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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Emilia Wright for Jude Wright. Casually alienating offspring since 18882.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

Barnabas Skeeter in CYOA: Group D

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CYOA: Group E
Meer was much more comfortable with the very dead corpse than the slightly alive sort from earlier, and gave the body a nudge with her foot as she passed, just in case. "I'm perfectly happy to amble down towards the voices," Meer said, although really she would be perfectly happy to burn this building to the ground and call it a night.

Clifford was more inclined to follow the voices. He learned a lot about magical creatures to understand and treat injuries better, and he knew that the most dangerous beasts tried to stay quiet for as long as possible, not to reveal themselves to their prey. Of course, this wasn't really applicable to humans, but Clifford specialized in creatures only. "If you want my opinion, I would say let's go right."

The fact that the casino was lit up and yet they had yet to see a single living person was eerie. What if the voices they heard were a trick, or what if they were more creatures like the one they had killed? Still, if it was another group they ought to go find them -- there was some strength in numbers, after all. "We should go right and see if someone is there," Thaddeus agreed.

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August 1st, 1888
Miriam Trelawney Frederick Townsend Kentigern MacFusty Mason Skeeter Clifford Goyle Thaddeus Davies Maeve Connolly
Elsewhere in the building, something happens. It is as if a quake hits the pyramid, which trembles, and then the limestone walls of the pyramid fade into the stone walls of the casino's kitchen.

Outside, the fog is vanishing. The group may hear the front doors opening as Ministry officials in MA&C robes rush the building.

When they are brought into the Ministry for their statements, Group E will find that nearly a month has passed since they entered the casino.

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