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Cosmo Zabini for Calliope Riley.
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Fallin's Adoptables

All play-bys are open to you, I just ask that they look related to the characters in their family. I am fairly flexible with whatever you would like to do to make the character your's (including names), I just ask you let me know what you are planning on changing.

PM @Sisse Thompsett to reserve before creating. I reserve the right to hold the reservation for only a week before I open it again. Thanks!

Wish list:
Catherine Smith for @Percival Adlard Jr.
Bee's Bixbys (See Above) for @Rufus Bixby
Matthew Thompsett, Jr. for @Sisse Thompsett

The Adlard Family

For Mr. @Percival Adlard Jr. & Miss. @Felicity Adlard
Percy is looking for his beloved sisters to be played. Most details about his family can be found in his profile but here’s a good sum up:

Catherine Smith, nee Adlard
MCHB | Any House | b. 1878

Also known as Cat or Cathy, Percy grew up being the closest to Catherine. Percy described her as bright, high energy, and prone to getting into trouble in their childhood. Not much has changed since then. Catherine is a MCHB widow (from the plague) with two young children (Alfred “Fred” & Constance “Connie”) who Percy absolutely adores. She graduated from Hogwarts in 1878, house is up to you, and married Timothy Smith in 1881. She had her first child, Alfred, in 1882 and was pregnant with her daughter during the plague. After the death of her husband she moved in with Percy until a cure was found at which time she stubbornly removed herself back to her old home and has remained there since. Cat has been portrayed as strong willed, kind, loving of her family, stubborn, cheerful despite her odds in life. She also worries for Percy and is looking for a wife for him.

The Thompsett Family

For Miss @Sisse Thompsett

Matthew Thompsett, Sr.
MCPB | Gryffindor | b. 1841

Born 1841 to a pureblood family, Mr. Thompsett attended all seven years of Hogwarts as a Gryffindor, before taking an internship with the ministry. He now works in the ministry in a job that Sisse has never quite figured out (i.e. up to you). He his a respectable man and worked his way up the ranks until he was able to support a family. He met his wife in 1873 and the two were set to marry within the first two months of their courtship. At the exposure of the wizarding world he moved his family to Hogsmeade in 1871. He is respected by his children and is more lenient that his wife in regards to what they can and can't do. He is frugal and most of his personality is up to whomever would like to play him.
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I've mentioned him as an auror and high up so Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Assistant Head of the Dept. Magical Transportation, or another ministry head position would easily pair with him.

Charlotte Thompsett, nee ---
MCMB | Hufflepuff | b. 1853

Born to a muggle family in 1853 Mrs. Thompsett was raised in Kent with her sister Sisse. She attended Hogwarts as a Hufflepuff and excelled at potions. Following graduation she worked as a seamstress at a wizarding robe shop. She had a whirlwind courtship with Matthew Thompsett and the two were married in 1871. She has had difficulties with pregnancies and as such is very protective of her children. She is loving but she tends to encourage her children to be respectable and model children. As such she can come off as a bit strict. Most of the affection her children have received came at the hands of their nanny, Miss Hughes. Charlotte is a well respected woman in the community, however, she does have a tendency to keep her children at home when she makes social calls as she still considers herself somewhat of an outsider in the wizarding world and only wants her children to be seen as the best.

Matthew Thompsett, Jr.
MCHB | Incoming 5th Year Gryffindor | b. 1872

The oldest Thompsett child Matthew was born in 1872. He attended Hogwarts starting in 1883 and was sorted into Gryffindor. He's described in Sisse's posts as your typical popular boy, with lots of friends and an attitude to go with it. He also is known for thinking himself much more mature than his younger siblings. He loves exploding snap and quidditch but is afraid of flying not that he’ll own up to it..

Matthew Thompsett, Jr.
MCHB | 5th Year Gryffindor | b. 1872

The oldest Thompsett child Matthew was born in 1872. He attended Hogwarts starting in 1883 and was sorted into Gryffindor. He's described in Sisse's posts as your typical popular boy, with lots of friends and an attitude to go with it. He also is known for thinking himself much more mature than his younger siblings. He loves exploding snap and quidditch but is afraid of flying (not a well known fact).

Henry J. Thompsett
MCHB | Second Year GRYN/PUFF | b. 1877

The youngest of the Thompsett brood, Henry was closest with Sisse until she went to Hogwarts. His personality is largely open but he should have a good relationship with his older sister.

He was briefly previously played.

The Delaney Staff
For Miss @Caroline Delaney & @Shawn Delaney

Caroline and her brother came from London to further the Delaney shipping name. Their staff is handpicked and groomed from their father's employees.

Hope ----, the Maid
WCAB | American | 18-20
Hope and Caroline grew up together as such they are as close as thieves now. If Caroline's up to some kind of trouble you can bet that Hope is in on it. They may not have gone to school together but Hope has some education. She and her family are also very loyal to the Delaneys and she would have been raised for this position. She is from Boston and is from the working class. The rest is up to you.

The Bilton Affair
For @Asha Bilton & @Loren Bilton

Mrs. Lyda Bilton nee Hale
ABWC | Open House | B. 1858 - 1861 [25-28]

Lyda is the former/current wife of Asha Bilton. The two married young after Lyda found him beat up in an alley and took him home to her family to care for him. The two fell in love shortly thereafter and were married. Their son Loren was born in October of 1880. The following summer Lyda is delivered of a still born son. Convinced that Asha is cursed she leaves with Loren, never to speak to Asha again. Asha may not have been the only bad luck omen though, Loren is kidnapped in 1886 (turned into a stone child). Prior to Asha Lyda attended Hogwarts through her fifth year. She then became a lady’s maid in London, where the Hale family lived at the time.

Her personality is pretty much open, although I would definitely say that she is superstitious and likely a bit pessimist.

UPDATED: Oct. 2, 2019

[Image: x5VH1p.png]
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Dante's Adoptables

@Madeleine Backus

[Image: 880828-bigthumbnail.jpg]
Name: Ana _______ (Any Face -but cannot be blonde)
Age: Late 20's
Class/Blood: Upper Middle Class - Any Blood but not a purist

Ana became effectively an adoptive daughter to Katerina Kozlova's mother when Katerina was disowned.  When the Backus sisters were welcomed back to the fold Ana reached out to them and when the Kozlova grandparents passed Ana became their guide into middle class society - only really Maddie engaged with her. 

She is confident, beautiful and a social butterfly.  The consummate lady she has all the social heirs and graces.  She completed only 5 years of magical schooling (max) but was sent to a finishing school in Switzerland. 
Her family are solidly upper middle class, which is how she knew the Kozlova's. 
She is fluent in Russian, English and French. 

She has taken Maddie under her wing, and she now lives with her in Hogsmeade.    She has been Maddie's social mentor and has encouraged her to attend social events and be more socially outgoing. 
She married at 19/20 and has 2+ children. 
She can be happily married or unhappily married, and can engage in affairs but nothing to take a rep ding without a heads up. 

[Image: 163259549.jpg]
Name:Barton Backus (Any Face -must be blonde or fair)
Age: Born 1843
Class/Blood: LCPB

He was from a good honest working class pureblood family.  As a second son he moved to St. Petersburg to make his fortune and got a job working in the factory of a prominent Upper middle class family in the city.  He was a steady worker, and eventually eloped with the families only child Katerina in 1864. 
The Kozlova's provided money to start a bakery in England as a way of avoiding scandal but on the proviso that Barton would never be received into their home again, and they havn’t seen Katerina since.  He and Katrina were clear that the children, other than Rye should get a full education, and the girls were expected to maintain scholarships to stay in school. 

When the muggleborns were excluded from Hogwarts Maddie got in touch with her grandparents to secure the papers she needed to get back to school, and the Backus parents were aware that she kept in touch with them through letters.  It was not until the death of Katerina's father that it became clear how much they had hated him, with the entirety of the family estate being left to Maddie and Maggie to vest on their marriage on the basis that they would no longer be 'Backus'. 

The parents stopped talking to Maggie when she eloped to receive her fortune, and allowed Maddie to take social help from a friend of their grandmothers in the hopes of discouraging her from jumping into a hasty marriage as well. 

[Image: MichellePfeiffer07AP.jpg]
Name:Katerina Backus (Any Face -must be blonde or fair)
Age: Born 1846
Class/Blood: LCHB - originally MCHB
She is demure, quiet, loving, great business/organizational sense. She has all the airs and graces that would be expected from someone given every advantage in life and a solid middle class up bringing.

History - as Above

[Image: ItXbzb.png]
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Maddie has recently returned from the social season in Moscow, and living with a middle class Russian family.  Her inheritance is common knowledge.

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