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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Emilia Wright for Jude Wright. Casually alienating offspring since 18882.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

Barnabas Skeeter in CYOA: Group D

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Adoptable Characters
Adoptable Characters

Friends, Romans, Countrymen—anyone tied to your character that you would like to see in play! Ads can be as vague or specific as the requester desires, but should include some ‘unique’ information to distinguish from general networking. Characters needed for specific plots would be better suited to our Plottable Characters listing instead :)

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Wanteds for...
These characters are all those that I would like for a specific thread or ongoing purpose. They'll have full-length ads and be a bit more defined, generally.

You should also take a gander at my plottables!

For Atticus

[Image: EyZmarH.jpg]
The youngest of the Sharpe children, born in 1860. Xavier has lived the most conventionally muggle life of the three of them thus far, finding a position in his early twenties as a footman in an upper class household. When the family, however, had to move to America for business purposes, he was reluctant to go with them, and instead—with his brother’s help—found work doing the same in a mixed magical/muggle household in Irvingly. He keeps a small cottage in Dovecote for himself and is able to walk to work each day, and relishes the fact that he gets to live close to his brother and sister. The suggested PB is Chadwick Boseman.

Immediate Ties: Atticus Sharpe

[Image: D94Ifsw.jpg?1]
The eldest of Atticus’ younger siblings, Belladonna shocked everyone when it was revealed that she was a witch, and she spent her time at Hogwarts in Hufflepuff. In 1873, she married a wizard she met whilst in school, and went on to deliver him three healthy children before he was convicted of defiling a house elf in 1883. Though he was sent to prison, she contacted her brother and got the hell out of there, lest he try to play house again upon his release. Today, she helps her brother to run the inn and works as a nurse at the Irvingly Infirmary. She is very respectful of muggle sensibilities, and seldom uses magic when her brother is present, even though he’s said he does not mind. Her reputation is 8. The suggested PB is Lupita Nyong’o with alternatives to be of African descent. Reserved for Bee!

Immediate Ties: Atticus Sharpe
Bonus Ties: Temperance Fairchild Miriam Trelawney

[Image: i1wcVLP.jpg?1]
B. 1875 | WCHB | ANY | SECOND YEAR (‘88)
Belladonna's oldest child, Jessa finished her first year at Hogwarts only to be unable to return for a second due to ambiguity where her father's parents are concerned. She was able to return after the Christmas holidays, but required to do the second half of her first year over again! Of her siblings, she is the only one to know that her father was sent to prison for lewdness—and the only one to know that her mother is actively hiding from him. She has a sensible head on her shoulders, and her uncle hopes that will stick around into her teenaged years (but one never knows). The suggested PB is Storm Reid. She is mixed race, with a black mother and a white father.

Immediate Ties: Atticus Sharpe
Potential Ties: Sisse Thompsett Sloane Bixby Madeline Bell Alcyone Slughorn Camille Scrimgeour Calla Potts Luce Faucher-De Loncrey Holly Scrimgeour

[Image: 24fUNtJ.jpg?1]
Belladonna's middle child, Annie has always been a bit more naive than her older sister, but is innately incredibly kind and hopes to be a nurse or healer someday. She is still waiting for her first act of magic, and while she knows that it’s not the worst thing ever to be a muggle like her uncles, she wants dearly to go to Hogwarts with her sister in the fall. Of the children, she is the one that Atticus is closest to. The suggested PB is Chloe Coleman. She is mixed race, with a black mother and a white father. Reserved for Fawkes

Immediate Ties: Atticus Sharpe
Potential Ties: Incoming first years

[Image: xWCqL5R.jpg?1]
B. 1880 | WCHB | ANY | CHILD
Rowdy and curious, Monty was named for his grandfather—though the pair are incredibly dissimilar. He doesn’t really remember his father and instead sees Atticus in that role. The suggested PB is Lonnie Chavis. He is mixed race, with a black mother and a white father.

Immediate Ties: Atticus Sharpe

For Castor

[Image: 8pfZLfG.jpg?1]
B. 1868 | MCM | MUGGLE ED. | TUTOR
Castor’s identical twin, though was fortunate enough to miss out on the smallpox thing. Though he did attend some university, he came home when his father took ill and stayed when their mother and sister left, unwilling to leave his twin behind (even though he had felt rather abandoned when Castor went off to Hogwarts). Until he sorts out his life, he’s found work as a tutor for a middle/upper class family in the village. PB is Alfred Enoch.

Immediate Ties: Castor Allaway

For Charles

[Image: r0UWgnY.jpg?1]
Charles’ long-serving assistant, “Tobias” made it three days into his CII internship under Charles before realizing it was absolutely not for him. Charles took pity on the poor intern, recruiting him instead as his personal assistant. This would have been promoted to Sr. Assistant for the hospital overall with Charles’ own promotion in 1880, though if this slot is still filled he can continue to work for Charles personally. Pictured PB is David Oleywo because diversity is aces, but is 100% flexible, as is the name.

Immediate Ties: Charles Jameshill
Bonus Ties: Literally every St Mungo’s employee.
Double Up! Mr. Blott

For Cyrus

[Image: fDAhFFQ.jpg?1]
The Belby girls, Iris joined her brother as a healer at St Mungo’s before ostensibly marrying for love, though the current state of her marriage and the existence of any children is entirely up to you! Cyrus reached out to her after settling down in the slums, and while she won’t meet with him, she does send him occasional, perfunctory letters and liberated supplies to help him do his budget healing work. She does not live in Hogsmeade. The suggested PB is Jodie Comer. Reputation of 7 due to working mother and werewolf brother. Reserved for Meeka

Immediate Ties: Cyrus Westerman Begonia Belby
Bonus Ties: Aria Belby Archer Belby
Potential Ties: Charles Jameshill Sydney Podmore Richard Gladstone Nathalie Jennings Fletcher Langley Kenton Yaxley Kingsley Wells Garrett Cavey
Double Up! Barney’s would-be love

For Desdemona

[Image: 0eMdmic.jpg?1]
The eldest and ostensibly most beautiful of the Collins sisters, Issie has a mild manner and a kind heart. Couple that with her looks and she had no shortage of suiters, but she had already given her heart to ----- Porter. Unfortunately, given that he was of age with her, he was deemed an unsuitable match by her father when he approached Huxley, and so ultimately, Isabella was pressured to marry Mr. Jones instead. Her husband is not cruel, but she has never loved him and instead pines after what could have been. That Cordy married her former love was a huge blow to their relationship, though Cordy does not actually know this which makes it more awkward. The suggested PB is Gal Gadot with alternatives to have dark hair. Reputation of 9 or 10. Are the twins her husband’s? Reserved for Miri

Immediate Ties: Desdemona Pettigrew Cordelia Porter
Bonus Ties: Arthur Pettigrew

[Image: Z57kXKC.jpg?1]
The youngest of the Collins sisters, Sissy went straight to the Ministry after Hogwarts, proclaiming that if there was a man out there for her, she’d probably meet him in the Department of Mysteries anyways. A driven young lady with a sharp intellect and lust for knowledge, Sissy was always considered a bit peculiar by her peers—and her sisters—but pays that fact no mind. The suggested PB is Troian Bellisario with alternatives to have dark hair. Reputation of 7. Reserved for Suzie

Immediate Ties: Desdemona Pettigrew Cordelia Porter
Bonus Ties: Arthur Pettigrew Ernest Mulciber Marlena Scamander
Potential Ties: Other Ministry women

[Image: j3gBFuQ.jpg?1]
Dezzie’s closest friend, the pair met through quidditch. “Edna” is a Keeper, ideally for the Howlers though I can be flexible with either of those points if need be =P Unlike Dezzie, “Edna”’s family has never been particularly supportive of her choice to play quidditch rather than do Normal Girly Things™, and have made it abundantly clear that if she doesn’t marry this year, she’ll have to choose between her family or her career. Unfortunately, “marry” in their books requires someone they actually approve of, so grabbing a teammate won’t help—she’ll have to either find someone boring, or let them choose! The suggested PB is Zazie Beets but as with most things, I am a flexible octopus. Reputation of 6 or 7.

Immediate Ties: Desdemona Pettigrew
Bonus Ties: Arthur Pettigrew
Potential Ties: Ginevra Blackwood Nathaniel Gallivan Jack Humphrey-Mavis Cassius Lestrange Declan Wood Tybalt Kirke Jossima Warbeck Roberto Devine Thom Pettigrew Rufus Bixby Tristan Michaud Thomas Tilcott Esteban Zavala Handsome Whitledge Mundungus MacFusty

For Elinor

[Image: yp68tji.jpg1]
Elinor’s elder brother and the heir to their father’s home and legal practice. A soft purist, Amos found the idea of his sister marrying a muggleborn to be ridiculous and supported his father in his decision; while has thought of her a few times in the years since, he has no interest in reaching out and is quite satisfied pretending she does not exist. He does, however, worry that his daughter (he has at least one child, and she’s female xD) will follow a similar path. He is married, and lives with his wife, mother, and whatever children they have in Hogsmeade or somewhere in England. The suggested PB is Joshua Jackson with alternatives to have brown hair.

Immediate Ties: Elinor Goyle Clifford Goyle

For Evelyn

[Image: ySAS9aP.jpg?1]
Though their marriage was arranged, Elwin and Evelyn were fast to fall genuinely in love with one another and are, by any metric, a splendid couple: she supportive and doting, he understanding and loyal. He does worry, though, about her fragile condition, and so does everything in his power to ensure she is not upset—including keeping a few dreadfully bad investments a secret… The suggested PB is Dan Stevens.

Immediate Ties: Evelyn Abercrombie
Bonus Ties: Pendergasts and Lestranges

For George

[Image: vkVlJ9Z.jpg?1]
The only surviving Waterford of his generation, Wilfred has, for as long as he can remember, aimed to restore his family to its former glory. The first step was to marry a woman for her dowry, though he is genuinely very fond and protective of his wife. The second was to produce an heir and continue the bloodline—hence misregistering George. Even with a proper son, Wilfred knows he has gone too far down the rabbit hole to change things now, and sees the family’s future as hinging upon George’s continued masquerade. He is a strict leader in his household, and plans to run in the next Ministry election. The suggested PB is Joseph Fiennes.

Immediate Ties: George Waterford

[Image: t3ts1i8.jpg]
An only child, Eleanor had a shelterd childhood and adolescence, and was her father’s sole heir when he passed during her sixth year. She married Wilfred as much for security as for love, though is a diligent wife to him. She loves her children dearly and often tries to play peacekeeper between husband and firstborn, with mixed results. Emotionally, she is rather fragile. She is heavily involved in an appropriate local charity. The suggested PB is Winona Ryder with alternatives to be brunette.

Immediate Ties: George Waterford

[Image: r59tUeE.jpg?1]
The de facto leader of their little group because of his outgoing nature, “Julian” is a confident boy and possibly the son of a former quidditch sensation. He is in either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, though struggles academically—even in his best subject, DADA, he only just scraped an E. The suggested PB is Caleb McLaughlin. Reserved for Bee

Immediate Ties: George Waterford Thomas Montgomery
Potential Ties: Aleksei Nichols Cane Backus

[Image: pyr5cMW.jpg?1]
B. late 1873 | MCAB | SLYTHERPUFF | FOURTH YEAR (’88)
The eldest of the group, “Abel” is in Slytherin or Hufflepuff, and knew “Thomas” prior to beginning at Hogwarts. Abel is the youngest of six children, and as a result wavers between horribly immature and thinking he’s much more ‘adult’ than his peers. He dreams of one day being an auror like his father and oldest brother (sub in some high military rank if you make him MB). The suggested PB is Ty Simpkins.

Immediate Ties: George Waterford Thomas Montgomery
Potential Ties: Aleksei Nichols

For Gervaise

[Image: 2NHVWuE.jpg?1]
Gervaise's fiance. The quirky muggleborn apprenticed immediately upon leaving school, but has spent the past two years a herbologist in her own rights, working at a tree farm. It is there that she met Gervaise. She was not entirely certain of him at first, but finds comfort in the fact that he's as nerdy about wands as she is about plants. She's fond of her fiance but not as in love with him as he with her. Pictured PB is America Ferrera because diversity is aces, but is 100% flexible.

Immediate Ties: Gervaise Ollivander
Potential Ties: Temerita Reid Gideon Ollivander Gemma Simpson

For Hamish

[Image: cgcU5hU.jpg?1]
Hamish’s firstborn and closest friend, it was just the two of them for several years before Hamish remarried after the loss of his wife, Morag, in childbirth. A jovial and rather intemperate fellow, he surprised everyone by not only scoring high enough OWLs and NEWTs to become a healer, but by actually doing so. Ramsay nearly died of the Laughing Plague in ’84 and took longer than most to fully recover his faculties, eventually going back to work at Hogsmeade Hospital in ’87. The suggested PB is Mark Addy.

Immediate Ties: Hamish Darrow Tessa Darrow
Bonus Ties: Annabelle Bones J. Alfred Darrow Baxter Keene Finlay Connolly Ari Fisk Killian Macmillan

[Image: wpbiOr3.jpg?1]
Hamish’s middle grandchild. Always the most serious of the Darrow brood (not saying much), he was, of the whole family, the most shaken by Ramsay’s prolonged illness. He is still a bit surly towards his friends as a result, but tries to still put on a good face for the family so they won’t worry. Allie only calls Roy “Uncle” when he’s being snide. He is exceptionally thin and angular and would probably make for a good seeker or keeper because long limbs. The suggested PB is Wyatt Oleff.

Immediate Ties: Hamish Darrow Tessa Darrow
Bonus Ties: J. Alfred Darrow
Potential Ties: Goodluck Warbeck

[Image: Ad4DPMz.jpg?1]
Hamish’s youngest child. Roy has always idolized his brother Mercutio, and wants to be an auror too someday…though can’t reconcile that with his frequent desire to make mischief. He does his best to get along with everyone, but often quarrels with his older nephew Allie. The suggested PB is Jeremy Ray.

Immediate Ties: Hamish Darrow Tessa Darrow
Bonus Ties: J. Alfred Darrow
Potential Ties: Germander Macnair Goodluck Warbeck

For Holliday

[Image: g70Mv2e.jpg?1]
#MostLikelyToBeADebutante. Of the Fudges, Irene is the most likely to eschew a middle class lifestyle and try to marry up, though her ambition is tempered by her kind heart and loyal nature. She and Holliday are affectionate but not close, and a part of her that she would never admit to is afraid that her sister’s friendship with Topaz Urquart will cause Irene problems herself. The suggested PB is Malina Weissman with alternatives to be brunette or dark blonde-haired. She is unsure what to make of her father’s present status, but tries to be optimistic about it—at least in his presence.

Immediate Ties: Holliday Fudge Herbert Fudge Paxton Fudge Somersby Fudge
Potential Ties: Honey Whitledge Arthur Price Calla Potts Luce Faucher-De Loncrey Aleksei Nichols Elijah Urquart Holly Scrimgeour

For Odira

[Image: hZCvRcN.jpg?1]
Odira’s twin brother, Gideon was always the shyer of the two, and took his sister’s disappearance particularly hard. He got along well with Bennet, and while he was reluctant to interact with Odira when she first came home, has set about mending fences since her husband’s death out of loyalty to dead-Bennet and pre-amnesia-Odira. He obtained a hospital internship the year he finished at Hogwarts. Like his sister, he is a romantic at heart; unlike his sister, his current status (23, living with the parents) means he knows he can’t do anything about it yet not that he won’t The suggested PB is Hale Appleman with alternatives to be dark-haired.

Immediate Ties: Odira Potter Calliope Riley Sampson Browne Loretta Browne Prudence Browne
Bonus Ties: Thom Pettigrew Esther Browne
Potential Ties: Any played healers

[Image: CK2V23j.jpg?1]
B. AUG. 1883 | MCPB | — | CHILD
The eldest child of the late Darcy and the late Eulalie Potter, young Jamie is much beloved by his aunt and guardian, Odira. He is a curious boy with good-manners and a strong sense of child’s logic—Auntie O might say no if he asks to go to the park, but if he goes to the park without her say-so, he won’t technically be disobeying her! He doesn’t much care for book learning, much to Odira’s dismay. Realistically, he can be played with ease in Padmore Park, Denbright’s Emporium, or Honeyduke’s Sweet Shop as long as Nanny is NPCed as being in tow. Anywhere else, he should be with family! The suggested PB is Mapk Doronin.

Immediate Ties: Odira Potter Lyra Potter
Bonus Ties: Baxter Keene Calliope Riley Loretta Browne Sampson Browne Esther Browne Prudence Browne Elsie Beauregard

For Rufina

[Image: GIxPOQ1.jpg?1]
Until recently, “Ida” served as a housemaid to the Mulcibers, however was very loudly ‘let go’ to attend Cosmetic Techniques at Blishwick on the sly. Rufina had suspected her previous LM of stealing from her but did not wish to sack the woman without a suitable replacement, and while “Ida” was young for the role and lacked experience, Rufina was quite certain training up someone she knew and trusted would be better than bringing in a stranger (also: cheaper). “Ida” returned to the Mulciber home in her new post in March of ’88, though it’s been something of a learning curve for her. Ideally, Olive will pimp out Ursula’s lady’s maid so she can have a (played) mentor ;) Noteworthy is that, while LMs are to be referred to by their surnames, Rufina still calls “Ida” by her first as a matter of habit.

Name and ethnicity are flexible, but she should have been born and raised in Britain. The pictured PB is Mia Wasikowska.

Immediate Ties: Rufina Mulciber
Potential Ties: Ernest Mulciber Merriweather Mulciber Flora Mulciber
Double Up! Poppy Davis, Marianne Townsend, a Miss Dodderidge

If I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.
Lynn's Family Ads
Current as of 7/15/18.
For Ernest Mulciber:
Mrs. Mulciber
Ernest's mother, Marguerite (name open) was born in 1820 and is an UCPB. She resented Ernest before he was even conceived for not arriving in the world earlier, as his delivery (her second) left her free to put her wifely and motherly duties aside in pursuit of her true passion: dominating the wealthy pureblood social scene. Although never a particularly affectionate mother, she was much more fond of her oldest son, Edwin, and hand-picked his future bride when she arranged his marriage to Rufina Mulciber. She was the one who pushed to move the betrothal over following Edwin's death, because she liked Rufina more than either of her sons, really, and there was no sense in losing the connection she'd worked so hard to get.

I have no specific plans for her but potential funtimes involve being quietly disparaging of Ernest, mentoring Rufina and potentially Rufina's bff Ursula Black as well, doting on her granddaughter Flora Mulciber, pretending to forget that her grandson Merriweather Mulciber exists (she was not particularly fond of Ernest's first wife or the circumstances under which the marriage transpired), chumming it up with Lucy Pettigrew, Josephina Flint, and any other UCPB socialites around her age, ruining the prospects of new debutantes for fun, hosting the best parties, funding research into anti-wrinkle cremes made from the tears of younger women, etc. She'll also have a front row seat to upcoming #dramaz feat. Lynn & Kayte & co., and who doesn't want that?

Pictured PB is Christine Baranski, alternatives to be fabulous.

For J. Alfred Darrow:
Evander Darrow
Evander Darrow is a MCHB born 1849. He and Alfred were never close as children owing to the fact that Evander was kind of a bully/a little shit as a kid. He has some sort of Ministerial career and for a long while believed himself to be the last of his particular branch of Darrows, until Alfred returned from the dead in September of 1887. His marital/family status is open! He disapproves of Alfred's expeditions; whether that's because he doesn't like the career as a whole or whether he's simply concerned his brother will go missing again is up to you!

Pictured is Ethan Hawke but PB is largely open.

is it a crime to love too well?
To bear too tender, or too firm a heart, to act a lover's or a Roman's part?
Is there no bright reversion in the sky, for those who greatly think, or bravely die?
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Fallin's Adoptables

All play-bys are open to you, I just ask that they look related to the characters in their family. I am fairly flexible with whatever you would like to do to make the character your's, but please do let me know of any changes you are considering. And finally, pm Sisse Thompsett to reserve before creating. I reserve the right to hold the reserve for only a week before I open it again. Thanks!

Wish list:
Catherine Smith for Percival Adlard Jr.
Bee's Bixbys (See Below) for Rufus Bixby
Matthew Thompsett, Jr. for Sisse Thompsett

The Adlard Family

For Mr. Percival Adlard Jr. & Miss. Felicity Adlard
Percy is looking for his beloved sisters to be played. Most details about his family can be found in his profile but here’s a good sum up:

Catherine Smith, nee Adlard
MCHB | Any House | b. 1878

Also known as Cat or Cathy, Percy grew up being the closest to Catherine. Percy described her as bright, high energy, and prone to getting into trouble in their childhood. Not much has changed since then. Catherine is a MCHB widow (from the plague) with two young children (Alfred “Fred” & Constance “Connie”) who Percy absolutely adores. She graduated from Hogwarts in 1878, house is up to you, and married Timothy Smith in 1881. She had her first child, Alfred, in 1882 and was pregnant with her daughter during the plague. After the death of her husband she moved in with Percy until a cure was found at which time she stubbornly removed herself back to her old home and has remained there since. Cat has been portrayed as strong willed, kind, loving of her family, stubborn, cheerful despite her odds in life. She also worries for Percy and is looking for a wife for him, but she generally leaves this to Felicity.

The Thompsett Family

For Miss Sisse Thompsett
The Thompsetts are a MCHB family, Sisse is close with her younger brother, Henry, however, she interacts most with her older brother Matthew who is also at Hogwarts.

Matthew Thompsett, Sr.
MCPB | Gryffindor | b. 1841

Born 1841 to a pureblood family, Mr. Thompsett attended all seven years of Hogwarts as a Gryffindor, before taking an internship with the ministry. He now works in the ministry in a job that Sisse has never quite figured out (i.e. up to you). He his a respectable man and worked his way up the ranks until he was able to support a family. He met his wife in 1873 and the two were set to marry within the first two months of their courtship. At the exposure of the wizarding world he moved his family to Hogsmeade in 1871. He is respected by his children and is more lenient that his wife in regards to what they can and can't do. He is frugal and most of his personality is up to whomever would like to play him.

Charlotte Thompsett, nee ---
MCMB | Hufflepuff | b. 1853

Born to a muggle family in 1853 Mrs. Thompsett was raised in Kent with her sister Sisse. She attended Hogwarts as a Hufflepuff and excelled at potions. Following graduation she worked as a seamstress at a wizarding robe shop. She had a whirlwind courtship with Matthew Thompsett and the two were married in 1871. She has had difficulties with pregnancies and as such is very protective of her children. She is loving but she tends to encourage her children to be respectable and model children. As such she can come off as a bit strict. Most of the affect her children have received comes at the hands of their nanny, Miss Hughes. Charlotte is a well respected woman in the community, however, she does have a tendency to keep her children at home when she makes social calls as she still considers herself somewhat of an outsider in the wizarding world and only wants her children to be seen as the best.

Matthew Thompsett, Jr.
MCHB | Incoming 5th Year Gryffindor | b. 1872

The oldest Thompsett child Matthew was born in 1872. He attended Hogwarts starting in 1883 and was sorted into Gryffindor. He's described in Sisse's posts as your typical popular boy, with lots of friends and an attitude to go with it. He also is known for thinking himself much more mature than his younger siblings. He loves exploding snap and quidditch but is afraid of flying (not a well known fact).

Henry Thompsett
MCHB | Incoming 1st Year | b. 1877

The youngest Thompsett child, Henry was born in 1877. He is especially close with his older sister as the two are so close in age and were left much on their own when Matthew went to school. He is excited to attend Hogwarts with his siblings in 1888. His personality is largely up to whomever plays him as is his house. If you are looking for a wee little firsty to start your 1888-1889 school year off, Henry is the boy for you.

The Bellchant Cottage Staff
For Miss Nimiane Bellchant

The Bellchant Cottage staff moved to Irvingly with Nimiane when she convinced her father that no one in their society would really want to marry her. He had had the cottage purchased for her in 1885 and she unofficially moved permanently there in 1886 despite her family's desire for her to continue looking for a husband. Now she is a self proclaimed spinster and spends much of her time there with the staff who her father has placed there for her comfort.

The Butler
WCAB | Some Magical Education | 40s-60s
Mister Bellchant put him in charge of his only daughter Nimiane Bellchant when she 'retired' from the social scene to her small cottage in Irvingly. He doesn't neccessarily approve of Nimmie's situation and often seems stern around her, however, he does have a fondness for her as he has been with the family since her childhood. He thinks that Nimmie should be more social and is one of the few who knows that she is an author. He can disapprove of her being a squib or can sympathize, but I can see him being kindly but distant to Nimmie. He provides magic and protect for her and is one of the few to keep her company.

The Housekeeper/Cook
WCAB | Some Magical Education | 30s-60s
Has also been with the Bellchants for a good long while. She has lots of opinions and doesn't have a problem letting her young 'charge' know them. She feels like the banishment to Bellchant cottage is just that, perhaps because she also had to take on an extra role, and sees no good in Nimiane keeping from the rest of the world. She can have any opinion on Nimiane but I think at the end of the day she'll be protective of Nimiane.

The Delaney Staff
For Miss Caroline Delaney & Shawn Delaney

Caroline and her brother came from London to further the Delaney shipping name. Their staff is handpicked and groomed from their father's employees.

Hope ----, the Maid
WCAB | American | 18-20
Hope and Caroline grew up together as such they are as close as thieves now. If Caroline's up to some kind of trouble you can bet that Hope is in on it. They may not have gone to school together but Hope has some education. She and her family are also very loyal to the Delaneys and she would have been raised for this position. She is from Boston and is from the working class. The rest is up to you.

UPDATED: July 22, 2018

[Image: x5VH1p.png]
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Bee's Wanteds
01 | Reservations are requested so I know you're interested, just touch base with me. They are at my discretion for duration. All of my contact information is in Elsie's profile.
02 | Bolded things are strongly preferred, but I'll work with you if I can. Names and ages are pretty fixed as the families are pretty established. Please include a personality section! Play bys are flexible as long as they fit the establish family dynamics. Run them by me, I'd be more than happy to help! If they are labeled "Open PB" just run it by me first please! I'm just looking for family resemblances!
03 | Lots of activity is a nice bonus, but I totally understand that real life gets in the way. Please keep me updated about your intentions as they change (ie vacations or deactivation) just so we're on the same page! If I notice repeated deactivation in ACs I'll reach out!

BEE'S Wishlist:
The Lynches and Bixbys, also Oswald Umbridge because yes, I needs him.

Also Up for Adoption
Additional Ads - I've streamlined the ads to reflect characters I want most- there are more listed in this spreadsheet who have plenty of ties, but nothing specific in mind, take a peek and feel free to ask about them for more details!

A Batch of Beauregards
Middle Class Halfbloods
Elsie Beauregard, Adella Calendar, Harvey Beauregard,
Lucinda Cavanaugh & Leah Beauregard

The family of Vincent and Stella Beauregard are originally from Liverpool, England. Vincent is a manager for a very large merchant shipping business and spends the majority of his time traveling for work. They have six children, though in 1883 lost their eldest son. They also have a family ward who is grown and moved out, Shay Ross. Their full history is in Elsie's profile.

Charlotte "Lottie" --- Beauregard
May 23rd, 1871 | Puff/Claw | single | 9 rep
7th Year Student
Raffey Cassidy

The older of the twins, Lottie is much more alike Elsie in personality than anyone else. She tends to like school and is more quiet, but warm and caring. She and Owen are opposites of one another in many respects and but tend to get along alright. She's a GREAT candidate for #prefectseason, as she is responsible and studious!

Owen --- Beauregard
May 23rd, 1871 | Gryffindor | single | rep 9
7th Year Student
Chandler Canterbury

A quidditch nut through and through, Owen is not the best of students. He and Lottie are not always close, but they do get along fairly well. He likely plays for the house quidditch team if there's space! Adventurous and outgoing he's pretty quick to make friends, but can sometimes be a little flakey.

The Brothers Bixby
Middle Class Halfbloods
Sloane Bixby & Rufus Bixby

The Bixby family is centered around quidditch. Carson played and now coaches; most of the boys play as well or have some involvement with brooms. Even Ma Bixby works in the Broom Regulatory Office. Sloane is the baby and only girl, but she doesn't want to be treated as such! They're kind of quirky (thus the 8 rep) dad is super laid back and all about the sport and mom just goes with the flow, though she would like Sloane to have some ladylike qualities.

Carson --- Bixby
1834 | open house | married | 8 rep
Professional Quidditch Coach
Eric Bana

Patriarch of the Bixby clan, Carson is very much a laid back creature. Most everything in his life revolves around quidditch. His boys play, he's totally down with Sloane playing and his wife works with brooms; it's all relevant. He and Fiona married for love and get along quite nicely. He is pro-female athletes and could easily be  considered a soft feminist. He coaches a pro team (likely the one he played for professionally!) but always makes time for his kids! I wouldn't say no to him being the flight instructor at Hogwarts, if it ever opens up!

#doubleup with the Hogsmeade Howler's Coach, he's been mentioned as coaching a different team, but could make the move!

Alvin --- Bixby
1867 | open house | single | 8 rep
Apprentice Broom Maker
Dylan O'Brien

Certainly the brightest of the family, Alvin may or may not have played quidditch in school. If he did, probably was not as good at is as Rufus, which he may have been self-conscious about. Regardless, after graduation he chose to follow more in his mother's footsteps and pursue an apprenticeship with a broom maker. Delighted, Fiona encouraged him to give it a shot!

#doubleup with a not quite a wanted

Harrison --- Bixby
Sept 1 - Dec 31 1870 | open house | single | 8 rep
7th Year Student
Quinn Lord

A traditional middle child, Harrison is the balance of the Bixby siblings and the most likely to baby Sloane especially now that she's at school; which she can sometimes resent. He's a decent student and likely plays for his house team in quidditch (or is in Club Quidditch!)! He may or may not choose to go into quidditch after school, or may go into the DGMaS instead!

Wallace --- Bixby
1873 | open house | single | 8 rep
Incoming 5th Year Student
Jake Short

Wallace is the only other sibling to rival Sloane in energy. He was a little put out when she was born, especially since she was a girl and took a while to warm up. They have an okay relationship and he is most likely to encourage her adventures and is a mediocre student. He probably plays for his house team as well (or Club Quidditch!)

The Lynch Ladies
Middle Class Purebloods
February Lynch, January Lynch, October Lynch & August Lynch

The Lynches are a  MCPB family with a little bit of drama. August disappeared on New Year's eve going into 1886. He was gone for over a year and presumed dead. He was later found over a year and a half later, with absolutely no memory of where he was or what happened. Febs was #distraught about it, despite the fact that they had weren't super close. The girls who have graduated are debutantes of some degree, though their success is minimal so far! February has recently had some "misadventures" published in the Daily Prophet in connection to a very handsome auror... Bonus ties to Edric Umbridge

September --- Lynch
Summer 1868 | likely Gryff | single | 8/9 rep
Divining Debutante
Taylor Marie Hill

A romantic through and through, September is in love with the idea of love and falling for a handsome gentleman. She is an avid fan of divination and fancies herself a possible seer (she is not) which she gets from her mother. September has a big personality and likely drives some of her sisters crazy, but those relationships are up for discussion (with their specific players)!

Romilda "Rose" --- Lynch née Moody
1844 | open house | married | 8/9 rep
Plucky Housewife
Rachel Weiss
(alternatives to be age-appropriate brunettes)

Rose used to be a more carefree mother, a bit of a daydreamer with the slightest of sights, she can mostly accurately predict the weather, but little more. She does to tarot readings and dabbles in divination as a hobby, which is likely where September gets her love of divination from. Rose's parenting changed with August's disappearance, though why specifically is fairly open. February's recent antics (though they've slowed lately!) have showed the change more viscerally. What she thinks Febs is up to and what she wants to about it are open for the drama-llama of it all. She may have connections via her maiden name, but I'm not sure they exist anymore, I need to dig haha!

The Last Lupin
Upper Class Purebloods
Leon Lupin, Elsbeth Lupin, Leo Lupin, Lionel Lupin,
Lysander Lupin & Louisa Lupin

The Lupins are an UCPB family of means and reputation (though the rep depends on which one you're talking to). Leon married Elsbeth Echelon-Arnost and took a bit of a rep ding, but still maintains a playboy reputation. They own a large, international shipping company with more than one dockyard, though the main docks are in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Lexington --- Lupin
1863 | open house | single | 6-8 rep
Open Occupation
Nicholas Simoes

Lexington was likely a Gryffindor and is unsure about his direction in life. He may or may not have had some failed business and/or romantic ventures. He's much more liberal on blood purity and class equality than the rest of his family and doesn't really share a lot of their views. Alternatively he may be a hardworking guy who plugs away at a ministry or hospital job and advocates for halfbreed rights. Mostly he's just not your typical Stuffy UCPB Dude™ and has therefore been dubbed the Family Fuckup™.

Abercrombies Ahoy!
Upper Class Purebloods
Nora Abercrombie, Evelyn Abercrombie & Elwin Abercrombie

A UCPB family with a bit of weight to them, this branch of Abercrombies is relatively laid back. They do stick to other UCPB families, but are not outwardly or annoyingly purist. They kind of just do their own thing and have some ties to other prominent UCPB families. I'm open to adding more as the family grows.

Gaston --- Abercrombie
1861 | open house | single | 9 rep
Adrien Sahores

Gaston likely works in a more reputable department in the ministry (though is probably not in administration yet). He's nearing an age where he could start looking for a wife. His personality can go one of two ways as we see it, he's either overtly flirtatious without a lot of substance behind it or he's painfully shy and awkward, like Nora. Either way he's incredibly bright and may or may not used it to his advantage where he sees fit. Helga Scamander, one of Nora's best friends, has been eyeing him as possible suitor since her seventh year... and she's probably not subtle about it. There's plenty of amusement to be had!

Queen Keene
Middle Class Halfbloods
Baxter Keene

The Keene siblings are from a comfortable middle class family in which their father died shortly after Perry's birth. He left them set financially, though emotionally it was rough. Bax took it hard, but it also took him a little while to own up to the responsibility of being the family head. Asa and Perry Keene are also up for adoption and are listed the spreadsheet at the top!

Catherine "Kitty" --- née Keene
1859 | open house | married | 8/9 rep
Scarlett Johansson

Kitty is, and will always be, the most dominant of the Keene siblings. She is married (or widowed!) and likely has children that will be close to Hogwarts. Her mother lives with her and her family and Kitty commands a household like no other. Since Baxter's promotion she had made it her sole mission to see him married as she thinks it's long overdue. How she felt about his previous engagement is open as are her feelings about Odira Potter and Baxter's relationship with her. Kitty is heavily involved in charity work, especially concerning the hospital and has organized several fundraisers and events for it since Bax's promotion.

And remember automatic  graphics to whoever picks one up, *including those on my wishlist who are not mine* regardless of the condition of my shop!!

[Image: vVzkgc.png]
Bree's Adoptables
  • Please contact me (Skype or PM Edric Umbridge) before you register and/or app!
  • Details may or may not be set-in-stone, so don't hesitate to ask if you're curious!
  • Please contact me before you drop a character, whether it be temporarily or permanently, to avoid hurt feelings! If you're just not feeling the character, either, don't be afraid to tell me so!
Last updated: 06.15.2018 | Click for my plottable adoptables!


— for Hudson Podmore
b. 1849 | UCHB | Uagadou | Wife/Proper Job | Rep 6-8

Beatrice Podmore (née Moodley) is the wife of Hudson Podmore. Born in 1849, Beatrice likely attended Uagadou (or was potentially homeschooled!). The daughter of a MC merchant, she met Hudson while he temporarily stayed with their family to study a creature that was terrorizing their household—and he never seemed to leave! Her father initially disapproved of the match and the two were forced to continue their romance in secret, but eventually married and returned to Britain in 1870. She may have a career as long as it's appropriate for her station.

The suggested PB is Naomie Harris, with alternatives to be age-appropriate POC!

Immediate Ties: Hudson Podmore, Sydney Podmore, Clinton Podmore
Potential Ties: —


— for Hudson Podmore
b. 1871 | UCHB | Gryffindor | Sixth Year ('88) | Rep 8

Ambrose Podmore is the son of Hudson Podmore. Born in December of 1871, Ambrose attends Hogwarts as a Gryffindor. The eldest son, Ambrose inherited his father's sense of adventure—but unfortunately, the same can't be said for his academic prowess. More interested in sports than his classes, Hudson has constantly worried whether he'll make it through his NEWTs. He didn't take CoMC class to make a statement, but his upbringing means that he'll likely pursue a physical career if he has one at all!

The suggested PB is Keith Powers, with alternatives to be age-appropriate POC!

Immediate Ties: Hudson Podmore, Sydney Podmore, Clinton Podmore
Potential Ties: —


— for Hudson Podmore
b. 1873 | UCHB | Gryffindor | Fifth Year ('88) | Rep 8

Roxanne Podmore is the daughter of Hudson Podmore. Born in April of 1873, Roxanne attends Hogwarts as a Gryffindor. Currently in the phase of her life where all she does it talk about boys and her future marriage, Roxanne has made her father paranoid to the point of keeping a particularly close eye on any boy she's blabbering about. She is a strong student and does not hide the fact, mostly to annoy Ambrose.

The suggested PB is Yara Shahidi, with alternatives to be age-appropriate POC!

Immediate Ties: Hudson Podmore, Sydney Podmore, Clinton Podmore
Potential Ties: —


— for Hudson Podmore
b. 1874 | UCHB | Slytherin | Fourth Year ('88) | Rep 8

Charlotte Podmore is the daughter of Hudson Podmore. Born in the summer of 1874, Charlotte attends Hogwarts as a Slytherin. She avoided her father's prying gaze the year he was appointed the Gyrffindor Head of House and expressed happiness at this fact, much to her father's chagrin. She is far more bookish and altogether in a world of her own, caring very little about marriage and what lies beyond the foreseeable future. She is very inclined towards activism and wants to reduce British xenophobia.

The suggested PB is Marsai Martin, with alternatives to be age-appropriate POC!

Immediate Ties: Hudson Podmore, Sydney Podmore, Clinton Podmore
Potential Ties: —


— for Hudson Podmore
b. 1877 | UCHB | Open House | First Year ('88) | Rep 8

Aric Podmore is the son of Hudson Podmore. Born in the summer of 1877, Aric is due to go off to Hogwarts in September of 1888 and may be sorted into any house. The youngest child in the family, Aric has always been a little insecure—he's not as sporty as Ambrose, intelligent as Roxanne, or ambitious as Charlotte. He's unsure of what he wants from life, but is just glad he'll get to spend more time with his father while at school. Hudson is very excited for him to come to Hogwarts.

The suggested PB is Tyree Brown, with alternatives to be age-appropriate POC!

Immediate Ties: Hudson Podmore, Sydney Podmore, Clinton Podmore
Potential Ties: —


— for Dolores Diggory
b. 1871 | MCHB | Open House | Seventh Year ('88) | Rep 9-10

Lydia Lockhart is the younger sister of Dolores Diggory. Born in early 1871, Lydia began Hogwarts in 1882 and was sorted into any house. A mild-mannered and easygoing child, the only thing preventing Dolly and her from being close is their age difference. Dolly does, however, look forward to playing an active role in her life as a debutante when she comes of age.

The suggested PB is Danielle Campell, with alternatives to be age-appropriate and brunette.

Immediate Ties: Dolores Diggory
Potential Ties: Fortuna Lockhart

reserved for Bubbles!


— for Dolores Diggory
b. 1858 | MCHB | Open House | Ministry Translator | Rep 9-10

Gabriel Diggory is the husband of Dolores Diggory. Born in 1858, Gabriel attended Hogwarts and was sorted into any house. He is a polyglot, being able to fluently speak at least five languages, one of which includes Arabic. This afforded him the opportunity to join the British liaison to Morocco sometime between 1882-1885, where he would eventually meet the liaison's daughter, Dolly Lockhart.

While not initially taken with her, months of constant interaction (and some good ol' fashion meddling on the part of Inès Valentine) eventually brought the two together. They married in late 1885, and remained in the country until 1887. The two began renting an Irvingly home, but have since struggled to conceive.

His personality, immediate family, and childhood are mostly up to the player, with a few requirements: (1) he must be a firstborn son, (2) he's considered "well-off" MC, (3) he's not a complete asshole and is able to share a loving, affectionate relationship with his wife.

The suggested PB is Richard Madden, with alternatives to be age-appropriate.

Immediate Ties: Dolores Diggory, Inès Valentine, Clara Ross, Esther Browne
Potential Ties: Fortuna Lockhart


— for Edric Umbridge
b. 1812 | MCPB | Open House | Businessman | Rep 7-9

Oswald Umbridge is the father of Edric Umbridge. Born in 1812, Oswald completed his NEWTs and immediately went into the family business, which at the time was limited to a single mill in Southeast England. Under the guidance of his father, he learned how to manage the business, and ended up inheriting it earlier rather than later due to his father's untimely death.

After the business was passed into his hands, he became obsessed with it — even to the point where his mother began worrying whether he would ever pursue a woman and family. His single mill turned into multiple factories in the area, which eventually spread across the British Isles. He married Miss Ella ----- under the advisement of his mother, but his love of work prevented him from paying his new wife (event eventually his firstborn son) ample attention.

After a few tumultuous years of marriage, Ella packed up her things and fled to the countryside with a lover of hers, leaving him with a toddler-aged son to care for himself. He divorced her nearly six months later, but only after finally relinquishing all hope of her returning. He never remarried. He's recently began badgering his son to marry, much to both Edric's dismay and excitement, if only because it means his father's paying him attention rather than his business.

The suggested PB is Aiden Shaw, with alternatives to be white and age-appropriate.

Immediate Ties: Edric Umbridge
Potential Ties: February Lynch


— for Justice Rookwood
b. 1873 | MCPB | Incoming Student | First Year ('88) | Rep 8

Faye Rookwood is the sister of Justice Rookwood. Born in 1877, Faye will begin Hogwarts in September of 1888 and may be sorted by the Sorting Hat—though Ravenclaw is what her siblings have been predicting!

Less pretty but exceedingly more intelligent than her elder sister, Faye could be considered a "genius" by modern standards; however, with little desire for a career, she's likely to spend her adult years cooped up in a library. After years of being called out on his lies, Justice often gives her blunt answers to questions — even to the point of exposing her to knowledge she probably shouldn't have at her age. Voted most likely to inform her female friends what sex is before they get married.

Unlike her sister (who's prone to bursting into tears at the mention of their parents' demise), Faye has taken an active interest in the mystery and has always wondered what really happened. She was delighted by the move to Hogsmeade, and has taken a particular interest in their Uncle's reptile room—an interest Justice has tried his best to discourage! Though academically-inclined, it's likely her brains will show themselves through clever, quirky behaviors rather than arrogance.

Her suggested PB is Jordyn Negri, with alternatives to be dark-haired and plain-ish in appearance.

Immediate Ties: Justice Rookwood, Clementine Rookwood
Potential Ties: Incoming firsties!


— for Holly Scrimgeour
b. 1828 | UCPB | Slytherin Alumnus | Ministry Occupation | Rep 9

Hadrian Scrimgeour is the father of Holly Scrimgeour. He was born in 1828 as the second son of Charon and Arista Scrimgeour (and the younger brother to Argus Scrimgeour). He attended Hogwarts as a Slytherin. Though he was always seen as living in his brother's shadow, he eventually went onto become more successful than Argus — both career-wise and socially.

He married Margery Goyle, though that marriage came to an abrupt end when she died giving birth to twins in 1876. He remarried two years later to Rosalie Burke. In 1884, all but two of his children perished in the laughing plague. Ever since, he's put much more focus on his career, being a more distant husband and father out of fear that they too will die.

His suggested PB is Sean Bean, with alternatives to have a similar ~aesthetic~.

Immediate Ties: Argus Scrimgeour, Holly Scrimgeour, Camille Scrimgeour
Potential Ties: Lucius Lestrange


— for Bella Scrimgeour
b. 1842 | UCPB | Slytherin/Hufflepuff Alumna | Socialite | Rep 8

Media Scrimgeour (née Bulstrode) is the mother of Bella Scrimgeour. Born in 1842, Media attended Hogwarts as either a Slytherin or Hufflepuff. While never asocial, she was never considered particularly charming; much of her appeal came from her unfaltering loyalty, which easily allowed her to become a pawn to those who could charm her.

Such was the case when she married Argus Scrimgeour, her first cousin, in an arranged marriage in 1861. She produced a child shortly after, though struggled to conceive (much like many of the women in her family) until she gave birth to twins in 1868. During that period, she struggled with her husband's retirement and instability, and frequently became a victim to his paranoia.

The suggested PB is Amanda Peet, with alternatives to strongly resemble Bella's PB.

Immediate Ties: Argus Scrimgeour, Julius Scrimgeour, Araminta Scrimgeour, Bella Scrimgeour


— for Bella Scrimgeour/Lucille Flint
b. 1849 | UCPB | Slytherin Alumna | Socialite | Rep 9

Laverna Flint (née Bulstrode) is the aunt and guardian (technically) of Bella Scrimgeour. Born in 1849, Laverna was the youngest of her siblings. She attended Hogwarts as a Slytherin, though never subscribed to the philosophy of pureblood supremacy in the way her parents did.

Amiable but uncooperative in her youth, Laverna resisted attempts to be married off by her parents, but ultimately succumbed to familial pressures. She married Titanus Flint, a twice-widowed gentleman in his seventies with no living children, and produced one daughter (Lucille Flint) before her husband perished a year later. She was never a stunning socialite, instead preferring the company of a few close friends and family members. She took Bella in during the summer of 1887 and allowed her to pursue an internship at St. Mungo's — at least until April of 1888, when her niece fled the Flint estate after being tortured by her father.

The suggested PB is Jennifer Garner, with alternatives to resemble Bella's PB.

Immediate Ties: Lucille Flint, Bella Scrimgeour
Potential Ties: Annabelle Bones, Elladora Black


— for Carius Bulstrode
b. 1845 | UCPB | Slytherin/Ravenclaw Alumnus | Open Occupation | Rep 10

Florian Bulstrode is the father of Carius Bulstrode. Born in 1845 as the first (and eventually and only) son in the Bulstrode family, Florian attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin or Ravenclaw. While always carrying his family's deeply-held prejudices, he always approached others amicably — no matter their backgrounds — mostly out of fear of being disliked.

Whether he pursued a career after graduation is up to the player, but it would likely be a more interest-based occupation like academia or quidditch (though nothing as risky as curse-breaking). He married Carina Nott shortly after she debuted, and the couple have two children.

The suggested PB is Jude Law, with alternatives to have brown hair and blue eyes.

Immediate Ties: Carius Bulstrode
Potential Ties: Balthazar Urquart


— for Carius Bulstrode
b. 1857 | UCPB | Open House | Socialite | Rep 9

Carina Bulstrode (née Nott) is the mother of Carius Bulstrode. Born early in 1857, Carina began Hogwarts at the same time as her elder brother (Warwick Nott) and was sorted into any house. While never particularly bigoted or catty, Carina valued reputation above anything else; as such, she associated with people of her own blood and class out of convenience.

Carina married Florian Bulstrode within months of coming out, and produced two children within a span of two years. The couple have since been without children, which may have sparked rumors on more than one occasion. The reason for the sudden pause to their ~reproductive habits~ is up to the player, though she does not suffer from fertility issues.

The suggested PB is Gal Gadot, with alternatives to be dark-haired and dark-eyed.

Immediate Ties: Carius Bulstrode, Warwick Nott
Potential Ties: Livia Crabbe, Ursula Black


— for Carius Bulstrode/Holly Scrimgeour
b. 1876 | UCPB | Slytherin | Second Year ('88) | Rep 10

Narcissa Bulstrode is the younger sister of Carius Bulstrode. Born in early 1876, she grew up alongside Holly Scrimgeour, her second cousin and best friend. She began Hogwarts in September of 1887 and was sorted into Slytherin. A people-person with a great deal of patience, she may have been suited for Hufflepuff as well — though she likely begged the hat to place her in Slytherin.

Whereas her brother took after their mother in appearance, Narcissa may have taken after her father. She and Holly have begun to grow apart in recent months, as their separate ambitions have left them in separate friend groups. While Holly values knowledge and gaining power, Narcissa simply wishes to have lots of friends — which Holly's unpopularity hasn't helped with.

The suggested PB is Chloe East, with alternatives to be age-appropriate and with dark or light brown hair.

Immediate Ties: Carius Bulstrode, Holly Scrimgeour, Camille Scrimgeour
Potential Ties: Lucille Flint, Bella Scrimgeour, Seneca Lestrange


— for Bella Scrimgeour/Lucille Flint/Carius Bulstrode
b. 1821 | UCPB | Open House | Socialite | Rep 10

Regula Bulstrode (née Crabbe) is the grandmother of Bella Scrimgeour. Born in 1821, Regula attended Hogwarts and was sorted into any house. She likely received her NEWTs, though immediately married her betrothed, (the late) Gratian Bulstrode, after her schooling finished.

She was always the bossy sort of mother, judging every decision her children made. She saw to it that they were all betrothed (with the intention of making sure marriage was the one thing they could not screw up on). Her marriage, while loveless, was built upon mutual respect and understanding, and as such she spoke very highly of her husband until his passing.

Following her husband's passing (and her eldest son's inheritance of their family home), she lived with him for a while before being "gifted" a countryside home (which, in all reality, was Florian's way of telling her "stop trying to tell me how to manage my family"). She took the gift graciously, and now proudly proclaims her widowed status while throwing opium and booze-filled parties every weekend.

The suggested PB is Isabella Huppert, with alternatives to be brown/auburn-haired and light-eyed.

Immediate Ties: Bella Scrimgeour, Lucille Flint, Carius Bulstrode, Julius Scrimgeour, Araminta Scrimgeour, Argus Scrimgeour

set by MJ!
Post Log
Hawke's Adoptables
  1. Please let me know if you wish to reserve a character before apping or registering an adoptable just in case there are things that need discussing!
  2. Suggested PBs are just that—suggested—but please run alternative PBs by me before reserving them!
  3. I reserve the right to refuse adoption!
  4. Updated 7.23.18
I have characters labeled in levels of priority. This doesn't necessarily mean I don't want the "low priority" characters made, but rather that they're less intertwined with my character's doings at the current moment! I'd still love to seem them played if you're interested!
  • A "High Priority Character" is one whose actions are directly tied to the actions of my character at the current moment and likely have the ability to make decisions that could affect the fate of my character. Such characters might be parents to unmarried women, potential love interests, etc.
  • A "Medium Priority Character" is a one who is probably mentioned as an NPC somewhere and would be good to have around for current doings, but whose actions and involvement wouldn't likely directly affect whatever plots are happening. Such characters may be members of a friend group, relatives who they rely on for advice but not support, etc.
  • A "Low Priority Character" is one who likely isn't involved with the day-to-day doings with my character, likely because they have a life separate from my character. They may be a younger sister off at finishing school or Hogwarts, a married brother off with his own family, etc.
The Backus Family
— For Magdalena Byrne, Madeleine Backus & Cane Backus   —

b. 1843 | WCPB | Owner/Baker @ Backus Family Bakery | Suggested PB: Aaron Eckhart
Medium Priority Character

A generally jovial baker, Barton Backus is Maggie’s father. She looks up to his phenomenal baking skills and strives to be as good as him one day. He married for love and is still very much in love with his wife. He focused on raised his children with a good work ethic and had no problems with his children staying in school after their OWLs, so long as they maintained scholarships to do so. He was stunned and a bit angry at Maggie's confession of her elopement to Lorcan Byrne and subsequent purchase of her own bakery in Diagon Alley. He hasn't spoken to her since her birthday May 3rd but will ultimately be supportive and probably even proud.
Immediate Ties: Magdalena Byrne, Madeleine Backus, Cane Backus, Lorcan Byrne
Potential Ties: Gideon Ollivander, Quincey Honeyduke, Nathaniel Gallivan

b. 1846 | WCMB | Manager/Accountant @ Backus Family Bakery | Suggested PB: Eva Herzigova
Medium Priority Character

Katerina Backus is a sweet and kind witch who has very little magical training, her parents having disliked magic and allowed for her to have just enough training so she didn’t blow things up. Her parents were quite upset with her attentions being directed at Barton but couldn’t bring themselves to outright disown her. Instead, they sent Barton and her away quietly with “hush money” to which the two started their own bakery in London after being quietly married. Having a good head for numbers, Katerina saw to the business’s accounts and kept the bakery quite successful. They were able to purchase property outright after moving to Hogsmeade in 1877 and built apartments above the bakery on High Street so the family could live there. She’s ever the doting mother and worries frequently about her children but is always proud of any of their accomplishments. She was quite hurt when she heard of the death of her parents even if she hadn’t spoken to them for two decades. She cried at Maggie's confession, mostly due to the abruptness of it all and not over anger. She's happy for Maggie and figured it was only a matter of time before her daughter too things into her own hands to achieve her dreams. She's remained in contact via letters and likely went to the grand opening of Maggie's shop. She also wrote to Maggie just before the fog blanketed Hogsmeade to see if Cane could come and stay with her.
Immediate Ties: Magdalena Byrne, Madeleine Backus, Cane Backus, Lorcan Byrne
Potential Ties: Gideon Ollivander, Quincey Honeyduke, Nathaniel Gallivan

b. 1865 | WCHB | Assistant Baker @ Backus Family Bakery | Suggested PB: Zachary Grenenger
Medium Priority Character

Rye Backus may be the jokester of the family but it hasn’t stopped him from being just as hard of a worker as his father. He’s easily take over the family business when his father is too old dead to continue. He’s a bit jealous of the money his sisters received from their grandparents and maybe even a bit bitter at why he and his brother didn’t receive any. He was pissed at Maggie's announcement and yelled quite a bit before storming out of the bakery. He hasn't spoken to her since and likely won't go to the grand opening.  Whether he comes around on the idea of Maggie having her own shop will be up to the player
Immediate Ties: Magdalena Byrne, Madeleine Backus, Cane Backus, Lorcan Byrne
Potential Ties: Gideon Ollivander, Quincey Honeyduke, Nathaniel Gallivan

The Beasley Family
— For Raymond Beasley, Burton Beasley, Coleman Beasley & Clayton Beasley  —

The Intellect
b. 1866 | WCHB | OWL Level Career | Suggested PB: Jazz Pope
Medium Priority Character

Rod is something of an entitled ass and the Intellect of the family. He's the only one of his brothers that received OWLs but only because of his brothers' help. They pooled their money to see to it Rod got an education. But instead of showing thanks by being thankful, he tends to rub it in his brothers' faces. Except for Ray. He no longer does so in front of Ray. He's the one brother that has his own room in the flat they all share, insisting such because he has the best paying job.
Immediate Ties: Raymond Beasley, Burton Beasley, Coleman Beasley, Clayton Beasley
Potential Ties: Anyone of OWL Level Career Path


The Brown Family
— For Monet Brown —

b. 1841 | MCPB | Jeweler & Owner of Brown's Jewelry | Suggested PB: Eric Dane
Medium Priority Character

Grant is a very creative man from a family of entrepreneurs. As a second son, he knew he wouldn't be the one to take over the family so put his efforts into his own hobby and eventually evolved into a full blown business. Brown's Jewelry was his first baby and is what led him to meeting his wife. Their marriage (and her dowry) saw him to purchasing a storefront. The rest is history and the two play rather active roles in their children's lives. With Vincent having graduated, he's started teaching his heir more hands on lessons when it comes to being a jeweler. In 1884, he takes note of his daughter's interest in jewelry design and during the summer of the fog even uses some of her sketches for actual designs to be sold in the shop.
Immediate Ties: Monet Brown
Potential Ties: Timothy Ainsworth, Gervaise Ollivander

b. 1846 | MCPB | Housewife & Art Collector | Suggested PB: January Jones
Medium Priority Character

Lenore was always an avid art collector but has hardly any artist talents herself. Though quite creative, she's never been all that great at actually getting her ideas onto paper. Her love of art saw her name her children after famous artists and then took it a step further by giving them middle names featuring different shades of brown. Monet's birth was particularly hard on her, resulting in her no longer being able to have children after. She became rather close to Monet in 1884 when she was the sole child in the household.
Immediate Ties: Monet Brown
Potential Ties: Londoners

b. 1870 | MCPB | Jeweler Apprentice | Suggested PB: Steven Chevrin
Medium Priority Character

The oldest of the Brown brothers, he's begun apprenticing under his father so that he can take over the shop one day. He has the same creative eye as his parents and quite enjoys the calming work of making jewelry. He's a hopeless romantic and hopes to one day marry a woman that he truly loves. His house at school is open!
Immediate Ties: Monet Brown
Potential Ties: Handsome Whitledge, Mundungus MacFusty, Owain Edwards, Garrett Cavey

b. 1872 | MCPB | Slytherin Student | Suggested PB: Sam Harwood
Medium Priority Character

Vincent is surely the athlete of the family but it doesn't necessarily mean he's all brawn and no brains. He's intelligent and even a bit cunning with a bit of a mischievous side. He is likely on the Slytherin Quidditch Team but when he made the team is up to the player. Of all the brothers, Monet is closest to Claude.
Immediate Ties: Monet Brown
Potential Ties: Eldin Bones, Germander Macnair, Goodluck Warbeck,

b. 1873 | MCPB | Ravenclaw Student | Suggested PB: Dakota Goyo
Medium Priority Character

Pierre is the smart one of the bunch and often has his nose in a book. He can't be arsed to do anything overly physical, feeling there's much better things one can do. He was often at the receiving end of pranks by Claude and Monet.
Immediate Ties: Monet Brown
Potential Ties: Justice Rookwood, Taggart Renshaw, Archelaus Abney, Sage Macnair, James Grey

The Jewell Family
— For Jameson Jewell & Sherry Jewell

b. Late 1838 | MCMB | Owner/Founder of Jewell Magical Distilleries | Suggested PB: Thomas Krestchmann
Medium Priority Character

Sterling is a muggleborn that inherited his family's distillery when his father passed away in 1859. Having already met and fallen in love with Flo at Hogwarts, he immediately started courting her after her debut in the same year. They were married by the end of the season and welcomed their first son the following year. He adapted the family's distillery to better serve the magical world and started focusing on firewhiskey. He eventually began introducing flavored firewhiskey to the world with a mixture of success in the beginning before it really started catching on. He still very much loves his wife and can never really tell her no. He's all about fairness and as such, has his will well laid out with the company being split evenly between his sons as well as ensuring very generous dowries for his daughters and their own set of shares within the company.

b. 1860 | MCHB | Co-Manager of Jewell Magical Distilleries & Adventurer | Suggested PB: Tom Hopper
Reserved for Nolan!

Henny is very much a go with the flow kind of guy and tends to be pretty passive where ever conflict is concerned. His profession is his sole focus in life as it is where his true passion lies. Determined and task oriented, the world around him often gets tuned out. As a result, it hasn't benefited his engagement in the slightest. He loves his family but adores his time spent traveling with Jamey in search of new ways to advance the family's company. He loves the experience of the places they travel to even if a friendly competition of sorts has evolved between the brothers over finding the next great concoction of flavors.

b. 1865 | MCHB | Adventuring Housewife | Suggested PB: Gabriella Wilde
Medium Priority Character

Mads is, quite simply put, the spitfire of the family so it only made sense that the firewhiskey based off her is one not for the faint of heart. Mads Firewhiskey is infused with extra spice and burns quite a deal more than a basic firewhiskey. She surprised everyone in the family when she found a gentleman that could handle her fiery nature to settled down with. She's enjoyed many adventures since then, as he was a bit of an adventurer himself.

b. 1868 | MCHB | Sweet Debutante | Suggested PB: Sophie Turner
Medium Priority Character

Where Mads is fiery, Juju is sweet and kind. She never has an unkind thing to say about anyone and instead is the epitome of a quiet and demure young lady. As such, she was the muse behind another sweetened firewhiskey only this one being infused with vanilla, Juju Firewiskey. She tends to be more of an observer and doesn't often get into the middle of all the excitement her family can get into. She's taken to heart the love she sees between her parents and longs for something like it for her future. She's also quite artistic and designed the distillery's insiginia as well as designed the cameo labels for all the firewhiskey line. With the new shop being finished, she started making a variety of merchandise and memorabilia to be sold.


The Langley Family
— For Fletcher Langley & Abigail Langley

b. 1833 | MCHB | Healer | Suggested PB: Brad Pitt
Medium Priority Character

Kenton Langley always dreamed of becoming a healer and did. He’s a very focused and driven man who wanted nothing but the best for himself and then his family. He fell in love with Brigit from the moment he met her but nothing solidified until she had become a full healer. They were married the beginning of 1856 and he the ever doting father when Fletch was born in 1857. He was a bit disappointed when it took so long for Brigit to become pregnant again and then quite wary as she struggled with the pregnancy. He asked her not to go back to work once their daughter was born in 1867. He’s probably promoted into a higher position overtime and is up to the player’s discretion. The family moved to Hogsmeade during the big rush in 1877 and could still be there or could have gone to Irvingly. He stayed out of the way of his wife and daughter’s matchmaking scheme’s for Fletcher, knowing his son can handle it on his own in time.

b. 1836 | MCHB | Retired Healer/Socialite | Suggested PB: Kelly Preston
High Priority Character

Brigit Langley was a rather ambitious woman and never expected to fall in the love the way she did with Kenton. And while she loved her son, she wasn’t about to give up her career once he was born. She was secretly pleased when she wasn’t able to get pregnant right away though still happy when she had her daughter ten years after having Fletcher. Unfortunately, the pregnancy and birth took a toll on her and felt her husband’s suggestion of her not going back to work was the best choice. She took a more hands on roll with raising Abigail. The two were always up to matchmaking schemes, certain Fletch would never find a lady for himself as work was clearly his mistress. But now that there is a lady in the picture, she’s unsure of what to think. Whether she’s upset over not being the one to having done the matchmaking or actually having to give up her son to another woman is up to the player Either way, her focus can now fall to getting Abigail married.

I would love for both mother and daughter to be in play asap so they can join in on the upcoming drams for Fletch and Eva!
Family Collage!

The Walsh Siblings
— For Una Walsh

b. 1864 | MCHB | American Deb/TBD | Suggested PB: Clara McSweeney
Low Priority Character

The calm and quiet one, Finley is something of a black sheep in the loud Walsh family. She’s the most level-headed of them all and never had a problem with simply being a debutante and finding a good husband. That isn’t to say she isn’t smart and able to hold her own.

b. 1866 | MCHB | American Deb/TBD | Suggested PB: Alyda Grace
Low Priority Character

Hands down the wild child of the family, Eireen seems to always have energy and never stops going. She’s got a quick tongue and even faster temper. She doesn’t think before she speaks and leaves a trail of destruction wherever she goes. She has no desire to be a pretty little debutante expected to sit still and do as she’s commanded. She wants a life of travel and excitement and will do just about anything she can to get it.

Both girls will need to come from America so discussions will need to be had on why they’re coming over (I already have ideas), so please get in contact with me if you have interest in the sisters!
Family Comparison!

The Woodcrofts
— For Emmeline Woodcroft

See Canon List

b. 1835 | WCHB | Open Job | Suggested PB: Kyle MacLachlan
Low Priority Character

Andrew Woodcroft was born in Hogsmeade when it was little more than a hamlet, being a descendent of the original founder. He left shortly after his graduation in 1846-47 only to return in 1875 when his father passed away and left him the Three Broomsticks. Unfortunately, it only remained in the Woodcroft family’s hands for two years having gambled it away in 1877 during the great rush to Hogsmeade. It caused quite the rift between him and his son leaving the two on non speaking terms.

b. 1842 | WCMB | Open Job | Suggested PB: Kate Beckinsale
Low Priority Character

Amelia Woodcroft is a muggleborn witch that is a kind soul that seems to constantly be playing the mediator within her family. With so much animosity, she just wishes for happiness and understanding.She spends more time putting “fires” out between family members that her children lead their own lives with little influence from her.

b. 1861 | WCHB | Open Job | Suggested PB: Jan Aeberhard
Medium Priority Character

Hudson Woodcroft is quite bitter over his father’s loss of the Three Broomsticks, feeling it had been his rightful inheritance and now no long speaks to his father and avoids the family home because of it. He does, however, make time for Emmeline when she isn’t at school as she admires him and tries to stay in contact with him as much as she can. Reserved for Fallin!

Family Comparison!

Un-BEElievable Bee Set
[Image: peYKwW.png]
MJ's Adoptables
  • Please contact me before picking up one of my adoptables! If in doubt as to how to reach me, PM Elias Grimstone.
  • Let me know if you plan to drop the character, temporarily or otherwise! If they go inactive and I don't hear from you, I reserve the right to put them back up for adoption.
  • For the most part bolded facts are fixed, but (depending on the character) I might be flexible on some of the details, provided you discuss your ideas with me first!
Last updated: 13/08/18 | Click here for my plottables!

For Aubrey Davis
(& Henrietta Davis)

The Davis family are working class halfbloods from Yorkshire, and all bar the eldest son have gone into domestic service like their parents. Not sure there's enough to do playing a domestic servant? Well, aside from the option to double up one of these ads for household staff who've already been requested, you also get the baggage of a brother who went missing ten years ago and has been trying to find his way back to you ever since. He's a hedgehog, y'all. You know you want a hedgehog brother.

(Names/faces/ages are all relatively flexible, but faces should be "plain"-ish and light-medium colour in hair.)



Jacob is the eldest child, and was the only sibling able to be financed through Hogwarts long enough to obtain his OWLs, meaning that he was able to go into a profession with more opportunities and a higher wage than being household staff for the rest of his life. Everyone else may be a teeny bit bitter about this. His personality and life beyond that is incredibly open! He may be single or married, have been in any house, etc.



Wilhelmina managed more than just the one scholarship year at Hogwarts, so may have up to four years of schooling and may have once had greater ambitions than domestic service, but somehow she has ended up there anyway. Otherwise, she is incredibly open, and could also be made to fit another ad!



Poppy, like Aubrey, found her first year at Hogwarts tough to get through academically, but has pretty good people skills which mean she is usually well-liked by her employers. She could potentially double up as "Ida" for Rufina Mulciber, but bonus points all round if the household she works for have played Hogwarts-age children through whom Aubrey can hear about her circumstances xD

For Carmelina Cramming
(& Errington Warbeck, Jossima Warbeck, Goodluck Warbeck  )

The Warbecks are a big, happy family from northwest Wales with slightly over-the-top names, who are all up in each other's business and generally obsessive Holyhead Harpies fans. PBs should have some family resemblance, but otherwise Carmelina's siblings are all fairly open to do with as you please, and you're welcome to combine them with other ads where possible!



The first child and (probably) her mother's favourite, Favoretta is either married or widowed, with some number of children. She's a bit of a diva, mothers the rest of her siblings relentlessly, and probably has some sort of MC-appropriate pastime or occupation for a married woman - she might be the centre of the MC social scene; may be a chaperone for some younger girls; or maybe she spends her days making ridiculous hats. She was in any house at Hogwarts.



Marmaduke is also - you guessed it - super open. Roughly 25, the age difference between him and Carmelina means they didn't get to spend too much of their childhoods together, but they probably wrote to each other a lot and I vaguely headcanon that he's her favourite sibling anyway. He is probably the thoughtful, sensitive, anxious sort, possibly with an artistic streak. Absolutely awful at talking to girls. You know who else he could be? Jehan from the Revs!

For Elias Grimstone
(& Ruth Lockhart)



Father to Elias, Ruth and Tony. Simon comes from Portsmouth and a muggle, working class family. He is skilled in carpentry and - like his father, brothers, and most of the men in the area - apprenticed and worked as a shipwright in the local dockyards. Through industry troubles, he has always struggled to make enough to support his family, though both he and his wife were adamant about giving their children a full education. Proud as he is of Elias' successes, he has always felt awkward accepting the benefits of it in return, which have seen them living a more comfortable life (though Simon continues to have quite a gruff attitude about most middle class society). He has also always struggled with the magical/muggle barrier, feeling a little like an outsider in his own family - but when Ruth and her husband moved to Irvingly, Simon and Lucille finally followed suit. His occupation in Irvingly is open, whether carpentry-related or something entirely different: he may see Irvingly as a second chance of sorts, to be less distant from his children's lives - but he's basically a fish out of water all round! As personality goes, Simon isn't so different from his children: he works hard, has a dry sense of humour (and at heart, maybe he’s a romantic), but he is also hot-headed and very, very stubborn. I am ridiculously attached to Jerome Flynn as his face. xD



Mother to Elias, Ruth and Tony. Lucille has always had an adventurous spirit, though in practice it hasn’t carried her far. Fortunately, she is unafraid of hardship, with a bright demeanour and the resourcefulness and practical sense to usually land on her feet. She is a witch, also born into the working class, and she married Simon for love (although her parents may have expected her to do "a little better" than Simon). Lucille attended Hogwarts in any house, probably to no further than OWL level. She was pleased to have left Portsmouth at last - she was the one who pushed for the move to Irvingly - and is especially grateful to get to spend more time with Rue and to help look after the grandchildren! Lucille has worked throughout her life, and may now run a seamstressing service or something similar out of the house. Suggested face is Linda Cardinelli.

For Porphyria Dempsey
(& Don Juan Dempsey and Lycoris Dempsey )

The Dempseys are an UCHB family who live near Galway in Ireland. They are all varying levels of eccentric, although still respectable enough to get invited to society things (their reps should reflect this). The name scheme - being named after a poem and the poet who wrote it - was decided on by Eamon and Lowri before they were even married. Much love to Beans for letting me straight-up steal a lot of the descriptions below.



A notable poet and cheerful eccentric, Eamon was his parents' heir. His hobbies include waxing poetic about the wilderness, going on ill-advised sailing ventures, and humouring his wife. Porphyria probably gets on fabulously with him.



Reasonable and well-spoken, Lowri is occasionally tempted to strangle her children our of sheer exasperation. A poet like her husband, she is quite fond of Keats, and took no issue with the naming scheme Eamon proposed. (Except perhaps for Don Juan. That was tempting fate, she thought.)



Their eldest son, Ozy might take the 'KING OF KINGS' instruction too seriously, and never mind the poem's implicit warning. He spends a great deal of time trying to come up with ways to be famous. Porphyria thinks he is ridiculous.



Vain but cheerful, Endymion works as a cursebreaker/auror/something similarly adventurous-but-flashy. Once banged a Veela in a hammock in the garden, an event witnessed by his mother and Shalott and which has never been quite forgotten by any of them. Knows more about flower language than his sisters consider strictly reasonable. (Can you tell whenever I can't think of a suggested face I just put someone in from Black Sails?)



Bright and lovely, Christabel frequently attempts to debunk the unexplained. Though she has always intended on getting married - she has no intention of winding up like Porphyria - she may have an academically inclined job/hobby of some sort until that happens. Porphyria's notoriety may also be haunting Christabel's hurling attempts, so it's no wonder that the two of them bicker a lot.  

Kelly's Adoptables
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  2. Suggested PBs are just that—suggested—but please run alternative PBs by me before reserving them!
  3. If you drop a character suddenly and without notice, they go back up for adoption. I'm willing to keep a character under your name if you have to drop them temporarily.
  4. I reserve the right to refuse adoption.
Bree is magical and let me copy this for my own adoptables.
I have characters labeled in levels of priority. This doesn't necessarily mean I don't want the "low priority" characters made, but rather that they're less intertwined with my character's doings at the current moment! I'd still love to seem them played if you're interested!
  • A "High Priority Character" is one whose actions are directly tied to the actions of my character at the current moment and likely have the ability to make decisions that could affect the fate of my character. Such characters might be parents to unmarried women, potential love interests, etc.
  • A "Medium Priority Character" is a one who is probably mentioned as an NPC somewhere and would be good to have around for current doings, but whose actions and involvement wouldn't likely directly affect whatever plots are happening. Such characters may be members of a friend group, relatives who they rely on for advice but not support, etc.
  • A "Low Priority Character" is one who likely isn't involved with the day-to-day doings with my character, likely because they have a life separate from my character. They may be a younger sister off at finishing school or Hogwarts, a married brother off with his own family, etc.

The Ruskin Family


b. 1841 | MCHB | Open | Suggested PB: Gerard Butler
Medium Priority Character

The father of Acacia Ruskin and her siblings. He attended Hogwarts and was likely sorted into Ravenclaw, though this isn't required. He married a vampire in his youth, and had four children with her, before she ran off after they had a fight and she accidentally almost attacked him in rage. The reason for the fight is up for discussion.

He currently lives in Hogsmeade, Scotland with his three daughters, all three attending Hogwarts. His son had died during summer in the Tigerpocalypse. As well as this, he has recently found out that his estranged wife, who he had refused to allow reentry into their lives, had died as well. A caring and loving father, he is constantly looking out for his children and their well being, especially after all of the anti-halfbreed chaos over the summer.

❧ Immediate Ties: Acacia Ruskin, Orinda Ruskin, Ellsworth Ruskin
❧ Potential Ties: —

The Lukeson Family


b. 1873 | UCPB | Fifth Year ('88) | Suggested PB: Johnny Orlando
Medium Priority Character

Being named King has left this boy rather flustered on how to best live up to his name, and it doesn't help when he's the youngest son amoung his family. He is the fourth child of his parents, and always feels imaginary pressure weighing on him.

With all of the death in his family, and being under the new guardianship of his oldest brother Ace, the awkwardness is really starting to build. It probably doesn't help that he's being haunted with the memory of his brother and uncle dying in front of him.

His Hogwarts house is open, but I can't see him in Slytherin for the life of me (if you can make it work, go for it).

❧ Immediate Ties: Ace Lukeson, Sybille Lukeson, Avril Lukeson, Edgar Rey II, Fleur Rey
❧ Potential Ties: James Grey, Frida Lestrange, Darling Whitledge, Clementine Rookwood, Jemima Farley, Holliday Fudge Beatrix Borgin, Citrine Weasley, Justice Rookwood, Harrison Vance


b. 1875 | UCPB | Third Year ('88) | Suggested PB: Delaney Rose Stein
Medium Priority Character

Second of last daughter to the family does not mean that she wasn't spoiled dearly by her parents. This might have gone to her head a bit, but she is still a very sweet girl. Tending to follow Ace around like a puppy, they have a nice sibling bond, and she looks up to him a lot.

Though her house is open, she was not sorted into Ravenclaw, which greatly upset her. Possibly the most effected by the deathes that have happened around her (including also being a witness to the horrible deaths of her uncle and brother), this has shaken her greatly. She gets along with most of her siblings, though finding Sybille a bit odd and preferring to avoid her, but she is very close to her cousin Bellerose Rey. Her name is pronounced zho-LEE.

❧ Immediate Ties: Ace Lukeson, Sybille Lukeson, Avril Lukeson, Edgar Rey II, Fleur Rey
❧ Potential Ties: Cameron Gillenwater, Hestia Fairchild, Arthur Price, Elijah Urquart, Guenhwyvar Síl Maelefithrig

The Rey Family (Somewhat)


b. 1846 | UCPB | Socialite | Suggested PB: Charlize Theron
High Priority Character

Ever since Guinevere died, she has constantly hovered and acted as guardian to the Lukeson children (she's really not, but try telling her that). Still convinced that she could at least get the younger children to have the views of blood purity to match her own, she has even gone so far as to screen their letters to the halfblood Rey branch of the family.

While it would certainly be up for debate as to whether it would be legal, Edgar Sr. has made it up in his mind that she is the heir in his will when he passes, as he is determined to keep his money away from his squib son and the rest of that lot.

Her former house is Ravenclaw, and she is married with children (the number of which is up to player). Aiming for family connections, it is very flexable as to which family she has married into as long as they are UCPB with no known scandals.

❧ Immediate Ties: Ace Lukeson, Sybille Lukeson, Avril Lukeson, Edgar Rey II, Fleur Rey
❧ Potential Ties: Other Socialites (Mainly Purebloods with similar views)

"ALEX" ___

b. 1840 | UCPB | Open | Suggested PB: Ethan Hawke
Low Priority Character

Though he is much less judgemental and stiff compared to his with, he is a purist. He never really judged Guinevere for keeping in contact with Hubert, but does agree that Jade is a much better option for the family fortune. His family and house are open, though I would love some connections if possible.

❧ Immediate Ties: Ace Lukeson, Sybille Lukeson, Avril Lukeson, Edgar Rey II, Fleur Rey
❧ Potential Ties: —

The Bénet Family


b. 18?? | UCPB | Open | Suggested PB: Chris Pine
Medium Priority Character

Father of the Bénet twins, he has always been a bit of a light hearted man. Rather than being very upset over they twins' mischief, he tends to find it hilarious. A bit more active in their lives than most Upper Class men would be, he dotes on his little girls, and enjoys spending time with them.

Leaving France after the mourning period for the death of his family, he is still haunted by their loss. This may be one reason why he finds such joy in spending time with his daughters. He did not go to Hogwarts, having attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic instead.

❧ Immediate Ties: Claire Bénet, Céleste Bénet
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 18?? | UCPB | Open | Suggested PB: Emily Blunt
High Priority Character

Mother of the mischievious twins, she is much more disapproving of their actions. Though she does adore her daughters, she would much prefer them to be more proper young ladies. She is a soft purist, and does worry if Claire will ever show signs of magic. She does wish to have them both betrothed, but isn't sure if it will be a successful wish.

Spending time with the twins is something that she will happily do, but she does tend to feel that her husband is 'hovering' a bit too much in what is supposed to be her status in the household (taking care of the children, of course). After having the twins, she has been told that she may never have any children again, but hasn't told another soul of this. It is open whether she had moved to France after schooling at Hogwarts, or is she was born there, but she is of French decent. If coming from Hogwarts, she was either a Ravenclaw or Slytherin. (Please talk to Bree if you wish for Sarah to be connected to the other site Beaumont family.)

❧ Immediate Ties: Claire Bénet, Céleste Bénet
❧ Potential Ties: —

The Power Family


b. 1867 | UCPB | Debutante | Suggested PB: Melina Martin
Low Priority Character

Youngest among her siblings, she is pampered by the rivaling brothers. Though not a brat, she has her moments of letting it get to her head. Always having been their mother's favorite, though being the only other one to know this, she has taken after their mother the most, as a light spirited woman who lives more in the here-and-now.

The constant bickering of her older brothers frustrates her to no end, being the Hufflepuff that she is, and has constantly tried to make peace between the two. Both twins are very protective of her, and do wish to see her married to a good man.

The Rey Family


b. 1850 | UC | Squib | Open | Suggested PB: Ryan Gosling
Medium Priority Character

Father of Edgar II, he is the first son and third child of his siblings. Being the older twin, he is supposed to be heir to the fortune after his father passes away, but being a squib has put a bit of a complication in that.

His mother is the only reason that he was never officially disowned, but his father does give him the cold shoulder, and continuously states that he does not consider Hubert is heir. Because of this, Hubert has gotten a job and is constantly making connections, just in case there comes a day where his father simply doesn't care what mother says anymore and cuts ties with Hubert's family completely.

Loss has been heavy in his life recently, loosing his twin, one of his nephews, and the sister that actually liked him.

❧ Immediate Ties: Edgar Rey II, Fleur Rey, Ace Lukeson, Sybille Lukeson, Avril Lukeson
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1851 | UCMB | Open (Working encouraged) | Suggested PB: Nicole Beharie
High Priority Character

Not only is she the wife of Hubert, but was also the best friend of his sister, Guinevere. Both having gone to school together, they were both in Hufflepuff. Though she's not quite as bubbly as her bestie, she is very loyal to those she cares about.

Jade has always been a thorn in her side, but things have gotten worse since Guinevere's children became orphans. Trying to help Ace and his siblings through this big change, Jade seems to be on a mission to prevent Brenda from being in any contact with her nieces and nephews.

❧ Immediate Ties: Edgar Rey II, Fleur Rey, Ace Lukeson, Sybille Lukeson, Avril Lukeson
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1816 | UCPB | Open | Suggested PB: Michael Keaton
Medium Priority Character

Grandfather of Edgar II (though he is quite unpleased that the child was named after him), he has little to no contact of this branch of the family. This is due to the fact that Edgar II's father is a squib. Though never having disowned Hubert, he has always wished to, but did not wish to break the heart of his wife, who continues to love their child dearly.

Not as stern as his grandchildren would like to think, he can be a very caring man, when it counts to him. All of his other children, and even Hubert when it wasn't known that he was a squib, have always been spoiled by their father. His two daughter's branches of kids are still shown kindness, but several of them do not support his views, and therefor typically only see the negative of him.

Both a smart and resourceful man, he was likely in Ravenclaw or Slytherin. He is a stubborn man, though his wife is his voice of reason.

❧ Immediate Ties: Ace Lukeson, Sybille Lukeson, Avril Lukeson
❧ Potential Ties: Other Stuffy Rich Purebloods

b. 1827 | UCPB Seer | Socialite | Suggested PB: Phyllis Logan
Low Priority Character

A bit 'out there', she is the wife of Edgar Rey. Though sad when learning that Hubert is a squib, she is still loving towards him. It had come as a shock to her, having had no vision of this. Tending to keep her gifts out of the open, she does not want to risk any negative reaction of others or being used because of her gifts.

On the day that Sybille shows her first signs of magic, Lacy had a vision that Sybille would be a powerful witch one day. Family connections would be amazing, if possible.

❧ Immediate Ties: Ace Lukeson, Sybille Lukeson, Avril Lukeson, Edgar Rey II, Fleur Rey
❧ Potential Ties: Older Woman, Possibly fellow Seers

The Fairchild Family


b. 1850 | MCHB | Open | Suggested PB: Elizabeth Banks
Medium Priority Character

Mother of Hestia and her siblings, she is a new widow, and has recently lost her sons. A caring mother, she still tries to stay strong for her daughters. It had not been her idea to name her children after Greek Deties, but her husband had been so excited over the idea that she hadn't voiced her opinion on the matter. Hestia's recent facination over Quidditch is seen as a coping process, so she had given her daughter permission to try out at the beginning of her second year of Hogwarts. Her house is open, but I can't imagine her as a Slytherin. I would adore some family connections, if possible.

❧ Immediate Ties: Hestia Fairchild
❧ Potential Ties: —

The Lyness Family


b. 1883 | UCHB | Half-Veela | Child | Suggested PB: Feona Zagorskaya
Medium Priority Priority Character

Adored daughter of Juniper and Andrew, Juniper considers her the favorite of her children so far. Mainly due to the fact that the young girl is the closest of her children to being an extension of herself (because they are both female). As a result, Juniper very much likes to pamper the girl, and that may go to Emily's head.

Like her mother, she tends to be attracted to shiny objects, though her fascination extends beyond jewelry at times (kleptoshiniac - a kleptomaniac that only steals shiny things, but mainly from her parents). Her parents are guessing that this is a faze.

❧ Immediate Ties: Juniper Lyness, Andrew Lyness
❧ Potential Ties: Hesper Gamp, Leo Lupin

b. 1885 | UCHB | Half-Veela | Child | Suggested PB: Open
Low Priority Character

Though less doted on by Juniper, her son is also viewed as an extension of herself, though less so than the female child. This may lead to jealousy, though he is still pampered anyway. At times, he will show acts of rebellion when seeing his sister gets more attention than him, and this could cause a bit of chaos in the household. He may even break things for attention.

❧ Immediate Ties: Juniper Lyness, Andrew Lyness
❧ Potential Ties: Hesper Gamp, Leo Lupin

The Middlemiss Family


b. 1821 | UC | Muggle | Open | Suggested PB: Jeff Goldblum
High Priority Character

As a widower, Edmund Middlemiss's world is his daughters, both biological and adopted. Especially the younger pair. Unfortunately, his eldest has fallen a bit to the wayside, as his second daughter is the spitting image of his late wife and the youngest...is a veela (a fact that he does not know, and he might not even know what those are).

He never remarried after Lenobia's death, out of heartache, though he may have taken a mistress (or perhaps a male lover). Besides his lasting love and grief for his late wife, he is a agreeable, yet close minded man, who adopted a young veela, who's turned out to be his favorite (though of course, the second daughter does enjoy some spoiling), shortly after his wife's death. He visits his wife's grave weekly.

❧ Immediate Ties: Juniper Lyness, Andrew Lyness
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1854 | UC | Muggle | Open | Suggested PB: Haley Webb
Medium Priority Character

The eldest of the sisters, Begonia is a jealous and stubborn woman who, in a very bizarre case, seems to be suffering Jan Syndrome - AKA Middle Sibling Woes. Such is life for the muggle sister of a muggleborn who resembles your dead mother and an adopted veela. Her sisters are a pair of spoiled brats, so, Begonia decided to get even. She managed to find a magical husband, and has at least two children. She knows of magic, now, but she still doesn't know what Juniper is.

❧ Immediate Ties: Juniper Lyness, Andrew Lyness
❧ Potential Ties: —

Magic by MJ!
[Image: pbH8Qz.png]
[Image: IyGtyD.png][Image: fbG6udO.png]
[Image: uZwWyBq.jpg]
Beanie's Ads
Hi MTV welcome to my crib
I'm Beanie and these are my character ads. If you're interested please contact Cassius Lestrange !
  • Reservations last for 2 weeks, usually, but if you need longer I won't be pressed.
  • I am v. flexible on activity, but if I feel that after ~6 months you're not really using the character, (repeated missed ACs, etc.) I might ask you to give them back.
  • Please include the family section in your app.
  • Bold is in stone, anything else is flexible.
  • Last updated July 17th, 2018.
Junior Assistant to the Minister
[Image: vh3dox.png]
(Dumbing of Age, David M. Willis)


Jk: #20s, #WCAB/MCAB, #opengender, #openrace, #soopen.

The assistant should be earnest and a little too cheerful to Get sarcasm.
I need them in my life.

Julian Aramis Fisk
[Image: tumblr_npdyhnnlRG1tk22j8o4_500.gif]

Born in 1853, Julian is the second-eldest of the Fisk kids. A former cursebreaker, Julian had to stop that once he lost a leg in 1882. Now he has a #VEprosthetic,  and writes adventure novels as a career. A cheerful, clever, but not particularly responsible dude.

Probably this is why he is one of the world's worst chaperons to Zelda; used to his sister being responsible, Julian would go with her to events, get drunk, and more or less abandon her until it was time to go home. Although this was, mostly, fine, it did backfire when Zelda went off to cavort with J. Alfred Darrow. Whoops!
Also worth noting: Fisks are ethnically Jewish, mostly but not entirely secular religiously.
Pictured is Richard Rankin, with alternatives to be age-appropriate and brunette or red-haired.

Played Connections: Zelda Fisk Ari Fisk Roslyn Ross Nemo Fisk Justin Ross J. Alfred Darrow

August's Housekeeper
[Image: tumblr_osrb1p5sQt1w9gkvno2_540.gif]

For August Echelon-Arnost
Miss A is August's personal assistant turned housekeeper, who has been with him since he started his law practice in 1879. She runs the household staff but also completes office admin tasks, and has 2-4 years of Hogwarts schooling under her belt. She should be in her thirties - she's young for a long-term housekeeper, but started out assisting in the law office.

A is the only person in the house who knows that August's son is a half-vampire. She would very likely never reveal this because she is very loyal to both August and Lysander. A runs a tight ship, which is probably why August had a big non-reaction when he found out that she's a lesbian a few years ago.  She's super flexible and I'd love to see her. Pictured is Melanie Scrofano, but I don't really care!

Coming Soon: #Fisksibs, #Ross(es), #OfficeoftheMinister

MJ made this!
Hello, and welcome to Elaine's wanted ads. This is going to be a bit of a mess at first, just a warning, because I'm getting used to things. Code credit goes to Bree - it's a hover thing. Faces are negotiable unless stated within. If adopting from a Relatives collection, please include the Family section.
For Ambrosia Shinnick
These aren't the only members of the family, as each of these couples has at least a couple of children.

Barnaby Thompson is one of the uncles of Ambrosia and Nectar Shinnick, the husband of their maternal aunt, Antiope. He has a respectable, but quirky, occupation - perhaps an obliviator or museum curator, and has an unusual pet (I personally sponsor an Augurey). Blood status and house are open. Suggested face claim is Steve Carell, but anyone of a similar age, bespectacled, and dark haired will do. Name can be discussed,
surname may become set in stone if Antiope is claimed.
Antiope Thompson née Griffin is the maternal aunt of Ambrosia and Nectar Shinnick. As the middle child, and thus older sister to Penthesilea, Antiope has taken something of a maternal figure in her nieces' lives, when she's there. She is a socialite, but does spend a significant amount of her time in charitable pursuits, and enjoys archery just as well as Ambrosia. She was likely a Gryffindor. Suggested playby is Rachel Weisz, with alternates to be age appropriate and dark haired. Married surname can be discussed, first name may be adjusted, though I would prefer that Antiope remain. Alternate names should be of Grecian mythos origination.
Abigail Griffin née OPEN is the wife of Deiphobus Griffin, and thus the lady of the house in which Ambrosia and Nectar live. Granted, she doesn't live in the Hogsmeade house, favoring the country estate over the village. She was likely a Slytherin in her Hogwarts days, though now she spends most of her time writing poetry and tending to nonmagical roses in her country garden. Suggested playby is Kate Hudson, but anyone age appropriate and blonde will do. First name can be discussed, can possibly be combined with another adoptable if agreed upon.
Deiphobus Griffin is the maternal uncle to Ambrosia and Nectar, elder brother to Antiope and husband to Abigail. He keeps dangerous plants in the garden, potentially as a theft deterrent system - or perhaps just out of a fascination with them. He may also work with dangerous animals, such as dragons or hippogriffs. He was either in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, and did quite well in school. Suggested face claim is Hugh Jackman (I'll love you forever if you use him), with alternatives to be age appropriate and dark haired. First name may be adjusted, though I would prefer that Deiphobus remain. Alternate names should be of Grecian mythos origination.
Marmaduke Nealy is the husband of Ambrosia and Nectar's paternal aunt Virginia. His personality and history are mostly open, but I'd like him to be in the Ministry - something a bit dangerous. His name should sound a bit over the top. Hogwarts house and blood status are open, but he is upper class. Suggested playby is David Tennant with alternatives to embody the dangerous stern look that the picture provides and be age appropriate. Hair color doesn't matter. Can be combined with another adoptable.
Virginia Nealy née Shinnick is the demure paternal aunt of Ambrosia and Nectar Shinnick. She is modest, kind, and gentle. She is not one for gossip, and likely enjoys one specific athletic activity, but besides that has no other athletic interests. She may have been a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw in her Hogwarts days. Suggested playby is Rena Sofer with alternates to be age appropriate and dark haired.

For Dahlia McRae
Luke Evans
Iain McRae
30-31 | UCHB | OPEN Class of '75 or 76 | REP 10
Gentleman of Leisure or Respectable UC employment

At only five (ish) years his wife's senior, the marriage was quite clearly not arranged - compounding that with the fact that his wife's parents were muggles...well. It was thanks to his youngest sister they even met, as he hadn't noticed her during their few shared Hogwarts years, that they fell so hard, so fast for one another. He kept everything formal, however, outside of letters sent and received between the two between "meetings"

Iain's habits and hobbies are open, though I would like to see him doing something involved with horses and equestrian-like magical creatures such as Hippogriffs. His Hogwarts house is open, though I would prefer not Hufflepuff unless the muse is really leaning that way for you. He is the extroverted compliment to Dahlia's introverted anxiety, and understanding regarding her irrational fear of dolls.

Pictured is Luke Evans, with alternatives to be of similar age bracket and preferably dark haired, though I will love you forever if you take Luke. Name is non-negotiable.

Martin Sheen
Archibald McRae
58-59 | UCHB | OPEN Class of '47 or 48 | REP 10
Gentleman of Leisure or Respectable UC employment

Archibald McRae is a man who takes no nonsense, while being perhaps one of the kindest men you may have encountered. He enjoys horses, and cares for his children dearly - though his daughter causes innumerable headaches within the household. He fears that Shona may never find a suitable husband who can handle her antics. He was not his father's firstborn son, but he inherited after his elder brother, Calder, died suddenly. Exact death circumstances are up to player.

Pictured is Martin Sheen, with alternatives to be age-appropriate and blue-eyed. A high alternate preference is Michael Keaton. Name is non-negotiable.

Sigourney Weaver
Beatrice McRae née open
52-53 | UCMB | Hufflepuff Class of '53 or 54 | REP 10
Socialite & Mother

Beatrice knows what Dahlia's going through. The intergration into wizarding adult society is much more difficult than it was for them as young girls at Hogwarts. Both being Hufflepuffs, they likely had the easiest time of it, too, being a house of loyalty rather than courage, knowledge, or ambition. It's because of this that Beatrice has effectively adopted Dahlia socially, helping her navigate the delicate social climate.

Beatrice is kind, loving, and understanding, more likely to make a friend than an enemy. As a muggleborn herself, she understands both sides of society better than any of her children or her husband, offering advice and guidance whether asked for it or not. She means well, and loves her children, but is the typical upper-class mother in that she tended to be hands-off when they were young. Now that they're older, though, she's desperate to have Shona married well.

Pictured is Sigourney Weaver, with alternatives to be age-appropriate and possess brown eyes. A high alternate preference is Mary Steenburgen. Name is non-negotiable.

Chris Pine
Kenneth McRae
28-29 | UCHB | OPEN Class of '77 or 78 | REP 10
Gentleman of Leisure or Respectable UC employment

The family pretentious ass. Kenneth is the sort who, in his childhood, thought he could save the world. Now that he's an adult, though, he thinks that his presence is enough to make it better. He is pompous and a bit preachy, and that might be why he's not married yet. Not many people would marry a jerk unless he was their last resort, after all. The most likely house he would've been in is Slytherin, but it's open because of his childhood innocence.

Pictured is Chris Pine, alternatives should be of age appropriate (up to 36 years of age because Dawson casting is a thing around here) and of similar coloring, preferably with blue eyes. Name is non-negotiable.

Billie Piper
Shona McRae
25 | UCHB | OPEN Class of '82 | REP 9
Aging Debutante/Secret Activist

Shona doesn't want to get married. She wants to be her own woman, wants women to be more than ornamental pretty things for men to parade about and flaunt. Her parents and brothers think she's very strange for it all, but to an extent, she and Dahlia understand each other. Shona thinks Dahlia is a bit weak and needs to stand up for herself, but at least Dahlia doesn't think she's odd. After all, the two were friends in their Hogwarts days. Shona would automatically be invited to Dahlia's more intimate tea group, as she is the most trusted member of Dahlia's circle of friends.

Pictured is Billie Piper because she's amazing - alternatives (though I hope you take Billie!) should be blonde, brown-eyed, and age-appropriate. Name is non-negotiable.

Don't fashion me into a maiden that needs saving from a dragon
[Image: bPyv7O4.jpg]
Postlog | Networking
Trudy's wants. These are kinda badly formatted, but I still would really like to see them!

Wanted for Anne Devon

Gloria 'Bunny' Devon
[Image: tumblr_navphpYpcX1swwx3co3_250.png]
Born 1847.
Anne's paternal aunt, Gloria, dropped out of Hogwarts to become a prostitute, which greatly affected how most people saw the Devon family. Gloria herself has no regrets about this, and actually became one of the more fancy prostitutes around town, eventually just going by the nickname, "Bunny." Despite her age, she is still going strong, and could possibly manage other prostitutes. Bunny doesn't see her family very much, and while they haven't officially disowned her, she's sure that its coming. It's up to the player who takes her if she had any illegitimate children, or with who(Drama opportunity!) She is an ACHB. Open face, as long as it is age appropriate, and maybe blonde. Pictured is Tereza Maxova

Ada Devon née ___
Born 1852.
Anne's mother Ada is a midwife who finished her OWLs in Hogwarts before marrying Anne's father, who was almost 10 years older than her. Ada is a generally cheerful woman, and became a midwife out of charity, as her husband made enough to support the family's middle class lifestyle. Ada probably has had a few apprentices, and her maiden name and family are up to the player. She is a MCAB. Open face, as long as it is age appropriate.

Harold Devon Jr./II
Born 1843.
Harold Jr. is a ministry worker, possibly one of the higher ups due to his age. He was distant to his daughter, but raised his sons with the same world views as he has, that ambitions and working in the Ministry are important. I could see him working in Magical Accidents or Magical Transportation, for example. Harold prefers to go by II rather than Jr., but on all his important documents it says Jr. He is a MCHB. Open face, as long as it is age appropriate, and maybe blond.

Harold Devon III
Born 1865.
Harold III is more like his father than he cares to admit. He is a Ministry employee as well, probably in the Beings or Beasts division. Harold would have the same sort of mindset, but he would be much more understanding to Beasts/Beings than his father would be. He could potentially be married or courting. He is a MCHB. Open face that should look a little bit similar to Breanne Hill.

Charley Devon
Born 1867.
Charley and Anne were a lot closer than Anne was with either Harold in the family. While he could potentially be a Ministry man, I have the idea that Charley went his own way, and didn't care too much about what his father thought. Charley is a little bit of a genius, and could possibly have become a tutor or be studying to become a professor at Hogwarts. He is a MCHB. Open face that should look a little bit similar to Breanne Hill.
Bubble's Adoptables
  1. Please let me know that you wish to reserve a character before apping or registering them!
  2. Suggested PBs are just that—suggested—I don’t care who gets used as long as their basic characteristics match the family!
  3. Please tell me if you can’t handle a character anymore, I don’t want you to have to drop them unless you absolutely have to. I will do all the threads with you to keep them active!!
  4. I reserve the right to refuse adoption, though it is highly unlikely that I will! I love links to people, especially if we don’t have any so far!

    Bree is magical and let me copy this for my own adoptables.
    I have characters labeled in levels of priority. This doesn't necessarily mean I don't want the "low priority" characters made, but rather that they're less intertwined with my character's doings at the current moment! I'd still love to seem them played if you're interested!
    • A "High Priority Character" is one whose actions are directly tied to the actions of my character at the current moment and likely have the ability to make decisions that could affect the fate of my character. Such characters might be parents to unmarried women, potential love interests, etc.
    • A "Medium Priority Character" is a one who is probably mentioned as an NPC somewhere and would be good to have around for current doings, but whose actions and involvement wouldn't likely directly affect whatever plots are happening. Such characters may be members of a friend group, relatives who they rely on for advice but not support, etc.
    • A "Low Priority Character" is one who likely isn't involved with the day-to-day doings with my character, likely because they have a life separate from my character. They may be a younger sister off at finishing school or Hogwarts, a married brother off with his own family, etc.

    Wood Family
    — For @Arabella Wood —

    b. 1850 | UCPB | Open | Suggested PB: I have no idea who the man is so if you want to pick someone, go for it! Only request is that he has brown hair!
    Low Priority Character

    Wellington is as pompous as his name sounds. He’s a purist and has no positive feelings towards Muggles. He’s from a wealthy family and does what he can to increase their money. He is often found working late and dotes on Arabella more than the other two children he has due to his wife’s apathy towards her.

    b. 1853 | UCPB | Open | Suggested PB: Michelle Dockery
    Low Priority Character

    With blood every bit as blue as her husband’s, Nella has never been one to conform to the norms. She’s haughty and cold, usually harsh on her children. She has regretted having her youngest child since it cost her the life of her beloved brother.

    b. 1870 | UCPB | Slytherin | Suggested PB: Jenna Coleman
    Medium Priority Character

    While Nella is cold, Wellington is driven, Mabell appears to be the black sheep of the family. She’s lackadaisical and prefers to be outside in the sunlight. She has many acquaintances and would often call each of them her best friend if given the opportunity. She’s conniving though, and sly. Those who truly know her know how wily she is and how often she puts on a face to show what she thinks they want to see versus who she really is..

    b. 1874 | UCPB | Gryffindor | Suggested PB: Ed Westwick
    Medium Priority Character

    While Nella is cold, Wellington is driven, Mabell is wily, Alphonse truly is the black sheep so far. Honest and loyal, he’s more inclined to go on an adventure than anything else. He would rather be playing Quidditch, though he’s not very good at it. He hasn’t made the Gryffindor team, though he has tried out several times.

    That’s all so far!

[Image: xsVQr8.png]
made by the LOVELY MJ!
Finn's Adoptables!

Heya!  These are the adoptables for Finn.  If you want to play someone, please contact Billie Farrow.  Please try to be active!

Characters with stars are MOST wanted.  ******


All of the below adoptable characters are for Gilbert Whitechapel.

**Hazel Whitechapel**
18 (1870) | Not Gryffindor | Working Class | Muggle-Born
Works Somewhere in Hogsmeade
Hazel has a good head on her shoulders.  She did well with her OWLs, and she probably could have gone on to complete her NEWTs with a full scholarship.  However, she knew she needed to find a way to rescue and support her little sister, so she dropped out of school and found a job in Hogsmeade.  She does very well for herself.  She gets frustrated with Gilbert, but it is very clear that she loves him.
Play-by must have blonde or brown hair. 

Colin Whitechapel
15 (1873) | Any House | Working Class | Muggle-Born
Incoming Fifth Year
After the death of their parents, Colin ended up with a muggle family who truly cares for him.  They accept him as a wizard, and they fully support his future prospects.  However, he feels left behind.  All his magical siblings seem to be together, except for him.  He resents them all because of it, and he has recently started to resent his muggle family for not being magical.  He has fallen in with the wrong crowd at school.  Colin often visits his siblings, but he can't stand his brother.  He doesn't understand his brother's mental illness and considers him a failure.
Play-by must have blonde or brown hair.

Evie Whitechapel
11 (1877) | Unknown House | Working Class | Muggle-Born
Incoming First Year
When their parents and siblings died, Evie was shuttled off to live with a neighbor.  When she was eight, her guardians also perished, and she found herself residing in an orphan asylum.  It took a full year for her older siblings to discover her whereabouts, and another year for Hazel and Gilbert to find jobs and a place to live where they could also support another person.  She now lives with Hazel, and she's excitedly preparing to start Hogwarts.
Play-by must have blonde or brown hair.

Theodore Trigg, Sr.
50 (1838) | Hufflepuff | Upper Middle Class | Pureblood
Works at the Ministry
Kindhearted and giving, Theodore Trigg took Gilbert in after his parents died at age twelve.  He also took charge of his younger sister Hazel.  The pair stayed with the Trigg's during the summer and over the holidays.  He provided financially for their basic needs, but both children were able to receive scholarships up until fifth year.  When they both left after fifth year, Theodore still helped them, even assisting them in their job searches.  He views Gil and Hazel as practically his own children.  He is incredibly patient with Gilbert.  Theodore works at the ministry in some capacity.  His wife died in a potions accident when his son was only four years old.  His family is pureblood, and he has a few siblings.
Play-by must have dark hair.

**Theodore "Teddy" Trigg, Jr.**
20 (1868) | Ravenclaw | Upper Middle Class | Half-Blood
Hogsmeade Hospital or St. Mungo's
Teddy inherited many of the positive traits his father has, and he was the one to teach Gilbert how to read and write while they were at Hogwarts.  He always wanted a brother, and that's exactly what he sees Gil as.  He is the only person who fully understands his friend, and he gives him either a shoulder to lean on or a kick in the pants that he needs.  Teddy is a very gifted healer, and it is likely he played quidditch while at school.  He is very close with his father, and he has a bit of a crush on Hazel Whitechapel.
Play-by must have dark hair.

All of the below adoptable characters are for Ava Gedge.

Dorcas Anne Gedge
52 (1836) | Probably Slytherin, but any house | Working Class | Pureblood
Whore & Some sort of common job
Dorcas is the mother to three children:  Ava, Isaac, and Eliza.  All three of her children were fathered by three different men.  She sleeps around, and, sometimes, she receives payment for her nightly escapades.  By day she has an ordinary job.  At least the two eldest children have no relationship with her, though she would very much like to weasel money out of them.  She comes from a middle class pureblood family.  Gedge could be here married name, or her maiden name.
Play-by must have dark hair.

Gregory James Tibbet
48 (1840) | Any House | Working or Middle Class | Pureblood
Any Profession
Gregory is Ava's father.  He found out it was him due to Dorcas drunkenly rambling at him.  He has never revealed he has a bastard, and neither Dorcas nor Ava wish to out him.  Gregory sent Ava presents when she was a very young child, and he helped fund her second and third year of school.  He was unable to continue for his wife gave birth to their first child.  Gregory most likely has 1-3 children.  Whether he seeks to keep in contact with his daughter is up to the player!
Play-by must have blonde hair.

**Eliza Gedge**
21 (1867) | Any House | Working Class | Half or Pureblood
Any Profession
Eliza is a pretty open slate!  Ava is very close with her.  She helped support her when she was young, sending much of her money to help support her.  When Eliza went to Hogwarts, Ava helped pay for what Eliza's scholarship wouldn't cover.  They do not have the same father.  There are 2 possible options of who her father is, but nobody is 100% sure.
Play-by completely open.

All of the below adoptable characters are for Thomas Montgomery:

James Montgomery
36 (1852) | Any House | Working or Middle Class | Muggleborn
Any Profession
James is the father of Thomas. He is a muggleborn who lives in Irvingly. He was part of the expedition there and decided to keep his land and house. His wife ran away with a pornographer. His parents moved into their home so they could be closer to their son and grandson. He's probably sad. Him and his wife aren't properly divorced, yet. His personality, etc. is super, super open.
Play-by that has dark hair and dark eyes.

(And if you really want to play a muggle, he does have two paternal grandparents.)

[Image: xxq4g6.png]
Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
Addie's Adoptables

So, Angharad 2.0 (no longer being a MacWard) has basically the same story arch as before, but was taken in by another MC Hebridean family on the opposite side of the island. After the husband rescued her from a dragon she was trying to take the rabbit she caught back from, this family discovered she was living with a corpse and an owl, and took her in, pretty much against her will. She replayed them by resigning to their presence after many failed attempts at running away, never actually calling them by their names and generally being very difficult in the face of their kindness. They have just sent her off to Hogwarts for her first (possibly only?) term, but I'm requesting them anyhow if there are any takers. The family surname and all given names are up to you, but they are at least Halfbloods.

The Chail
[Image: 2u4t2yu.jpg]
PB: open (suggested pb is David Oakes, but I don't have my heart set on him)
Relationship to Angharad: Her guardian and replacement father, so to speak. She calls him the chail, which means "the man". However, she does like him more than she likes his wife because he takes her hunting sometimes and is almost always patient with her. When she runs away, he's always the one to go out and track her down.
Birthplace: The Hebrides
Hogwarts House: open
Occupation: open

The Hen
[Image: 2wlx2tv.jpg]
Age: 26-32
PB: open (suggested pb is Olivia Hallinan, but, again, I don't have my heart set)
Relationship to Angharad: Her guardian and replacement mother, although Angharad doesn't see her that way in any stretch of the imagination. She is generally quite caring towards Angharad, but overwhelmed by her defiance and rough behavior. Angharad calls her the Hen, which means "the woman", but thinks it's particularly fitting because she's always clucking at her about one thing or another (trying to get her to be more proper and studious so she has a future). She is closer to her own three children, but does her best with her ward as well as she copes with a rural, Scottish life after having grown up in wizarding London.
Birthplace: London
Hogwarts House: open
Occupation: Mother/Housewife

Nanny, 3 children (ages 8 and under) coming soon

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