Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Constance Sykes
    In Character

    Full Name: Constance Ethel Sykes.

    Nicknames: Connie to family and friends.

    Birthdate: 14th January 1847.

    Current Age: 37.

    Occupation: Slytherin House Matron.

    Residence: Hogwarts.

    Hogwarts House: Slytherin.

    Wand: Elm, 13 inches, unicorn centre. Swishy.

    Blood Status: Half.

    Social Class: Middle.

    Theodore Sykes, born 1804 - father
    Janet Sykes (née Christie), born 1819 - mother
    Jessica Godwinson (née Sykes), 1840-1861 - sister
    -- Victor Godwinson, born 1821 - brother-in-law
    -- Jessica Hargreaves (née Godwinson), born 1861 - niece
    -- -- Kevin Hargreaves, born 1852 - nephew-in-law
    -- -- Janet Hargreaves, born 1883 - great-niece
    Isla Bennetsen (née Sykes), born 1842 - sister
    -- George Bennetsen, born 1832 - brother-in-law
    -- Karen Bennetsen, born 1862 - niece
    -- Declan Bennetsen, born 1865 - nephew
    -- Louisa Bennetsen, born 1868 - niece
    -- Julia Bennetsen, born 1870 - niece
    -- Christopher Bennetsen, born 1873 - nephew
    -- Bernard Bennetsen, born 1875 - nephew
    -- Eleanor Bennetsen, born 1880 - niece
    Peter Sykes, born 1844 - brother
    -- Gloria Sykes (née Humphrey), 1856-1882 - sister-in-law
    -- Daniel Sykes, born 1880 - nephew
    Neil Sykes, born 1849 - brother
    -- Lucasta Sykes (née Ellesborough), born 1851 - sister-in-law
    -- Susan Sykes, born 1872 - niece
    -- Samwell Sykes, born 1875 - nephew
    Michael Sykes, born 1854 - brother
    Georgia Shipman (née Sykes), born 1856 - sister
    -- Robert Shipman, born 1848 - brother-in-law
    -- Theodore Shipman, born 1880 - nephew
    -- Megan Shipman, born 1883 – niece
    Penelope Sykes – 1861 - sister

    Appearance: 5’4. Blonde. Blue eyes. Slim build but not willowy by any stretch. Attractive and aware of it but not inclined to do anything with it. As a result of leaving herself alone she has aged remarkably well and will likely look the same for the next two decades or so. Quite stately and impressive when her face is still but when she smiles she looks considerably younger and more girlish.


    1847: Born the third daughter and fourth child of Theodore and Janet Sykes Constance’s birth is greeted with appropriate joy and excietement by the family and she enjoys a happy, carefree childhood with little of note occurring. She loves books and is fond of her siblings and always answers their call to come and play with them even if she does prefer to read alone.

    1849: Neil is born and due to their closeness in age he is the sibling she is by far the closest with all her life.

    1853: She performs magic for the first time when Peter accidentally loses her place in her book and rather than stomping her feet she narrows her eyes at him and the tome and it flips open to the right page. She never loses her page again. The following year Michael is born and two years later Georgia joins the family.

    1858: With oodles of excitement coursing through her Connie attends Hogwarts for the first time and much to her surprise is sorted into Slytherin despite expecting Ravenclaw. Not one to be perturbed unduly though she soon settles into her house (deciding that green goes better with her colouring than blue anyway so there you foolish hat!) and does well. She has few friends but she is quite content with the ones she has and enjoys a happy schooling. She is even made prefect through her final three years, something she considers quite the honour and that gives her a taste for telling other people what to do.

    1861: Within the space of a year Connie loses a sister and gains another, both leaving a lasting impact on her. With Jessica’s death from childbirth she vows she will never endure the same thing and with Penny’s birth she decides she will never let harm come to this sister as much as she is able.

    1865: Connie leaves school with mostly excellent OWLS – the less said about her herbology ability the better! – but she is more than clever enough to make a career out of education. Opting for governing children and imparting her wisdom – and because she likes the idea of having people who have to listen to her as opposed to her friends who just glaze over when she talks about proper pronunciation of spells – she finds herself a position as a governess in a charming middle class household, that of Charles and Lavinia Anders.

    1866: Unfortunately for Connie is soon becomes apparent that the master and mistress of this household are married purely for conveniences sake and are quite happy with that fact. It begins with handsome gentlemen being there at off hours, something she merely finds peculiar if a tiny bit worrying, but who is she to judge the lady of the house?

    Then she see one such gentleman leaving the master’s bedroom and is further puzzled. More or less entirely ignorant of such things Connie is frustrated that she doesn’t understand. Eventually, though she would never ask, the lady of the house notices her confusion and enlightens her. On a chaise lounge. Twice.

    1869: After three years of further enlightenment – including a very illuminating family trip to Blackpool in which the bedroom swapping antics between the adults was frankly farcical – her poor mistress falls pregnant out of her bi-yearly appointment with her husband. In the November she gives birth and dies, further proving to Connie that childbirth is determined to take those she loves from her.

    1871-1876: After a year of moping in her bedroom at mom and dad’s house and crying for almost all of it rest and reconsideration Connie takes a position in a much more elevated household, largely due to the outstanding reference she receives from the widower. The reference does not include the phrase ‘excellent finger work’ despite it being his wife’s chief recommendation of the governess.

    She becomes the governess of just once child this time, Demetria Longbottom, a girl who has recently lost her mother. To begin with Constance finds her a petulant, spoilt little girl and in a momentary fit of pique has most of the girls excessive doll collection put away into the attics. She feels quite bad about it afterwards but after Demy petitions her father and the decision rests with Connie she determines to stand firm and not give into the tantrums.

    The sweet stories of Demy’s books annoyed her endlessly with talk of happy endings and she has them replaced with serious, educational material. She also advocates the teaching of languages, a decision that she lives to regret when she realises she has to refresh her own learning the day before she teaches it to Demy. But she is adamant that her charge should learn and if she has to learn something new first before she teaches it then so be it!

    Slowly she begins to love Demy as she did the Anders children and she is particularly fond of the fact that the girl never seems to cower. It is a trait she admires greatly and as Demy grows older and she becomes opinionated and ever more intelligent Connie loves her even more. When her charge leaves for Hogwarts she is rather deeply saddened to have to move on but she doesn’t lose touch with Demetria and remains fond of her despite her being a Gryffindor (HISSSSSSS).

    1876-1882: After mooching around a bit aimlessly for a month or two (again, at mother and father’s house although with less tears and self-enforced hermitdom) she finds a place in the household of Reuben and Atalanta Pendergast looking after the boys once both their sisters have departed for school. She also probably fancied Attie for a bit but thought she was barking up the wrong tree – #FAILURETOGAYDAR

    She enjoys both of the boys despite their opposing natures. Nine year old Walter is sweet and excitable, listening to her intently though sometimes she requires a firm hand because he becomes over-excited. Six year old Sam she finds utterly amusing, rather enjoying that she is the first to recognise his evil genius potential. She pushes him a little bit harder with his lessons because she recognises that he will likely want to be cleverer that those around him and she somehow knows in her bones that he will join her old house.

    1882-1884: After Sam and Walter have both left for school she takes a position with Eldin and Annabelle Bones and though she doesn’t sense great and amusing evil in these children she does rather like Vesta and is glad to have a nice, eloquent girl again after years of boys. When Vesta leaves for Hogwarts in 1884 she finds herself unexpectedly heading to the castle with her.

    1884: Connie takes up the position of Slytherin House Matron with expectation, excited to be amongst the first to do something new at the school. She even rather likes her colleagues (even if they include a Gryffindor – GRRRRRR!) and is thrilled that amongst them is her favourite brother’s sister-in-law Jocasta! She is also rather thrilled to be able to keep an eye on Sam hoping to gain favour so she survives his inevitable take over of the world.

    Personality: Careful, clever, persistent. Is a strong believer in the necessity for independence in a woman. Not likely to cause a fight but not shy about giving an opinion. Once she picks a course to take she sticks to it no matter what. Incredibly stubborn. Dedicated to her position and to the importance of education. Emotionally reserved but occasionally prone to dramatics and excessive sorrow. Really quite clumsy despite looking like she should be a graceful swan.

    Sample Roleplay Post: See Helena.

    Out of Character
    Name: Lauren.
    Age: 24.
    Contact: laurenchance1989 on AIM. Or smoke signals!
    Other Characters: Lots.
    How did you hear about us?: I don’t even know anymore.
    [Image: Connie_SIG_by_MJ.png]
    this MJ set stole my heart and refused to give it back

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