin," he explained. "Didn't graduate, though," he added with a little wink. He didn't mind sharing that fact about himself. Especially here.

The man behind the food counter cleared his throat, "food's ready," he called out toward them. Clay moved forward to collect his, still addressing the girl after giving the carnival worker a polite nod, "and now you... do this?" he wasn't judging in any way, not Clay. He thought it was a pretty interesting life, as far as he could tell.
It did make Persephone wonder if she had even changed. Her status had, her life in general had, but had she really changed? Other women of her new status seemed more comfortable just going about their daily lives without as much worry about how it would effect their reputation. Though, some were just as worried as those of her former status. It seemed that those of this status weren't too different to the people of the status that she was raised in. "Sometimes it is." She responded. Some were too stubborn to bother with, and why waste one's energy on someone who would always simply refuse to change?

Of course he had noticed her pause, how could he not? It seemed that her past really was out to get her. Did he know her at school? Did he know of her family? The only thing she could do was hope that he didn't. She knew that her worry might strike him as weird, but she couldn't help but feel such worry. Guilt plagued her for leaving her family. What would she do if she saw their faces once more? When the man stated that he was a Slytherin as well, Persephone only felt more worry. Were they close in year? Had they been in school together? It was likely now, since he did seem to recognize her. "Why didn't you graduate, if I may ask?" She replied, trying to keep calm and trying even harder to pretend that she was calm.

Going over to the counter, she grabbed her own food. The man seemed too busy looking at her to notice the man behind the counter giving her a look as if to ask 'are you OK?'. It seemed her stress was obvious, at least to someone that she worked with. Nodding both in thanks and to say that she was fine, that was that. It wouldn't make sense if she had the guy thrown out. Though he was asking too many questions for her comfort, it was her business that she had to handle. Looking back to the man with the questions, she nodded. "I tell fortunes." She said simply.

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She agreed that sometimes it was worth it to try and change people's perspectives, and that part of their conversation was ended. There really wasn't any need to elaborate on the topic, not unless they got to a point where they were trying to change each others perspective on something. Thankfully, they both agreed that wandering was much better than sitting still. No need for convincing there.

She asked why he didn't graduate, and he shrugged. "Chose not to. Decided to become an apprentice instead, see the world and all. I left in..." he paused to recall, "1879, right before I would have started fourth year," she didn't look that far in age from him but he was sure he didn't know her. That meant she was someone he wasn't really meant to talk to at school, someone... different than he was. Kept separate from him. "Honestly Hogwarts was a small part of my life," he added casually, just to show how much he didn't regret leaving.

The girl answered that he told fortunes, grabbing her own food, and he nodded, smiling. "That's great! I've always wondered what kind of job I would do if I ever joined a carnival... probably something dare-devil like," he shook his head, "but I do play the violin, so maybe something with that," he knew he was over-sharing, but it was just how he was. Naturally talkative.
1879, right before school started. That would have been the beginning of her third year. So of course that meant that they were close in age as well. Slytherin, and a school year apart. If he hadn't thought of her name by now, than he was either shy or of a different status than she had been. Given his eagerness to get into a conversation with a stranger as well as his attire, he likely fell under the second of the two options. "An apprenticeship? That sounds exciting. What is that like?" She asked. Perhaps she could keep this about him, rather than getting into her own business.

Fortune telling wasn't the easiest. Most of them being lies. It wasn't as if the future came to her whenever she wished. Likely, she would have headaches all of the time if that were the case. "There are plenty of nice options. I am a seer, really. So it seemed fitting to put that trait of mine to good use." She responded thoughtfully. Whenever she could tell a real fortune, she did. It wasn't always easy though. The future wasn't always the nicest thing in the world.

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She commented on how an apprenticeship sounded exciting, asking what it was like. He grinned, happy to talk about his work. "To be honest I'm mostly just in it for the travel aspect," he explained. "We go all over the world, see all kinds of different things. The plants are cool and all, but I just like being paid to explore." That was the whole reason he did it, actually. He was smart and could do a lot of things if he wanted to, but he was just so intrigued by the adventure of it all that he took the job without even thinking that hard. He followed his instincts, as usual.

She said that she was a seer, which made sense why she was doing fortune telling. "I'm sure it comes naturally," he guessed, getting settled with his food as he started to take a few bites between thoughts. "Do you guys travel a lot, too?"
All over the world. That sounded familiar. "It is nice to get to meet so many unique people. So much different from where I'm from." She agreed. New places to see, it helped to think of when she was missing her home. Perhaps her parents would at least be proud of her seeing the world. It wasn't as though she was getting into trouble.

Many seemed to think that seers had visions all of the time. Obviously it was not true. While she did have visions every now and then, it was not a constant. "To many places, yes. Once the season of the Festival is over in one area, we move onto the next." She responded.

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