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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Emilia Wright for Jude Wright. Casually alienating offspring since 18882.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

Barnabas Skeeter in CYOA: Group D

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Adoptable Characters
Colton Wild
Golden Child Gone Astray | Little Brother
22 | Half-Blood | Dragon Researcher | House Open
[Image: 95a1a68341b6de17f2abf086a3898a56]
Play By Suggestion: Tom Hardy

Colton Wild is the younger brother of Hogwarts' groundskeeper Silas Wild.
Growing up Silas and Colton were inseparable. Silas was the supporter and protector while Colton was
the one with the talent and brains to go far.
And he did!
After finishing school he beat the odds to get a job with a Dragon Research organization based in
America. Ecstatic for his brother, Silas joined Colton on the trip to America and helped him get settled in
and start his new life.
Things seemed to be going great for the brothers. Colton was making progress towards
his dreams in America and Silas was taken on as the new groundskeeper.
Everything was good in the world until...

This is where YOU come in!

Colton is going to make a mysterious and abrupt reappearance to the UK. It is up to you what he has done or
what is after him, but it should be back for them both. With their familial dynamic, Colton would probably run
to his brother if he thought he needed protection.

I'm really open to letting this evolve and getting your ideas! Let's talk before you claim just
to make sure we are both on the same page then we can get started!
Dante's Wanteds
If you would like to play someone please pm Madeleine Backus.  Much of the information is open to some negotiation - face claims are all open

Maddie's Wanteds
See The Backus Family in  Hawke's Wanteds!
Connections include: Magdalena Byrne, Madeleine Backus, Cane Backus, Lorcan Byrne
Pm me to discusss Maddie's relationship with parents and remaining sibling

Ginevra's Wanteds
Find out more about Ginevra Blackwood - the defacto sponsor of the Appleby Arrows

[Image: sutherland-donald-image.jpg]
Bertram Blackwood // 63 // Married //Ravenclaw or Gryffindor // Medium Priority
Bertram is intelligent, witty and a shrewd business man.  He is modern by Victorian standards, and see invention as the highest form of human endeavor.  He is independently wealthy but considers himself something of a Quidditch entrepreneur and intends to innovate in the area of the Quidditch.  He encourages both of his children in their public lives.  
[Image: julianne-moore-mockingjay-alh-091313.jpg]
Eugenia Blackwood (Nee - OPEN) // 45 // Married //Not Gryffindor // Medium Priority
Much more 'typical' than her husband and wishes he was a bit more conventional.  She is determined for Ginny and Bertram jnr to marry purebloods, even if she doesnt hate halfbloods, she would just prefer her children kept with tradition.  However, Eugenia is from a fairly blood purist family, but her attitudes have been tempered by her husbands more liberal views.  

[Image: domhnall-gleeson.jpg]
Bertram Blackwood Jnr // 27-34 // single/hurlable //Gryffindor  or Slyhterin//  High Priority
Bertram jnr is a social and affable young man, like his sister he is popular in society in the most appropriate way.  He considers himself something of a catch and is holding out for the best possible match for himself, and he has high expectations of the women he surrounds himself with.  He was/is an exceptional flyer and perhaps spent a year or two after Hogwarts playing professional quidditch.  His blood purity views are up to the player

[Image: ItXbzb.png]
<3 Nolan sets are crack!
Maddie has moved out of her family home and is now living in Bartonberg, and living with a middle class Russian family.  Her inheritance is common knowledge.  

Lilypie Maternity tickers
Bubbles' Plottables

Zipporah Farley
Wanted: female friends for Zipporah. She's a ditzy, absentminded healer at St. Mungo's. I feel that having a friend or two would seriously open her up to some intense times of concentration and fun nights trying on all her hats. She has A LOT. Class, blood status and job is entirely up to you!

[Image: MV5BODNmOGNhMzMtYzQ2ZC00ZjZlLWIxNzAtNzU1...00_AL_.jpg]
The Patient One
suggested play-by: Katie Stevens
The Patient One is able to withstand Zipporah's frequent changes in subject, understand when she needs to go do this instead of that RIGHT NOW because it just makes sense in her head. She may be a debutante who was supposed to debut with Zipporah when they graduated Hogwarts but instead, Zipporah ended up flinging caution to the wind and becoming an intern/eventual healer instead. The Patient One would try to talk Zipporah into attending parties where she might meet a man who would want to marry her and she could stop working. She doesn't quite understand that Zipporah doesn't WANT to be married yet, if at all, and the Patient One will work tirelessly to convince her otherwise.

The Aggravated One
suggested play-by: Meghann Fahy
The Aggravated One truly loves Zipporah. She wants the best for her, they've been friends since the first day of Hogwarts. She was there when Zipporah got Sorted into Hufflepuff and celebrated with her when her parents said she could focus on what she wanted instead of taking the classes most debs want to just get that marriage proposal while staying in school to get the best proposal they could. However, the Aggravated One truly wants Zipporah to stop with the nonsense and stop working. She wants Zipporah to settle down into a good marriage and have a bunch of kids because she feels that Zipporah's flightiness would work well with children. She'd teach them well. The Aggravated One wants Zipporah to be the godmother of her future children and wants all three of them to live nearby and have playdates and be happily middle class together forever.
Stunning Stannards
The Stannard family are a generally well off group, being MCHB. Though mostly of good reputation, it would be known that their daughter, Octavia, got pregnant and is now living in Pennyworth with the baby. It wouldn't really be known that secretly, Horace and Jane send Octavia money and allow for general maternal family for Mara. None of them have set faceclaims, as I will not be using one for Mara, but auburn to dark hair would be nice. PM me for questions or if you'd want to adopt one of them. So here they are!
Willing to pick up one of your adoptables/plottables/other wanteds if you make any of mine.

Octavia Stannard(Mara's mother)
Born 1860, WCHB, possibly hurlable(?), rep. 4
Octavia is a black sheep of her family, though maintains a good reputations with most of them. At the age of 19-20, she fell in love with the young Mr. Aves, who she will no longer speak about, other than to her daughter. She tells of kindness, and gentleness, but otherwise why Octavia fell in love with Mr. Aves(and if that's his real name or she's covering for him) could be up to you. Potential plots for her include: Anyone who her daughter matchmakes her with, other workers at Gladrags Wizardwear, and perhaps finally getting over her pride and accepting more of her family's help than she has been!

UPDATE: I have several plotting ideas, including Mara sending in a Lonely Heart for her mother. Would love to see her around, especially so Mara can have more interactions!

Horace Stannard(Mara's grandfather)
Born 1834, MCHB, lawyer, rep. 9(negotiable)
All his life Horace retained a rather respectable reputation, with a focus on his career and eventually dreaming of being a department head always keeping him on the straight and narrow. Naturally, when his oldest daughter told him of her pregnancy, he was outraged and disowned her, but was later feeling kinder and decided on only partially disowning her. Why his mind changed is up to you, but he genuinely likes Mara, and she thinks he's pretty neat too. Potential plots for him include: Ministry ambitions(maybe he finally reaches his goal?), family matters(deciding whether or not to cut ties for good), and overall magical lawyer cases. Is he a criminal lawyer, or does he just defend the ministry against lawsuits.

Jane Stannard(Mara's grandmother)
Born 1840, MCHB, occasionally a chaperon, rep. 9(negotiable)
Jane is an average lady who enjoys Witch Weekly quite a lot, and occasionally chaperons young ones on their excursions. It's very possible that she has connections in Upper Class families that make her prone to hearing more gossip, though she's heard her share about her own family. Jane would have taken more pity on her daughter than Horace(who doesn't like a good underdog story? Plus, the baby was cute, and her first grandchild!) so maybe she would have spoken some sense into her husband. Potential plots for her include: being known as a gossip, making sure that she chaperons a certain a party or event, or using some connections to get spouses for her children.

Jack Stannard(Mara's uncle)
Born 1864, MCHB, hurlable muggle liaison employee, rep. 9(negotiable)
Jack was an alright student with a passion for learning more about muggles. And so he became a muggle liaison employee. As of now, Jack is still looking for a woman to marry, though he doesn't believe he's very attractive. Potential plots for him include: hurls, muggle situations, dealing with purebloods(both explaining and attempting to dispell their purity notions) and getting into misc. trouble.

Abigail Stannard(Mara's aunt)
Born 1872, MCHB, hurlable Hogwarts 6th year, rep. 9(negotiable)
The youngest of Mara's maternal family, a current 6th year at Hogwarts(so could be a potential prefect) Abby still lives with her parents most of the time, and listens to them too, so she doesn't really care about the whole Octavia situation unless classmates ask. She's mostly independent, though she could be any house. Potential plots for her include: various classwork, school drama, hurling, and more.

The Mysterious Mr. Aves.
Born ????, ACAB, any job, any rep.
Mr. Aves* is the man who romanced a younger Octavia Stannard and left her. My ideal reasons for leaving are either job-related(maybe he goes out to America and he didn't even know Octavia was pregnant? maybe he wants to be Minister one day and a bastard/hasty elopement wouldn't have helped?) or more personal reasons(already married w/ or w/o kids, family business pulled him away). I see him mostly as knowing of Mara, but choosing to ignore her. I'd love it if he was played, just to know that Mara's father is out there. He could decide to contact her again, or he could just leave it be.
*possibly not his real name

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