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As clocks and other timepieces were expensive, working class folk who could not afford to rise with the sun could employ a “knocker-upper” to tap on their windowpane at a scheduled time. Knocker-uppers would work through the night and into the early morning. — Kayte
But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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Adoptable Characters
Adoptable Characters

Friends, Romans, Countrymen—anyone tied to your character that you would like to see in play! Ads can be as vague or specific as the requester desires, but should include some ‘unique’ information to distinguish from general networking. Characters needed for specific plots would be better suited to our Plottable Characters listing instead :)

These ads will be cleaned out infrequently throughout the year, but players will be given notice to ensure all posts are up-to-date and posted with active accounts.

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Kayte's Adoptables

Welcome to your seduction ;) Before we get started, I do have a few policies regarding my adoptables:
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Wanteds for...

You should also take a gander at my plottables!

For Balthazar

[Image: VdGW5pc.jpeg]
Balt's closest friend since their early days at Hogwarts, Scottish-born Matthew would later go on to join the Ministry of Magic (though not the DoM) and fall in love with Balt's sister. The two remain incredibly close today. The state of Matthew's marriage is up to whomever plays him and his wife, so long as outwardly, it appears fine. PB is hella open but pictured is Luke Evans. He should have a rep of 7 or 8 because of the "Topaz is a Werewolf" thing.

Immediate Ties: @Balthazar Urquart @Topaz Urquart @Sebastian Urquart @Delight Urquart @Demelza McGonagall
Potential Ties: Co-workers, dependent on department
For Bellona


Born on a Friday (Afia) and named in part for her paternal grandmother (Margaret). The eldest of the Zabini girls and the only one married (to date), Lavinia was nearly divorced by her purist husband (not to mention his family) when the news of her mother's heritage was revealed. Unbeknownst to her siblings (but known all too well by her), it was only a substantial payment from her father that saw her remain in her marital family—though she and her husband quite conspicuously live apart. Any children born to the pair would have been conceived before the scandal broke. She absolutely does not remain in contact with her mother. Her marital family is up to you!

PB is open but should reflect her mixed heritage; pictured is Kylie Bunbury. She is an animagus. Reputation of 6 or 7.

Immediate Ties: @Bellona Zabini @Calliope Zabini @Camilla Prewett @Domitian Zabini @Matilda Zabini
Bonus Ties: @Savino Zabini @Nicodemus Zabini @Fitzroy Prewett
Double Duty: Watchword Drama

For Elijah

[Image: seZIT2k.jpg?1]
Elijah Urquart is not a kindhearted lad, but for his little brother, he makes an exception, displaying instead as warm and protective. For his part, Gabriel is less a criminal mastermind and more a snuggly bunny whose misbehavior serves only as an attempt to mirror his questionable role model of an older brother. The two are under the guardianship of their uncle Caspar. The suggested PB is Iain Armitage. He was previously played.

Immediate Ties: @Elijah Urquart
Bonus Ties: @Venusia Crickerly
Potential Ties: @Sebastian Urquart @Sirius Black @Nicodemus Zabini, other students & school faculty

[Image: flFhxKK.jpg?1]
The son of two celebrated healers, "Richard" never quite lived up to expectations of him, but makes a fabulous sidekick. A people-pleaser through and through, he often struggles to balance what's right for others with what's right for him. PB is wide open but pictured is Forrest Wheeler.

Immediate Ties: @Elijah Urquart @Venusia Crickerly
Bonus Ties: @Sebastian Urquart
Potential Ties: Other students as appropriate
For Eudora

[Image: AErR7DA.png?1]
Augusta King never married, instead inheriting no small amount of wealth from her own childless aunt at the age of twenty-four. Since, she has lived a comfortable life as a pillar of society—and occasionally a cautionary tale as to what happens when a woman has too much freedom. She took in her late nephew's children a time she might have had grandchildren of her own, and it is no secret that she favours Eudora. I picture her as a mix of the dowager countess (Downton) and Lady Danburry (Bridgerton). Maggie Smith is strongly preferred as a PB.

Immediate Ties: @Eudora King

[Image: RxVtSLC.jpeg]
Married last Christmas, Daphne is the eldest of the King children. That she did not attend Hogwarts is a bit of a sore spot between her and Aunt Augusta, though she relished her time at PSYR. The suggested PB is Mia Wasikowska with alternatives to be age & family appropriate.

Immediate Ties: @Eudora King
Potential Ties: Age-appropriate ex-roses

[Image: SOh5BE5.png]
His late father's heir, Titus hasn't quite processed the fact that he's going to be quite wealthy as soon as he comes of age, and Aunt Augusta is the only parental figure he can properly remember. The suggested PB is Ty Simpkins with alternatives to be age & family appropriate.

Immediate Ties: @Eudora King
Potential Ties: @Oberon Smethwyck, @Abraxas Crabbe @Paxton Fudge @Nicodemus Zabini @Adrien Blackthorne @Archer Belby @Sirius Black @Leander Hobday; Other students & Hogwarts staff
For George

[Image: pdvTUSh.jpg?1]
B. 1880 | MCHB | OPEN HOUSE | FIRST YEAR ('91)
The only real son of the Waterfords, Alexander has been doted on seemingly since his conception, and has no idea why their father seems to favour him over George. As far as Alexander is concerned, George is something of an idol, and they are incredibly fond of one another. This has only intensified since their orphaning in the shipwreck of '91. The suggested PB is Archie Yates with alternatives to be age & family appropriate.

Immediate Ties: @George Waterford
Bonus Ties: @Thomas Montgomery
Potential Ties: @Eros Mohr @Leonidas Perks @Tommy Tupper @Quincy Smellie; Other students & Hogwarts staff

[Image: r59tUeE.jpg?1]
The de facto leader of their little group because of his outgoing nature, “Julian” is a confident boy and possibly the son of a former quidditch sensation. He is in either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, though struggles academically—even in his best subject, DADA, he only just scraped an E. The suggested PB is Caleb McLaughlin.

Immediate Ties: @George Waterford @Thomas Montgomery
Potential Ties: @Aleksei Nichols @Nelson Higgs @Cane Backus @Aristide Selwyn @Asa Scabior; other students & school faculty
Double Duty: Noah Farley, Neptune Smith

[Image: pyr5cMW.jpg?1]
B. late 1873 | MCAB | SLYTHERPUFF | SEVENTH YEAR (’91)
The eldest of the group, “Abel” is in Slytherin or Hufflepuff, and knew “Thomas” prior to beginning at Hogwarts. Abel is the youngest of six children, and as a result wavers between horribly immature and thinking he’s much more ‘adult’ than his peers. He dreams of one day being an auror like his father and oldest brother (sub in some high military rank if you make him MB). The suggested PB is Ty Simpkins.

Immediate Ties: @George Waterford @Thomas Montgomery
Potential Ties: @Aleksei Nichols; other students & school faculty
For Holliday

[Image: g70Mv2e.jpg?1]
#MostLikelyToBeADebutante. Of the Fudges, Irene is the most likely to eschew a middle class lifestyle and try to marry up, though her ambition is tempered by her kind heart and loyal nature. She and Holliday are affectionate but not close, and a part of her that she would never admit to is afraid that her sister’s friendship with Topaz Urquart will cause Irene problems herself—appearances are important to Irene . The suggested PB is Malina Weissman with alternatives to be brunette or dark blonde-haired. She is unsure what to make of her father’s present status, but tries to be optimistic about it—at least in his presence. She was previously played.

Immediate Ties: @Holliday Fudge @Somersby Fudge @Herbert Fudge @Paxton Fudge
Bonus Ties: @J. Alfred Darrow @Justin Ross @Roslyn Ross @Ari Fisk @Dionisia Fisk @Zelda Darrow @Nemo Fisk @Leonid Fisk @Dorian Fisk @Konstantin Fisk
Potential Ties: @Venusia Crickerly, other Hogwarts students & staff; frequent resort guests

[Image: XpOSPXK.jpg?1]
The youngest of the Fudge brood, Sunday has always been a lighthearted and resilient girl who has spent all the life she can remember living at the resort. Adventurous in nature, though, she was eager to depart for Hogwarts and has found it a delight. The suggested PB is Eva Ariel Binder. She was Previously played.

Immediate Ties: @Holliday Fudge @Somersby Fudge @Herbert Fudge @Paxton Fudge
Bonus Ties: @J. Alfred Darrow @Justin Ross @Roslyn Ross @Ari Fisk @Dionisia Fisk @Zelda Darrow @Nemo Fisk @Leonid Fisk @Dorian Fisk @Konstantin Fisk
Potential Ties: other Hogwarts students & staff; frequent resort guests

[Image: 59A9XC3.jpeg]
Because of their fathers' closeness, "Merrit" grew up around the Fudges. He would much rather work with dragons than become an architect, but has yet to figure out how to break this news to his father even with graduation looming on the horizon. He takes luncheon with his mother every Hogsmeade weekend, and is a twin to "Fortuna". No other siblings. PB open, but pictured is Marcus Scribner.

Immediate Ties: @Holliday Fudge @Fortuna Cresswell @Prosper Cresswell
Bonus Ties: @Paxton Fudge @Herbert Fudge @Amity Rosewood @Somersby Fudge
Double Duty: Tycho's Romance
~For Maddy

[Image: dBYuUwU.jpeg]
B. 1880 | MCHB | ??? | FIRST YEAR ('91)
Oakshaft "Oak" Bell is every bit his father's son: high energy, low focus, and an abiding love for quidditch and anything else he deems 'fun'. In the modern era, he would likely be diagnosed with ADHD, and has something of a fixed mindset when it comes to academics. Away from his instructors, however, he is a fun-loving young boy who will probably (but not necessarily!) follow his sister and step-siblings into Gryffindor. PB is open, but pictured is Jacob Tremblay. Reputation should be 8 or 9.

Immediate Ties: @Madeline Bell @Cameron Gillenwater @Greta Gillenwater
Bonus Ties: @Alcyone Slughorn @Edison Moony @Milo Nox @Lester Hatchitt @Sisse Thompsett @Alice Dawson @Sloane Bixby @Calla Potts
Potential Ties: @Eros Mohr @Leonidas Perks @Tommy Tupper @Quincy Smellie; Other students & Hogwarts staff
For Persephone

[Image: mKjDt14.jpeg]
The ideal firstborn: responsible, intelligent, thoughtful, and eager to follow his father into the honourable career of auror. With almost a decade on Persy, the two have never been particularly close, and he doesn't have a whole lot in common with Cleon. He likely keeps his own residence in the location of your choosing, but probably Hogsmeade, Irvingly, or London. First name flexible, and marital status up to the player. Suggested PB is James Norton with alternatives to be blonde.

Immediate Ties: @Persephone Broadmoor @Cleon Broadmoor
Bonus Ties: @Bernadette Fernsby @Juliette Fernsby @Nicolette Fernsby @Violette Fernsby @Henry Withers @Ivy Sandow
Potential Ties: @Faustus Prewett @Holden Cartwright @Fallon Abernathy @Enoch Rosier
Double Duty: The Childhood Best Friend, Watchword Woes, Tycho Romance, The Ex-Lover

[Image: 0BwPpbK.jpeg]
A loving, if not always indulgent, father and husband, Augustus Broadmoor is well-respected as an auror, having led many criminals to justice throughout his career. First name and family background is flexible, as long as he was born to the middle class and is of good reputation. Suggested PB is Hugh Grant.

Immediate Ties: @Persephone Broadmoor @Cleon Broadmoor
Bonus Ties: @Bernadette Fernsby @Juliette Fernsby @Nicolette Fernsby @Violette Fernsby @Henry Withers @Ivy Sandow
Potential Ties: @Faustus Prewett @Holden Cartwright @Fallon Abernathy @Enoch Rosier
Double Duty: Watchword Woes

[Image: asSF1Oe.jpeg]
Millie Broadmoor is the perfect wife for her husband: she does not need to be in society but enjoys it, she is of excellent reputation, and she has the fortitude to hold down the fort while he works a dangerous job. She is a sensible, if stubborn, woman who gets exhasperated at Persy's disinterest in marriage. How could she grow up with 'all those boys' and not secure one as a husband?! First name flexible. Her brother Jonathan (b. 1845) passed away in 1882; check with Kelly et al before adding additional sibs! The suggested PB is Laura Dern with alternatives to be blonde.

Immediate Ties: @Persephone Broadmoor @Cleon Broadmoor
Bonus Ties: @Bernadette Fernsby @Juliette Fernsby @Nicolette Fernsby @Violette Fernsby @Henry Withers
Double Duty: Underwear Ambassador, Watchword Woes

For Roslyn

[Image: xWCqL5R.jpg?1]
B. 1878 | MCHB | OPEN HOUSE | THIRD YEAR ('91)
The eldest child to the Minister of Magic and his wife, Idris has always had the sense inherent in being Roslyn's child but the outgoing nature necessary to thrive in a large extended family like the Fisks. The suggested PB is Lonnie Chavis. He is mixed race, with a black father and a white mother.

Immediate Ties: @Roslyn Ross @Justin Ross
Bonus Ties: @Ari Fisk @Dionisia Fisk @Zelda Darrow @Nemo Fisk @Leonid Fisk @Konstantin Fisk @J. Alfred Darrow
Potential Ties: Other students & staff
For Tatiana

[Image: 8omv673.jpg?1]
The daughter of Eustace Macnair's accountant (or similar), Daisy was born firmly to the middle class, but her father's role gave her access to Tatiana early on. Daisy yearns to move up in the world, and was more than a little put out when Claudius Lestrange's engagement to Ellory was announced (she and Tatty could have been cousins!). She spent a year or two at PSYR before coming out, and has had her heart broken at least twice in the years since. PB is hella open, but pictured is Mia Goth.

Immediate Ties: @Tatiana Macnair @Liberty Gore @Ingrid Rowle
Bonus Ties: @Valerian Macnair
Potential Ties: age-appropriate ex-Roses
Double Duty: Watchword Drama
For Wystan

[Image: GJkfahV.png]
The younger of the Pomfrey twins, Hippocrates followed his father's large footsteps into medicine. His life, otherwise, has been unremarkable, bar his journey east after his mother's passing. His is a quiet demeanour, and Stan doubts his father will ever remarry—though how true that is will be up to his player. Suggested PB is Hugh Laurie.

Immediate Ties: @Wystan Pomfrey @Anandhita Pomfrey

[Image: rcvkjxs.jpeg]
The elder of the Pomfrey twins, Thessalus had no interest in (or affinity for) healing, instead pursuing an active career in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He is a much lauded duelist, and public perception of him is beyond reproach. Thessaulus is loyal to his family, however different he and his brother are. The status of his wife and any children beyond "Micajah" is up to his player. Suggested PB is Pip Torrens.

Immediate Ties: @Wystan Pomfrey @Anandhita Pomfrey
Potential Ties: @Faustus Prewett @Benedict Sterling @Holden Cartwright @Fallon Abernathy @Enoch Rosier @Ivy Sandow @Lionel Lupin @Julius Scrimgeour
Double Duty: Watchword Drama

[Image: y1ZnXQ8.jpeg]
Outwardly, "Micajah" Pomfrey has always been quite...benign. No one looks at him particularly hard, and there is nothing about his personality that anyone would consider particularly dynamic. That's probably why he has no trouble hiding his interests in dark magic... PB (and ethnicity!) flexible, but pictured is Tom Riley.

Immediate Ties: @Wystan Pomfrey @Anandhita Pomfrey
Double Duty: Addison's Biological Father, Florence's Paramour, Tycho's Romance
For Zinnia

[Image: 1UTJLIx.jpeg]
The younger of the Morland girls, Forsythia could not be less like her sister. Bubbly, friendly, and a bit suggestable, Forsythia is the sort of daugther that society-minded parents dream of. Don't let her pink & glittery demeanour fool you, though: even though she's much happier playing the game as her sister, Forsythia is every bit as intelligent as Zinnia. Like her siblings, the hilt of her wand has been artfully painted by her mother, hers with forsythia on it. The suggested PB is Malia Baker, with alternatives to reflect her mixed-race heritage.

Immediate Ties: @Zinnia Morland
Potential Ties: @Eugene Scamander @Marlena Scamander @Helga Scamander @Greta Gillenwater @Annie Moneypenny @Anne Moony @Hesper Gamp
Bonus Ties: Other Hogwarts students & staff

[Image: 350x185.png]
B. 1880 | UCHB | OPEN HOUSE | FIRST YEAR ('91)
The last of the Morland brood, Basil is much more reverent than his older brother, and much quieter than either of his sisters. He is apprehensive to be leaving home, but this fate is made less daunting by the promise of a new pet to take with him—Basil has always loved animals. When he gets a wand, his mother will decorate the hilt with painted basil leaves. His PB should reflect his mixed-race heritage.

Immediate Ties: @Zinnia Morland
Bonus Ties: @Eugene Scamander @Marlena Scamander @Helga Scamander
Potential Ties: @Eros Mohr @Leonidas Perks @Tommy Tupper @Quincy Smellie; Other students & Hogwarts staff

[Image: 6DUIG5R.jpeg]
Like his father and grandfather before him, Edward Morland has proven to have an uncanny instinct for business, knowing precisely when to invest and when to withdraw. Money, after all, breeds position, and position breeds power, and power is a safety net that will keep the Morland family an enviable one for decades to come. He has high, if sexist, expectations of all his children, though has only ever properly taken an interest in Remington (who, thus far, has proved less than encouraging). PB is open but should be black; pictured is Delroy Lindo.

Immediate Ties: @Zinnia Morland
Potential Ties: @Eugene Scamander @Marlena Scamander @Helga Scamander

[Image: t26iJRt.jpeg]
Born to the middle class, but likewise born to be who she is now. Enthusiastic, artistic, and warm are all very apt words to describe Amaryllis, at least if you base exclusively on appearances. You would be mostly accurate even if you got to know her, but would have to add one more to the list: sees the world as she wishes to, rather than as it is. This is applied to her children (she's quite close to Forsythia but ~doesn't understand her two eldest), society, and the world at large, and having lived quite the charmed life, it's really no surprise. Amaryllis is a talented painter, and adorns the hilts of all the family's wands (bar her husband's as he think's it foolish) with her handiwork. She was always rather intimidated by her mother-in-law, and has not set foot in Remington House since the woman became capable of floating through walls unannounced. She is first cousin to the father of Eugene Scamander et al. PB is very flexible; pictured is Jessica Capshaw.

Immediate Ties: @Zinnia Morland
Potential Ties: @Eugene Scamander @Marlena Scamander @Helga Scamander
Double Duty: Underwear Ambassador, Watchword Drama
et al

Enclosed, you'll find a selection of characters connected to mine but without developped want ads. These are generally quite flexible, and characters with direct connections are linked for your perusal!


[Image: 3atPRkT.png]
graphics by MJ ♥ —
Lynn's Family Ads
Current as of June 2021.
For Valentin & Bellamy Echelon:
Big Brother Echelon
The defacto head of the prodigal branch of the Echelon family, Big Brother is in his late twenties or early thirties. He is UCHB, the product of a pureblood English father and American Muggle mother. Like his parents and siblings he spent most of his life traveling around the world; he did not attend Hogwarts and learned magic from a series of tutors in different areas. All of the siblings have some sort of ~creative pursuit; we've been saying he specializes in complex illusion magic (the sort socialites would hire out for to put on things like the changing decor for the Minister's Masque) but it's open to interpretation. He took his mother's death hard, and when his youngest sister died shortly after they left mourning he decided it was time for the family to settle in somewhere (that somewhere being England). He is generally very accepting of his sibling's foibles (he knows about Valentin's love affairs with both genders and doesn't care, for example) but they generally see any attempt he makes to move them towards propriety as tyrrany.

Pictured is Alexander Ludwig, alternatives to look vaguely related to @Valentin Echelon & @Bellamy Echelon.

Thorben Echelon
Thorben Echelon is an UCPB who married a Muggle woman he met while abroad in America, and subsequently spent most of his life traveling with her and their children. He is the oldest son of his branch but left most of his inheritance/property under the management of others in the family so that he could go trot around the globe. Since the death of his wife, he's gone a little off the rails, and now he always seems like he's having a different conversation than everyone around him. The kids play this up by getting "dad's permission" on things Big Brother doesn't approve of, though it's unclear if dad even knows where he is anymore. What's his deal? Early onset dementia? Driven mad with grief? Started messing around with experimental potions and he's high all the time? Just decided he's tired of the world and he's pretending to be mad a la Hamlet? Accidentally cursed like Cassandra so that no one can understand what he's getting at even though he's perfectly rational? Up to you!

Pictured is Paul Bettany, alternatives to fit the fam aesthetic (@August Echelon-Arnost is his half brother).


Bee's Wanteds
updated 7.11.2020
01 | Reservations are requested so I know you're interested, just touch base with me. They are at my discretion for duration. All of my contact information is in Elsie's profile.
02 | Bolded things are strongly preferred, but I'll work with you if I can. Names and ages are pretty fixed as the families are pretty established. Please include a personality section! Play bys are flexible as long as they fit the establish family dynamics. Run them by me, I'd be more than happy to help! If they are labeled "Open PB" just run it by me first please! I'm just looking for family resemblances!
03 | Lots of activity is a nice bonus, but I totally understand that real life gets in the way. Please keep me updated about your intentions as they change (ie vacations or deactivation) just so we're on the same page! If I notice repeated deactivation in ACs I'll reach out!

BEE'S Wishlist:
Alvin Bixby - I have hurls ready to go!
American Attachments! LIKE WHOA.

Also Up for Adoption

----->Additional Ads<-----

I've streamlined the ads to reflect characters I want most- there are more listed in this spreadsheet who have plenty of ties, but nothing specific in mind, take a peek and feel free to ask about them for more details!

And remember automatic  graphics to whoever picks one up, regardless of the condition of my shop!!

The Bixby Boys
for @Sloane Bixby

Carson --- Bixby
[Eric Bana]
1834 | GHRS
married | 8 rep
professional quidditch coach

Patriarch of the Bixby clan, Carson is very much a laid back creature. Most everything in his life revolves around quidditch. His boys play, he's totally down with Sloane playing and his wife works with brooms; it's all relevant. He and Fiona married for love and get along quite nicely. He is pro-female athletes and could easily be  considered a soft feminist. He coaches a pro team, but always makes time for his kids! I also wouldn't say no to him being the flight instructor at Hogwarts!

#doubleup with the Hogsmeade Howler's Coach, he's been mentioned as coaching a different team, but could make the move!
Alvin Bixby
[Jacob Elordi]
1867 | GHRS
unattached | rep 8
apprentice boommaker

Certainly the brightest of the family, Alvin may or may not have played quidditch in school. If he did, probably was not as good at is as Rufus, which he may have been self-conscious about. Regardless, after graduation he chose to follow more in his mother's footsteps and pursue an apprenticeship with a broom maker. Delighted, Fiona encouraged him to give it a shot!

#doubleup with a not quite a wanted
Harrison Bixby
[Nick Robinson]
Sept 1 - Dec 31 1870 | GHRS
unattached | 8 rep
recent graduate

A traditional middle child, Harry is the balance of the Bixby siblings and the most likely to baby Sloane especially while they were at school together; which she can sometimes resent. He was a decent student and likely played for his house quidditch team (or Club Quidditch!)! He likely chose DMGaS afterschool, but could totally be the family outlier with a career in another department, or at the hospital(s).

The Potts Flowers
for @Daffodil Potts
I an NOT married to any of these PBs (though I do love Dahlia's) as long as the girls have some sort of ~dreamy look to them, I'm fine!

Thistle Potts
[Mishel Micheev]
1865 | RS | unattached | 8 rep

Thistle likes to tinker and by that, she likes to breed plants and play around with cross-breeding them. She has a workshop room to herself in the basement of the florist, though she does help out in the shop as well. Creative and intelligent, she is by far the least likely to marry, but who knows!
Senna --- née Potts
[Lauren de Graaf]
1863 | GHR | married
8 rep | housewife

Recently married (summer 1890) Senna is in the throws of the honeymoon phase with her husband and wants children. She's the new default chaperon for the unmarried Potts girls, which she secretly enjoys after moving out of her family home. Personality wide open!
Amaryllis --- née Potts
[Esther Heesch]
1862 | GHRS | married | 8 rep
P&P Poisoning Healer, HH

The oldest and so far the only one to pursue a career outside the florist, Ama married relatively early in a somewhat advantageous marriage that allows her to keep working. She likely hs 1-2 children already. Responsible and very much the Oldest, she enjoys her work immensely. Outside of that things are open!
Laurel Potts
[Laura Linney]
1842 | GHRS | married
8 rep | owner The Florist Potts

Laurel is... well Laurel. Formerly a Phillips, she has played family in the Fraser and Belby families. A meddler by nature, she loves flowers and puttering around the greenhouse, but also tends to get a little too into her daughter's love lives.  I have ~minor board plot ideas here. So hit me up! She is responsible for the naming scheme and is quite enamored with her husband.
Basil Potts
[Keanu Reeves]
1834 | GHRS | married
8 rep | marine herbologist

Quirky and very go with the flow, Laurel can pretty much use him as a doormat. He wanted at least one boy, but gave up that hope after Daffy was born. He's surrounded by women and mostly okay with it. He's quite adventurous and thoroughly enjoys his underwater career! He is most likely bff's with his brother-in-law, Ewart Fraser Reserved for Amy

Step-Family Struggles
for @Tabitha Chevalier
Felicity + children can also be POC, in fact I would prefer it, but I hunted down PB names for hours and thought of this after, so I used them haha. There is Bernard Chevalier too, but he's only 7!

Harlan Chevalier
[Aaron Eckhart]
1840 | HR* | married
rep 8 | ministry

His rep comes from acknowledging Tabi as his bastard. A handsome scholar, he is an academic by nature and the best father he can be. How Tabi came to be is open, but he lived in France at the time near his paternal family, so can speak French fluently and does with his children. He is an involved father and struggles with the tension between Felicity and Tabitha. *He could have attended Beaubatons, but his mother is English.
Felicity Chevalier née Oakley
[open PB]
1846 | GRS | married
rep 8 | housewife

Despite no blood relation, Tabitha and Felicity once had a good relationship, turned sour by the birth of her own children. Maybe she noticed Harlan treated Tabi differently, maybe it was jealousy, but she treats her children like they walk on water and her relationship with Tabitha is strenuous, especially now that Tabi is an adult and working instead of married and out of her hair.
Marietta Chevalier
[Anna Grudina]
autumn 1878 | GRS | unattached
rep 8 | 2nd year student

Marietta picks up on her mother's vibes toward Tabitha and can be mean-spirited toward her half-sister, despite Tabi's best attempts to keep things friendly. Her personality is largely open outside of that!
Lisette Chevalier
[Aroa Renau]
spring 1880 | GHRS | unattached
rep 8 | incoming firstie

Undecided on the tension in their family, Lissy is very much a daddy's girl, and tries to stay out of the division. Quiet and sweet, she wishes everyone would just get along. Excited to go to school, she is a bit nervous to be away from her family, but is looking forward to the opportunity.

[Image: 5mVg7A.png]
MJ made this divine beauty
Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
Bree's Adoptables
❧ Please talk to me before registering or posting an app! I generally like to ~review a WIP app to make sure everything matches the applications/development of other family members!
❧ I generally have a rule of one family member per player to ensure the maximum interaction possible!
❧ Details may or may not be set-in-stone, so don't hesitate to ask if you're curious!
❧ Please contact me before you drop a character, whether it be temporarily or permanently, to avoid hurt feelings! If you're just not feeling the character, either, don't be afraid to tell me so!

For Bella Scrimgeour
Bella Scrimgeour | Julius Scrimgeour | Araminta Scrimgeour


b. 1842 | UCPB | Slytherin | Socialite | Suggested PB: Amanda Peet

The mother of @Bella Scrimgeour. Life was all about predictability for Media: she had an easy childhood, was betrothed to her first cousin, and would give birth to a son early in their marriage. It was only after marriage that life took a turn for the worst. Her husband was tortured, leading to his mental instability and early retirement, and she gave birth to twins after seven years of struggling to conceive only to have one kidnapped. Her daughter was returned to her eleven years later, but their family was far from picture perfect. Her husband grew violent, and an unwillingness to speak against him led to more tension that culminated in a scandal that would see her husband imprisoned, her daughter disowned, and her family in ruin. She now resides in Wales and is slowly returning to society. She is a strong woman, though one not immune to heartache; she chooses to suffer in silence, however, viewing her personal respectability as her one saving grace. Her reputation is a 7.

For Holly Scrimgeour
Holly Scrimgeour


b. 1876 | UCPB | Open House | Fourth Year ('90) | Suggested PB: Shay Rudolph

The younger sister of @Holly Scrimgeour. Once a twin to sister Emilia, Camille and Holly were left the only two remaining siblings in the family after the laughing plague killed most of their older siblings. Afterwards they moved to Hogsmeade, their father remarried, and recently they lost their step-mother and younger half-brother to the Santa Antonia shipwreck. Camille and Holly were once close, but after going off to Hogwarts together they found themselves in separate social circles—either because they were sorted into separate houses or because Camille proved more social than Holly was ever capable of being. She was previously played, but everything about her is open within reason. Her reputation is an 8.

For Eldin Bones
Holly Scrimgeour | Annabelle Bones | Rosamund Bones


b. 1872 | UCPB | Open House | Seventh Year ('90) | Suggested PB: Emilija Baranac

The younger sister of @Eldin Bones and the youngest Bones sibling, Vesta is the only one in the family who does not intend to spend their life as a healer. She's always been more invested in the social side—or maybe she even has her own interests she's pursuing on the side. Whatever her path moving forward may be, she intends to spend at least one season as a debutante alongside her friends. She is likely not a hardcore blood purist. Her reputation is a 9.

still looking as of June 2021!

set by MJ <3
MJ's Adoptables
  • Please contact me before picking up one of my adoptables! If in doubt as to how to reach me, PM @Elias Grimstone.
  • Let me know if you plan to drop the character, temporarily or otherwise! If they go inactive and I don't hear from you, I reserve the right to put them back up for adoption.
  • For the most part bolded facts are fixed, but (depending on the character) I might be flexible on some of the details, provided you discuss your ideas with me first!
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~For @Aubrey Davis
(& @Henrietta Davis)

The Davis family are working class halfbloods from Yorkshire, and all bar the eldest son have gone into domestic service like their parents. Not sure there's enough to do playing a domestic servant? You’re more than welcome to double up these characters with any ad for household staff or WC plots! And then you also get the baggage of a brother who went missing ten years ago and has been trying to find his way back to you ever since. He's currently a hedgehog. You know you want a hedgehog brother. (Names/faces/ages are all relatively flexible, but faces should be "plain"-ish and light-medium colour in hair.)



Jacob is the eldest child, and was the only sibling able to be financed through Hogwarts long enough to obtain his OWLs, meaning that he was able to go into a profession with more opportunities and a higher wage than being household staff for the rest of his life. Everyone else may be a teeny bit bitter about this. His personality and life beyond that is incredibly open! He may be single or married, have been in any house, etc.



Wilhelmina managed more than just the one scholarship year at Hogwarts, so may have up to four years of schooling and may have once had greater ambitions than domestic service, but somehow she has ended up there anyway. Otherwise, she is incredibly open, and could also be made to fit another ad!



Poppy, like Aubrey, found her first year at Hogwarts tough to get through academically, but has pretty good people skills which mean she is usually well-liked by her employers. She also works in domestic service.

~For @Carmelina Cramming

The Warbecks are a big, happy family from northwest Wales with slightly over-the-top names, who are all up in each other's business and generally giant Holyhead Harpies fans. PBs should have some family resemblance, but otherwise Carmelina's siblings are all fairly open to do with as you please, and you're welcome to combine them with other ads where possible!



The first child and (probably) her mother's favourite, Favoretta is either married or widowed, with some number of children. She's a bit of a diva, mothers the rest of her siblings relentlessly, and probably has some sort of MC-appropriate pastime or occupation for a married woman - she might be the centre of the MC social scene; may be a chaperone for some younger girls; or maybe she spends her days making ridiculous hats. She was in any house at Hogwarts.



In his late thirties, Errington is either married, courting, or single and eligible (#hurlable), and holds some kind of MC-appropriate job for a man. His Hogwarts house is open. Actually, everything about him is open; he only exists because I think someone should use Richard Ayoade's face, goddamnit.

~For @Elias Grimstone
(& @Ruth Lockhart)



Father to Elias, Ruth and Tony. Simon comes from Portsmouth and a muggle, working class family. He is skilled in carpentry and - like his father, brothers, and most of the men in the area - apprenticed and worked as a shipwright in the local dockyards. Through industry troubles, he has always struggled to make enough to support his family, though both he and his wife were adamant about giving their children a full education. Proud as he is of Elias' successes, he has always felt awkward accepting the benefits of it in return, which have seen them living a more comfortable life (though Simon continues to have quite a gruff attitude about most middle class society). He has also always struggled with the magical/muggle barrier, feeling a little like an outsider in his own family - but when Ruth and her husband moved to Irvingly, Simon and Lucille finally followed suit. His occupation in Irvingly is open, whether carpentry-related or something entirely different: he may see Irvingly as a second chance of sorts, to be less distant from his children's lives - but he's basically a fish out of water all round! As personality goes, Simon isn't so different from his children: he works hard, has a dry sense of humour (and at heart, maybe he’s a romantic), but he is also hot-headed and very, very stubborn. I am ridiculously attached to Jerome Flynn as his face. xD



Mother to Elias, Ruth and Tony. Lucille has always had an adventurous spirit, though in practice it hasn’t carried her far. Fortunately, she is unafraid of hardship, with a bright demeanour and the resourcefulness and practical sense to usually land on her feet. She is a witch, also born into the working class, and she married Simon for love (although her parents may have expected her to do "a little better" than Simon). Lucille attended Hogwarts in any house, probably to no further than OWL level. She was pleased to have left Portsmouth at last - she was the one who pushed for the move to Irvingly - and is especially grateful to get to spend more time with Rue and to help look after the grandchildren! Lucille has worked throughout her life, and may now run a seamstressing service or something similar out of the house. Suggested face is Linda Cardellini.

~For @Jemima Farley

The Farleys are MCPBs from Tutshill, and I'm very flexible with them! You're more than welcome to combine with other ads/plots.

Also available: IKENNA "KEN" FARLEY and BESS FARLEY. Both the Farley parents come from wizarding families, and are very fond of each other - nearly as fond as they both are of muggles, and they are fascinated by all aspects of muggle life. Both black sheep in their usual circles, it was this likeness that brought them together many years ago. They are very enthusiastic people and, whatever their careers, very publicly campaign for pro-muggle rights and blood equality. (Imagine having two Arthur Weasleys for parents. Good. Now you know what they're like.)



The black sheep in this family, Delilah is probably the least swayed by her parents' "muggles are so great, kids!" approach, and presumably has grand plans for her life that do not include being dragged on any more "no-magic family holidays". She is now respectably married, but beyond that details are open, I honestly do not care.



While Zipporah may be living the deb life in theory, in reality she likely spends 90% of her social interactions on the topic of eccentric muggle inventions. Or her own inventions. Her general vibe is 'cute but weird', do what you want with that.



Jemima's only younger sibling, Noah is at school with her in any house. His personality is open, but Jemima absolutely finds him annoying, because what little brother isn't? For extra funtimes, Noah had a prime front row seat to Jemima's diary disaster at Hogwarts, which may well have had... negative effects on his own social reputation at school. xD Reserved for Miri!

~For @Leila Scott

In 1883, shortly into her St. Mungo's internship, Leila was attacked and became a werewolf. The Scotts did not, by and large, take this well, and promptly disowned her. As you can probably tell, they care fiercely for upholding their Social Reputation and Doing What Is Best For The Family. They used to live in London, but at some point moved to Hogsmeade, which is where Leila has just shown up. Cue endless potential for uncomfortable encounters. ;)



David came from a muggle family, and although he discovered the wizarding world many years ago when he attended Hogwarts, he was still extremely unprepared for the "werewolf daughter" thing. He is likely genuinely scared/hostile towards half-breeds of all kinds, and, while he may miss her, also thinks Leila probably would have been better off dead. PB is Wolverine mostly because I find it ironic.


B.~1843 | MCHB | PB: LUCY LIU

Mei Li (or "May Lee", if she wants to Westernize herself further) is more concerned with the social propriety side of things. This may be because she has some prior experience of scandal in her natal family and saw what the effects of social ruin could be, or simply because she is a fierce defender of her family and protecting her children. Eldest-born Jade has always been her favourite though, which leaves Leila to wonder whether they would have disowned Jade as quickly as they did her.



The Golden Child, quiet and well-behaved and utterly ladylike, everything was blossoming for Jade when Leila went and messed things up. Jade had been engaged to her perfect man, but this advantageous match was abruptly broken off at the time of the werewolfing. A few options here: 1) a blessing in disguise? Mr. Man was only perfect on paper, and Jade was secretly relieved to be freed from the engagement? 2) Jade was heartbroken/sad that she wouldn't be megarich, and now blames Leila from a distance for everything shitty in her life, and their relationship if they meet again would be far more sour than it used to be. Jade may have married since 1883, if you like, possibly unhappily, to a match nowhere near as good as her first fiancé, out of panic and desperation. Or she never wants to marry anyway so whatever. You do you.



Poor Daniel. Whatever he wanted to do with his life, it wasn't probably wasn't to end up working in the Werewolf Capture Unit. But he does, and his parents like to think this is a firm demonstration of the family zero-tolerance policy on werewolves, even in their own family. Daniel's own opinions are entirely open, but he doesn't love the idea of defying his parents, either. Now that Leila's back nearer to home, the official family policy is that everyone is strictly forbidden from acknowledging or talking to her... but how easy that will be with Leila coming in to spend every full moon under the Ministry's eye? (Alsoooo Danny is prime friend potential for my boys, Tyb and Theo, hello!)

~For @Nelson Higgs

The Higgs are a respectable UCHB family who live in London. Gulliver Higgs was a muggleborn from a prestigious military family who joined the Ministry and married Theodora, a wealthy halfblood. Theirs is a well-off, loving, happy family... but their five children have always been a bit of a handful.



Hector is the eldest, and the leader: he is charismatic but bossy, and just about manages to keep the other three boys in line. Most of the time. He was a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw at school. He has some kind of UC-suitable profession now, because who would he be if he didn't get to boss someone around? PB is open.



Morris is the second son, and funny but insensitive: he'll do anything to get a laugh, but is, on the whole, better at looking out for himself than for others. As kids, Morris always had the least patience of the brothers for Nelson (although Morris doesn't have a great deal of patience for anyone). As such, the Unspeakable Vow that prevents Nelson from speaking as long as he lives was Morris' fault. Morris didn't mean it, but... He was a Gryffindor or Slytherin at school, and his profession is open, as is his PB.



Quentin is the third son, and has always been anxious but driven. He has big dreams but also has a bad habit of worrying about everything. Going into his final year at Hogwarts as of September '89, his future is looming - so this might prove a problem. He is a Hufflepuff or Slytherin, and his PB is open.

~For @Porphyria Dempsey

The Dempseys are an UCHB family who live near Galway in Ireland. They are all varying levels of eccentric, although still respectable enough to get invited to society things (their reps should reflect this). The name scheme - being named after a poem and the poet who wrote it - was decided on by Eamon and Lowri before they were even married. Much love to Beans for letting me straight-up steal a lot of the descriptions below.



A notable poet and cheerful eccentric, Eamon was his parents' heir. His hobbies include waxing poetic about the wilderness, going on ill-advised sailing ventures, and humouring his wife. Porphyria probably gets on fabulously with him.



Reasonable and well-spoken, Lowri is occasionally tempted to strangle her children our of sheer exasperation. A poet like her husband, she is quite fond of Keats, and took no issue with the naming scheme Eamon proposed. (Except perhaps for Don Juan. That was tempting fate, she thought.)



Their eldest son, Ozy might take the 'KING OF KINGS' instruction too seriously, and never mind the poem's implicit warning. He spends a great deal of time trying to come up with ways to be famous. Porphyria thinks he is ridiculous.



Vain but cheerful, Endymion works as a cursebreaker/auror/something similarly adventurous-but-flashy. Once banged a Veela in a hammock in the garden, an event witnessed by his mother and Shalott and which has never been quite forgotten by any of them. Knows more about flower language than his sisters consider strictly reasonable.



Bright and lovely, Christabel frequently attempts to debunk the unexplained. Though she has always intended on getting married - she has no intention of winding up like Porphyria - she may have an academically inclined job/hobby of some sort until that happens. Porphyria's notoriety may also be haunting Christabel's hurling attempts, so it's no wonder that the two of them bicker a lot



Don Juan's personality is exactly what one would expect of a famed literary libertine, and never mind that the poem is ironic re: the name. Lord Byron is his actual hero. Accordingly, he is a constant source of migraines for their mother. Also he and Phyri's PBs literally played literary siblings one time.



Lycoris is the baby of the family. Pretty and cheerful, she seems kind of normal, which is - well, surprising in their family. Lycoris once startled the family by trolling two of her O.W.L.s but passing all the rest; after graduating Hogwarts, she was probably sent to PSYR for some finishing, a fate passed on from her sister Shalott. (Whether Shalott is any more finished from it is... arguable, so Lowri is waiting with bated breath to see if Lycoris proves an exception.)

Kelly's Adoptables
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  2. Suggested PBs are just that—suggested—but please run alternative PBs by me before reserving them!
  3. If you drop a character suddenly and without notice, they go back up for adoption. I'm willing to keep a character under your name if you have to drop them temporarily.
  4. I reserve the right to refuse adoption.
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Bree is magical and let me copy this for my own adoptables.
I have characters labeled in levels of priority. This doesn't necessarily mean I don't want the "low priority" characters made, but rather that they're less intertwined with my character's doings at the current moment! I'd still love to seem them played if you're interested!
  • A "High Priority Character" is one whose actions are directly tied to the actions of my character at the current moment and likely have the ability to make decisions that could affect the fate of my character. Such characters might be parents to unmarried women, potential love interests, etc.
  • A "Medium Priority Character" is a one who is probably mentioned as an NPC somewhere and would be good to have around for current doings, but whose actions and involvement wouldn't likely directly affect whatever plots are happening. Such characters may be members of a friend group, relatives who they rely on for advice but not support, etc.
  • A "Low Priority Character" is one who likely isn't involved with the day-to-day doings with my character, likely because they have a life separate from my character. They may be a younger sister off at finishing school or Hogwarts, a married brother off with his own family, etc.

The MacRae Family

Thomas MacRae
b. 1846 | WCPB | Open Class of '64/65 | Factory Employee | 6?

Hardworking, devoted, and somewhat reclusive, not much of his story is known by his children. He was raised Catholic, and raised his children Catholic. He came to London from Ireland. He received some, but not much, Hogwarts education, and certainly not his OWLs. He works in a factory.

Suggested play-by is Tony Curran.

Keeva MacRae
b. 1852 | WCPB | Open Class of '70/71 | Maid, Binns Household | 6?

Keeva has been in domestic service since she herself was a child, attending at least one year of Hogwarts but possibly more, though not reaching her OWLs. Before Hogwarts, she started as a low-tier maid in the same household as both of her parents. The other events of her life are largely open, including the reason she and her husband moved to London. She may hold a higher position in the Binns household than just a maid.

Suggested play-by is Michelle Pfeiffer in roles from 2007 and before, such as Stardust. Anything later and she's too old.

Treasa née MacRae
b. 1870 | WCPB | Open Class of '88/89 | Former Blishwick Student | 6

Treasa only received her first year of Hogwarts education. That didn't stop her from earning money. At first, she worked at the same factory as her father. Then, in 1887, when the Blishwick School of Domestic Magic, her parents allowed her to save up the seven galleons for the introductory course. She finished sometime in 1889, and may have furthered her education since.

Suggested play-by is Taylor Swift. Because reasons.

Flann MacRae
b. 1875 | WCPB | Open Class of '93/94 | Footman | 6

The second son's education has been...sporadic at best. He did not continue beyond his first year of Hogwarts, and found work as a chimney sweep not long after. In 1888, he decided to follow his oldest sister into the field of domestic service, after finding an employer who was willing to fund his education. Next year he plans to inquire after the Basic Culinary Magic course.

Page MacRae
b. 1879 | WCPB | Open Class of '97 | First Year Student | 6

The first child born in England. Her name is rather...unusual, by some standards, but compared to the name schemes of the upper class, really not that outlandish. She is a current first year with her older sister Alina.

Petra MacRae
b. 1883 | WCPB | Unknown Class of '01/02 | Street Peddler | 6

More street-smart than those of her age of a higher social class, Petra is used to helping her parents out. Other than that, she is largely just an ordinary kid.

The Bulstrode Family

Auntie née Bulstrode
b. 18## | UCPB | Open Class of '## | Socialite | 10

Well to do socialite of the UCPB circles, Auntie née Bulstrode was expecting to be done with her official match making duties when her youngest daughter had found a proper match and wed. But fast forward and now her niece has debute and Myron has expressed disinterest in partaking in feminine matters such as this - aside from the blessing of an engagement of course. So now she must deal with a new marriage market for a child who is not her own.

Suggested play-by is Rachel Weisz.

Myron Bulstrode
b. 1838 | UCPB | Open Class of '56/57 | Ministry (Wizengamot?) | 10

Myron was always more suited towards being the father of sons than of the lone daughter that was meant to be his wife's responsibility. So what does he do when his only daughter debutes and his wife is not alive to assist? Why, drag his socialite sister into the matter and leave it at that of course! A high standing member of the UCPB community, he expects the very best matches for his children.

Suggested play-by is Karl Urban.

Elisha Bulstrode
b. 1863 | UCPB | Open Class of '81/82 | Open Occupation| 10

Oldest brother and sibling of the family, he is set to inherit. This does not mean that occupational and social mobility is not expected of him. Now he is of marriageable age, has a stable career, and is expected to find an appropriate wife suitable for the Bulstrode name.

Suggested play-by is Max Thieriot.

Ephraim Bulstrode
b. 1868 | UCPB | Open Class of '86/87 | Open Occupation| 10

As the second son, Ephraim has an even greater need for connections and financial security than his older brother. Likely in a similar career field to Elisha, Ephraim often disagrees with how his brother handles himself. This could either be professionally, socially, or both.

Suggested play-by is Steven R. McQueen.

The Beck Family


b. 1858 | MCHB | Owner of an Herb and Floral Shop | Suggested PB: Anthony Mackie
High Priority Character

While not as odd as his wife and in-laws, he finds their eccentricity charming. Allowing his wife to name their children, he was glad that she at least had more sense of feminine and masculine names than her parents.

He was raised into the Church of Magical Jesus, and is a very big believer of the faith. He met his wife through the church, and later married her in the middle of 1886.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Earth Beck, @Mars Maher, Jupiter Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Mireille Smith
❧ Potential Ties: @Temperance Fairchild, @Blythe Fairchild, Other fellow church members

The Smith Family
The Smith family is quite close and caring for each other, and often visit one another if someone doesn't live with the main household (such as married daughters and working sons), and this connection extends to family members that are in-laws.

Her and most of her siblings are named in order of closest to farthest planets from the sun... after Sun was born. Due to this, her parents ignored which names were actually more feminine or masculine when naming some of their children. Most children have learned to live with/accept/like their names.


b. 1833 | MC | Muggle | Astronomy Professor @ muggle university | Suggested PB: Robert Carlyle
Low Priority Character

His early life is fairly open, but he has always had an interest in astronomy. Ever the nerd, he decided that it would be a wonderful idea to name his children after the sun and the planets… and then his wife had another child so they named her Moon. The surprise of having magical children was met with curiosity and welcome. Most of Eric’s questions have been directed towards his eldest child, Sun. He does have a fascination for the Church of Magical Jesus, and does ask Earth questions regarding this as well.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Earth Beck, @Mars Maher, Jupiter Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Mireille Smith
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1856 | MCHB | Employed in the Werewolf Capture Unit | Suggested PB: Dan Stevens
High Priority Character

The first born, he has always felt a certain level of responsibility for his siblings and to be a bit of a guide to his father into the magical world. He’s not as sure about this so called ‘Church of Magical Jesus’ as Earth is, but does allow her to drag him to services. He was a Slytherin while at school. He eloped with Mireille in February 14, 1890. He was previously played.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Earth Beck, @Mars Maher, Jupiter Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Mireille Smith
❧ Potential Ties: @Morwenna Skeeter and other Ministry employees


b. 1862 | MCHB | Chemist | Suggested PB: Dave Franco
High Priority Character

The second oldest son, a widower, and father to two children. Mercury met his wife, a fellow chemist, through work and the chemistry between them was undeniable. Her death hit him hard, but the responsibility of raising his (fraternal) twin sons Helium and Nitrogen kept him going. He is a passionate man, one who cares deeply for the things he holds dear. Though it also means he has a habit of losing himself in his work, or forgetting that perhaps not everyone around him cares or even understands that much about chemistry like he does. He was a Ravenclaw.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Earth Beck, @Mars Maher, Jupiter Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Mireille Smith
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1865 | MCHB | Composer | Suggested PB: Dean Geyer
Low Priority Character

More into music than people, he tends to ignore others unless he deeply cares for them. Looking back, it is a surprise to people that just meet him that he was a Hufflepuff. But once one gets to know him, people begin to understand the sorting more.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Earth Beck, @Mars Maher, Jupiter Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Mireille Smith
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1871 | MC | Squib | Librarian Assistant | Suggested PB: Dylan Sprayberry
Low Priority Character

Unlike the rest of his siblings, he truly hates their names and oddities. Seeing himself as the most ‘normal’ of the family, he actually aspires to have the quiet life of a librarian when he grows up. He’s mostly bitter because he’s a squib. Think squib Percy Weasley.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Earth Beck, @Mars Maher, Jupiter Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Mireille Smith
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1874 | MCHB | Fifth/Sixth Year (‘90) | Suggested PB: Mason Cook
Medium Priority Character

If you don't understand his art, he considers you to be an idiot and not worth his time. Still at Hogwarts rather than pursuing his art career, it drives him nuts. Antsy and hoping to paint the world as he sees fit, he is lost in the clouds more often than not during his classes. He is a Ravenclaw.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Earth Beck, @Mars Maher, Jupiter Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Mireille Smith
❧ Potential Ties: Check out the Hogwarts Roster for fellow students of his year!


b. 1876 | MCHB | Third Year (‘90) | Suggested PB: Mia Hays
Medium Priority Character

A bubbly and energetic girl, Moon is delighted to mess with her siblings or simply hang out with them. Her goals in life are to either become the 'most awesome auror' or a werewolf expert. The latter option is one that tends to get on Sun's nerves. Due to these interests, she loves to learn about the auror program as well as anything that she can find on werewolves. This may or may not include bugging known family members of werewolves if she gets the chance. Her house is Gryffindor.

She was previously played. Please let me know if you want to make any changes.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Earth Beck, @Mars Maher, Jupiter Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Mireille Smith
❧ Potential Ties: Check out the Hogwarts Roster for fellow students of her year!

The Mills Family
Yes Kelly is keeping these up because she misses Rosie and would happily reactivate her should Hugo or one of these fine folks get snagged.


b. 1825 | MCHB | Open | Suggested PB: ———
Low Priority Character

Father of Rosie Binns, Jacob is a strict - yet loving - father. Always concerned over the family reputation, his daughter's ambition had begun to worry him as she got older. When she had expressed interest in a career he was quick to object to such a thing. While his profession is open, it would likely be a respectable one fitting his class. His house is open, but not Slytherin.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Rosie Binns
❧ Bonus Ties: @Emma Binns, @Zachariah Binns, @Juliana Binns
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1832 | MCHB | Socialite | Suggested PB: ———
High Priority Character

Best friends with Agnes Binns for years, they have been visiting often long before either were married or had children. So being in-laws has turned out to be very convenient as an excuse to visit her best friend. While she is not quite sure how she feels about Hugo's social climbing ambitions, she does not regret marrying off her daughter to him. The fact stands that she has likely started bugging Agnes about a match with Juliana and Henry, but it remains to be seen if that would ever lead anywhere. Her house is open, though I'd love it if she was in the same house as her best friend.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Rosie Binns
❧ Bonus Ties: @Emma Binns, @Zachariah Binns, @Juliana Binns
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1856 | MCHB | Open | Suggested PB: ———
Medium Priority Character

Henry is perhaps the most understanding towards Rosie in their family. Likely the only one to know just how trapped Rosie feels, he is concerned in regards to what she might do with these feelings. His house is open.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Rosie Binns
❧ Bonus Ties: @Emma Binns, @Zachariah Binns, @Juliana Binns
❧ Potential Ties: —

Some of my characters have other wanteds in the adoptables section as well as plottables. @Evelyn McGonagall has her husband here. @Liliana Parkinson has her husband here. And last, but certainly not least, my plottables here. Come join the family!
Other players will likely have different rules in their adoptables than I do, please keep this in mind upon making requests for characters.

Elaine made Magic

Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.
The Weirdos

@Idunn Fraser comes from an eccentric family—though she is quite sure she’s normal by comparison, she and her friends are hardly normal by society’s standards.


If you have any questions about any of the characters below, fire off a PM to @Aldous Crouch, catch me on skype, or stalk me in the cbox ;)

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Syna and Helixa Hyslop have always been freakishly linked. They seem able to finish one another’s sentences; whether by coincidence or design, those around them can only guess. Being sorted into different houses—the former to Slytherin and the latter to Ravenclaw—was a huge blow to the pair that will one day develop the doubling charm.

In terms of personality, the two are best described outside the group as “eerie” and “disconcerting” and inside the group as “clever, but a bit obnoxious at times”. PB is wide open, but pictured is McKenna Grace.

Immediate Ties: @Idunn Fraser @Nelson Higgs @Syna Hyslop

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— was tricked by an older sibling into making an Unbreakable Vow never to speak at the tender age of nine. Recognizing the gravity of this and not wanting to die, he has always had to work extra hard to get by. He excels in potions and al theory-based courses, but struggles immensely with spells due to having to learn to cast them non-verbally; by now, he has most of the spells down that were learned in first year, but it’s hit or miss on second year and “haha you’re funny yeah no” on anything more complicated than that. He avoids doing any magic unnecessarily, and all his electives are theoretical. He does, however, love quidditch, and would like to join the house team someday.

In terms of personality, he is best described outside the group as “quiet” and “kind of unnerving” and inside the group as “fun-loving” and “excellent at keeping secrets, obviously”. PB is wide open, but pictured is Chosen Jacobs

Played by MJ

Immediate Ties: @Idunn Fraser
Bonus Ties: @George Waterford @Thomas Montgomery @Cane Backus
Double Duty: Noah Farley

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The oldest in the group, — struggled to make friends early on due to his reputation of being cursed. After all, his mother died in childbirth, his father drowned in a fountain, and his older brother, two older sisters, and grandparents perished in the Hogsmeade fires of ’84. With his entire immediate family dead, — is now under the guardianship of a nearsighted maiden great-aunt, whose clothing selections for him are a mixture of too small and too decidedly for girls. Oh, and he’s pretty bad at his practical courses.

He is, however, an absolute ‘wizard’ when it comes to research and theory, and became friends with Idunn by helping her research potions in the school’s library her first autumn at Hogwarts.

In terms of personality, he is best described outside the group as “unlucky” and “ridiculous” (neither are personality traits, but to know his personality would require befriending him) and inside the group as “hardworking”, “sarcastic”, and “highly intelligent”. PB is wide open, but pictured is Aidan Gallagher

Immediate Ties: @Idunn Fraser @Nelson Higgs @Syna Hyslop
Bonus Ties: @Justice Rookwood

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A genuine seer who spends most of her time avoiding her gift and whose predictions seem to focus almost exclusively on things considered ‘improper’ by society—as a result, she has never been particularly keen to make friends, as when she does See, it rather damages those relationships…

She and Idunn have been working on a potion to suppress her Sight, and thus far she hasn’t had any adverse affects to the members of the group, so that’s a bonus.

In terms of personality, he is best described outside the group as “nosy” and “dramatic” and inside the group as “compassionate” and “genuine”. PB is wide open, but pictured is Eden Cupid.

Immediate Ties: @Idunn Fraser @Nelson Higgs @Syna Hyslop
Potential Ties: @Hermia Bonaccord @Clementine Greengrass @Anandhita Pomfrey

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For Ella
@Elladora Black | @Phineas Black | @Ursula Black


b. 1857 | MCPB | Slytherin | Journalist | Suggested PB: Elisabeth Moss

Iola is the younger sister of Phineas and Elladora Black and is generally regarded by both of them as a disgrace after she eloped with a muggle and wilfully fell to the middle class in 1882. She is a free-spirited woman compared to her siblings and became a writer for the Daily Prophet after she married where she writes quite progressive articles under an assumed name. Her personality is largely open, as is her relationship with her husband though it can be assumed they married for love, and more juicily she is also the only other person in the world who knows what happened to the illegitimate child Ursula gave birth to in 1881.

For Enoch
@Enoch Rosier @Evalina Rosier


b. 1835 | UCPB | Slytheclaw | Gentleman | Suggested PB: Clive Owen

The very epitome of the idle rich Henry has never had a profession, nor wished for one, and he still considers it something of an insult that his son is an auror. He spends as little time with his wife as humanly possible - she scares him - and can only manage to be fatherly with Enoch when there is brandy involved. He thinks Griselda is perfect and he's not convinced Jemima isn't a changeling, but this doesn't stop her being his secret favourite. The oldest of four Henry has a lifelong, mostly harmless, rivalry with his two brothers and a deep love for his frivolous sister but he would throw them all to the wolves if he thought for a moment any of them were likely to bring shame upon the family. This is largely out of fear as he has a Deep Terrible Secret. Whatever the secret it is entirely up to the player!


b. 1861 | UCPB | Slytheclaw | Socialite | Suggested PB: Gemma Arterton

Griselda married for one reason and one reason alone – to hide in plain sight. She is the perfect model of a society wife, demure, polite, the consummate hostess, with two sons already in the nursery and no hint of scandal hanging around her at all. Except the loathes her husband (and possibly children) so much that if she were to kill them and ask for his assistance Enoch would neither be surprised or inclined to turn her in. Other than their mother, Evalina, with whom they are both extremely close, Griselda is the only person in the world Enoch has any real respect or love for. Given half the chance he’d Targaryen this relationship up.


b. 1865 | UCPB | Any House | Activist | Suggested PB: Olivia Cooke

Very much the outsider of the family Jemima is mocked and belittled at every opportunity by both her parents and her siblings and as such it comes as little surprise that she spends as much time outside the family home as possible. Having no reason to work for a living - her parents think she's a disappointment but they would never see a daughter of theirs work - she instead devotes herself to any and all worthy causes. Enoch and Griselda think she's ridiculous. She could well be something to do with the Revs and I love her. Someone create her.

For Angeline
@Angeline Malfoy


b. 1870 | UCPB| Any House | Debutante | Suggested PB: Pyper America Smith

Unlike Angeline Estelle was allowed to finish her Hogwarts schooling and utterly failed her exams. As a result she resents both her father and sister for letting her make a fool of herself and wasting her time. She is now a debutante but with limited success and though she isn't sure how she's pretty sure Angeline being friends with the Zabinis will be their downfall. She was once a Rose but the general feeling of society is that she is wilting before their eyes. (Reserved for MJ)


b. 1872 | UCPB| Any House | Debutante | Suggested PB: Daisy Clementine Smith

The youngest and easily the most successful so far. Where Angeline and Estelle get things wrong (respectively excessive drug use and having a massive chip on her shoulder) Victoire gets it right. Their father dotes on her and as a result the only thing Angeline and Estelle agree on is that Victoire is an utter bitch and barely deserves their cast-off dresses. At the moment she is a Pendergast Rose but she is just about to graduate and join her sisters on the social circuit. They hate her for this.

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Fallin's Adoptables

All play-bys are open to you, I just ask that they look related to the characters in their family. I am fairly flexible with whatever you would like to do to make the character your's (including names), I just ask you let me know what you are planning on changing.

PM @Sisse Thompsett to reserve before creating. I reserve the right to hold the reservation for only a week before I open it again. Thanks!

Wish list:
Catherine Smith for @Percival Adlard Jr.
"Boris Pahlen" for @Galina

The Adlard Family

For Mr. @Percival Adlard Jr. & Mrs. @Annabeth Adlard
Percy is looking for his beloved sisters to be played. Most details about his family can be found in his profile but here’s a good sum up:

Catherine Smith, nee Adlard
MCHB | Any House | b. 1878

Also known as Cat or Cathy, Percy grew up being the closest to Catherine. Percy described her as bright, high energy, and prone to getting into trouble in their childhood. Not much has changed since then. Catherine is a MCHB widow (from the plague) with two young children (Alfred “Fred” & Constance “Connie”) who Percy absolutely adores. She graduated from Hogwarts in 1878, house is up to you, and married Timothy Smith in 1881. She had her first child, Alfred, in 1882 and was pregnant with her daughter during the plague. After the death of her husband she moved in with Percy until a cure was found at which time she stubbornly removed herself back to her old home and has remained there since. Cat has been portrayed as strong willed, kind, loving of her family, stubborn, cheerful despite her odds in life. She has spent the last four years searching for a wife for Percy and is not entirely thrilled that he chose to marry a muggle. She likes Annabeth but she thinks that Percy was being reckless.

The Thompsett Family

For Miss @Sisse Thompsett

Matthew Thompsett, Sr.
MCPB | Gryffindor | b. 1841

Born 1841 to a pureblood family, Mr. Thompsett attended all seven years of Hogwarts as a Gryffindor, before taking an internship with the ministry. He now works in the ministry in a job that Sisse has never quite figured out (i.e. up to you). He his a respectable man and worked his way up the ranks until he was able to support a family. He met his wife in 1873 and the two were set to marry within the first two months of their courtship. At the exposure of the wizarding world he moved his family to Hogsmeade in 1871. He is respected by his children and is more lenient that his wife in regards to what they can and can't do. He is frugal and most of his personality is up to whomever would like to play him.
#doubleup not quite a wanted
I've mentioned him as high up in ministry so an Assistant Head of the Dept. Magical Transportation, or another ministry head position would easily pair with him.

Charlotte Thompsett, nee ---
MCMB | Hufflepuff | b. 1853

Born to a muggle family in 1853 Mrs. Thompsett was raised in Kent with her sister Sisse. She attended Hogwarts as a Hufflepuff and excelled at potions. Following graduation she worked as a seamstress at a wizarding robe shop. She had a whirlwind courtship with Matthew Thompsett and the two were married in 1871. She has had difficulties with pregnancies and as such is very protective of her children. She is loving but she tends to encourage her children to be respectable and model children. As such she can come off as a bit strict. Most of the affection her children have received came at the hands of their nanny, Miss Hughes. Charlotte is a well respected woman in the community, however, she does have a tendency to keep her children at home when she makes social calls as she still considers herself somewhat of an outsider in the wizarding world and only wants her children to be seen as the best.

Matthew Thompsett, Jr.
MCHB | Recent Grad | b. 1872

The oldest Thompsett child Matthew was born in 1872. He attended Hogwarts starting in 1883 and was sorted into Gryffindor. He's described in Sisse's posts as your typical popular boy, with lots of friends and an attitude to go with it. He also is known for thinking himself much more mature than his younger siblings. He loves exploding snap and quidditch but is afraid of flying (not a well known fact).

Henry J. Thompsett
MCHB | Incoming Fourth Year GRYN/PUFF | b. 1877

The youngest of the Thompsett brood, Henry was closest with Sisse until she went to Hogwarts. His personality is largely open but he should have a good relationship with his older sister.

The Delaney Staff
For Miss @Caroline Darrow, @Evander Darrow, & @Anthony Delaney

Caroline and her brother came from London to further the Delaney shipping name. Their staff is handpicked and groomed from their father's employees.

"Hope", the Maid
WCAB | American | 20-23
Hope and Caroline grew up together as such they are as close as thieves now. If Caroline's up to some kind of trouble you can bet that Hope is in on it. They may not have gone to school together but Hope has some education. She and her family are also very loyal to the Delaneys and she would have been raised for this position. She is from Boston and is from the working class. And is very friendly with Anthony (perhaps she has a crush on him?). The rest is up to you.

Galina’s Past
For @Galina

”Boris Pahlen”
Vampire | A World of Experience | 200+
Few people know Galina’s past, let alone her origin, but her Maker does. When Galina met Boris it was in the Russian court at the invite of the then Tsarina (Princess) Catherine. Galina does not know his actual name, only that he was from the Northern Reaches of Prussia - if that was where he was actually from at all. The Boris that Galina knew was a light hearted dandy, cheerful, and protective of Catherine. He also was interested in Galina’s brother. Galina enjoys the fact that he often debates with her and that he seems intellectual and well learned as well as fun. When smallpox hit the palace and Galina catches it he tells her of what he is and allows her to make the choice - die or be turned. Galina takes his offer to be turned and they both have to escape from the Palace. After a few days on the run Boris disappears and Galina never sees him again.

Suggested play by: Aaron Taylor Johnson

UPDATED: June 22, 2021

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For Madeleine Backus
@Cane Backus | @Magdalena Byrne | @Madeleine Backus


b. 1843 | WCPB | Huffle/Dor | Baker – Hogsmeade | Suggested PB: Viggo Mortenson (Blonde/light haired)

He was from a good honest working class pureblood family.  As a second son he moved to St. Petersburg to make his fortune and got a job working in the factory of a prominent Upper middle class family in the city.  He was a steady worker, and eventually eloped with the families only child Katerina in 1864.
The Kozlova's provided money to start a bakery in England as a way of avoiding scandal but on the proviso that Barton would never be received into their home again, and they havn’t seen Katerina since.  He and Katrina were clear that the children, other than Rye should get a full education, and the girls were expected to maintain scholarships to stay in school.

When the muggleborns were excluded from Hogwarts Maddie got in touch with her grandparents to secure the papers she needed to get back to school, and the Backus parents were aware that she kept in touch with them through letters.  It was not until the death of Katerina's father that it became clear how much they had hated him, with the entirety of the family estate being left to Maddie and Maggie to vest on their marriage on the basis that they would no longer be 'Backus'.

The parents stopped talking to Maggie when she eloped to receive her fortune, and allowed Maddie to take social help from a friend of their grandmothers in the hopes of discouraging her from jumping into a hasty marriage as well.  Maddie sided with her father

b. 1846 | MCHB > WCHB | N/A  | Family Baker | Suggested PB: Michelle Phifer (blonde)

She is demure, quiet, loving, great business/organizational sense.  She has all the airs and graces that would be expected from someone given every advantage in life and a solid middle class up bringing. She has ambitions for her children to do better in life than she did.  And despite her own elopement to Barton, she was disapproving of her daughters decision to elope. 
For Murdock Greyback
@Murdock Greyback | @"-" | @"-"



Can't wait to be a debutante, she is prime, proper and very girly and is enjoying being away at school.  She isnt exactly stuck up but she takes the social duties of an UC girl too seriously and her dad is always trying to get her to lighten up.  She probably isnt a Ravenclaw, but could theoretically be in any other house.  She is into everything girly and is probably already subscribed to witch weekly.  Because she is the oldest she is looking forward to turning 14 and being given the keys to her Papa's house, as she fancies herself effectively the mistress Greyback Reach because her mother is deceased.  The idea that her father may re-marry has never entered her pretty head.

b. 1879 | UCHB | TBC | TOMBOY| Suggested PB: RED HEAD

A distinct tomboy, she thinks its very unfair that only the boys get to become wolves and is determined to become an animagus so she can run with the pack, or see if she can convince one of her cousins to bite her when she turns 18 as well.  She idolizes her father and shares his sense of humor.  She can't wait to get to school but doesnt want to be in the same house as her sister.  Her nannys and governesses are constantly trying to get her to behave in a 'lady like' manner and looking to her father to impose upon her but he just wont.  She has free reign in her fathers house, and the idea of her father getting married again scares the living heck out of her.  Her aunt (_______ Greyback -Spinster sister - 30) is her second favourite person after her father.

b. 18-- | UCHB | OPEN | WEREWOLVES| Suggested PB: OPEN

_______ Greyback - Brother - 37 
_______ Greyback - Brother - 35
_______________ Nee Greyback - 32
_______ Greyback -Spinster sister - 30
_______ Greyback - Brother - 27
______________ Nee Greyback -25
_______ Greyback -Sister - 23
_______ Greyback -Sister - 22
For Meserimus Valenduris
@Meserimus Valenduris | @"-" | @"-"


b. 1862 | ACAB | House | Occupation| Suggested PB: JULIA GARNER

once upon a time Katerina was a student of Meserimus when he was teaching at Durmstrang, they would regularly play chess together when she was still at school.  She is exceptionally bright and vivacious and when they danced at the coming out ball, it was clear to Meserimus at least that he cared for her more than just student - teacher.  They began to court, and developed a genuine love for each other.  When she was 20 they married with the blessing of her parents.  They genuinely love each other, and is fiercely loyal.
Katerina was born into an upper middle class family, and raised with all due care and attention and is the consummate lady.  However, she is incredibly intelligent and loves the fact that her husband encourages her not to hide her light under a bushel.  She has much more freedom than many women, and is secure in the knowledge of her husbands doting affections.  She may have her own academic interest and could be a writer or researcher of some sort.

b. 1756 | UCPB | RAVEN/CLAW | CHARMS RELATED| Suggested PB: Patrick Stewart

Remigius Valenduris is Meserimus brother, he is youngest Valenduris brother, and 5 years younger than Meserimus. He is a high ranking Wizengemot member, and an expert in Charms and like his brother is upper class. He too has a large family and has been married multiple times, his current marriage is also to a much younger woman. Meserimus still treats him as though he is 15 and not a man in his mid hundreds! He is very family orientated and despite their ages both men still have a very puckish relationship, they believe and behave as though they are much younger than they are. The pair play chess once a month, overlooked by Archimedes
His suggested playby is Patrick Stewart. 
If Patrick Stewart is available – I would prefer him to be the face

b. 1758 | UCPB | SLYTHER/DOR | OWL| Suggested PB: HE’S AN OWL

The consummate middle child he always felt like the odd man out in his family and keen to prove himself.  He had a talent for transfiguration and was determined to develop a method of undertaking the animagus transformation while retaining the ability to speak.  He succeeded - sort of.  He managed to turn himself into an owl - and he can speak....but now he's stuck and has spent the past 20 years as a goddamn owl.  He also won't allow his brothers to help him change back.  He currently lives with Meserimus (owls can't sign leases) and doesnt know if he hates living at the school (lots of kids) or Meserimus home (still too many kids) more.  He is cantankerous, grouchy and a curmudgeon.

b. circa 64 years old | UCPB | OPEN | OPEN | Suggested PB: Jeff Goldblumm

He is not the first born son of Mesermus Valenduris, but the only son to have outlived his father.  He is technically the 8th of Meserimus children. Honestly – he kind of expected to have inherited by now. He has had to forge a career for himself, but it is lucrative, and despite being born into wealth he rather considers himself to be mostly self made.  He will eventually inherit his fathers estate, and has been supported by his father in all of his endeavours.  It does annoy him somewhat that his father still treats him 


b. Circa Mid-Late 40’s | UCPB | OPEN | Irked wife | Suggested PB: Kate Blanchette

Mrs Valenduris thought she had hit the jackpot, she married an 8th son who had somehow lucked into the heir spot – but her father in law WONT DIE.  So while she is financially comfortable she wants to THE Mrs Valenduris, not the step-daughter in law of Mrs. Valenduris.  She hen pecks her husband quiet a bit but he has the good humour enough to ignore most of her chittering. 
(Could be a second wife.)


b. circa 24 | UCPB | HOUSE | ROLE | Suggested PB: India Eisley - Open

The eldest daughter of this side of the family, she is a consummate sweet young lady.  She wants a career, and is much smarter than she pretends to be.  She is a potions wiz, like her gramps.  She is a little quirkier than she really thinks is acceptable for an upper class pureblooded woman.  She is concerned she is not marriage material and is mostly okay with that but worries about her family reaction. 

b. Circa 18 | UCPB | OPEN | Awkward son | Suggested PB: Troy Sivan

First born son, and the heir of an heir – he isn’t holding his breath about inheriting any time soon and so is working hard in school to get the career he needs to support himself.  If his families longevity is anything to go by he won’t be inheriting ever.  He is bright but finds his family fully extra. 


Isobel is smart ambitious, driven and done with all of the male nonsense.  She wants to be Minister of Magic, or Head of Magical Law enforcement, and an inventor, writer, healer and explorer.  She will need to live as long as her grandfather in order to achieve everything she wants to in life.  She is serious, intense and driven.  Her grades will be nothing short of exceptional, she is very hard on herself academically and is fully furious that it doesn’t really matter what she does she will always be limited by her gender. 

b. circa 13 | UCPB | NOT SLYTHERIN | STUDENT | Suggested PB: OPEN

Easy going, go with the flow kind of kid, He likely plays quidditch, and is part of several clubs.  He has an ear for languages and while he isn’t especially ambitious he tends to be good at things rather easily and does well in class with minimal effort.  He would easy to dislike but because he is generous with his wealth, time and friendship he is pretty popular. 

b. Circa 55 | UCPB | NOT SLYTHERIN | ROLE | Suggested PB: Mark Ruffollo

Is super glad that he isn’t the eldest son, he just wants a quiet life.  His mothers death is incredibly embarrassing to him.  He thinks people talk about it constantly when he is out of the room, and so hates social obligations.  He asked for his parents to arrange a marriage for him, but is still unsure if his wife loves him.  He is close with his nephew because he also thinks their whole family is a needless level of extra. 

b. early 40’s | UCPB | OPEN | OUTGOING WIFE | Suggested PB: JENNIFER GARNER

She was an arranged marriage with her husband but loves him greatly.  She is out going and spunky and rather the opposite of her husband.  She has a youthful, quirky air and fits in very well with the family- possibly better than her husband – her brother in law (below) often says that if they ever separate they are keeping her and ditching his brother.

b. CIRCA 13 | UCPB | HUFFLE/DOR | FANCIFUL | Suggested PB: Ty Simpkins

Much like his mother, he is an imaginative, carefree and fairly whimsical boy.  He is likely to be found playing some kind of imaginative game in the grounds of the school, with the easily whimsical children.  He has read a lot of fiction and so any kind of Romantic (with a capital R) story will appeal to him (Half breeds, mysterious orphans etc) He much prefers the outdoors to inside.  Care of Magical Creatures is his favourite class, closely followed by herbology, but  anything that requires him to spend hours in the library will bore him immensely. 

b. CIRCA 12 | UCPB | HOUSE | INTENSE | Suggested PB: Oakes Fegley

Irish twins, there are only 11 months between them but the two couldn’t be more different.  Gregori is intense, serious and thinks of himself rather as grown up, he looks on his brother with a touch of disdain for being so ‘foolish’.  He prefers to dress, speak and behave like a grown up. 


Is incredibly anxious that she wont be in the same house as her sister.  She has some fairly intense social anxiety, and her sister is her social bridge to the ret of the world.  She is the smarter of the two. 


secretly wants to be in a different house to her sister – she sees it as a chance to spread her wings a little and be known as an individual rather than part of a set. 

b. CIRCA 50 | UCPB | RAVEN/DOR | OPEN | Suggested PB: RDJ

Incredibly smart, entirely self made and incredibly proud of this fact.  He tells anyone who will listen about his ‘invention’ that ‘changed the world’ – it’s a stretch but it has made him independently wealthy.  He has a slight addiction to opium, he was  a keen underground boxer back in the day and still considers himself an authority.  He has never married but still considers himself to be on the market.  He is a flirtatious charismatic man whose main flaw is being too picky.  He is very fond of his younger siblings


Irish twin to the actual twins they have ended up in the same school year.  Personality is very open, she speaks Swedish and English, she is proud that her father is the potions professor and is hoping to be in slytherin house.  She does think It’s odd that she has nephews and nieces who are older than her.  She is the only member of the family that her uncle Archimedes likes.  She does have some minor seer abilities


Identical twin - A whimsical and odd creature, the elder by exactly 4 minutes, the two have their own language and believe in creatures that they have made up.  The pair are marmite – people either love them or hate them.  She is incredibly smart, gifted even and seems to know answers to things she couldn’t possibly have.  Both sisters are Seers but as yet don’t really know it.


Like her sister she is an odd bird,
She sometimes forgets that others don’t speak the language that she had ODETTE made up and will sometimes speak in that language when she talks to others.  She likes everyone and has trouble reading social cues, like tone and facial expressions but she is whip smart and seems to uncannily know things.  Both sisters are Seers but as yet don’t really know it.


b. 8 | UCPB | NA | Scampish son | Suggested PB: OPEN

Doesn’t have a serious bone in his body and a class clown in the making.  He is OBSESSED with quidditch and has been flying from the moment he could balance his butt on a broom.  He is not the most academic kid on the planet, and probably has a mild form of dyslexia – just enough to make book based classes and subjects a bit tougher for him than practical things. 


He is a very serious kid, and behaves much older than he is.  He has a genius level intellect, already being excellent at reading and writing.  He plays chess (wizard and muggle).  Named by a naming seer


~ First Marriage ~
1- Meserimus Valenduris -Son  – Deceased/Unmarried – would be 100
2. Lisa Valenduris – She’s a grandmother at this stage – in her 90’s and family
3. Charles Valenduris – Son – Deceased/Unmarried – Would be in his 90’s
4. Earnest Valenduris – Son – Deceased- Married, no children – would be 80’s
5. Claire Valenduris – Daughter – Deceased – Would be 80’s and family
6. Antonette Valenduris – Daughter – Married -  Would be 70’s and family
7. Samson Valenduris – Son – Deceased – Married no children – would be 70’s
~ Second Marriage ~
10 _______ _____ Nee Valenduris – Daughter – circa 53-  UCPB and family
@Ginevra Blackwood | @"Played Family Member" | @"Other Played Family Member"



The man loves Quidditch and is richer than god.  He could sponsor ‘good’ teams but instead he choses to sponsor the worst team each year in order to help them improve.  He buys a private box for each quidditch match and is very supportive of all of the teams.  He lives for the world cup!



A consummate socialite.  She is the picture of propriety and mixes in all the ‘right’ pureblood circles.  She would love her son and daughter to give her more control over their love lives, and possibly allow her to arrange marriages for them.  Her family were pretty purist and her father was a second son.  When her cousin, married a muggleborn, the estate was entailed away from him and entailed to Eugenia’s daughter providing she marries a pureblood.  She is inclined towards gossip and is vicious in he judgements of people. 

b. 1860 | UCPB | SLYTHERIN | OPEN| Suggested PB: Sam Heughan

He is a mans man, he is into quidditch, probably does some underground boxing, part of a mens club.  He goes along with his sisters socialising quiet a bit and the pair are in society together rather a lot – although he sees it as a social duty rather than something he enjoys he would rather be in a mens club than at a ball or garden party.  He may have another profession, or interest.  While he is not a purist, he is proud of his particular blood status and so would probably not consider a woman who is not pureblood. 

For Elizabeth Cardew
Faces are open -order/names and personalities are all open
These are inspiration rather than specifics. 
Georgiana Cardew – Sister
Second eldest and arguably the prettiest and most traditional sister- a Jane Bennet type - sweet, the perfect debutante, but not stupid or vapid.  She could be married, she was probably in finishing school.

Moira Cardew – Sister
Ambitious, a would be suffragette.  The most likely of the sisters to wear trousers, or dress up as a man in order to try and vote.  She finished her education, she may have a ministry job. 

Natasha Cardew - Sister
Cunning, every bit the slytherin, a survivor, but with a fierce loyalty with all the brains to go along with it.  In the modern world she would be hired into MI6 as soon as she was done with her education. 

Lucille Cardew - sister
Would love to be on the stage, and has an excellent singing voice that might just make that possible.  She may be in/want to go to finishing school.

Margory Cardew – Sister
Suffers from depression and anxiety.  Academically bright but prone to hysteria which causes her to lose focus, or lose time in class due to being 'ill'.  If she was alive now she would probably be on an SSRI and in therapy.

Elena Cardew -Sister
The least ‘wordly’ sister.  She is perhaps a little niave and would very happily move into a cottage, in the middle of nowhere and live off the land. 

Andremina Cardew – Sister
Academic and curious, however her curiosity tends towards slightly darker topics of magic, she would be voted ‘most likely to start a cult’. 

Julia Cardew -sister
Boy mad! Flirts with anything with a penis and a pulse, she is a gossip and definitely has a subscription to WW which she treats as the bible

Philomena Cardew – sister
Ambitious, wants to marry up, and tries to conduct herself as the perfect debutante and cultivate a social circle of financially better connected friends.

Sophia Cardew – sister
Sweet but desperately unlucky! It seems like she is cursed!

Delia Cardew - sister

William Cardew - Brother
Rather overwhelmed by the number of women in his life

Bree did the coding and it is pretty

[Image: wl0I79B.jpg]
Lady is a wonder
A Pantheon of Gods

The Victorians loved mythology, indeed it almost went through a revival of interest during this time period. They’re definitely not the only ones to love it though. I do as well. And if you do then this plot is for you.

The Selwyn family is a well known and respected Upper Class Pure Blood family, based on the Greek Pantheon. When the patriarch of the family, Ephraim Selwyn, died in 1882 he divided his holdings and responsibilities among his three sons: “Zeus”, “Poseidon”, and “Hades”. The family dynamics mirror the Greek mythology they are based on. The Selwyn Manor is located in Wales.

See what the Selwyns are up to here

  • Please contact me before picking up one of my adoptables. I can be reached via Sisse’s account or Skype.
  • I reserve the right to say no to an adoption.
  • If you plan to drop a character, temporarily or otherwise, please let me know. If they go inactive and I don’t hear from you I reserve the right to put their ad back up.
  • I’ve provided a loose idea for these characters, if you want to tweek or adjust feel free to ask me about it. If you have an idea for another god/dess to fit in, let me know, I’m happy to see what I can do.

Last updated June 22, 2021


Zeus and Hera’s second son. Heph is obsessed with building things, everything from swords, to toys, to house, to everything in between. He also, much to his family’s disapproval, has a fascination with how the muggles build things He is considered the odd duck of the family and should have a play by that is not very attractive.

15 | ACAB | 5TH YEAR

Another of Zeus’s illegitimate children, this party boy has been funded to attend Hogwarts from his father. But does not know of his father’s actual paternity. Hera has made sure of it when she found out one of her maid’s was carrying him. She sent him to live with a friend who was childless and for all intents and purposes no one is aware that he is not the friend’s child. Hera laid down the rule that Zeus could not have contact with his son or make anyone aware of the truth.

[Image: Fvrksn.png]
ANOTHER amazing signature from Bee <3
Both Alike in Dignity...
This was a plot I got into with another ex-player and thought I'd expand it a bit

Both the Capulets and Montague are middle class PB families.  Why the two families are fighting - well no one remembers but they are sure it is the other families fault.  The families are originally from Italy several generations back.  Unlike the play this isn't open war in the streets - this is a simmering dislike. 

I have no preconcieved ideas about whether this will proceed as the play does, these are just character jumping off points- maybe Juliet will end up with the PRINCE or TYBALT.  Who knows!

First names are open - even ROMEO/JULIET etc
Faces are open - Montague father is white- otherwise open so biracial is welcome/encouraged

Lord Montague
50+ | MCPB | MARRIED | Ministry Senior/or retired
The father of ''ROMEO'' and uncle of @Benevolence Montague.  Other than hating the Capulets, he worries about his sons job and his prospects in marriage.  He thinks it might be a good idea to arrange a marriage for him given his terrible taste in women.  He is a senior ministry official, law and order is important to him, he has/had a desk job i.e was not an auror or similar.  He is not a blood purist. 

Lady Montague
40+ | MCPB | MARRIED |  Healer or unemployed
Mother of ''ROMEO'', if she is employed it is a healing, or caring profession.  She had completely bought into her husbands hatred of the other family and thinks they are all scum.  She agrees with her husband that her son is likely to make bad choices if left to his own devices and so is actively seeking a wife for him. 

Romeo Montague
25+ | MCPB | SINGLE|  Something 'dashing'
He isn't a play boy in the 'love'em and leave'em sense' but does frequently fall in and out of love - thinking himself madly in love with some deb or other at any given time.  He is Romantic with a capital R and would be the sort to write love letters and be generally smushy.  He and @Benevolence Montague are close, and he is her favourite cousin, she is the voice of sense frequently talking him out of doing anything rash. 

Benvolio Montague
@Benevolence Montague - a level head, who is constantly talking Romeo out of his bad ideas. She thinks the whole fued needs to be put to bed!

Balthasar Montague
[/size]20+ | MCPB | SINGLE |  Open
The younger brother of 'ROMEO', he is hot headed and agressive and full of a great deal of family pride.  His job is open but is competitive and extremely ambitious.  He suffers from a little bit of second son syndrome.  He does love his brother but is determined to outshine him in every capacity. 

23+ | ACAB | SINGLE |  Probably Quiditchy or curse breaking
A young man  and best friend of 'ROMEO', his job is something dashing and exciting and he is a bit of a playboy.  He encourages all of 'ROMEO'S' bad ideas but they have been best friends since childhood and so there is no separating them now.  He antagonizes situations between the two families because he has no real stake in it.  His wanted can be combined with any other, or tied into another family. 

Lord Capulet
50+ | MCPB | MARRIED | Ministry Senior/or retired
Father of 'JULIET', he is hot headed and strong willed, probably a gryffindor.  He was a physically imposing man in his youth and he remains as such.  He would be quick to duel if he got the chance.  He is not a blood purist.  He could be self-made, or somehow involved in industry, but this is open - however, he probably had a less 'academic' or desk job than L.MONTAGUE. 

Lady Capulet
40+ | MCPB | MARRIED | Open
Very protective of her daughter 'JULIET', she is keen to make a good match for her daughter and is mercenary about it.  She loves to gossip and is a dedicated reader of Witch Weekly.  Ideally, she would like her daughter to marry 'TYBALT', but her husband isn't entirely sold on the idea.  She does not see 'TYBALTS' faults and thinks he is just best young man on the planet! He is the only one who will be good enough for her daughter

20+ | MCPB | SINGLE | Debutante, or similarly feminine occupation
Romantic and flighty 'JULIET' is the only child and heir of the CAPULETS.  She is the apple of LORD MONTAGUES eye.  She wants to make a love match, and is fighting her mother's attempts to match make for her with everything she has! She is probably a little bored and frustrated with how mercenary debutante life is.  She wants an organic romance, not something foisted on her by family and obligation. 

25+ | MCPB | SINGLE | Chaperone and paid companion
'JULIETS' chaperon and ladies companion.  She is a CAPULET  but from a poorer branch of the family and was taken in by them as a ward at a young age.  She is pragmatic, sensible and plain in comparison to 'JULIET', she wants to marry, but realises her time is running out.  She is JULIETS paid companion and chaperone but she indulges her cousins romantic nature. 

25+ | MCAB | SINGLE | Hitwizard/Unspeakable or similar
A 'cousin' of the Capulets in the broadest sense, he is the son of a cousin of Lady Capulets who died in childbirth.  With no other family, he was been raised in the Capulet household.  He is publically respectable but enjoys underground boxing matches, gambling and dueling.  He is hot headed and more like L.CAPULET than his own daughter. 

Please contact me before starting any character! If a character is abandoned or goes inactive, I may readvertise them.  PM me or skype me:Leapidra to chat

[Image: wl0I79B.jpg]
Lady is a wonder
Still looking as of June 23rd. 2021
Hogwarts Homies
@Nemo Fisk @Penelope Fawcett

Friends since Hogwarts (except one!), this group is still relatively close, even though they're all fledgling adults. Their PBs are wide open, but I put up the Flash cast for lolz and picspam.

The Friends

1866 | Hufflepuff | single | 6+ rep
Open Occ
Keiynan Lonsdale

Quick friends since their Sorting, The BFF was always Nemo's more outgoing friend, the one who dragged him along for adventures and forced him to be social. Meanwhile Nemo tutored him in the subjects he needed help it. Total opposites, but they make it work. Was probably popular or played quidditch. May have a more "flashy" occupation. He might already have a sister hanging around too, I'll get back to you on that!

The Work Friend
1864-1867 | Open House
single | 7+ rep
Tom Felton

A friend Nemo made at work (please come work in his office or nearby!) who is more quiet and reserved like Nemo. He dabbles in Alchemy or some other "strange" hobby that eats up a lot of his time, but he's otherwise a pretty nice guy if a bit awkward and reclusive. He may or may not have a crush on Penny.

The Smart One
1866-1867 | Open House
single | 7+ rep
Open Occ (Not a deb)
Danielle Panabaker

Smartypants was the one who kept everyone from failing. Kind and patient, she's quieter than Penny, but equally as passionate for her work. She thinks their little friend group is the best family she could get, as she was raised by a spinster aunt after losing her parents young. An only child, she always wanted siblings. She may or may not have a crush on Nemo.

Elaine's Adoptables
Hey, guys, it's me. You know. The bottle of chaos in human form. With a cast of ladies. Anyway, this lady's got some family roles that aren't fulfulled by preexisting characters. My rules are pretty lax; just let me know if you want one of these characters. I'd like to have advanced information about them and how you're planning to use them, and I really like seeing apps before they're posted but it's not required at all. PM me, or get at me on Discord if you have it.

For Angelique
Angelique Farbridge

Surnames here are completely open except for with Delphine, who is Angelique's mother. Claudette is old enough to be married and already have a handful of children; Jean-Luc is of an appropriate marrying age and would increase the pool of hurlable UC men.

Delphine Farbridge
39 | UCHB | Beauxbatons Class of '69 | Open | 9 (rumors)

The reason Delphine has only one child is of personal devastation. The losses of her earlier children are a heartache for her, and the reason she dotes so dearly upon her daughter. Odds are, she is either a socialite, or after her husband's death she entered the category of working upper class ladies, following a childhood dream. I believe if she had attended Hogwarts, she would have been sorted to Ravenclaw.

Suggested playby is Claire Danes, with alternates to be light-haired and roughly age appropriate.

Claudette _
37 | UCHB | Beauxbatons Class of '71 | Socialite | 9 (rumors)

Claudette's the aunt that gave Angelique Eloise the cat. I see her being a very open type of person, and am fairly sure she married for love. She might be a hobbyist breeder of Chartreux cats. Her husband keeps and breeds black Percherons, and possibly also a breed of winged horses.

Suggested playby is Sarah Gadon, with alternates to be light-haired and roughly age appropriate.

Jean-Luc _
33 | UCHB | Beauxbatons Class of '75 | Open | 9 (rumors)

The only son of the family, he will be the one to bear forth their family name - which means whoever takes this gentleman will be the one who properly decides the family surname! I could see him as several occupations, from international liaison to Quidditch sponsor, just as a way to pass the time. The family is rumored to be part-veela, though that is untrue. How does Jean-Luc deal with that? He is unmarried.

Suggested playby is Lucas Till, with alternates to be light-haired and roughly age appropriate.

Vivien _ née Farbridge
60 | UCHB | HOUSE Class of '48 | Socialite | 10

Vivien is the angry aunt. She is upset over several things. That she wasn't eligible to inherit any of her brother's fortune. That her childhood home will be left in the hands of her niece. That the Farbridge name, as a respectable upper-class family, has gone extinct. She may have been the cause of the half-veela rumor.

Suggested playby is Samantha Ferris, with alternates to be dark-haired with minimal noticeable plastic surgery and roughly age appropriate.

Amelia _ née Farbridge
49 | UCHB | HOUSE Class of '59 | Something charitable | 10

Aunt Amelia is the "cool aunt" archetype in Angelique's life. Settting the example for philanthropic deeds, now that her youngest child is in their teens, she's entered into a respectable "career" - I could easily see her as a columnist for the Daily Prophet, debunking old wives' tales about pregnancy and womanhood, or a museum tour guide - though she otherwise keeps to herself. I also imagine her being an embroiderer.

Suggested playby is Diane Kruger, with alternates to be roughly age appropriate.

For Lillian
Lillian Avery | Will Avery

There are certainly other Avery branches out there; this one's not as purist, but just as pure, if you catch my drift. ;) Charlotte's married name and Rosemary's maiden name are fully open, Rosemary's first name is softly open, because idk I just like the way Wilbur and Rosemary sound together. Faces can be switched, but I really would love these faces. I will make sets.

Rosemary Avery née __
b. 1834 | MCPB | Open House Class of '52
Socialite/Charitable Employment | 10
In full mourning until April 1893

A wealthy pureblood socialite on the surface, Rosemary is the driving force of kindness in this branch of the Avery family. I personally see her as a Hufflepuff, but it is open to your interpretations and how you see her. She is perhaps best described as looks like a cinnamon roll, but will stab, especially if harm is threatened unto her family. The family holds soft purist beliefs, and lives Elsewhere.

Pictured is Holly Marie Combs, with alternates to be brunette and roughly age appropriate.

Charlotte __ née Avery
b. 1859 | MCPB | Not Gryffindor Class of '77
Socialite | 10
In full mourning until April 1892

The ideal wife. The perfect daughter. Charlotte was not thrilled when word reached her of her younger sister's birth. She was supposed to be the princess. And worse, her brother Will was immediately doting upon little Lillian! And so she was determined to find herself a perfect match. And she did! She met her husband initially over Christmas break at a private function hosted by his mother, and became pen-pals. With a little persuasion, she convinced her mother not to send her to finishing school. The family holds soft purist beliefs.

Pictured is Lyndsy Fonseca, with alternates to be light brunette and roughly age appropriate.

[Image: jAvDeO.jpg]
Kelly's Adoptables
  1. Please let me know that you wish to reserve a character before apping or registering them! I prefer to take a look at the app before they are registered. Reserves last up to a month, though feel free to ask for an extension.
  2. Suggested PBs are just that—suggested—but please run alternative PBs by me before reserving them!
  3. If you drop a character suddenly and without notice, they go back up for adoption. I'm willing to keep a character under your name if you have to drop them temporarily.
  4. I reserve the right to refuse adoption.
    Updated: July 5, 2021
Bree is magical and let me copy this for my own adoptables.

Chester Parkinson
b. 1861-62 | UCPB | OPEN Class of '80 | Ministry Employee | 9
Married to Liliana Parkinson as of 6/30/1891

Second son and younger brother to Maximilian, Chester was never expected to amount to much. Marry decently, maybe have a decent job. Like other second sons before him.

Maybe that's why he decided to court a bastard. The exact reasoning for that, of course, is up to you. Maybe he thinks she'll give him beautiful children. Maybe he has other reasons for marrying so far outside what his family expects.

Whatever he is, he's married to a beautiful young woman who just so happens to be a half-blood bastard.

Play-by pictured is Orlando Bloom who is heavily preferred. The family absolutely has more members — younger siblings, parents of course, and cousins are more than likely. Whoever makes their character first determines how many siblings there are in all.

Magic by MJ

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