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A Governess for Leo Lupin.
The most pitied woman in all of Britain. Possibly all the world. He's awful.
"I'll bleed wherever I damn well please!" She shouted, scowling at him. As if to prove it, she uncovered her nose and shook her head back and forth like a dog attempting to dry its fur of water. Little droplets of blood rained on the sidewalk all willy-nilly. Billie Farrow in A Good Dusting
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Pumpkin Whitledge
25 June, 1888
It's been five days since Grandmother's body was found. It hasn't even been a year since Mother's death. And I didn't get to know her as well as I could have. This last year has been such a blur. I'm entering my final year. I wonder if Handsome and Cupcake felt the same last September, when it was the beginning of their final year. At least I have another two months before my seventh year begins.
February 20th, 1889
Sweetie and I discussed her want to become an Animagi. I do not understand why she'd want to become an animal, but it isn't my life, I won't judge her to harshly for her decision.

Some Hufflepuff's journal seemed to have been distributed across the school. Darling was mentioned in it, and not in a good way. Her dress had been tried on by the girl who wrote the diary. Disgusting.

Lady made Pumpkin's set

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