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Adoptable Characters
Adoptable Characters

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Wanteds for...

You should also take a gander at my plottables!

For Balthazar

[Image: VdGW5pc.jpeg]
Balt's closest friend since their early days at Hogwarts, Scottish-born Matthew would later go on to join the Ministry of Magic (though not the DoM) and fall in love with Balt's sister. The two remain incredibly close today. The state of Matthew's marriage is up to whomever plays him and his wife, so long as outwardly, it appears fine. PB is hella open but pictured is Luke Evans. He should have a rep of 7 or 8 because of the "Topaz is a Werewolf" thing.

Immediate Ties: @Balthazar Urquart @Topaz Urquart @Sebastian Urquart @Delight Urquart @Demelza McGonagall
Potential Ties: Co-workers, dependent on department
For Bellona


Born on a Friday (Afia) and named in part for her paternal grandmother (Margaret). The eldest of the Zabini girls and the only one married (to date), Lavinia was nearly divorced by her purist husband (not to mention his family) when the news of her mother's heritage was revealed. Unbeknownst to her siblings (but known all too well by her), it was only a substantial payment from her father that saw her remain in her marital family—though she and her husband quite conspicuously live apart. Any children born to the pair would have been conceived before the scandal broke. She absolutely does not remain in contact with her mother. Her marital family is up to you!

PB is open but should reflect her mixed heritage; pictured is Kylie Bunbury. She is an animagus. Reputation of 6 or 7.

Immediate Ties: @Bellona Zabini @Calliope Zabini @Camilla Prewett @Domitian Zabini @Matilda Zabini
Bonus Ties: @Savino Zabini @Nicodemus Zabini @Fitzroy Prewett
For Blythe

[Image: cYhfAV6.jpeg]
B. 1873-1875 | WCPB | NO HOGWARTS | SEER
One of the youngest of a dozen children, though not all lived to adulthood, Diana's first act of magic was not to make a flower bloom or light a candle but to See what had not yet come to pass, a gift that of all her mother's children, only she was 'blessed' with. Indeed, Diana hates her 'gift', which she was taught to use at home—not even one year was "wasted" at Hogwarts. Within the Church, she is lauded as Truly Blessed by some and regarded with suspicion by others as there is no official stance either way regarding those who See. Her father has been making noises since she began her courses about how difficult it will be to find her a "suitable" husband "under the circumstances", though she expects an arrangment before she is too old to be desirable. Diana lives with her family in Irvingly or Hogsmeade. Her greatest wish is for a life of her own. PB is open; pictured is Ramona Young.

Immediate Ties: @Blythe Fairchild
Potential Ties: members of the CMJ

[Image: glH66qv.jpeg]
At the age of twelve, Mildred declared she would never marry and that she had been Called instead to heal. This was a lie, but it got the job done: her widower father supported her completion of Hogwarts and has not once nagged her about matrimony. Her stepmother, taken on in the last half a decade, is rather more... assertive about what a woman's role should be, but as a member of the Church herself, does not yet have the ammo she needs to force the issue, even though Mildred still lives with them in Irvingly. Mildred is best described as driven, loyal, and a fan of camping out on the line, whatever that line happens to be. PB is open; pictured is Renee Rapp.

Immediate Ties: @Blythe Fairchild
Potential Ties: members of the CMJ

[Image: ACRTN6H.jpeg]
Blythe's former dormmate, Faith aslo grew up in the Church. A caring soul, Faith was nonetheless the more assertive of the two. Unlike Blythe, she was able to finish all seven years at Hogwarts with the aim of becoming a healer like Mildred, but instead was pressured by her parents to marry her husband ("A good lad who'll take good care of you"), who she never quite grew to love. Faith is best described as loyal, nurturing, and a dreamer.She lives in Pennyworth and is currently expecting her second child. PB is open; pictured is Ruby Barker.

Immediate Ties: @Blythe Fairchild
Potential Ties: members of the CMJ
For Dash

[Image: 1OvGEyv.jpeg]
Dash's sister and the only person in the family to whom he is particularly close, Lorelei always shared his innate curiosity about the world—though was less reckless about it's application. She married in her mid- to late-twenties more because it was done than because she actually wanted to, and has long focused more on her academic interests than on raising her children. She occasionally sees Francesca, and gives Patience and Godric intellectual gifts each year on their birthdays. Reputation is 8, and the preferred PB is Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Immediate Ties: @Langston Dashwood @Poppy Dashwood @Lincoln Dashwood
Bonus Ties: @Ozymandias Dempsey @Patience Bromleag

[Image: V1qwvOy.jpeg]
The eldest of the Dashwood children, Lysander has always been the ideal son and heir. As a result, he and Dash have long had personality clashes. His interests and personality beyond this are up to the player, though he has been married at least once with at least one child. Reputation is 9 or 10. The suggested PB is Casey Affleck. Best case scenario for me is that he's boning stepmom, just saying.

Immediate Ties: @Langston Dashwood @Poppy Dashwood @Lincoln Dashwood
Potential Ties: @Ozymandias Dempsey
Double Duty: Florence's Paramour

[Image: 350x185.png]
Unlike her sister, Laurel is shy and awkward, and will no doubt need her fair share of finishing when she leaves Hogwarts. She is content to fade into the background, a place neither parent is content for her to remain. PB is open, but should be white or mixed-race. Reputation of 9.

Immediate Ties: @Langston Dashwood @Poppy Dashwood @Lincoln Dashwood
Potential Ties: @Greta Gillenwater, @Billie Farrow, @Anne Moony
For Elijah

[Image: seZIT2k.jpg?1]
Elijah Urquart is not a kindhearted lad, but for his little brother, he makes an exception, displaying instead as warm and protective. For his part, Gabriel is less a criminal mastermind and more a snuggly bunny whose misbehavior serves only as an attempt to mirror his questionable role model of an older brother. The two are under the guardianship of their uncle Caspar. The suggested PB is Iain Armitage. He was previously played.

Immediate Ties: @Elijah Urquart
Bonus Ties: @Venusia Crickerly
Potential Ties: @Sebastian Urquart @Sirius Black @Nicodemus Zabini, other students & school faculty

[Image: flFhxKK.jpg?1]
The son of two celebrated healers, "Richard" never quite lived up to expectations of him, but makes a fabulous sidekick. A people-pleaser through and through, he often struggles to balance what's right for others with what's right for him. PB is wide open but pictured is Forrest Wheeler.

Immediate Ties: @Elijah Urquart @Venusia Crickerly
Bonus Ties: @Sebastian Urquart
Potential Ties: Other students as appropriate
For Eudora

[Image: AErR7DA.png?1]
Augusta King never married, instead inheriting no small amount of wealth from her own childless aunt at the age of twenty-four. Since, she has lived a comfortable life as a pillar of society—and occasionally a cautionary tale as to what happens when a woman has too much freedom. She took in her late nephew's children a time she might have had grandchildren of her own, and it is no secret that she favours Eudora. I picture her as a mix of the dowager countess (Downton) and Lady Danburry (Bridgerton). Maggie Smith is strongly preferred as a PB.

Immediate Ties: @Eudora King
Double Duty: Hamish's Golden Girl

[Image: RxVtSLC.jpeg]
Married last Christmas, Daphne is the eldest of the King children. That she did not attend Hogwarts is a bit of a sore spot between her and Aunt Augusta, though she relished her time at PSYR. The suggested PB is Mia Wasikowska with alternatives to be age & family appropriate.

Immediate Ties: @Eudora King
Potential Ties: Age-appropriate ex-roses

[Image: SOh5BE5.png]
His late father's heir, Titus hasn't quite processed the fact that he's going to be quite wealthy as soon as he comes of age, and Aunt Augusta is the only parental figure he can properly remember. The suggested PB is Ty Simpkins with alternatives to be age & family appropriate.

Immediate Ties: @Eudora King
Potential Ties: @Oberon Smethwyck, @Abraxas Crabbe @Paxton Fudge @Nicodemus Zabini @Archer Belby @Sirius Black @Leander Hobday; Other students & Hogwarts staff
For George

[Image: pdvTUSh.jpg?1]
B. 1880 | MCHB | OPEN HOUSE | FIRST YEAR ('91/'92)
The only real son of the Waterfords, Alexander has been doted on seemingly since his conception, and has no idea why their father seems to favour him over George. As far as Alexander is concerned, George is something of an idol, and they are incredibly fond of one another. This has only intensified since their orphaning in the shipwreck of '91. The suggested PB is Archie Yates with alternatives to be age & family appropriate.

R E S E R V E D for F A W K E S

Immediate Ties: @George Waterford
Bonus Ties: @Thomas Montgomery
Potential Ties: @Eros Mohr @Tommy Tupper @Quincy Smellie; Other students & Hogwarts staff

[Image: r59tUeE.jpg?1]
The de facto leader of their little group because of his outgoing nature, “Julian” is a confident boy and possibly the son of a former quidditch sensation. He is in either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, though struggles academically—even in his best subject, DADA, he only just scraped an E. The suggested PB is Caleb McLaughlin.

Immediate Ties: @George Waterford @Thomas Montgomery
Potential Ties: @Aleksei Nichols @Nelson Higgs @Cane Backus @Aristide Selwyn @Asa Scabior; other students & school faculty
Double Duty: Noah Farley, Neptune Smith

[Image: pyr5cMW.jpg?1]
B. late 1873 | MCAB | SLYTHERPUFF | SEVENTH YEAR (’91)
The eldest of the group, “Abel” is in Slytherin or Hufflepuff, and knew “Thomas” prior to beginning at Hogwarts. Abel is the youngest of six children, and as a result wavers between horribly immature and thinking he’s much more ‘adult’ than his peers. He dreams of one day being an auror like his father and oldest brother (sub in some high military rank if you make him MB). The suggested PB is Ty Simpkins.

Immediate Ties: @George Waterford @Thomas Montgomery
Potential Ties: @Aleksei Nichols; other students & school faculty
For Holliday

[Image: g70Mv2e.jpg?1]
#MostLikelyToBeADebutante. Of the Fudges, Irene is the most likely to eschew a middle class lifestyle and try to marry up, though her ambition is tempered by her kind heart and loyal nature. She and Holliday are affectionate but not close, and a part of her that she would never admit to is afraid that her sister’s friendship with Topaz Urquart will cause Irene problems herself—appearances are important to Irene . The suggested PB is Malina Weissman with alternatives to be brunette or dark blonde-haired. She is unsure what to make of her father’s present status, but tries to be optimistic about it—at least in his presence. She was previously played.

Immediate Ties: @Holliday Fudge @Somersby Fudge @Herbert Fudge @Paxton Fudge
Bonus Ties: @J. Alfred Darrow @Justin Ross @Roslyn Ross @Ari Fisk @Dionisia Fisk @Zelda Darrow @Nemo Fisk @Leonid Fisk @Dorian Fisk @Konstantin Fisk
Potential Ties: @Venusia Crickerly, other Hogwarts students & staff; frequent resort guests
Double Duty: Cher

[Image: XpOSPXK.jpg?1]
The youngest of the Fudge brood, Sunday has always been a lighthearted and resilient girl who has spent all the life she can remember living at the resort. Adventurous in nature, though, she was eager to depart for Hogwarts and has found it a delight. The suggested PB is Eva Ariel Binder. She was Previously played.

Immediate Ties: @Holliday Fudge @Somersby Fudge @Herbert Fudge @Paxton Fudge
Bonus Ties: @J. Alfred Darrow @Justin Ross @Roslyn Ross @Ari Fisk @Dionisia Fisk @Zelda Darrow @Nemo Fisk @Leonid Fisk @Dorian Fisk @Konstantin Fisk
Potential Ties: other Hogwarts students & staff; frequent resort guests

[Image: 59A9XC3.jpeg]
Because of their fathers' closeness, "Merrit" grew up around the Fudges. He would much rather work with dragons than become an architect, but has yet to figure out how to break this news to his father even with graduation looming on the horizon. He takes luncheon with his mother every Hogsmeade weekend, and is a twin to "Fortuna". No other siblings. PB open, but pictured is Marcus Scribner.

Immediate Ties: @Holliday Fudge @Fortuna Cresswell @Prosper Cresswell
Bonus Ties: @Paxton Fudge @Herbert Fudge @Amity Rosewood @Somersby Fudge
Double Duty: Tycho's Romance
For Iphigenia

Ife —
[Image: 0W9dtCv.jpeg]
Genia's grandmother (Ìyá) on her mother's side, Ife has lived with the family since her husband's death just after the twins were born. She has at least one living child. Like the other women in her family, she was told of the ~curse upon their family upon coming of age, and was relieved to be attached to a husband so much older: no risk of falling in love, after all! She is a self-assured woman and powerful in her own ways. Ife does not use or own a wand, and is an animagus. Genia greatly looks up to her grandmother, who, since Bosede's disappearance, has served as her primary maternal figure. The suggested PB is Adjoa Andoh.

Immediate Ties: @Iphigenia Adebayo
Double Duty: Hamish's Golden Girl

[Image: nkqydys.jpeg]
Femi has long been the sibling with which Genia is closest, as he is nearest to her in age. Incredibly intelligent but also down-to-earth, he has an interest in many academic areas. Though he owns a wand, it's really more for show, as he excells in the wandless magic taught at his school. His is an animagus. The suggested PB is Nadji Jeter.

Immediate Ties: @Iphigenia Adebayo

[Image: G3QrE9c.jpeg]
Callista has always thought it best to blend in with the norms of society; as the only other of the Adebayo children to attend Hogwarts, she performs magic exclusively with a wand, and focused more upon social education than deeper learning during her years at shcool, and later two years of finishing at Pendergast's. The exception to this is her passion for herbology, the only area in which she's ever been willing to get her hands duty. She wants to marry well not just for herself but for the family's interests—though whether this is a genuine desire or borne out of her father's expectations remains to be seen. She was hard hit by her mother's disappearance and subsequent talk with Ìyá, and holds herself to high standards. The suggested PB is Aja Naomi King.

Immediate Ties: @Iphigenia Adebayo
Potential Tags: Age-Appropriate PSYR graduates

[Image: gssBJav.jpeg]
The firstborn son to the firstborn son. Unlike his twin, who resides in Lagos, Kayin always struggled with wandless magic, though his father insists it's because he uses the tool as a 'crutch'. Nonetheless, he does not lack for brains and has clearly inherited his father's business acumen. He can be a bit reckless in his pastimes, but has never placed himself or the family name in danger (at least, not yet). He works alongside his father, that he might learn the family business before it is time for him to take it over. He is likely an animagus. The suggested PB is John Boyega.

Immediate Ties: @Iphigenia Adebayo
Double Duty: Florence's Paramour

[Image: nRUBkCW.jpeg]
Taiwo Adebayo is a man of good sense and better luck, rapidly growing his father's small business into a bustling company and propelling himself, and future generations, into the upper class. He is a man who is soft-spoken except on matters of honour and pride. Though he sees value in the English and the connections a life in Britain can bring him, he is Yoruba first and foremost, born and raised in Nigeria. He does not even own a wand, and is an animagus. With his youngest child, he shares a love of astronomy. He understood what happened to his wife, and kept quiet on the subject even when treated as a suspect, not wishing her misdeeds to further diminish the family. The suggested PB is David Oyelowo.

Immediate Ties: @Iphigenia Adebayo
Double Duty: Florence's Paramour
For Louisa


B. 1883 | MCPB | TBA | CHILD
Born June 16th, 1883, Caroline Georgia Weasley was the result of her mother labouring while spectating a quidditch match. In spite of her rather dramatic entrance, Caroline has had a generally typical life in the years since. A whimsical girl, she relishes her position as second oldest: still older than the little ones, but with much less scrutiny than Lou. Like her sister and brother, she is educated at home by a governess. If the Weasleys did superlatives, she would be Most Likely to House a Family of Puffskeins Under the Bed Without Telling Anyone and Most Likely to Leave the House Without Shoes, both of which have happened. She is not overly fond of heights. Suggested PB is Lilly Aspell with alternatives to be brunette.

R E S E R V E D for J E N

Immediate Ties: @Louisa Weasley
Bonus Ties: @Rufina Mulciber @Flora Mulciber @Abraxas Crabbe @Annabelle Bones @Eldin Bones @Rosamund Bones @Matilda Zabini @Nicodemus Zabini @Hermione Longbottom @Felicity Riley @Grace Riley @Iris Prewett; other Longbottoms, Prewetts, and adjacents.
Potential Ties: @Ella Grimm; other assorted children


B. Nov. 1884 | MCPB | TBA | CHILD
The eldest boy, he has the best name. Wesley. Weasley. It's flawless. Like his elder sisters, he is educated at home by a governess. If the Weasleys did superlatives, he would be Mostly Likely to Keep a Dragon Under His Bed Until It Set The Bed On Fire, which hasn't happened (yet), and Most Likely to Eat So Much Fudge That He Vomits, which has. He loves quidditch, though thus far lacks the coordination even for his children's broom. Suggested PB is Matthew Illesley with alternatives to be redhead or brunette.

R E S E R V E D for F O X

Immediate Ties: @Louisa Weasley @Caroline Weasley
Bonus Ties: @Rufina Mulciber @Flora Mulciber @Abraxas Crabbe @Annabelle Bones @Eldin Bones @Rosamund Bones @Matilda Zabini @Nicodemus Zabini @Hermione Longbottom @Felicity Riley @Grace Riley @Iris Prewett; other Longbottoms, Prewetts, and adjacents.
Potential Ties: @Ella Grimm; other assorted children
~For Maddy

[Image: dBYuUwU.jpeg]
B. 1880 | MCHB | ??? | FIRST YEAR ('91)
Oakshaft "Oak" Bell is every bit his father's son: high energy, low focus, and an abiding love for quidditch and anything else he deems 'fun'. In the modern era, he would likely be diagnosed with ADHD, and has something of a fixed mindset when it comes to academics. Away from his instructors, however, he is a fun-loving young boy who will probably (but not necessarily!) follow his sister and step-siblings into Gryffindor. PB is open, but pictured is Jacob Tremblay. Reputation should be 8 or 9.

Immediate Ties: @Madeline Bell @Cameron Gillenwater @Greta Gillenwater
Bonus Ties: @Alcyone Slughorn @Edison Moony @Milo Nox @Lester Hatchitt @Sisse Thompsett @Alice Dawson @Sloane Bixby @Calla Potts
Potential Ties: @Eros Mohr @Leonidas Perks @Tommy Tupper @Quincy Smellie; Other students & Hogwarts staff
For Persephone

[Image: mKjDt14.jpeg]
The ideal firstborn: responsible, intelligent, thoughtful, and eager to follow his father into the honourable career of auror. With almost a decade on Persy, the two have never been particularly close, and he doesn't have a whole lot in common with Cleon. He likely keeps his own residence in the location of your choosing, but probably Hogsmeade, Irvingly, or London. First name flexible, and marital status up to the player. Suggested PB is James Norton with alternatives to be blonde.

Immediate Ties: @Persephone Broadmoor @Cleon Broadmoor
Bonus Ties: @Bernadette Fernsby @Juliette Fernsby @Nicolette Fernsby @Violette Fernsby @Henry Withers @Ivy Sandow
Potential Ties: @Faustus Prewett @Holden Cartwright @"Fallon Abernathy" @Enoch Rosier
Double Duty: The Childhood Best Friend, Tycho Romance

[Image: 0BwPpbK.jpeg]
A loving, if not always indulgent, father and husband, Augustus Broadmoor is well-respected as an auror, having led many criminals to justice throughout his career. First name and family background is flexible, as long as he was born to the middle class and is of good reputation. Suggested PB is Hugh Grant.

Immediate Ties: @Persephone Broadmoor @Cleon Broadmoor
Bonus Ties: @Bernadette Fernsby @Juliette Fernsby @Nicolette Fernsby @Violette Fernsby @Henry Withers @Ivy Sandow
Potential Ties: @Faustus Prewett @Holden Cartwright @"Fallon Abernathy" @Enoch Rosier
Double Duty: Watchword Woes

[Image: asSF1Oe.jpeg]
Millie Broadmoor is the perfect wife for her husband: she does not need to be in society but enjoys it, she is of excellent reputation, and she has the fortitude to hold down the fort while he works a dangerous job. She is a sensible, if stubborn, woman who gets exhasperated at Persy's disinterest in marriage. How could she grow up with 'all those boys' and not secure one as a husband?! First name flexible. Her brother Jonathan (b. 1845) passed away in 1882; check with Kelly et al before adding additional sibs! The suggested PB is Laura Dern with alternatives to be blonde.

Immediate Ties: @Persephone Broadmoor @Cleon Broadmoor
Bonus Ties: @Bernadette Fernsby @Juliette Fernsby @Nicolette Fernsby @Violette Fernsby @Henry Withers
Double Duty: Underwear Ambassador, Watchword Woes

For Roslyn

[Image: xWCqL5R.jpg?1]
B. 1878 | MCHB | OPEN HOUSE | THIRD YEAR ('91)
The eldest child to the Minister of Magic and his wife, Idris has always had the sense inherent in being Roslyn's child but the outgoing nature necessary to thrive in a large extended family like the Fisks. The suggested PB is Lonnie Chavis. He is mixed race, with a black father and a white mother.

Immediate Ties: @Roslyn Ross @Justin Ross
Bonus Ties: @Ari Fisk @Dionisia Fisk @Zelda Darrow @Nemo Fisk @Leonid Fisk @Konstantin Fisk @J. Alfred Darrow
Potential Ties: Other students & staff

For Wystan

[Image: GJkfahV.png]
The younger of the Pomfrey twins, Hippocrates followed his father's large footsteps into medicine. His life, otherwise, has been unremarkable, bar his journey east after his mother's passing. His is a quiet demeanour, and Stan doubts his father will ever remarry—though how true that is will be up to his player. Suggested PB is Hugh Laurie.

Immediate Ties: @Wystan Pomfrey @Anandhita Pomfrey @Thomasina Dempsey @Ozymandias Dempsey

[Image: rcvkjxs.jpeg]
The elder of the Pomfrey twins, Thessalus had no interest in (or affinity for) healing, instead pursuing an active career in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He is a much lauded duelist, and public perception of him is beyond reproach. Thessaulus is loyal to his family, however different he and his brother are. The status of his wife and any children beyond "Micajah" is up to his player. Suggested PB is Pip Torrens.

Immediate Ties: @Wystan Pomfrey @Anandhita Pomfrey @Thomasina Dempsey
Bonus Ties: @Ozymandias Dempsey
Potential Ties: @Faustus Prewett @Benedict Sterling @Holden Cartwright @"Fallon Abernathy" @Enoch Rosier @Ivy Sandow @Lionel Lupin @Julius Scrimgeour

[Image: y1ZnXQ8.jpeg]
Outwardly, "Micajah" Pomfrey has always been quite...benign. No one looks at him particularly hard, and there is nothing about his personality that anyone would consider particularly dynamic. That's probably why he has no trouble hiding his interests in dark magic... PB (and ethnicity!) flexible, but pictured is Tom Riley.

Immediate Ties: @Wystan Pomfrey @Anandhita Pomfrey @Thomasina Dempsey
Bonus Ties: @Ozymandias Dempsey
Double Duty: Addison's Biological Father, Florence's Paramour, Tycho's Romance

et al

Enclosed, you'll find a selection of characters connected to mine but without developped want ads. These are generally quite flexible, and characters with direct connections are linked for your perusal!


[Image: 3atPRkT.png]
graphics by MJ ♥ —

Bee's Wanteds
good as of 12.31.2021
01 | Reservations are requested so I know you're interested, just touch base with me. They are at my discretion for duration. All of my contact information is in Elsie's profile.
02 | Bolded things are strongly preferred, but I'll work with you if I can. Names and ages are pretty fixed as the families are pretty established. Please include a personality section! Play bys are flexible as long as they fit the establish family dynamics. Run them by me, I'd be more than happy to help! If they are labeled "Open PB" just run it by me first please! I'm just looking for family resemblances!
03 | Lots of activity is a nice bonus, but I totally understand that real life gets in the way. Please keep me updated about your intentions as they change (ie vacations or deactivation) just so we're on the same page! If I notice repeated deactivation in ACs I'll reach out!

BEE'S Wishlist:
Alvin Bixby - I have hurls ready to go!
American Attachments! LIKE WHOA.

Also Up for Adoption

----->Additional Ads<-----

I've streamlined the ads to reflect characters I want most- there are more listed in this spreadsheet who have plenty of ties, but nothing specific in mind, take a peek and feel free to ask about them for more details!

And remember automatic  graphics to whoever picks one up, regardless of the condition of my shop!!

The Bixby Boys
for @Sloane Bixby

Carson --- Bixby
[Eric Bana]
1834 | GHRS
married | 8 rep
professional quidditch coach

Patriarch of the Bixby clan, Carson is very much a laid back creature. Most everything in his life revolves around quidditch. His boys play, he's totally down with Sloane playing and his wife works with brooms; it's all relevant. He and Fiona married for love and get along quite nicely. He is pro-female athletes and could easily be  considered a soft feminist. He coaches a pro team, but always makes time for his kids! I also wouldn't say no to him being the flight instructor at Hogwarts!

#doubleup with the Hogsmeade Howler's Coach, he's been mentioned as coaching a different team, but could make the move!
Alvin Bixby
[Jacob Elordi]
1867 | GHRS
unattached | rep 8
apprentice boommaker

Certainly the brightest of the family, Alvin may or may not have played quidditch in school. If he did, probably was not as good at is as Rufus, which he may have been self-conscious about. Regardless, after graduation he chose to follow more in his mother's footsteps and pursue an apprenticeship with a broom maker. Delighted, Fiona encouraged him to give it a shot!

#doubleup with a not quite a wanted
Harrison Bixby
[Nick Robinson]
Sept 1 - Dec 31 1870 | GHRS
unattached | 8 rep
recent graduate

A traditional middle child, Harry is the balance of the Bixby siblings and the most likely to baby Sloane especially while they were at school together; which she can sometimes resent. He was a decent student and likely played for his house quidditch team (or Club Quidditch!)! He likely chose DMGaS afterschool, but could totally be the family outlier with a career in another department, or at the hospital(s).

The Potts Flowers
for @Daffodil Potts
I an NOT married to any of these PBs (though I do love Dahlia's) as long as the girls have some sort of ~dreamy look to them, I'm fine!

Thistle Potts
[Mishel Micheev]
1865 | RS | unattached | 8 rep

Thistle likes to tinker and by that, she likes to breed plants and play around with cross-breeding them. She has a workshop room to herself in the basement of the florist, though she does help out in the shop as well. Creative and intelligent, she is by far the least likely to marry, but who knows!
Senna --- née Potts
[Lauren de Graaf]
1863 | GHR | married
8 rep | housewife

Recently married (summer 1890) Senna is in the throws of the honeymoon phase with her husband and wants children. She's the new default chaperon for the unmarried Potts girls, which she secretly enjoys after moving out of her family home. Personality wide open!
Amaryllis --- née Potts
[Esther Heesch]
1862 | GHRS | married | 8 rep
P&P Poisoning Healer, HH

The oldest and so far the only one to pursue a career outside the florist, Ama married relatively early in a somewhat advantageous marriage that allows her to keep working. She likely hs 1-2 children already. Responsible and very much the Oldest, she enjoys her work immensely. Outside of that things are open!
Laurel Potts
[Laura Linney]
1842 | GHRS | married
8 rep | owner The Florist Potts

Laurel is... well Laurel. Formerly a Phillips, she has played family in the Fraser and Belby families. A meddler by nature, she loves flowers and puttering around the greenhouse, but also tends to get a little too into her daughter's love lives.  I have ~minor board plot ideas here. So hit me up! She is responsible for the naming scheme and is quite enamored with her husband.
Basil Potts
[Keanu Reeves]
1834 | GHRS | married
8 rep | marine herbologist

Quirky and very go with the flow, Laurel can pretty much use him as a doormat. He wanted at least one boy, but gave up that hope after Daffy was born. He's surrounded by women and mostly okay with it. He's quite adventurous and thoroughly enjoys his underwater career! He is most likely bff's with his brother-in-law, Ewart Fraser Reserved for Amy

Step-Family Struggles
for @Tabitha Chevalier
Felicity + children can also be POC, in fact I would prefer it, but I hunted down PB names for hours and thought of this after, so I used them haha. There is Bernard Chevalier too, but he's only 7!

Harlan Chevalier
[Aaron Eckhart]
1840 | HR* | married
rep 8 | ministry

His rep comes from acknowledging Tabi as his bastard. A handsome scholar, he is an academic by nature and the best father he can be. How Tabi came to be is open, but he lived in France at the time near his paternal family, so can speak French fluently and does with his children. He is an involved father and struggles with the tension between Felicity and Tabitha. *He could have attended Beaubatons, but his mother is English.
Felicity Chevalier née Oakley
[open PB]
1846 | GRS | married
rep 8 | housewife

Despite no blood relation, Tabitha and Felicity once had a good relationship, turned sour by the birth of her own children. Maybe she noticed Harlan treated Tabi differently, maybe it was jealousy, but she treats her children like they walk on water and her relationship with Tabitha is strenuous, especially now that Tabi is an adult and working instead of married and out of her hair.
Marietta Chevalier
[Anna Grudina]
autumn 1878 | GRS | unattached
rep 8 | 2nd year student

Marietta picks up on her mother's vibes toward Tabitha and can be mean-spirited toward her half-sister, despite Tabi's best attempts to keep things friendly. Her personality is largely open outside of that!
Lisette Chevalier
[Aroa Renau]
spring 1880 | GHRS | unattached
rep 8 | incoming firstie

Undecided on the tension in their family, Lissy is very much a daddy's girl, and tries to stay out of the division. Quiet and sweet, she wishes everyone would just get along. Excited to go to school, she is a bit nervous to be away from her family, but is looking forward to the opportunity.

[Image: 5mVg7A.png]
MJ made this divine beauty
Bree's Adoptables
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❧ I generally have a rule of one family member per player to ensure the maximum interaction possible!
❧ Details may or may not be set-in-stone, so don't hesitate to ask if you're curious!
❧ Please contact me before you drop a character, whether it be temporarily or permanently, to avoid hurt feelings! If you're just not feeling the character, either, don't be afraid to tell me so!

For Bella Scrimgeour
Bella Scrimgeour | Julius Scrimgeour


b. 1842 | UCPB | Slytherin | Socialite | Suggested PB: Amanda Peet

The mother of @Bella Scrimgeour. Life was all about predictability for Media: she had an easy childhood, was betrothed to her first cousin, and would give birth to a son early in their marriage. It was only after marriage that life took a turn for the worst. Her husband was tortured, leading to his mental instability and early retirement, and she gave birth to twins after seven years of struggling to conceive only to have one kidnapped. Her daughter was returned to her eleven years later, but their family was far from picture perfect. Her husband grew violent, and an unwillingness to speak against him led to more tension that culminated in a scandal that would see her husband imprisoned, her daughter disowned, and her family in ruin. She now resides in Wales and is slowly returning to society. She is a strong woman, though one not immune to heartache; she chooses to suffer in silence, however, viewing her personal respectability as her one saving grace. Her reputation is a 7.


b. 1869 | UCPB | Slytherin | Debutante | #Twinning: Danielle Rose Russell

The twin sister of @Bella Scrimgeour. After her sister was kidnapped as an infant, Araminta was raised as an only daughter. She is a product of her upbringing: educated and well-mannered with an air of haughtiness to her that isn't uncommon in girls of her status. It would be the distinct difference in attitude that would lead to many differences of opinion between Araminta and her twin as they navigated their relationship after they were formally reunited in their first year of Hogwarts. Araminta was—and still is—all too willing to fit into the small box society designed for women of her station, and resented how her life was upended by her father's imprisonment and sister's disownment (especially since it is difficult to tell them apart!). Her reputation is a 6.

For Holly Scrimgeour
Holly Scrimgeour


b. 1876 | UCPB | Open House | Fifth Year ('91) | Suggested PB: Shay Rudolph

The younger sister of @Holly Scrimgeour. Once a twin to sister Emilia, Camille and Holly were left the only two remaining siblings in the family after the laughing plague killed most of their older siblings. Afterwards they moved to Hogsmeade, their father remarried, and recently they lost their step-mother and younger half-brother to the Santa Antonia shipwreck. Camille and Holly were once close, but after going off to Hogwarts together they found themselves in separate social circles—either because they were sorted into separate houses or because Camille proved more social than Holly was ever capable of being. She was previously played, but everything about her is open within reason. Her reputation is an 8.

For James McKinnon
James McKinnon

Arthur McKinnon

b. 1861 | WCHB | Open House | Ministry | Suggested PB: Beau Mirchoff

The older brother of @James McKinnon. From a young age Arthur was pitted against his younger brother from the time they were children. Arthur was the golden child, being the first in his family to graduate Hogwarts with his NEWTs, while James was barred from continuing past his OWLs because he failed to meet the bar that Arthur had set. James perceives him as conceited and haughty and a social climber, though this may or may not be his true personality as the brothers rarely spent time together where their parents didn't manipulate their views of the other. He now works at the Ministry in a generally respectable position. His reputation is up to the player.

still looking as of December 2021!

set by MJ <3
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  • For the most part bolded facts are fixed, but (depending on the character) I might be flexible on some of the details, provided you discuss your ideas with me first!
Last updated: 03/01/22 | Click here for my plottables!


~For @Aubrey Davis
(& @Henrietta Davis)

The Davis family are working class halfbloods from Yorkshire, and all bar the eldest son have gone into domestic service like their parents. Not sure there's enough to do playing a domestic servant? You’re more than welcome to double up these characters with any ad for household staff or WC plots! And then you also get the baggage of a brother who went missing ten years ago and has been trying to find his way back to you ever since. He's currently a hedgehog. You know you want a hedgehog brother. (Names/faces/ages are all relatively flexible, but faces should be "plain"-ish and light-medium colour in hair.)



Jacob is the eldest child, and was the only sibling able to be financed through Hogwarts long enough to obtain his OWLs, meaning that he was able to go into a profession with more opportunities and a higher wage than being household staff for the rest of his life. Everyone else may be a teeny bit bitter about this. His personality and life beyond that is incredibly open! He may be single or married, have been in any house, etc.



Wilhelmina managed more than just the one scholarship year at Hogwarts, so may have up to four years of schooling and may have once had greater ambitions than domestic service, but somehow she has ended up there anyway. Otherwise, she is incredibly open, and could also be made to fit another ad!



Poppy, like Aubrey, found her first year at Hogwarts tough to get through academically, but has pretty good people skills which mean she is usually well-liked by her employers. She also works in domestic service.

~For @Carmelina Cramming

The Warbecks are a big, happy family from northwest Wales with slightly over-the-top names, who are all up in each other's business and generally giant Holyhead Harpies fans. PBs should have some family resemblance, but otherwise Carmelina's siblings are all fairly open to do with as you please, and you're welcome to combine them with other ads where possible!



The first child and (probably) her mother's favourite, Favoretta is either married or widowed, with some number of children. She's a bit of a diva, mothers the rest of her siblings relentlessly, and probably has some sort of MC-appropriate pastime or occupation for a married woman - she might be the centre of the MC social scene; may be a chaperone for some younger girls; or maybe she spends her days making ridiculous hats. She was in any house at Hogwarts.



In his late thirties, Errington is either married, courting, or single and eligible (#hurlable), and holds some kind of MC-appropriate job for a man. His Hogwarts house is open. Actually, everything about him is open; he only exists because I think someone should use Richard Ayoade's face, goddamnit.



While Carmelina was always on the well-behaved side, Jossima was the out-and-out rebel from an early age, though most of the family have probably just learned to roll with her by now. By the time she started school, she was already set on playing quidditch for the Holyhead Harpies, a dream career that has come before anything like husband-hunting, that's for sure. Everything else about her is super open.

~For @Elias Grimstone
(& @Ruth Lockhart)



Father to Elias, Ruth and Tony. Simon comes from Portsmouth and a muggle, working class family. He is skilled in carpentry and - like his father, brothers, and most of the men in the area - apprenticed and worked as a shipwright in the local dockyards. Through industry troubles, he has always struggled to make enough to support his family, though both he and his wife were adamant about giving their children a full education. Proud as he is of Elias' successes, he has always felt awkward accepting the benefits of it in return, which have seen them living a more comfortable life (though Simon continues to have quite a gruff attitude about most middle class society). He has also always struggled with the magical/muggle barrier, feeling a little like an outsider in his own family - but when Ruth and her husband moved to Irvingly, Simon and Lucille finally followed suit. His occupation in Irvingly is open, whether carpentry-related or something entirely different: he may see Irvingly as a second chance of sorts, to be less distant from his children's lives - but he's basically a fish out of water all round! As personality goes, Simon isn't so different from his children: he works hard, has a dry sense of humour (and at heart, maybe he’s a romantic), but he is also hot-headed and very, very stubborn. I am ridiculously attached to Jerome Flynn as his face. xD



Mother to Elias, Ruth and Tony. Lucille has always had an adventurous spirit, though in practice it hasn’t carried her far. Fortunately, she is unafraid of hardship, with a bright demeanour and the resourcefulness and practical sense to usually land on her feet. She is a witch, also born into the working class, and she married Simon for love (although her parents may have expected her to do "a little better" than Simon). Lucille attended Hogwarts in any house, probably to no further than OWL level. She was pleased to have left Portsmouth at last - she was the one who pushed for the move to Irvingly - and is especially grateful to get to spend more time with Rue and to help look after the grandchildren! Lucille has worked throughout her life, and may now run a seamstressing service or something similar out of the house. Suggested face is Linda Cardellini.

~For @Jemima Farley
(& @Jacob Farley)

The Farleys are MCPBs from Tutshill, and I'm very flexible with them! You're more than welcome to combine with other ads/plots.

Also available: IKENNA "KEN" FARLEY and BESS FARLEY. Both the Farley parents come from wizarding families, and are very fond of each other - nearly as fond as they both are of muggles, and they are fascinated by all aspects of muggle life. Both black sheep in their usual circles, it was this likeness that brought them together many years ago. They are very enthusiastic people and, whatever their careers, very publicly campaign for pro-muggle rights and blood equality. (Imagine having two Arthur Weasleys for parents. Good. Now you know what they're like.)



The black sheep in this family, Delilah is probably the least swayed by her parents' "muggles are so great, kids!" approach, and presumably has grand plans for her life that do not include being dragged on any more "no-magic family holidays". She is now respectably married, but beyond that details are open, I honestly do not care.



While Zipporah may be living the deb life in theory, in reality she likely spends 90% of her social interactions on the topic of eccentric muggle inventions. Or her own inventions. Her general vibe is 'cute but weird', do what you want with that.



Jemima's only younger sibling, Noah is at school in any house. His personality is open, but Jemima absolutely finds him annoying, because what little brother isn't? For extra funtimes, Noah had a prime front row seat to Jemima's diary disaster at Hogwarts, which may well have had... negative effects on his own social reputation at school. xD

~For @Nelson Higgs

The Higgs are a respectable UCHB family who live in London. Gulliver Higgs was a muggleborn from a prestigious military family who joined the Ministry and married Theodora, a wealthy halfblood. Theirs is a well-off, loving, happy family... but their five children have always been a bit of a handful.



Hector is the eldest, and the leader: he is charismatic but bossy, and just about manages to keep the other three boys in line. Most of the time. He was a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw at school. He has some kind of UC-suitable profession now, because who would he be if he didn't get to boss someone around? PB is open.



Morris is the second son, and funny but insensitive: he'll do anything to get a laugh, but is, on the whole, better at looking out for himself than for others. As kids, Morris always had the least patience of the brothers for Nelson (although Morris doesn't have a great deal of patience for anyone). As such, the Unspeakable Vow that prevents Nelson from speaking as long as he lives was Morris' fault. Morris didn't mean it, but... He was a Gryffindor or Slytherin at school, and his profession is open, as is his PB.



Quentin is the third son, and has always been anxious but driven. He has big dreams but also has a bad habit of worrying about everything. He was a Hufflepuff or Slytherin, and his PB is open.

~For @Porphyria Dempsey
(& @Ozymandias Dempsey)

The Dempseys are an UCHB family who live near Galway in Ireland. They are all varying levels of eccentric, although still respectable enough to get invited to society things (their reps should reflect this). The name scheme - being named after a poem and the poet who wrote it - was decided on by Eamon and Lowri before they were even married. Much love to Beans for letting me straight-up steal a lot of the descriptions below.



A notable poet and cheerful eccentric, Eamon was his parents' heir. His hobbies include waxing poetic about the wilderness, going on ill-advised sailing ventures, and humouring his wife. Porphyria probably gets on fabulously with him.



Reasonable and well-spoken, Lowri is occasionally tempted to strangle her children our of sheer exasperation. A poet like her husband, she is quite fond of Keats, and took no issue with the naming scheme Eamon proposed. (Except perhaps for Don Juan. That was tempting fate, she thought.)



Vain but cheerful, Endymion works as a cursebreaker/auror/something similarly adventurous-but-flashy. Once banged a Veela in a hammock in the garden, an event witnessed by his mother and Shalott and which has never been quite forgotten by any of them. Knows more about flower language than his sisters consider strictly reasonable.



Bright and lovely, Christabel frequently attempts to debunk the unexplained. Though she has always intended on getting married - she has no intention of winding up like Porphyria - she may have an academically inclined job/hobby of some sort until that happens. Porphyria's notoriety may also be haunting Christabel's hurling attempts, so it's no wonder that the two of them bicker a lot



Don Juan's personality is exactly what one would expect of a famed literary libertine, and never mind that the poem is ironic re: the name. Lord Byron is his actual hero. Accordingly, he is a constant source of migraines for their mother. Also he and Phyri's PBs literally played literary siblings one time. Could potentially be a friend of @Cleon Broadmoor!



Lycoris is the baby of the family. Pretty and cheerful, she seems kind of normal, which is - well, surprising in their family. Lycoris once startled the family by trolling two of her O.W.L.s but passing all the rest; after graduating Hogwarts, she was probably sent to PSYR for some finishing, a fate passed on from her sister Shalott. (Whether Shalott is any more finished from it is... arguable, so Lowri is waiting with bated breath to see if Lycoris proves an exception.)

~For @Theodore Gallivan
(& @Cecily Gallivan)

The Gallivans are an upper-middle class family who live in Hogsmeade. @Nathaniel Gallivan was the successful sponsor of the Chudley Cannons and (– known only to his family –) a secret werewolf, who, in the autumn of 1888, faked his death on a scouting trip to save them from himself. Which leaves...



Veronica Gallivan was Nathaniel Gallivan's second wife and the stepmother to his older children. She also had two children with him, Nathaniel II in 1882* and Selene in 1883*. She discovered her husband's lycanthropy in 1887. As of the autumn of 1888, she is publicly a widow, though she knows that Nathaniel isn't actually dead. In his will, she was left ownership of Quality Quidditch Supplies, though she may not have much to do with the business side herself and is welcome to have other interests.

Veronica is a kind and patient woman, probably a Ravenpuff. In the early days, she and Theodore had quite a difficult relationship, but she has always been close with Cecily. Although she spends her time looking out for everyone else, she may have recently met a man who might want to court her. However, knowing that she isn't actually a widow, she could have conflicted feelings about it. Maybe she wants to live a new life, but she feels like she needs to stay loyal to her husband?

The suggested PB is Jessica Brown-Findlay, with alternatives to have dark hair. She was previously played as a sibling to @Eugene Scamander, @Marlena Scamander and @Helga Scamander.

*Kids also available to play!

Dantes Adoptables
❧ Please contact me before you start a character
❧ It is not FCFS
❧ If a character goes inactive without you letting me know I’ll consider the character dropped and available for re-pimping
❧ Only information in bold is a must have
❧ Faces are all suggestions

For Madeleine Backus
@Cane Backus | @Magdalena Byrne | @Madeleine Backus


b. 1843 | WCPB | Huffle/Dor | Baker – Hogsmeade | Suggested PB: Viggo Mortenson (Blonde/light haired)

He was from a good honest working class pureblood family.  As a second son he moved to St. Petersburg to make his fortune and got a job working in the factory of a prominent Upper middle class family in the city.  He was a steady worker, and eventually eloped with the families only child Katerina in 1864.
The Kozlova's provided money to start a bakery in England as a way of avoiding scandal but on the proviso that Barton would never be received into their home again, and they havn’t seen Katerina since.  He and Katrina were clear that the children, other than Rye should get a full education, and the girls were expected to maintain scholarships to stay in school.

When the muggleborns were excluded from Hogwarts Maddie got in touch with her grandparents to secure the papers she needed to get back to school, and the Backus parents were aware that she kept in touch with them through letters.  It was not until the death of Katerina's father that it became clear how much they had hated him, with the entirety of the family estate being left to Maddie and Maggie to vest on their marriage on the basis that they would no longer be 'Backus'.

The parents stopped talking to Maggie when she eloped to receive her fortune, and allowed Maddie to take social help from a friend of their grandmothers in the hopes of discouraging her from jumping into a hasty marriage as well.  Maddie sided with her father

b. 1846 | MCHB > WCHB | N/A  | Family Baker | Suggested PB: Michelle Phifer (blonde)

She is demure, quiet, loving, great business/organizational sense.  She has all the airs and graces that would be expected from someone given every advantage in life and a solid middle class up bringing. She has ambitions for her children to do better in life than she did.  And despite her own elopement to Barton, she was disapproving of her daughters decision to elope. 
For Murdock Greyback
@Murdock Greyback | @"-" | @"-"



Can't wait to be a debutante, she is prime, proper and very girly and is enjoying being away at school.  She isnt exactly stuck up but she takes the social duties of an UC girl too seriously and her dad is always trying to get her to lighten up.  She probably isnt a Ravenclaw, but could theoretically be in any other house.  She is into everything girly and is probably already subscribed to witch weekly.  Because she is the oldest she is looking forward to turning 14 and being given the keys to her Papa's house, as she fancies herself effectively the mistress Greyback Reach because her mother is deceased.  The idea that her father may re-marry has never entered her pretty head.

b. 1879 | UCHB | TBC | TOMBOY| Suggested PB: RED HEAD

A distinct tomboy, she thinks its very unfair that only the boys get to become wolves and is determined to become an animagus so she can run with the pack, or see if she can convince one of her cousins to bite her when she turns 18 as well.  She idolizes her father and shares his sense of humor.  She can't wait to get to school but doesnt want to be in the same house as her sister.  Her nannys and governesses are constantly trying to get her to behave in a 'lady like' manner and looking to her father to impose upon her but he just wont.  She has free reign in her fathers house, and the idea of her father getting married again scares the living heck out of her.  Her aunt (_______ Greyback -Spinster sister - 30) is her second favourite person after her father.

b. 18-- | UCHB | OPEN | WEREWOLVES| Suggested PB: OPEN

_______ Greyback - Brother - 37 
_______ Greyback - Brother - 35
_______________ Nee Greyback - 32
_______ Greyback -Spinster sister - 30
_______ Greyback - Brother - 27
______________ Nee Greyback -25
_______ Greyback -Sister - 23
_______ Greyback -Sister - 22
For Meserimus Valenduris
@Meserimus Valenduris | @"-" | @"-"


b. 1862 | ACAB | House | Occupation| Suggested PB: JULIA GARNER

once upon a time Katerina was a student of Meserimus when he was teaching at Durmstrang, they would regularly play chess together when she was still at school.  She is exceptionally bright and vivacious and when they danced at the coming out ball, it was clear to Meserimus at least that he cared for her more than just student - teacher.  They began to court, and developed a genuine love for each other.  When she was 20 they married with the blessing of her parents.  They genuinely love each other, and is fiercely loyal.
Katerina was born into an upper middle class family, and raised with all due care and attention and is the consummate lady.  However, she is incredibly intelligent and loves the fact that her husband encourages her not to hide her light under a bushel.  She has much more freedom than many women, and is secure in the knowledge of her husbands doting affections.  She may have her own academic interest and could be a writer or researcher of some sort.

b. 1756 | UCPB | RAVEN/CLAW | CHARMS RELATED| Suggested PB: Patrick Stewart

Remigius Valenduris is Meserimus brother, he is youngest Valenduris brother, and 5 years younger than Meserimus. He is a high ranking Wizengemot member, and an expert in Charms and like his brother is upper class. He too has a large family and has been married multiple times, his current marriage is also to a much younger woman. Meserimus still treats him as though he is 15 and not a man in his mid hundreds! He is very family orientated and despite their ages both men still have a very puckish relationship, they believe and behave as though they are much younger than they are. The pair play chess once a month, overlooked by Archimedes
His suggested playby is Patrick Stewart. 
If Patrick Stewart is available – I would prefer him to be the face

b. 1758 | UCPB | SLYTHER/DOR | OWL| Suggested PB: HE’S AN OWL

The consummate middle child he always felt like the odd man out in his family and keen to prove himself.  He had a talent for transfiguration and was determined to develop a method of undertaking the animagus transformation while retaining the ability to speak.  He succeeded - sort of.  He managed to turn himself into an owl - and he can speak....but now he's stuck and has spent the past 20 years as a goddamn owl.  He also won't allow his brothers to help him change back.  He currently lives with Meserimus (owls can't sign leases) and doesnt know if he hates living at the school (lots of kids) or Meserimus home (still too many kids) more.  He is cantankerous, grouchy and a curmudgeon.

b. circa 64 years old | UCPB | OPEN | OPEN | Suggested PB: Jeff Goldblumm

He is not the first born son of Mesermus Valenduris, but the only son to have outlived his father.  He is technically the 8th of Meserimus children. Honestly – he kind of expected to have inherited by now. He has had to forge a career for himself, but it is lucrative, and despite being born into wealth he rather considers himself to be mostly self made.  He will eventually inherit his fathers estate, and has been supported by his father in all of his endeavours.  It does annoy him somewhat that his father still treats him 


b. Circa Mid-Late 40’s | UCPB | OPEN | Irked wife | Suggested PB: Kate Blanchette

Mrs Valenduris thought she had hit the jackpot, she married an 8th son who had somehow lucked into the heir spot – but her father in law WONT DIE.  So while she is financially comfortable she wants to THE Mrs Valenduris, not the step-daughter in law of Mrs. Valenduris.  She hen pecks her husband quiet a bit but he has the good humour enough to ignore most of her chittering. 
(Could be a second wife.)


b. circa 24 | UCPB | HOUSE | ROLE | Suggested PB: India Eisley - Open

The eldest daughter of this side of the family, she is a consummate sweet young lady.  She wants a career, and is much smarter than she pretends to be.  She is a potions wiz, like her gramps.  She is a little quirkier than she really thinks is acceptable for an upper class pureblooded woman.  She is concerned she is not marriage material and is mostly okay with that but worries about her family reaction. 

b. Circa 18 | UCPB | OPEN | Awkward son | Suggested PB: Troy Sivan

First born son, and the heir of an heir – he isn’t holding his breath about inheriting any time soon and so is working hard in school to get the career he needs to support himself.  If his families longevity is anything to go by he won’t be inheriting ever.  He is bright but finds his family fully extra. 


Isobel is smart ambitious, driven and done with all of the male nonsense.  She wants to be Minister of Magic, or Head of Magical Law enforcement, and an inventor, writer, healer and explorer.  She will need to live as long as her grandfather in order to achieve everything she wants to in life.  She is serious, intense and driven.  Her grades will be nothing short of exceptional, she is very hard on herself academically and is fully furious that it doesn’t really matter what she does she will always be limited by her gender. 

b. circa 13 | UCPB | NOT SLYTHERIN | STUDENT | Suggested PB: OPEN

Easy going, go with the flow kind of kid, He likely plays quidditch, and is part of several clubs.  He has an ear for languages and while he isn’t especially ambitious he tends to be good at things rather easily and does well in class with minimal effort.  He would easy to dislike but because he is generous with his wealth, time and friendship he is pretty popular. 

b. Circa 55 | UCPB | NOT SLYTHERIN | ROLE | Suggested PB: Mark Ruffollo

Is super glad that he isn’t the eldest son, he just wants a quiet life.  His mothers death is incredibly embarrassing to him.  He thinks people talk about it constantly when he is out of the room, and so hates social obligations.  He asked for his parents to arrange a marriage for him, but is still unsure if his wife loves him.  He is close with his nephew because he also thinks their whole family is a needless level of extra. 

b. early 40’s | UCPB | OPEN | OUTGOING WIFE | Suggested PB: JENNIFER GARNER

She was an arranged marriage with her husband but loves him greatly.  She is out going and spunky and rather the opposite of her husband.  She has a youthful, quirky air and fits in very well with the family- possibly better than her husband – her brother in law (below) often says that if they ever separate they are keeping her and ditching his brother.

b. CIRCA 13 | UCPB | HUFFLE/DOR | FANCIFUL | Suggested PB: Ty Simpkins

Much like his mother, he is an imaginative, carefree and fairly whimsical boy.  He is likely to be found playing some kind of imaginative game in the grounds of the school, with the easily whimsical children.  He has read a lot of fiction and so any kind of Romantic (with a capital R) story will appeal to him (Half breeds, mysterious orphans etc) He much prefers the outdoors to inside.  Care of Magical Creatures is his favourite class, closely followed by herbology, but  anything that requires him to spend hours in the library will bore him immensely. 

b. CIRCA 12 | UCPB | HOUSE | INTENSE | Suggested PB: Oakes Fegley

Irish twins, there are only 11 months between them but the two couldn’t be more different.  Gregori is intense, serious and thinks of himself rather as grown up, he looks on his brother with a touch of disdain for being so ‘foolish’.  He prefers to dress, speak and behave like a grown up. 


Is incredibly anxious that she wont be in the same house as her sister.  She has some fairly intense social anxiety, and her sister is her social bridge to the ret of the world.  She is the smarter of the two. 


secretly wants to be in a different house to her sister – she sees it as a chance to spread her wings a little and be known as an individual rather than part of a set. 

b. CIRCA 50 | UCPB | RAVEN/DOR | OPEN | Suggested PB: RDJ

Incredibly smart, entirely self made and incredibly proud of this fact.  He tells anyone who will listen about his ‘invention’ that ‘changed the world’ – it’s a stretch but it has made him independently wealthy.  He has a slight addiction to opium, he was  a keen underground boxer back in the day and still considers himself an authority.  He has never married but still considers himself to be on the market.  He is a flirtatious charismatic man whose main flaw is being too picky.  He is very fond of his younger siblings


Irish twin to the actual twins they have ended up in the same school year.  Personality is very open, she speaks Swedish and English, she is proud that her father is the potions professor and is hoping to be in slytherin house.  She does think It’s odd that she has nephews and nieces who are older than her.  She is the only member of the family that her uncle Archimedes likes.  She does have some minor seer abilities


Identical twin - A whimsical and odd creature, the elder by exactly 4 minutes, the two have their own language and believe in creatures that they have made up.  The pair are marmite – people either love them or hate them.  She is incredibly smart, gifted even and seems to know answers to things she couldn’t possibly have.  Both sisters are Seers but as yet don’t really know it.


Like her sister she is an odd bird,
She sometimes forgets that others don’t speak the language that she had ODETTE made up and will sometimes speak in that language when she talks to others.  She likes everyone and has trouble reading social cues, like tone and facial expressions but she is whip smart and seems to uncannily know things.  Both sisters are Seers but as yet don’t really know it.


b. 8 | UCPB | NA | Scampish son | Suggested PB: OPEN

Doesn’t have a serious bone in his body and a class clown in the making.  He is OBSESSED with quidditch and has been flying from the moment he could balance his butt on a broom.  He is not the most academic kid on the planet, and probably has a mild form of dyslexia – just enough to make book based classes and subjects a bit tougher for him than practical things. 


He is a very serious kid, and behaves much older than he is.  He has a genius level intellect, already being excellent at reading and writing.  He plays chess (wizard and muggle).  Named by a naming seer


~ First Marriage ~
1- Meserimus Valenduris -Son  – Deceased/Unmarried – would be 100
2. Lisa Valenduris – She’s a grandmother at this stage – in her 90’s and family
3. Charles Valenduris – Son – Deceased/Unmarried – Would be in his 90’s
4. Earnest Valenduris – Son – Deceased- Married, no children – would be 80’s
5. Claire Valenduris – Daughter – Deceased – Would be 80’s and family
6. Antonette Valenduris – Daughter – Married -  Would be 70’s and family
7. Samson Valenduris – Son – Deceased – Married no children – would be 70’s
~ Second Marriage ~
10 _______ _____ Nee Valenduris – Daughter – circa 53-  UCPB and family
@Ginevra Blackwood | @"Played Family Member" | @"Other Played Family Member"



The man loves Quidditch and is richer than god.  He could sponsor ‘good’ teams but instead he choses to sponsor the worst team each year in order to help them improve.  He buys a private box for each quidditch match and is very supportive of all of the teams.  He lives for the world cup!



A consummate socialite.  She is the picture of propriety and mixes in all the ‘right’ pureblood circles.  She would love her son and daughter to give her more control over their love lives, and possibly allow her to arrange marriages for them.  Her family were pretty purist and her father was a second son.  When her cousin, married a muggleborn, the estate was entailed away from him and entailed to Eugenia’s daughter providing she marries a pureblood.  She is inclined towards gossip and is vicious in he judgements of people. 

b. 1860 | UCPB | SLYTHERIN | OPEN| Suggested PB: Sam Heughan

He is a mans man, he is into quidditch, probably does some underground boxing, part of a mens club.  He goes along with his sisters socialising quiet a bit and the pair are in society together rather a lot – although he sees it as a social duty rather than something he enjoys he would rather be in a mens club than at a ball or garden party.  He may have another profession, or interest.  While he is not a purist, he is proud of his particular blood status and so would probably not consider a woman who is not pureblood. 

For Elizabeth Cardew
Faces are open -order/names and personalities are all open
These are inspiration rather than specifics. 
Georgiana Cardew – Sister
Second eldest and arguably the prettiest and most traditional sister- a Jane Bennet type - sweet, the perfect debutante, but not stupid or vapid.  She could be married, she was probably in finishing school.

Moira Cardew – Sister
Ambitious, a would be suffragette.  The most likely of the sisters to wear trousers, or dress up as a man in order to try and vote.  She finished her education, she may have a ministry job. 

Natasha Cardew - Sister
Cunning, every bit the slytherin, a survivor, but with a fierce loyalty with all the brains to go along with it.  In the modern world she would be hired into MI6 as soon as she was done with her education. 

Lucille Cardew - sister
Would love to be on the stage, and has an excellent singing voice that might just make that possible.  She may be in/want to go to finishing school.

Margory Cardew – Sister
Suffers from depression and anxiety.  Academically bright but prone to hysteria which causes her to lose focus, or lose time in class due to being 'ill'.  If she was alive now she would probably be on an SSRI and in therapy.

Elena Cardew -Sister
The least ‘wordly’ sister.  She is perhaps a little niave and would very happily move into a cottage, in the middle of nowhere and live off the land. 

Andremina Cardew – Sister
Academic and curious, however her curiosity tends towards slightly darker topics of magic, she would be voted ‘most likely to start a cult’. 

Julia Cardew -sister
Boy mad! Flirts with anything with a penis and a pulse, she is a gossip and definitely has a subscription to WW which she treats as the bible

Philomena Cardew – sister
Ambitious, wants to marry up, and tries to conduct herself as the perfect debutante and cultivate a social circle of financially better connected friends.

Sophia Cardew – sister
Sweet but desperately unlucky! It seems like she is cursed!

Delia Cardew - sister

William Cardew - Brother
Rather overwhelmed by the number of women in his life

Bree did the coding and it is pretty

[Image: wl0I79B.jpg]
Lady is a wonder
Both Alike in Dignity...
This was a plot I got into with another ex-player and thought I'd expand it a bit

Both the Capulets and Montague are middle class PB families.  Why the two families are fighting - well no one remembers but they are sure it is the other families fault.  The families are originally from Italy several generations back.  Unlike the play this isn't open war in the streets - this is a simmering dislike. 

I have no preconcieved ideas about whether this will proceed as the play does, these are just character jumping off points- maybe Juliet will end up with the PRINCE or TYBALT.  Who knows!

First names are open - even ROMEO/JULIET etc
Faces are open - Montague father is white- otherwise open so biracial is welcome/encouraged

Lord Montague
50+ | MCPB | MARRIED | Ministry Senior/or retired
The father of ''ROMEO'' and uncle of @Benevolence Montague.  Other than hating the Capulets, he worries about his sons job and his prospects in marriage.  He thinks it might be a good idea to arrange a marriage for him given his terrible taste in women.  He is a senior ministry official, law and order is important to him, he has/had a desk job i.e was not an auror or similar.  He is not a blood purist. 

Lady Montague
40+ | MCPB | MARRIED |  Healer or unemployed
Mother of ''ROMEO'', if she is employed it is a healing, or caring profession.  She had completely bought into her husbands hatred of the other family and thinks they are all scum.  She agrees with her husband that her son is likely to make bad choices if left to his own devices and so is actively seeking a wife for him. 

Romeo Montague
25+ | MCPB | SINGLE|  Something 'dashing'
He isn't a play boy in the 'love'em and leave'em sense' but does frequently fall in and out of love - thinking himself madly in love with some deb or other at any given time.  He is Romantic with a capital R and would be the sort to write love letters and be generally smushy.  He and @Benevolence Montague are close, and he is her favourite cousin, she is the voice of sense frequently talking him out of doing anything rash. 

Benvolio Montague
@Benevolence Montague - a level head, who is constantly talking Romeo out of his bad ideas. She thinks the whole fued needs to be put to bed!

Balthasar Montague
[/size]20+ | MCPB | SINGLE |  Open
The younger brother of 'ROMEO', he is hot headed and agressive and full of a great deal of family pride.  His job is open but is competitive and extremely ambitious.  He suffers from a little bit of second son syndrome.  He does love his brother but is determined to outshine him in every capacity. 

23+ | ACAB | SINGLE |  Probably Quiditchy or curse breaking
A young man  and best friend of 'ROMEO', his job is something dashing and exciting and he is a bit of a playboy.  He encourages all of 'ROMEO'S' bad ideas but they have been best friends since childhood and so there is no separating them now.  He antagonizes situations between the two families because he has no real stake in it.  His wanted can be combined with any other, or tied into another family. 

Lord Capulet
50+ | MCPB | MARRIED | Ministry Senior/or retired
Father of 'JULIET', he is hot headed and strong willed, probably a gryffindor.  He was a physically imposing man in his youth and he remains as such.  He would be quick to duel if he got the chance.  He is not a blood purist.  He could be self-made, or somehow involved in industry, but this is open - however, he probably had a less 'academic' or desk job than L.MONTAGUE. 

Lady Capulet
40+ | MCPB | MARRIED | Open
Very protective of her daughter 'JULIET', she is keen to make a good match for her daughter and is mercenary about it.  She loves to gossip and is a dedicated reader of Witch Weekly.  Ideally, she would like her daughter to marry 'TYBALT', but her husband isn't entirely sold on the idea.  She does not see 'TYBALTS' faults and thinks he is just best young man on the planet! He is the only one who will be good enough for her daughter

20+ | MCPB | SINGLE | Debutante, or similarly feminine occupation
Romantic and flighty 'JULIET' is the only child and heir of the CAPULETS.  She is the apple of LORD MONTAGUES eye.  She wants to make a love match, and is fighting her mother's attempts to match make for her with everything she has! She is probably a little bored and frustrated with how mercenary debutante life is.  She wants an organic romance, not something foisted on her by family and obligation. 

25+ | MCPB | SINGLE | Chaperone and paid companion
'JULIETS' chaperon and ladies companion.  She is a CAPULET  but from a poorer branch of the family and was taken in by them as a ward at a young age.  She is pragmatic, sensible and plain in comparison to 'JULIET', she wants to marry, but realises her time is running out.  She is JULIETS paid companion and chaperone but she indulges her cousins romantic nature. 

25+ | MCAB | SINGLE | Hitwizard/Unspeakable or similar
A 'cousin' of the Capulets in the broadest sense, he is the son of a cousin of Lady Capulets who died in childbirth.  With no other family, he was been raised in the Capulet household.  He is publically respectable but enjoys underground boxing matches, gambling and dueling.  He is hot headed and more like L.CAPULET than his own daughter. 

Please contact me before starting any character! If a character is abandoned or goes inactive, I may readvertise them.  PM me or skype me:Leapidra to chat

[Image: wl0I79B.jpg]
Lady is a wonder
Jen's Adoptables

Last updated December 30th, 2021

For Greta Gillenwater

For Anthea Selwyn

For Havelock Nott

For Oberon

[Image: Greta-sig.png]
Hello everyone! Welcome to my adoptables.
A few guidelines
  • Please message me (PM Addison Chatham) if you're interested!
  • Please include the family section on your apps
  • Run any massive changes past me first -- I'm usually up for it!
  • Unless indicated, details like exact job, Hogwarts house, etc. are up to you!
Still wanted as of December 29, 2021!

For @Addison Chatham
The Chatham Family

Zachary -------- Chatham (WCAB)
Born in 1835, Zachary has known hard work all his life, starting when he was just a boy. If he went to Hogwarts at all, he likely didn't make it too far past his first year, but strives for better lives for his family. He and his wife were only able to have one child, for whatever reason, but have adopted Addison, their biological grandson, who is unaware of this fact.

When his daughter, Alice, was 15, it was discovered she was pregnant, at which point she went to go live with her (now deceased) grandfather. This might be Zachary's father, or his wife's--up to you. After she gave birth, Zachary and his wife, Margaret took in the boy and renamed him Addison.

Zachary has recently moved to Pennyworth, Hogsmeade from the Slums and works at a shop, though which one is open to you. Hogsmeade are suggested, but maybe he makes the trek to other places. He's immensely proud of Addison for becoming a Ministry worker, and may or may not be ignorant of his aspirations to become a Healer. If you're the type who likes stamps you could collect "Olden'" and "Uneducated" ones with him!

Playby is very open! I'm using an aesthetic avatar for Addison.

Potential double-ups include: Podmore Zoological Gardens Staff (Groundskeeping/Ticket Booth Staff), Whizzhard Books Employee/Manager

Margaret ------- Chatham nee ------ (WCAB)
Born in 1840, Margaret has always been exceptionally talented at sewing, knitting, and other handcrafts. She went to Hogwarts for her first year, and may have made it to OWLs, but it's unlikely. She and her husband, Zachary, were only able to have one child, for whatever reason, but adopted their grandson, Addison, who is unaware of this fact.

When her daughter, Alice, was 15, it was discovered she was pregnant, at which point she went to go live with her (now deceased) grandfather. After she gave birth, the Chathams took in the boy and renamed him Addison.

Margaret has recently moved to Pennyworth, Hogsmeade from the Slums, and works at a shop, though which one is open to you. It's also possible she could be a cook or other domestic servant, but she lives at home in Pennyworth. If you're the type who likes stamps you could collect "Olden'" and "Uneducated" with her.

Playby is very open! I'm using an aesthetic avatar for Addison.

Potential Double-Ups include: Podmore Zoological Gardens Staff (Tearoom and Giftshop/Ticket Booth Staff)

Alice ------- Chatham (or married name) (WCHB/WCPB, depending on parents' blood status)
Born in 1860, Alice is the first and only child of Zachary and Margaret. At Hogwarts, she stayed long enough for her OWLs, though did not do well enough, probably due to the concerning events of that year (think mostly A's, some P's, maybe an E or D) to get a more "solid" job (perhaps she wanted to be a Mediwitch). Throughout her childhood and education, Alice lived in the Slums.

During her OWL year, Alice had an attachment to another student (wanted here) and became pregnant, and the summer after her OWL year, Alice went to live with her grandfather, to give birth to a boy she named Benjamin, who was then adopted by her parents and raised as their own. The only people who know the truth are Alice, Margaret, and Zachary (and the grandfather, but he's dead).

Following that, Alice went into work as a domestic servant (for what household is open, so you can chuck her in wherever). Perhaps she's a nanny, as she's reasonably educated enough to care for younger children, or maybe she's a lowly scullery maid who can't catch a break, or anything in between. She may have married, as well, so you're welcome to change her surname if that is the case. She could live anywhere from her employer's household to the Slums to Irvingly. She could even have had children.

Playby is very open! I'm using an aesthetic avatar for Addison.

Hello! I'm still new around here but the Changs took residence in my mind one day and I'd love to share with you if you want. <3

A few easy guidelines;
  • when you decide to apply you can pull from @Ida Chang's history,
  • holler if you want to change big things, have ideas~, or have q's! I'll nearly always say yes,
  • please be somewhat active, if they wind up going inactive without notice I may decide to put them back up here. <3
  • bonus points! for being culturally sensitive or interested in any aspects of Chinese culture, and/or interested in playing with immigrant/children of immigrants angst. Fun fact, that's my own story from South America, and color me biased I think it's a fun way to build character ;)
Of course if you see any opportunities for double duty on other asks, don't be a stranger now I'd be happy to add in here.

Chang family
Mr. Mystery Chang

Working MCPB | Age 20ish, can be older | Heir to business | Any house | Irvingly but gets around | PB Suggestion: Chris Pang or Godfrey Gao

The most we've established for @Ida Chang's big brother is that he's assumed to inherit his dad's successful merchant business, and yes I want him to be a bit of a heartthrob. ? Selfishly, I want Ida getting into high society type parties and seeing as she hasn't too many girlfriends of the ilk, she'll insist her big brother act like it for once and be her escort/chaperone. Or does he not want her around for other~ reasons?

How successful he is at any aspect of his life I'll leave to you! Is he a scintillating, deviant, no-good rake? Is he poised to double or triple their income from spending a lot of his time in London and the Far East? Is he diligently seeking a deb to help bring honor to the family name or would he rather not? Does he even want to work in the business and does he resent Ida for not needing to be involved? I always have ideas~ here or am up for a surprise! But you better believe no matter what he picks, Ida is right behind him watching and waiting with bated breath for family drama and a chance to prove to dad she was right all along.
Mr. Mischief Chang

Child | Under 11 or open to 1st and 2nd years | Any house | PB Suggestion: Han Hao Lin

He doesn't need to be your Victorian magical version of Dennis the Menance, but life would be awfully more fun if he was. <3 He has a governess as noted below. He's rather close with his big sister because she's been his mother figure for likely most of his life.

Mr. Patriarch Chang

Working MCPB | Age 40+ | Widower, Merchant | Irvingly but gets around | PB Suggestion: Honestly no idea but here is gratuitous Ken Watanabe <3
So much flex here! I call him Huan Bo but you can call him what you'd like. The main things we've established: the family Patriarch is ballsy enough to move from China and leave everything behind/start over not once, not twice, but three times, he was charismatic and shrewd enough in his endeavors to move up from working class, he really did love his wife before she died (no we don't mind fudging if they stayed in love or how she died), and he's a bit of a traditionalist in terms of gender roles. At least Ida thinks so.

Employed by the Changs
at home
- Governess | MC female

- Housekeeper, one or two | WC female

- Valet | WC male

at business

- Accountant, solicitor, sales | MC, likely males

- Laborers in transport, head and lower-rung | WC, likely males

- Farmer/groundskeep, one or two | WC, likely males

Found this code via Bree's pretty posts <3

- please shoot me a message if you're at all interested and we can chat through additional details
- faces are completely optional, only suggestions - however some physical attributes are not
- if claimed adoptable is deactivated, will put back up for adoption :)
- please check out my plottable wanteds for more plots and (more urgent) needs!

FOR @Basil Foxwood

[Image: 648daf4e48b5bd7aa6c2ded2e90f095b5ca39b2d.gif]

Rose Viola Foxwood
Mama Mia | open y/o | Former Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff | PB: Ruth Gemmell (plspls)
Upperclass - Lady of Leisure | WIDOWED


[Image: tumblr_o8ivmmtfIt1vpgqddo1_400.gif]

Professor Bartholomew Thompson
Basil's Mentor | open y/o | Former Ravenclaw | PB: Harrison Ford
TBD Class | TBD Marital Status


[Image: vhNd1HT.png]
© Ty Gin!
Vera's Natal Fam
❧ Please let me know that you wish to reserve a character before apping or registering them! I prefer to take a look at the app before they are registered. Reserves last up to a month, though feel free to ask for an extension.
❧ Suggested PBs are just that—suggested—but please run alternative PBs by me before reserving them!
❧ If you drop a character suddenly and without notice, they go back up for adoption. I'm willing to keep a character under your name if you have to drop them temporarily.
❧ I reserve the right to refuse adoption.
Still looking as of January 1, 2022

For Vera
Vera Morgan | Emerentius Morgan | Desiderius Morgan | Eldritch Morgan | Rhiannon Cameron | Rachel Morgan

This is Vera

b. 1841 | UCHB | Hufflepuff | Socialite | Playby: Rachel Weisz

This is a bit different then most of my adoptables so bare with me. I am not looking for anything strictly specific, but wanted to give Vera's natal family their own post in case anyone was interested.

Father - Born late 1700s or early 1800s. Man of logic and reason. Likely a first or second born son, but I am in no way picky. Likely a Ravenclaw. Honestly, I would enjoy seeing him as a Hogwarts professor, but can definitely see him on the Wizengamot. His main vibe is humoring his wife until her ideas go too far - i.e. he'll send his daughter(s) to a French finishing school, but won't outright move to France. He is conservative.

Mother - While a well-to-do socialite, she does have an borderline eccentric reliance on divination and seers - she is not one. A frequent visitor of France, she often makes mention to her husband and close friends about wishing to move there. The family likely bought a townhouse there that she has settled on visiting at least once a year. She is conservative.

Siblings 1 through 3 and 5 through 7 - Vera is fourth of seven children. No genders or distinct ages have been specified other than that 1-3 were born before 1841 and 5-7 were born after. While all named by naming seers, their names can vary - as can the accuracy of how the name fits the sibling. Houses are open. Up to character creation, little to no scandal preferred. While the family image is conservative, each individual siblings private opinions may vary. Open marriages, open surnames. Additional marital connections and nieces/nephews for Vera are encouraged.

For Vera
Vera Morgan | Emerentius Morgan

Mrs. "French"

b. 1840-1843 | UCAB | Attended Beauxbatons | Socialite | Kathryn Hahn

Mrs. "French" grew up in, well, France. She attended Beauxbatons Academy and later went to a local finishing school to complete her education. During her time there - whether that was her first year or not - she ended up in the same dorm as Vera. Despite Vera's ultimate failure to adjust, the two became quite close and wrote to each other for several years after the fact.

Mrs. "French" has since then married - whether to a fellow France resident or an English man - and relocated to magical Britain. Vera was her general introduction into British society. Her family - both marital and natal - are up to player, but she has to be of good reputation.

Bone’s Adoptables

Hi guys! Welcome, feel free to browse around; but, first, some rules!

Reserved characters will be changed to an "@/character" underneath the adopt group heading in question; a character name will be removed from under ToC when all they're adopts are reserved or taken! If you have any questions or wish to request a reservation of a character, feel free to hit me up by PM @Bethel Nye or discord (acebones#5099)!

Table of Contents
Adoptable Characters for…


Current as of 01/3/2022

The Nyes

The Foerstner Siblings and The Step-Son

Lovely set by Kit <3
[Image: qLh1ks.png]
Amy's Adoptables
❧ Contact me if you're interested in a character! All my adoptables have family secrets and notes I'm not posting here, so there is more to know.
❧ PBs are suggestions, but please run changes by me.
❧ Some details are negotiable, just ask!
❧ Please contact me before you drop a character, whether it be temporarily or permanently, to avoid hurt feelings! If you're just not feeling the character, either, don't be afraid to tell me so!

For Angelica Vorona
Angelica Vorona


b. 25 July 1860 | UCPB | Slytherin | Man of Leisure | Suggested PB: Colin O'Donoghue

Angelica’s younger twin brother, Lucius and his twin have spent their lives trying to be different. It didn’t take much work. Where his twin is a decisive perfectionist, Luc elevated chaos to a fine art form. He’s naturally bright but invested the bare minimum to get by in school, preferring popularity and Quidditch to his studies. Lucius is recently returned from learning the family business under his older brother in Venice, or so the story goes. Luc spent the better part of the last thirteen years earning the ‘rake’ moniker in as many languages as possible, but his antics finally went one step too far when rumors of a possibly less-than-pureblood bastard reached dear old dad. The threat of being cut off brought him back to Britain, but it isn’t all bad. He hasn’t ruined any British girls since his Hogwarts days and It’s been a while since he made his twin’s life miserable. Might as well make up for lost time. Rep is 7-8.

still looking as of January 2022!

[Image: 3yopnb.png]
MJ made this miracle!

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