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Cadmus Griffiths (WIP)
Full Name: Cadmus Arcturus Griffiths
Nicknames: Cad
Birthdate: July 3, 1848
Current Age: 40
Occupation: Unit Head Mediwizard (Hogsmeade)
Reputation: 9. He blames himself for his wife's death thinking, "If she had not gotten pregnant she would be alive still."
Residence: In Hogsmeade
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw House
Wand: Walnut wood with a unicorn hair core, 14 ½" and supple flexibility
Blood Status: half-blood
Social Class: Upper class

Father: Augustus Cadmus Griffiths

Mother: Ada Jane Griffiths (nee Bennet)-deceased-

Step-Mother: Cora Catherine Griffiths (nee Williams)

Sister: Adelia Ada Spencer (25 years old)
Appearance: Cadmus is a five foot eleven inch man who has kept himself physically fit by eating right and exercising. He kept himself fit by practicing martial arts, running and swimming. He dresses in casual and formal clothing depending on the day and whether it’s appropriate or not. He uses his right hand for most things including writing, wand use, and healing. He keeps his beard and hair clean as well as clean shaven. His build is muscular and fit as he rarely drinks or smokes.
History: [Highlight important events. Hogsmeade was established in 1877.]
Personality: [Can be as short as 3-4 words!]
Other: [Any other information you want to include.]
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Name: Orabelle "Ora"
Age: 26
Contact: Discord: Ora#6288
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