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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree ( Submit your own)
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Brigit Langley for Fletcher Langley.
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This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa
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A Household of Drama

Do you like a bit of family drama? Would you like to play out a stepmum-stepdaughter dynamic? Would you like to play an adopted son with a mysterious history who gets bullied into excellency 24/7? Would you like to play a neglected daughter? Would you like to play a wife twenty years younger than her husband? Adopt a McPadraic!
  • PM me on this account!
  • For most of these characters, I have not decided on their appearance/face claims, or their personality. You are free to fill that in. I would just like a chance to read through the app in advance, to make sure it corresponds with the other family members’ narratives.
  • I have nothing further to say, but I wanted a third bullet point.

About the McPadraic family
Originally from Scotland, this branch of the McPadraic family moved down to Cornwall several generations ago. Currently, the family lives in a manor just outside of Hogsmeade, as a result of the anti-magic sentiment of the past decades. However, they still own a summer home in Tinworth and rent a house in London. With a large amount of money, obtained both through inheritance and marriage, a long and reputable family history, and with a reputation as upstanding and socially engaged citizens, the McPadraic family is undeniably upper class, although perhaps not among the very richest within this class.

The McPadraic family can boast many aurors in its family history, and for several generations now, the line of aurors is unbroken from father to son - no pressure on the next generation. The fulfilment of this important task in society, and the social standing it brings, is the family’s great pride. Hence fathers are expected to begin preparing their sons from early on to follow in this tradition. Failure is not an option. The family’s words are: Valour, duty, justice. Indeed, all children are raised with a strong sense of moral duty and sacrifice, for the well-being of society, for the continuation of the family’s tradition and for the reputation of the family. Men are to become guardians of society, by becoming auror, ideally, or by political involvement or social engagement for the benefit of society. Women are to be sweet flowers that adorn the family name, through virtue, self-sacrifice and pleasant manners.
Currently Arthur McPadraic is head of the family. His first wife gave him six daughters, after which she died during childbirth. His second, considerably younger wife, has given him a baby boy. Arthur has also adopted his sister’s son, about whom more below.

Characters that are taken or significant relations:
Arthur McPadraicPlayed by Gabriel.
48. Born 5th of January 1841. Auror.
Current leader of the McPadraic cult.

Alexandra McPadraicPlayed by Bella.
18. Born 29th of January 1870.
Arthur’s first child. Alexandra is currently a Pendergast’s Rose, but very eager to leave school. She has had several conflicts with her father over the past few years and dislikes her stepmother.

McPadraic staff
Armel KochPlayed by Of Monsters and Men.
The family’s chef, and likely to be Alexandra’s downfall…

Available characters
Bedivere McPadraic
Around 43.
This character is very much open to your own imagination. He is Arthur’s younger brother. He’s a couple of years younger, but I have not decided on an exact age and birthday, so that’s up to you. He was raised in the family tradition: like his brother, he was prepared to be an auror from birth. From early on, his father encouraged physical activity as well as hard intellectual work. He was taught to control his emotions and use his mind. His father would often tell him stories about his work and offer made up or past cases for him to solve. He was pushed to excel in every possible way.
Sadly, Bedivere had a harder time than his older brother trying to please his father. He was less athletic, and a good deal more sensitive than his brother, although intellectually he performed well. Naturally, his father gave him a much harder time. Although at times Arthur tried to shield him from the worst, the brothers were never close and there was (and still is) a lot of tension between them.
Bedivere did try to enter the auror training programme after leaving Hogwarts, but failed. It is up to you to decide what occupation he now holds, and whether he is married and has children, and where he lives. I imagine he is quite bitter about his upbringing and about how he was never good enough, while Arthur was the ‘perfect’ son. Perhaps he is closer to his mother, but his relationship with his father was difficult until the end, and I imagine he is skeptical about the way Arthur raises Dunstan and Gareth. Meanwhile Arthur looks down at his brother, and feels his brother’s criticism is a betrayal of their father and the family tradition.

Evaine McPadraic
27. Born 1st of May 1861.
Arthur’s wife. She married Arthur when she was 23. He was 20 years older, but in a good position to provide for her. He was kind to her, and she was very young and probably flattered. She miscarried in 1986, but managed to give birth to a healthy baby boy a year later. They named the boy ‘Gareth’, after Arthur’s father, and the child is almost two now. Evaine’s relationship with Arthur’s oldest daughter (and probably the rest, but feel free to fill it in) is poor. Alex does not accept Evaine as mother, and to make it worse, when Arthur couldn’t handle his daughter, he handed over discipline to Evaine.
Whether you want to make her the evil stepmother, or just a shy girl who is not sure how to handle a large family in which she is a newcomer; the happy, enchanted wife, or the young woman who realizes she’s made a mistake and wants out; it’s up to you. She probably doesn’t like Dunstan much, because she would consider him competition to her own son. Her history before marriage is also open. She would have come from a decent family, though poorer than Arthur’s and possibly not as old and reputable. Her reputation should be decent enough for Arthur to have considered her a potential wife. Other than that, you’re free.

Florence McPadraic
17. Born 10th of November 1871.
Arthur’s second child. Like her older sister, she was pulled out of Hogwarts after her OWLs and is now in her first year at Pendergast’s. I have no idea what she’s like. Surprise me.

Isolde McPadraic
15. Born 17th of March 1873.
Arthur’s third child. Currently in her fifth year at Hogwarts. Very much open to your imagination.

Lynette McPadraic - (Reserved. I will probably play her.)
14. Born 26th of November 1874.
Arthur’s fourth child. Currently in her third year at Hogwarts. Has no personality.

Blanche McPadraic
11. Born 12th of June 1877.
Arthur’s fifth living child. (He and his first wife got a son in between Lynette and Blanche, but the child died within a few months after being born.) Currently in her first year at Hogwarts. Probably quite close to her cousin Dunstan, who is about the same age. (Or mortal enemies). She’s very much open to your imagination.

Eleanor McPadraic
9. Born 9th of December 1979.
Arthur’s sixth living child and the last one of his first wife, Aurelia. Eleanor is the only one of the daughters still living at home. She is being educated and attended to by a governess. Arthur has a weak spot for her. She too is pretty undefined so far. Surprise me.

Dunstan McPadraic
12. Born 23rd of October 1876.
Dunstan is the son of Arthur’s sister, Josephine, and a middle class muggle. Josephine and the muggle eloped, since her family did not approve of the match. Once she eloped, the family tried to cover it up, skillfully circulating rumours that she had married a gentleman in France, and avoiding contact with Josephine. Dunstan was Josephine’s and the muggle’s only child. After his birth, the initial love slowly faded and the muggle became more distant. Josephine died of consumption in early 1882, shortly after the death of Arthur’s first wife. Before her death, she begged her brothers to take an interest in her son’s wellbeing and sponsor his education. Perhaps in other circumstances Arthur would not have concerned himself with the child of a sister who had so endangered the family’s reputation and broken their parents’ hearts. But with this happening so soon after death of his wife, and faced with possibility of not having a male heir, Arthur talked to the father, ‘convinced’ him the boy was better off with wizards, and brought the child home. I am not sure whether the father was just neglectful and didn’t care, or whether Arthur pressured him, or even obliviated him. Either way, he took Dunstan away from there.
He made it clear to the servants that any gossip about the child’s background, both among themselves and to the outside world, would result in dismissal without a reference. For a while, he kept the boy separate from his other children, until he was sure there was nothing wrong with the boy and the child had learned all necessary etiquette. Then he was introduced to the children as their cousin from France. Dunstan was told that his father had also died of consumption and was taught to speak French and instructed on what his background story ‘really was’. Dunstan was five at the time, and with the trauma of losing his mother and being brought to an entirely new and rather cold context, I think he has forgotten most of his life from before moving in with his uncle.
With a clear purpose in mind, Arthur started preparing Dunstan for a life as auror, the way he had been prepared by his father, and the boy was pushed to excel. Afraid he might turn out a disappointment, with his low and shameful background, Arthur never fails to find fault with him and keeps a tight rein on him. He cares about the boy and his wellbeing and gives him far more attention than his daughters, but he is also much harder on him.
Hogwarts must be a relief to the boy. He is currently in his first year, the same year as his cousin, Blanche. I can imagine these two are quite close. However, this is open, as is Dunstan’s attitude towards his uncle and the rest of the family and his personality.

I have not really thought about the individual members of staff yet, but if you want to play a member of staff in this household, send me a pm and it can probably be arranged.
The Weirdos

@Idunn Fraser comes from an eccentric family—though she is quite sure she’s normal by comparison, she and her friends are hardly normal by society’s standards.


If you have any questions about any of the characters below, fire off a PM to @Aldous Crouch, catch me on skype, or stalk me in the cbox ;)

Last updated April 7th, 2019

[Image: QuCp8r0.jpg?1]
Helixa and Syna Hyslop have always been freakishly linked. They seem able to finish one another’s sentences; whether by coincidence or design, those around them can only guess. Being sorted into different houses—the former to Slytherin and the latter to Ravenclaw—was a huge blow to the pair that will one day develop the doubling charm.

In terms of personality, the two are best described outside the group as “eerie” and “disconcerting” and inside the group as “clever, but a bit obnoxious at times”. PB is wide open, but pictured is McKenna Grace

Immediate Ties: @Idunn Fraser @Nelson Higgs

[Image: dJB7BGi.jpg?1]
— was tricked by an older sibling into making an Unbreakable Vow never to speak at the tender age of nine. Recognizing the gravity of this and not wanting to die, he has always had to work extra hard to get by. He excels in potions and al theory-based courses, but struggles immensely with spells due to having to learn to cast them non-verbally; by now, he has most of the spells down that were learned in first year, but it’s hit or miss on second year and “haha you’re funny yeah no” on anything more complicated than that. He avoids doing any magic unnecessarily, and all his electives are theoretical. He does, however, love quidditch, and would like to join the house team someday.

In terms of personality, he is best described outside the group as “quiet” and “kind of unnerving” and inside the group as “fun-loving” and “excellent at keeping secrets, obviously”. PB is wide open, but pictured is Chosen Jacobs

Played by MJ

Immediate Ties: @Idunn Fraser
Bonus Ties: @George Waterford @Thomas Montgomery @Cane Backus
Double Duty: Noah Farley

[Image: yuD5JaO.jpg?1]
The oldest in the group, — struggled to make friends early on due to his reputation of being cursed. After all, his mother died in childbirth, his father drowned in a fountain, and his older brother, two older sisters, and grandparents perished in the Hogsmeade fires of ’84. With his entire immediate family dead, — is now under the guardianship of a nearsighted maiden great-aunt, whose clothing selections for him are a mixture of too small and too decidedly for girls. Oh, and he’s pretty bad at his practical courses.

He is, however, an absolute ‘wizard’ when it comes to research and theory, and became friends with Idunn by helping her research potions in the school’s library her first autumn at Hogwarts.

In terms of personality, he is best described outside the group as “unlucky” and “ridiculous” (neither are personality traits, but to know his personality would require befriending him) and inside the group as “hardworking”, “sarcastic”, and “highly intelligent”. PB is wide open, but pictured is Aidan Gallagher

Immediate Ties: @Idunn Fraser @Nelson Higgs
Bonus Ties: @Harrison Vance, @Justice Rookwood, @Germander Macnair

[Image: SnHlrm7.jpg?1]
A genuine seer who spends most of her time avoiding her gift and whose predictions seem to focus almost exclusively on things considered ‘improper’ by society—as a result, she has never been particularly keen to make friends, as when she does See, it rather damages those relationships…

She and Idunn have been working on a potion to suppress her Sight, and thus far she hasn’t had any adverse affects to the members of the group, so that’s a bonus.

In terms of personality, he is best described outside the group as “nosy” and “dramatic” and inside the group as “compassionate” and “genuine”. PB is wide open, but pictured is Eden Cupid

Reserved for Bree

Immediate Ties: @Idunn Fraser @Nelson Higgs
Double Duty: Artemis Fairchild, Isolda Binns

Graphics by MJ ♡

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