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This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa
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Thirty Song Challenge III
Reviving this from the depths of 2013 and last year so we can all start anew on this beautiful, shiny new site!

The challenge is simple:
Step 1: shuffle your playlist.
Step 2: write down the first 30 songs.
Step 3: start threads named after/themed around said songs.
Step 4: feel smug and awesome when you finish!

Credit to Lynn for the original idea <3
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gorgeous set by MJ
I'm gonna port over the musicals only one I had going for myself since I didn't really get it started.

I've been on a musicals binge and kept going ~ooh, I'd love to make a thread outta that so I decided to pick my favorite song from 30 different musicals mostly from the 1930-1950ish era (actually 29 because I couldn't choose between two songs from State Fair >.>) and will be making threads out of 'em which will be linked once I've done them. Included are some lyrics from the song that I'll delete once I've made it into a thread.

I also made a  youtube playlist of all the songs listed below
  1. The Trolley Song from Meet Me in St. Louis
    Clang, clang, clang went the trolleyDing, ding, ding went the bellZing, zing, zing went my heart stringsFrom the moment I saw him I fell
  2. Isn't It Kinda Fun from State Fair

  3. It's A Grand Night For Singing from State Fair
    Quote:It's a grand night for singing,The stars are bright above.The earth is a-glowAnd, to add to the show,I think I am falling in love!Falling, falling in love!
  4. Goin' Courtin' from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Don't forget to turn the other cheek,Soon you'll both be larkin',Goin' sparkin'Goin' dancin'At a fancy ball or minuet.Goin' dancin',You'll impress her with your etiquette.
  5. Singing In The Rain from Singing in the Rain
    I'm singing in the rainJust singing in the rainWhat a glorious feelin'I'm happy againI'm laughing at cloudsSo dark up aboveThe sun's in my heartAnd I'm ready for love
  6. The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing from White Christmas
    The best things happen while you're dancingThings you would not do at homeCome naturally on the floorFor dancing soon becomes romancingWhen you hold a girl in your armsThat you've never held before
  7. Anything You Can Do from Annie, Get Your Gun
    Anything you can do,I can do betterI can do anythingBetter than you.Anything you can beI can be greater.Sooner or later,I'm greater than you.
  8. Sixteen Going on Seventeen from The Sound of Music
    I am sixteen going on seventeenI know that I'm naiveFellows I meet may tell me I'm sweetAnd willingly I believeI am sixteen going on seventeenInnocent as a roseBachelor dandies, drinkers of brandiesWhat do I know of those
  9. Getting to Know You from the King and I
    Getting to know you,Getting to know all about you.Getting to like you,Getting to hope you like me.
  10. Get Me To The Church On Time from My Fair Lady
    I'm getting married in the morning! Ding dong!The bells are gonna chime. Pull out the stopper!Let's have a whopper! But get me to the church on time!
  11. If I Were A Rich Man from The Fiddler on the Roof
    If I were a rich man,Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.All day long I'd biddy biddy bum.If I were a wealthy man.I wouldn't have to work hard.Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.If I were a biddy biddy rich,Yidle-diddle-didle-didle man.I'd build a big tall house with rooms by the dozen,Right in the middle of the town.A fine tin roof with real wooden floors below.There would be one long staircase just going up,And one even longer coming down,And one more leading nowhere, just for show.
  12. Get Happy from Summer Stock
    Forget your troublesCome on get happyYou better chase all you cares awayShout hallelujahCome on get happyGet ready for the judgement day
  13. People Will Say We're In Love from Oklahoma
    Don't sigh and gaze at meYour sighs are so like mineYour eyes mustn't glow like minePeople will say we're in love!Don't start collecting thingsGive me my rose and my glove.Sweetheart they're suspecting thingsPeople will say we're in love.
  14. I Feel Pretty from West Side Story
    I feel prettyOh, so prettyI feel pretty and witty and bright!And I pityAny girl who isn't me tonightI feel charmingOh, so charmingIt's alarming how charming I feel!And so prettyThat I hardly can believe I'm real
  15. Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
    A kiss on the handMay be quite continentalBut diamonds are a girl's best friend
  16. Thinking of You from Three Little Words
    Oh, why does it do this to meIs it such bliss to beThinking of youAnd when I fall asleep at night, it seemsYou just tiptoe into all my dreamsSo, I think of no other oneEver since I’ve begunThinking of you
  17. Doll on a Music Box/Truly Scrumptious from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    How can you tellI'm under a spellI'm waiting for love's first kissYou cannot seeHow much I long to be free
  18. Let's Call The Whole Thing Off from Shall We Dance
    But, oh, if we call the whole thing offThen we must partAnd, oh, if we ever part, then that might break my heart
  19. Easter Parade from Easter Parade
    Never saw you look quite so pretty beforeNever saw you dressed quite so lovely what's moreI could hardly wait to keep our date this lovely Easter morningAnd my heart beat fast as I came through the door
  20. On How to Be Lovely from Funny Face
    On how to be lovely(On how to be lovely)You got to be happy(You got to be happy)When you can feellight and gayThen you'll be lovelyas a holiday.
  21. How Lovely To Be A Woman from Bye Bye Birdie
    How lovely to be a woman,And have one job to do:To pick out a boy and train him,And then when you are through,You've made him the man you want him to be...Life's lovely when you're a woman ike me!
  22. Cheek to Cheek from Top Hat
    HeavenI'm in heavenAnd my heart beatsSo that I can hardly speakAnd I seem to findThe happiness I seekWhen we're out togetherDancing cheek to cheek
  23. I Won't Dance from Roberta
    I won't dance, don't ask meI won't dance, don't ask meI won't dance, Madame, with youMy heart won't let my feet do things they should do
  24. I Don't Care from In The Good Old Summertime
    Oh, I don't care, I don't care When it comes to happiness, I want my share Don't try to rearrange me There's nothing can change me 'cause I don't care!
  25. Put Me To The Test from Cover Girl
    You can dress in sablesAt nightclub front tables--If that is what my lady adores.Put me to the test, ladyJust make your requestAnd anything that you desireIs yours.
  26. I Can Do Without You from Calamity Jane
    Ya got charms that ain't bewitchin' meYou've a face no one wud paintI got the darnedest itch in meTo be wherever ya ain't!
  27. Wonder Why from Rich, Young & Pretty
    Wonder why I'm not myself of late,I'm feeling strangely great;I wonder why?I suppose some genius could explainWhy I walk in the rain;Just let him try!It could beThat you've caught up with me,And all the mysteryI'm thinking ofIs simply that I went and fell in love!
  28. Almost Like Being in Love from Brigadoon
    What a day this has been, what a rare mood I'm inWhy, it's almost like being in loveThere's a smile on my face for the whole human raceWhy, it's almost like being in love
  29. A Kiss or Two from Hit The Deck
    What's a little kiss or two,a wee little kiss among friends,a pleasure like thisamong friends,it's never amisamong friends.All is in the point of view.Some say it will hurt you.Some deem it a virtue.However you view itthe best people do it.So what is a kiss or two?What is a kiss or two?
  30. Where Did You Learn to Dance from I Love Melvin
    I like your poise, that is, I mean, I'm keen about your stance Say, you could be the epitome of romance What am I saying? Where, oh, where, oh, where did you learn to dance?

Thirty Song Challenge

1. Unwritten — Natasha Bedingfield
    Drench yourself in words unspoken
    Live your life with arms wide open
    Today is where your book begins
    The rest is still unwritten
2. King of Anything — Sara Bareilles
    You've got opinions, man
    We're all entitled to 'em, but I never asked
    So let me thank you for your time,
    And try not to waste anymore of mine


    All my life I've tried to make everybody happy
    While I just hurt and hide
    Waiting for someone to tell me it's my turn to decide
3. Young Dumb & Broke — Khalid [Young, Dumb & Broke]
    What's fun about commitment?
    When we have our life to live
    Yeah, we're just young dumb and broke
    But we still got love to give
4. Everybody Hates Me — The Chainsmokers
    Everyone knows what I look like
    Not even one of them knows me
    Yeah, I just want to drink tequila with my friends
    I'm so defeated I just want this shit to end
5. Delicate — Taylor Swift [Delicate]
    My reputation's never been worse, so
    You must like me for me
    We can't make
    Any promises now, can we, babe?

    Quote:Kit: i reserve delicate for whenever richbelle gets around to confessing something
6. American Teen — Khalid [The Great Escape]
    Maybe the end is near
    But I've been waiting all year
    To get the hell up out of here
    And throw away my fears
7. A Beautiful Mess — Jason Mraz
    Your shouted cursive I've been reading
    You're style is quite selective,
    Though your mind is rather reckless
    Well I guess it just suggests
    That this is just what happiness is
8. The Goldfish Song — Kina Grannis
    I had the right intentions
    Sometimes, my hope envelopes me
    And I can't learn the lesson
    Not to send a goldfish to sea
9. Sun Will Rise — Kate Voegele
    And I hold onto hope, I'm not alone
    I know my faith will take me home
    And I'm going to fight harder than I cry, yeah
10. Home — Vanessa Carlton [Five Fathoms Deep]
    Some I have known have a ship
    Where they sleep with sounds of rocks on the coast
    They sail over oceans five fathoms deep
    But can't find what they want the most
11. The Good Kind — The Wreckers
    I'm tired of hiding
    Behind these lying eyes
    I'm tired of this smile
    That even I don't recognize
12. Breathe (2AM) — Anna Nalick
    Yeah we walk through the doors, so accusing their eyes
    Like they have any right at all to criticize, hypocrites,
    You're all here for the very same reason
13. Social Casualty — 5 Seconds of Summer [Social Casualty]
    She ran away to chase her dreams
    And they said she wouldn't make it far
    She took a chance and packed her bags
    She left town and didn't look back
    So tired of wishing on the stars
14. All Downhill From Here — New Found Glory
    You're hiding something, 'cause it's burning through your eyes
    I try to get it out but all I hear from you are lies
15. Give Up The Ghost — Rosi Golan
    We are the sum of our parts
    And we've both seen the palms of our hands where the lines meet
    It's fortune that favors the brave ones


    Slow down we're losing the meaning of words now
    Quiet the noise cause we made a mountain of minuscule things
16. The Show — Lenka [The Show]
    I'm just a little girl lost in the moment
    I'm so scared but I don't show it
    I can't figure it out, it's bringing me down
17. Run Away With Me — Carly Rae Jepsen
    This is the part, you've got to say all that you're feeling, feeling
    Packing a bag, we're leaving tonight when everyone's sleeping, sleeping
    Let's run away
    I'll run away with you


    Baby, take me to the feeling
    I'll be your sinner, in secret
    When the lights go out
    Run away with me
18. How To Be a Heartbreaker — Marina and the Diamonds
    Rule number one, is that you gotta have fun
    But baby when you're done, you gotta be the first to run
    Rule number two, just don't get attached to
    Somebody you could lose


    Rule number three, wear your heart on your cheek
    But never on your sleeve, unless you wanna taste defeat
    Rule number four, gotta be looking pure
    Kiss him goodbye at the door, and leave him wanting more, more
19. Power and Control — Marina and the Diamonds
    Think you’re funny, think you’re smart
    Think you’re gonna break my heart
    Think you’re funny, think you’re smart
    Yeah, you may be good-looking but you’re not a piece of art
20. Nobody's Perfect — Jessie J
    I forget about the consequences,
    For a minute there I lose my senses
    And in the heat of the moment
    My mouth starts going the words start flowing
21. Everything At Once — Lenka
    As old as time, as straight as a line
    As royal as a queen, as buzzed as a bee
    Stealth as a tiger, smooth as a glider
    Pure as a melody, pure as I wanna be
    All I wanna be, all I wanna be, oh
    All I wanna be is everything at once
22. Heal — Lenka
    History is a part of the conversation
    But the past no longer holds me back anymore
    No I won't hide behind the secrets and the complications
    We both know that we were wrong and it's time to move on
23. My Fair Lady — The Bird and the Bee
    I know that I might seem
    A little aimless
    And I can also be
    A little shameless
24. Maneater — Hall & Oates
    She's deadly man, she could really rip your world apart
    Mind over matter
    Ooh, the beauty is there but a beast is in the heart


    (Oh here she comes)
    She's a maneater
    (Oh here she comes)
    Watch out boy she'll chew you up
25. Bright Leaves — Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
    I’ll find a verse that will reverse
    All the times I let you down
    Of course, it’s worse for you than it ever was for me
26. Foxes Mate For Life — Born Ruffians
    Make a point of having fun
    It'll help you get through life
    "Life sucks and love is dumb"
    Golly that's a real lie
27. Lilac and Willow — Said the Whale [No Shut-Eye]
    I close my eyes, I pray for sleep
    It's the same bad dream for nearly a week now
    And lord how I've tried, can't catch no shut eye
28. Mama Said — Hey Ocean!
    My Mama said some people come into your life for a reason
    Wouldn't believe her, I believe it now
    Didn't see you, wasn't looking for ya
    Didn't see love, I wasn't looking for love


    It's been a couple years s-since I been on my own
    I get the feeling I don't wanna be alone anymore
29. Trouble is a Friend — Lenka [Trouble is a Friend
    Trouble is a friend but trouble is a foe, oh oh
    And no matter what I feed him he always seems to grow, oh oh
    He sees what I see and he knows what I know, oh oh
    So don't forget as you ease on down the road
30. Time Machine  — Ingrid Michaelson
    I got your letters
    I got your words
    I stacked them high
    And lit them all and let 'em burn

Post Log
I'm running out of "favorite songs" at this point so I just put on some of my Pandora stations... I'm not even sure whether I will have heard all these songs before xD

Okay so that edit I threatened to make where I just put the entirety of Vance Joy's new album in at the top of my list is absolutely happening. No regrets.
And because that's only thirteen >>;
  • 14. Hallelujah by Panic! At The Disco
  • 15. Joy by Ellie Goulding
  • 16. Mr. Brightside by The Killers
  • 17. Underground by Kimya Dawson
  • 18. Time To Pretend by MGMT
  • 19. Human by The Killers
  • 20. Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand
  • 21. Forest by Twenty One Pilots
  • 22. Somebody Else by The 1973
    • I'm looking through you while you're looking through your phone
      And then leaving with somebody else
  • 23. Robert Frost by Mal Blum
    • Now I’m looking at the ground because I don’t want you to leave
      I know it’s co-dependent
      but I think it’s kind of sweet
      out of every person in this city I could ever meet
      leaving feels like losing, but I’m learning what I need
  • 24. Under Pressure by Queen, feat. David Bowie
  • 25. Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas
  • 26. Sleep On The Floor by The Lumineers
  • 27. The Night We Met by Lord Huron
  • 27. One Week by Barenaked Ladies
    • I realized it's all my fault, but couldn't tell you
      Yesterday you'd forgiven me
      But it'll still be two days till I say I'm sorry

    • LBR, probably Benllory sooner or later.
  • 29. Viva La Vida by Coldplay
  • 30. Up The Wolves by The Mountain Goats
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is it a crime to love too well?
To bear too tender, or too firm a heart, to act a lover's or a Roman's part?
Is there no bright reversion in the sky, for those who greatly think, or bravely die?
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These are all songs I had saved to my Spotify; I think I cut out the repeats from last time.

1. You've Got Something
2. So Close
3. Seven Nights Seven Days
4. San Francisco - The Mowgli's
I’ve been in love with love / And the idea of something binding us together
5. Heels Over Head
6.  My Body is a Cage - Arcade Fire
My body is a cage / We take what we're given / Just because you've forgotten / That don't mean you're forgiven
7. Through the Wire
8. Songs I Can't Listen To
9. Art Exhibit
10. This Year
11. Weightless
12. Wide Awake
13. Boys That Sing - Viola Beach
And she said that together we could take on the world / And she told me that I'll never find another girl like her
14. You Don't Get Me High Anymore
15. Flowers
16. So American - Portugal the Man
So, who wrote the rules? / Who wrote the rules, who wrote the rules?
17. Cigarettes & Saints - The Wonder Years
I know that they were heartsick, but I need someone to blame
18. To My Enemies - Saint Motel
To my enemies, those were the best days of our lives / When our hate made us feel so alive
20. Guns and Dogs
21. Sober
22. I And Love And You
23. Melting Vibes
24. Suit and Jacket - Judah and the Lion
'Cause everyone I know, everyone I know / Is growing old, is growing old too quickly / And I don't wanna go
25. Walking Disasters
26. Just Another Day
27. The Good, the Bad and the Dirty
28. All the Sad Young Men - Spector
Boys break like promises / But only behind closed doors
29. Wear Black
30. She's Always a Woman - Billy Joel
But she'll bring out the best and the worst you can be / Blame it all on yourself 'cause she's always a woman to me

MJ made this!
(February 21, 2018 – 4:35 AM)Cassius Lestrange Wrote: 17. Hallelujah - Panic! at the Disco (Hi @"Ophelia Dippet")

I can volunteer basically any of my characters that typically interact with your characters to get drunk and say something stupid so that we can have a thematic sober reconciliation thread? xD

I say "basically any" because like Brannon a) would not get drunk and b) would not be any more thoughtlessly offensive to Zelda drunk than he is always, so

is it a crime to love too well?
To bear too tender, or too firm a heart, to act a lover's or a Roman's part?
Is there no bright reversion in the sky, for those who greatly think, or bravely die?
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I haven't been near my desktop in days and that's where my music collection lives so I'm doing this via youtube and what it randomly suggests for me. I don't know most of these songs.
  1. The Death Of You & I - Isaac Gracie [Lyrics]
  2. Demons - Jacob Lee [Lyrics]
  3. Better Now - Etham [Lyrics]
  4. Are We Too Late - Tom Leeb [Lyrics]
  5. I Can't Go On Without You - Kaleo [Lyrics]
  6. Life Itself - Glass Animals [Lyrics]
  7. Lose It - Oh Wonder [Lyrics]
  8. Silent Skies - Seven Lions (feat. Karra) [Lyrics]
  9. Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine [Lyrics]
  10. Fire - Barns Courtney [Lyrics]
  11. Hard Times - Paramore [Lyrics]
  12. Wearing Nothing - Dagny [Lyrics]
  13. Wildest Moments - Jessie Ware [Lyrics]
  14. The Less I Know The Better - Tame Impala [Lyrics]
  15. Marinade - Dope Lemon [Lyrics]
  16. Too Much - Pale [Lyrics]
  17. Escape (The Piña Colada Song) - Rupert Holmes [Lyrics]
  18. Lemon To A Knife Fight - The Wombats [Lyrics]
  19. Tea-Soaked Letter - Anna Burch [Lyrics]
  20. Hey Heartbreaker - Dream Wife [Lyrics]
  21. Severed - The Decemberists [Lyrics]
  22. Fever Pitch - Rainbow Kitten Surprise [Lyrics]
  23. The Magic - Lola Blanc [Lyrics]
  24. Stay Off My Mind - Skott [Lyrics]
  25. Wild West - Lissie [Lyrics]
  26. Black Sheep - Gin Wigmore [Lyrics]
  27. Adultery - Little Comets [Lyrics]
  28. Closer - Tegan and Sara [Lyrics]
  29. Whatever It Takes - Imagine Dragons [Lyrics]
  30. Blue - Marina and the Diamonds [Lyrics]

/in which Lauren is a Giant Loser, but fuck it, it's the Madonna edition!

  1. Like a Prayer
  2. True Blue
  3. Material Girl
  4. Frozen
  5. Vogue
  6. Borderline
  7. You Must Love Me
  8. Devil Pray
  9. Devil Wouldn't Recognise You
  10. You'll See
  11. White Heat
  12. Lucky Star
  13. Rainbow High
  14. She's Not Me
  15. Express Yourself
  16. Like a Virgin
  17. Open Your Heart - In Progress
  18. Messiah - In Progress
  19. Veni Vidi Vici - In Progress
  20. Ray of Light - In Progress
  21. This Used To Be My Playground - In Progress
  22. I Know It - Done
  23. Crazy For You - Done
  24. Live To Tell - Done
  25. Beautiful Stranger - Done
  26. Rebel Heart - Done
  27. Who's That Girl - Done
  28. Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Done
  29. What It Feels Like for a Girl - Done
  30. Ghost Town - Done
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gorgeous set by MJ
1. I See Fire - Ed Sheeran
2. I Just Wanna Run - The Downtown Fiction
3. We Found Love - Rihanna
4. Centuries- Fall Out Boys
5. Castle on a Hill - Ed Sheeran
6. Shut Up And Dance With Me - Walk the Moon
7. Marry Me - Thomas Rhett
8. We Own The Night - The Wanted
9. Say Something - Great Big World
10. Love Me Again - John Newman
11. All the King’s Horses - Karmina
12. Why Don’t We Just Dance - Josh Turner
13. Dorian - Agnes Obel
14. Lights Come on - Jason Aldean
15. Fight Song - Rachel Platten
16. Can’t Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
17. Perfect - One Direction
18. Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap
19. We Are Young - F.U.N.
20. Alive - Sia
21. Eminem - Love the Way You Lie
22. Titanium - David Guetta
23. Best Day of My Life - American Authors`
24. Blame - Calvin Harris ft. John Newman
25. Take Me to Church - Hozier
26. Wake Me Up - Avicii
27. Battleships - Daughtry
28. Take Your Time - Sam Hunt
29. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love - Usher, Pitbull
30. Requiem - Tom Arden
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An amazing signature from Bee <3

Most of what I listen to is Disney soundtracks for Pippa. I'm not particularly interested in writing songs themed around snowmen and oceans, so instead I'm using the spotify radio station I just listened to when I was cleaning today (throwback to my angsty teen years ftw):

  1. Sore Losers - Bigwig
  2. New Heights - Shorelines
  3. Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy
  4. Here For Nothing - With Confidence
  5. Kids in America - The Muffs
  6. Secrets - State Champs
  7. Out of Mind - Radiator Hospital
  8. Stacy's Mom - Fountains of Wayne
  9. End of an Era - Summer Wars
  10. Vicious Love - New Found Glory
  11. Gone - The Bouncing Souls
  12. My Friends Over You - New Found Glory
  13. I'd Do Anything - Simple Plan
  14. HELP - The Front Bottoms
  15. Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade
  16. 1985 - Bowling For Soup
  17. Something's Gotta Give - All Time Low
  18. Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
  19. Dear Maria, Count Me In - All Time Low
  20. I'm Just A Kid - Simple Plan
  21. The Curse of Curves - Cute Is What We Aim For
  22. Freak - Seaway
  23. This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race - Fall Out Boy
  24. About A Girl - The Academy Is...
  25. Weightless - All Time Low
  26. Turn out the Lights - Showoff
  27. I'm Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance
  28. Hear You Me - Jimmy Eat World
  29. Memory - Sugarcult
  30. I Dance to Trance in Garbage Bag Pants - Daggermouth

EDIT: made myself a spreadsheet
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Nichole's 30 songs, provided by whatever Spotify would hurl at her. The only things I rejected were things not in English or those songs that mix songs.

Its also a wip cause I'm lazy but I wanna publish it to use it if possible already.

  1. Smile - R5
    Today I feel like blowing all my cash on you
    I’d buy you anything until I’m broke (until I'm broke)
    Today I want to turn your skies from gray to blue
    And if it rains on you I’ll be your coat whoa oh oh
  2. Undercover Martyn - Tanner Patrick & Cameron Mitchell
    You hid there last time, you know we're gonna find you
    Sick in the car seat, cause you're not up to going
    Out on the main streets, completing your mission
  3. Just a Hufflepuff - Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls
    And I won't make excuses
    'Cause the truth is that I'll do just enough
    'Cause after all, I'm just a Hufflepuff
    I am just a Hufflepuff
  4. Ever After - Marianas Trench
    Apologies, I'm not myself but I can guarantee
    That when I get back, you won't believe
    That you knew me well
    Don't want to think about it
    I'm fuckin' tired of getting sick about it
    Now stand back up and be a man about it
    And fight for something, fight for something, fight for something, oh
  5. i believe - Christina Perri
    I believe if I knew where I was going I’d lose my way
    I believe that the words that he told you are not your grave
    I know that we are not the weight of all our memories
    I believe in the things that I am afraid to say
  6. Shots - Imagine Dragons
    Am I out of luck?
    Am I waiting to break?
    When I keep saying that I'm looking for a way to escape
    Oh, I'm wishing I had what I'd taken for granted
    I can't help you when I'm only gonna do you wrong
  7. Pierre - Ryn Weaver
    I danced in the desert, in the pouring rain
    Drank with the devil and forgot my name
    Woke with somebody when the morning came
    No one there to shame me for my youth
    'Cause I wouldn't be with you
  8. Castles on the Hill - Ed Sheeran
    Fifteen years old and smoking hand-rolled cigarettes
    Running from the law through the backfields and getting drunk with my friends
    Had my first kiss on a Friday night, I don't reckon that I did it right
    But I was younger then, take me back to when
  9. Believer - Imagine Dragons
    First things first
    I'ma say all the words inside my head
    I'm fired up and tired of the way that things have been, oh ooh
    The way that things have been, oh ooh
    Second thing second
    Don't you tell me what you think that I can be
    I'm the one at the sail, I'm the master of my sea, oh ooh
    The master of my sea, oh ooh
  10. Runnin' - Adam Lambert
    Steel to my tremblin' lips
    How did the night ever get like this?
    One shot and the whiskey goes down, down, down
    Bottom of the bottle hits
    Waking up my mind as I throw a fit
    The breakin’ is takin’ me down, down, down
  11. Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift ft Civil War
    Don't you dare look out your window, darling everything's on fire
    The war outside our door keeps raging on
    Hold onto this lullaby even when the musics gone, gone
  12. Dangerous Man - Little Dume
    They say I'm a dangerous man
    Better run fast as you can
    Don't you look back
    Every bone in my body's bad
    Fire's burning, the skies are turning black
    They say I'm a dangerous man
  13. Cough Syrup - Young the Giant
    Life's too short to even care at all oh
    I'm coming up now coming up now out of the blue oh
    These zombies in the park they're looking for my heart oh oh oh oh
    A dark world aches for a splash of the sun oh oh
  14. Ex's & Oh's - Elle King
    My ex's and the oh, oh, oh's they haunt me
    Like ghosts they want me to make 'em all
    They won't let go
  15. Kick Ass - Mika and RedOne
    I could change the world
    I could make it better
    Kick it up and down
    Take a chance on me
  16. Simple Life - Fox Stevenson
    Well, we've got too much time on our hands
    So we've been looking at ourselves too much
    It's like if anybody meets your demands
    You get embarrassed and you start to blush
    When everyone's opinions are wasted
    It's getting too complicated!
  17. Lucky Day - Hunter Hunted
    Gonna fly around the world
    Let everybody know my time is now
    And my friends at home are pointing from the ground
    But I'm not coming down
    From my lucky day
  18. Moving Forward - Colony House
    I found life and I found laughter.
    In forgiveness, I found rest.
    On the shoulders of redemption,
    I found hope when hope was dead.
    I could lose it in a moment,
    So I dare not close my eyes.
    I'll watch fear fall with the sunset
    And see hope rise with the tide.
    And when the pain is true,
    Sometimes these troubles prove that I'm alive.
  19. This World is Yours - Adam Martin
  20. Find You - Alex Goot & ATC
  21. Crusader - Black Gryph0n & Baasik
  22. I'll Be There - Hollywood Undead
  23. I bet my Life - Imagine Dragons
  24. Creatures of the Night - Janet Devlin
  25. Miles Away - The Maine
  26. Superheros - the script
  27. fill
  28. fill
  29. fill
  30. fill
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speaks with a dutch accent!
Totes stealing Bree's thing.. Here are mine!
  1. Scars, by Papa Roach
    In which @James MacFusty apologizes.
    I tear my heart open, I sew myself shut
    My weakness is that I care too much
    And our scars remind us that the past is real
    I tear my heart open just to feel
  2. Pretty Girl (The Way), by Sugarcult
    In which @Fortuna Bixby runs into another of the worst bachelors to meet
    She's beautiful as usual with bruises on her ego
    And her killer instinct tells her to beware of evil men
    And that's what you get for falling again
    You can never get 'em out of your head
  3. A Simple Line, by Rufio
    In which @Louisa Lupin listens to the music of the river.
    Listen with ears not your eyes, it's such a simple line
    Try to escape from the hype, the freedom you will find
    Listen with ears not your eyes
    And let the music play true throughout all your life
  4. Hey You, by Lea Michele
    In which @Emmeline Woodcroft meets up with Charlie
    But before you go
    You should know
    I love you more
    I said so
  5. Gravity, by Sara Bareilles
    Oh, you loved me because I'm fragile
    When I thought that I was strong
    But you touch me for a little while
    And all my fragile strength is gone
  6. Get it Right, by The Glee Cast
    In which @Emmeline Woodcroft helps to tutor another student
    So I throw up my fist, throw a punch in the air
    And accept the truth that sometimes life isn't fair
    Yeah, I'll send out a wish, yeah, I'll send up a prayer
    And finally someone will see how much I care
  7. Tell Me You Love Me, by Demi Lovato
    In which @Felicity Adlard  is drugged on amorentia and loving on Quin.
    All my friends, they know and it's true
    I don't know who I am without you
    I've got it bad, baby
    I got it bad
  8. I Choose You, by Sara Bareilles
    In which @Fletcher Langley finally gets to see Eavan after the expedition
    Tell the world that we finally got it all right
    I choose you
    I will become yours and you will become mine
    I choose you
  9. Perfect, by Ed Sheeran
    In which @Emmeline Woodcroft gets a pleasant surprise
    Baby, I'm dancing in the dark with you between my arms
    Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favourite song
    When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
    But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight
  10. Better With You, by Jason Mraz
    In which @Fortuna Bixby needs saving by Rufus
    You're always with me in my head
    I take you with me in my heart
    It's better when I'm in your bed
    It's better when we're not appart
    I just can't do this alone
  11. Fight Song, by Rachel Platten
    In which @Felicity Adlard gets a bit drunk on Firewhiskey
    And all those things I didn't say
    Wrecking balls inside my brain
    I will scream them loud tonight
    Can you hear my voice this time?
  12. Shut Up and Dance, by Walk the Moon
    In which @Fortuna Bixby and Rufus reunite for the first time since their argument
    Deep in her eyes, I think I see the future
    I realize this is my last chance
    She took my arm, I don't know how it happened
  13. Kiss Me, by New Found Glory
    In which @Fortuna Bixby gets lost in the fog
    Kiss me down by the broken tree house
    Swing me upon its hanging tire
    Bring, bring, bring your flowered hat
    We'll take the trail marked on your father's map
  14. Brave, by Sara Bareilles
    In which @Emmeline Woodcroft has to learn to be brave
    Don’t run, stop holding your tongue
    Maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live
    Maybe one of these days you can let the light in
    Show me how big your brave is
  15. Safe and Sound, by Taylor Swift
    In which @Magdalena Byrne comes home for the first time to her bakery and Lorcan
    Just close your eyes
    You'll be all right
    Come morning light
    You and I'll be safe and sound
  16. The Best of Me, by The Starting Line
    In which @Fortuna Bixby meets up with Mr. Bixby at the gala
    Jumping to conclusions
    Made me fall away from you
    I'm so glad that the truth
    Has brought back together me and you
  17. You Matter to Me, by Sara Bareilles & Jason Mraz
    In which @Felicity Adlard brings lunch to Quin.
    I could find the whole meaning of life in those sad eyes
    They've seen things that you never quite say but I hear
    Come out of hiding I'm right here beside you
    And I'll stay there as long as you let me
  18. River of Tears, by Alessia Cara
    In which @Emmeline Woodcroft runs away from the Three Broomsticks following her falling out with Handsome
    I'll set sail and drift away
    So I won't need you here
    Love sinks and hope floats
    In a river of tears
  19. Close to Me, Ellie Goulding
    In which @Jameson Jewell dances a little bit risque on New Years
    So don't let me down
    Keep me in trouble
    Born to be wild
    Out in the jungle
  20. Don't Let Me Down, by The Chainsmokers
    In which @Magdalena Byrne tries to hold onto her dreams
    I think I'm losing my mind now
    It's in my head, darling I hope
    That you'll be here, when I need you the most
    So don't let me, don't let me, don't let me down
  21. Song, Artist
    lyric blurb
  22. Still Into You, by Ashley Tisdale & Chris French (Originally Paramore)
    In with @Fletcher Langley feels guilty about something he shouldn't be guilty about.
    I should be over all the butterflies
    But I'm into you (I'm into you)
    And baby even on our worst nights
    I'm into you (I'm into you)
    Let 'em wonder how we got this far
    Cause I don't really need to wonder at all
    Yeah after all this time I'm still into you
  23. Song, Artist
    lyric blurb
  24. How Long, by Charlie Puth
    In which @Magdalena Byrne finds Lorcan's Lonely Hearts letters...
    How long has this been goin' on?
    You've been actin' so shady
    I've been feelin' it lately, baby
  25. Hold Me Down, by Halsey
    In which @Phoebe Yaxley starts her descent into drug addiction
    I sold my soul to a three-piece
    And he told me I was holy
    He’s got me down on both knees
    But it’s the devil that's trying to
  26. Now or Never, by Halsey
    In which @Phoebe Yaxley makes demands of her husband to make a decision
    Yeah, draw the line up
    Don't take no more time up, yeah
    Make your mind up
    I need you to make your mind up, yeah
  27. Bad Things, by Machine Gun Kelly & Camilla Cabello
    In which @Emmeline Woodcroft goes to Handsome's Grad Bash!
    And we're both wild
    And the night's young
    And you're my drug
    Breathe you in 'til my face numb
  28. Him and I, by G-Eazy & Halsey
    In which @Emmeline Woodcroft has dinner with Charlie.
    He's out his head, I'm out my mind
    We got that love; the crazy kind
    I am his, and he is mine
    In the end, it's him and I
  29. Only Hope, by Mandy Moore
    In which @Magdalena Byrne is all hopes and dreams at her bakery grand opening!
    I give you my destiny
    I'm giving you all of me
    I want your symphony
    Singing in all that I am
  30. Holding Out for a Hero, by Ella Mae Bowen
    In which @Emmeline Woodcroft gets the exact opposite
    I need a hero
    I'm holding out for a hero till the end of the night
    He's gotta be strong, he's gotta be fast
    And he's gotta be larger than life, larger than life

Another Glorious MJ Set!
[Image: xy6Q4W.png]
I've never completed one of these... Third time's the charm? xD

1. Lush Life - Zara Larsson (Ellory probably?)
Quote:I live my day as if it was the last
Live my day as if there was no past
Doin' it all nite, all summer
Doin' it the way I wanna

Yeah I’mma dance my heart out ’til the dawn
But I won’t be done when morning comes
Doin' it all nite, all summer
Gonna spend it like no other

2. Knocking On Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan
Quote:Mama take this badge from me
I can't use it anymore
It's getting dark too dark to see
Feels like I'm knockin' on heaven's door

3. White Rabbit - Jefferson Rabbit
Quote:And if you go chasing rabbits, and you know you're going to fall
Tell 'em a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given you the call

4. Dedicated To The One I Love - The Mamas & The Papas
Quote:Each night before you go to bed my baby
Whisper a little prayer for me my baby
And tell all the stars above
This is dedicated to the one I love

5. Playground Love - Air
Quote:Yet my hands are shaking
I feel my body remains,
Themes no matter, I'm on fire
On the playground, love

6. Girlfriend In A Coma - The Smiths
Quote:There were times when I could
Have murdered her
But you know, I would hate
Anything to happen to her
@'Ophelia Dippet' we should do this after a Benllory petty fight xD

7. Clocks - Coldplay
Quote:The lights go out and I can't be saved
Tides that I tried to swim against
Have brought me down upon my knees
Oh I beg, I beg and plead, singing

8. Without You I'm Nothing - Placebo

9. Heroin - The Velvet Underground
I actually love this song and I can't pick just one bit because it's chills

10. Public Image - Public Image Ltd.
Quote:You never listened to a word that I said
You only seen me from the clothes that I wear
Or did the interest go so much deeper
It must have been to the color of my hair

11. Song To The Siren - Tim Buckley
Quote:Long afloat on shipless oceans
I did all my best to smile
'Til your singing eyes and fingers
Drew me loving to your isle
And you sang
Sail to me

12. Dancing Queen - ABBA
you know this song ;)

13. When We're High - LP
Quote:Oh when we're high
Oh my God, you blow my mind
So let's get high
Live until we die, yeah

14. That's Amore - Dean Martin
Quote:When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine
That's amore

15. Human - Daughter
Quote:Underneath the skin there's a human
I kinda want to use this for a Seneca thread where the scary Lestranges make her do something psychotic and she's battling with her humanity?

16. Loud Like Love - Placebo
Quote:Can you imagine a love that is so proud?
It never has to question why or how

17. Various Storms & Saints - Florence + The Machine
Quote:But still you stumble, feet give way
Outside the world seems a violent place

18. All I Want - Kodaline
Quote:But If you loved me
Why did you leave me
Take my body
Take my body

19. I'm Waiting Here - Lykke Li
Quote:Can’t we fall, never fulfill me, dear
Your new love will only remind you, dear
Your deepest high'll never be same as when
We made love where the horizon ends

20. I've Just Seen A Face - The Beatles
Quote:I've just seen a face,
I can't forget the time or place
Where we just met.
She's just the girl for me
And I want all the world to see
We've met, mm-mm-mm-m'mm-mm

21. Psycho Killer - Talking Heads
Quote:You start a conversation you can't even finish it
You're talking a lot, but you're not saying anything
When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed
Say something once, why say it again?
This one is easy; someone is getting on Sen's nerves and maybe she kills them. xD

22. Numb - Linkin Park
Quote:I've become so numb, I can't feel you there
Become so tired, so much more aware

23. Sugar, Sugar - The Archies
Quote:Sugar, ah honey honey
You are my candy girl
And you got me wanting you

24. I Wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys
Quote:Secrets I have held in my heart
Are harder to hide than I thought
Maybe I just wanna be yours

25. Can't Pretend - Tom Odell
Quote:Love, I have wounds
Only you can mend
You can mend oh oh oh
I guess that’s love
I can’t pretend

26. My Special Angel - Bobby Helms
Quote:The smile from your lips brings the summer sunshine
Tears from your eyes bring the rain
I feel your touch, your warm embrace
And I'm in heaven again

27. Fuel To Fire - Agnes Obel
Quote:Into the town we go, into your hideaway
Where the towers grow, gone to be faraway
Never do we know, never do they give away
Where the towers grow, only you will hear them say

28. Hymn For The Weekend - Coldplay
Quote:Life is a drink and love's a drug

29. (I'd Rather Be) Anywhere But Here - Honeyblood
Quote:Said you had to leave
Said the city was killing
And so the smog
It got under your skin
But now you're gone, gone
Gone, gone, gone
Auf wiedersehen

30. The Troubles - U2, Lykke Li
Quote:I have a will for survival
So you can hurt me
And then hurt me some more

Thanks Bree for the avatar!
A playlist of these songs can be found here in order!

1. Wings of a Butterfly by HIM
Heaven ablaze in our eyes
We're standing still in time
The blood on our hands is the wine
We offer as sacrifice
2. She Bop by Cyndi Lauper
Do I want to go out with a lion's roar
Huh, yea, I want to go south and get me some more
Hey, they say that a stitch in time saves nine
They say I better stop or I'll go blind
Ooh she bop, she bop
3. My Sweet Prince by Placebo
Never thought you'd make me perspire
Never thought I'd do you the same
Never thought I'd fill with desire
Never thought I'd feel so ashamed

Me and the dragon can chase all the pain away
So before I end my day remember
My sweet prince you are the one
4. Through the Fire and the Flames by Dragonforce
On a cold winter morning
In the time before the light
In flames of death's eternal reign
We ride towards the fight

When the darkness has fallen down
And the times are tough alright
The sound of evil laughter falls
Around the world tonight
5. Her Name is Alice by Shinedown
I invite you to a world where there is no such thing as time
And every creature lens themselves to change your state of mind
And the girl that chase the rabbit drank the wine and took the pill
Has locked herself in limbo to see how it truly feels
6. Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly
Must it take a life for hateful eyes
To glisten once again
Five hundred years like Gelignite
Have blown us all to hell
What savior rests while on his cross we die
While forgotten freedom burns
Has the Shepard led his lambs astray
To the bigot and the gun
7. Sick Like Me by In This Moment
Am I beautiful
As I tear you to pieces?
Am I beautiful?
Even at my ugliest, you always say
I'm beautiful
As you tear me to pieces
You are beautiful
Even at your ugliest, I always say
You're beautiful and sick like me
8. Hitting on all Sevens by Tech N9ne (from The Devil's Carnival: Alleluia!) - Naeva Lécuyer
9. Done. by The Band Perry
Mama always told me that I should play nice
She didn't know you when she gave me that advice
I'm through, with you
You're one bridge I'd like to burn
Bottle up the ashes, smash the urn
I'm through with you, la ti da
I don't wanna be your just for fun
Don't wanna be under your thumb
All I wanna be is done, done
10. Bad Company by Five Finger Death Punch (original by Bad Company)
A company always on the run
A destiny, oh it's the rising sun
I was born, a shotgun in my hands
Behind the gun
I'll make my final stand, yeah
That's why they call me

Bad company
I can't deny
Bad, bad company
Till the day I die
Until the day I die
11. Cut the Cord by Shinedown
Let me tell you, I'm vicious
Not pass-aggressive
I got my finger on my pulse, staring straight into a hole and I'ma get it
And I'm a savage
It's automatic
I got a way of making noise, the power to destroy with no static

Now victory is all you need
So cultivate and plant the seed
Hold your breath and count to ten, just count to ten
12. Shot in the Dark by Within Temptation
Oh I wish it was over,
And I wish you were here
Still I'm hoping that somehow
Cause your soul is on fire
A shot in the dark
What did they aim for when they missed your heart?
13. Dirty Pretty by In This Moment
Maybe I am not all that I've learned
Close your eyes, you twist and you turn
I know I am more than they see
I'm everything, everything is me
I won't be what you want me to be
Your picture perfect vanity
I don't want to be your dirty pretty
14. Don't Let Me Get Me by P!nk
Never win first place, I don't support the team
I can't take direction, and my socks are never clean
Teachers dated me, my parents hated me
I was always in a fight cause I can't do nothin' right

Every day I fight a war against the mirror
I can't take the person starin' back at me
I'm a hazard to myself
15. Jekyll and Hyde by Five Finger Death Punch
The story's getting old and my heart is getting colder
I just wanna be Jekyll, but I'm always fighting Hyde
You've got rocks in your head, I can hear them rolling 'round
You can say that you're above it, but you're always falling down
Is there a method to your madness, is it all about pride?
Everyone I know, they've got a demon inside
16. Witch Hunt by One Eyed Doll
She’s gone astray
Chosen to play with magic
It’s oh so tragic
Take her away
17. Mercenary by Panic! At The Disco
In love, I've always been a mercenary, but I never leave my post when the cash runs out
I want to make you quiver
Make your backbone shiver
Hey kid, take the stage and deliver
18. Dark Nights by Dorothy - Ambrosia Shinnick
19. Mr. Crowley by Ozzy Osborne
Mr. Charming, did you think you were pure?
Mr. Alarming, in nocturnal rapport
Uncovering things that were sacred
Manifest on this Earth
Conceived in the eye of a secret
And they scattered the afterbirth
20. Victims of Contingency by Epica
We can't blame all our failures on someone else
For our own protection
So much to protect
We can't learn from decisions in our own lives
Without self-reflection
We will never flee from contingency
21. Monster by Imagine Dragons
If I told you what I was,
Would you turn your back on me?
And if I seem dangerous,
Would you be scared?
I get the feeling just because,
Everything I touch isn't dark enough
If this problem lies in me
22. The Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels Band
Johnny, rosin up your bow and play your fiddle hard
'Cause hell's broke loose in Georgia, and the devil deals the cards
And if you win, you get this shiny fiddle made of gold
But if you lose, the devil gets your soul
23. Mine, Mine, Mine by Jonathan Young (originally from Disney's Pocahontas)
All of my life, I have searched for a land
Like this one
A wilder, more challenging country
I couldn't design
Hundreds of dangers await
And I don't plan to miss one
In a land I can claim
A land I can tame
The greatest adventure is mine!
24. I See Fire by Ed Sheeran
If this is to end in fire
Then we should all burn together
Watch the flames climb high into the night
Calling out for the rope, sent by and we will
Watch the flames burn on and on the mountain side hey
25. Chemicals React by Aly & AJ
You make me feel out of my element
Like I'm drifting out to the sea
Like the tides pullin' me in deeper
Makin' it harder to breathe
26. A Rope for Mary by One Eyed Doll
Feed your babies to the Witches Tree
Keep them safe from the likes of me
Cart your fears down prison lane
Say your prayers ’til you kill again
27. Miracle by Cascada
I need a miracle
I wanna be your girl
Give me a chance to see
That you are made for me
I need a miracle
Please let me be your girl
One day you'll see it can happen to me
28. Grace for Sale by Terrance Zdunich (from The Devil's Carnival)
My fairest wheels are turning
Hark the angels wail
Bedtime is a-burning, burning
We’ve got grace for sale
How the worm is turning
Lay you down to sleep
With wicked little stories
Count your missing sheep
29. Careless Whisper by Seether (original by Wham!)
I feel so unsure
As I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor
As the music dies
Something in your eyes
Calls to mind a silver screen
And all its sad goodbyes
30. Inside the Fire by Disturbed
Give your soul to me
For eternity
Release your life
To begin another time with her
End your grief with me
There's another way
Release your life
Take your place inside the fire with her

Don't fashion me into a maiden that needs saving from a dragon
[Image: bPyv7O4.jpg]
Postlog | Networking
1. Back to December – Taylor Swift
2. Naked – Avril Lavigne
3. Vanilla Twilight – Owl City
4. 7 Years – Lukas Graham
5. Baby (ft Ludacris) – Justin Bieber
6. I Don't Care – Bratz
7. Misery Business – Paramore
8. Do You Wonder – Ever After High
9. Fully Alive – Flyleaf
10. Mr. Brightside – The Killers
11. Whisper-- Evenescence
12. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Eurythmics
13. Evolution – Korn
14. Toy Soldiers – Martika
15. Royals – Lorde
16. Young God – Halsey
17. Wake up – Hilary Duff
18. Losing Grip – Avril Lavigne
19. I'm So Sick – Flyleaf
20. Zombie – The Cranberries
21. Castle of Glass – Linkin Park
22. Immortals – Fall out Boy
23. Where'd you Go (Ft. Holly Brook & Jonah Matranga) – Fort Minor
24. Hot Mess – Cobra Starship
25. Heaven Knows – The Pretty Reckless
26. One – Metallica
27. Live Like We're Dying – Kris Allen
28. Awake & Alive – Skillet
29. Carry on Wayward Son – Kansas
30. Sweet Sacrifice – Evanescence

MJ is a goddess and made Avril's set!

Thirty Song Challenge!
I don't think I even started on the last songlist I made, but here I go again afresh, thanks Spotify:

1. Hold Onto Me - Mayday Parade
Lorcan has so many problems

2. She Used To Be Mine - Sara Bareilles
And you're not what I asked for / If I'm honest I know I would give it all back / For a chance to start over / And rewrite an ending or two

3. The Fates - Virginia Man
Theodore Gallivan being mad about his father faking his death

4. Oh My God - Ida Maria
Sarah's not having the best day / marriage / life

5. Genghis Khan - Miike Snow
well hello heaps and heaps of jealousy

6. It Doesn't Mean A Thing - The Airborne Toxic Event
You may be broke and scared and mad and tear / At the flesh of your heart-strings / But you were born to be a peasant not a king / So just stop acting like you're running from something / You're gonna leave the way you came without a thing

7. Little Lost - Vian Isak, POLR
Carmelina's lost at Hogwarts, welp

8. Hieroglyphs - The Oh Hellos
Cause you've been too busy thinking ahead / Of where we're all going after we're dead / To maybe consider our bodies are worth / More than the dust that we can return

9. Tailor - Anais Mitchell
When he said / When he said that he liked the clothes I wore / I became a tailor / And I sewed a party dress— / In and out and in and out

10. Poetry of the Deed - Frank Turner
Me and all my friends are poets of the deed, / we're exactly what this country needs. / We scratch until we're drunk, we drink until we bleed. / We are what we believe.

11. Wilson (Expensive Mistakes) - Fall Out Boy
Azazel, casually Ishmael's #1 regret in life

12. Jock O'Hazeldean - TURN soundtrack (I listen to a weird amount of folk songs. >.>)
Why weep ye by the tide, ladie, / Why weep ye by the tide? / I'll wed ye to my youngest son, / And ye shall be his bride:

13. Rich Friends - Portugal. The Man
I'm just tryin' to catch a free ride / From the temple to the tomb / I could really really really use a rich rich friend like you

14. Gone - JR JR
And I've made up my mind over and over / I can't be everything you want me to be

15. Spanish Ladies - Sarah Blasko
Carmelina's at the beach

16. Ways to Fake It - CRX
Oliver aka a manipulative asshole

17. Let's Be Still - The Head and the Heart
would it be a benari thread if Ben isn't getting injured somehow

18. Rubik's Cube - Athlete
Oh I'm like a kid who just won't let it go / Twisting and turning the colours in rows / I'm so intent to find out what it is

19. Walk - Kyla la Grange
Oh ignorance it does not make you immune / You can still tell a lie when you don't know the truth

20. The Secret's In The Telling - Dashboard Confessional
We know by now to say enough / With only simple words / With only subtle turns / The things we feel alone for one another

21. My Favourite Faded Fantasy - Damien Rice
You could be my favourite faded fantasy / I’ve hung my happiness upon what it all could be

22. Foolish Thing - Darren Criss
Lorcan and Maggie do a dumb thing~

23. Carry You - Jimmy Eat World
sad breakup tybsie

Solitaire - Marina and the Diamonds
Phyri hates being social yo

25. Are We In Love Yet? - Moonbeau
Handfasting awkwardness with Elias

26. Fears - Michigander
Jude talking feminism

27. A Life Less Ordinary (Need A Little Help) - Motion City Soundtrack
Elias falling into fountains, just the usual

28. Caught in the Middle - Paramore
Ari being a little too honest at the Celtic Fair

29. Into The Barrens - Grizfolk
Cast me away, my shadow's cold / Into the barrens where I will grow old / Well, I'm not looking for answers / And I'm not looking for gold

30. The Crooked Kind - Radical Face
I heard you tellin' lies / I heard you say you weren't born of our blood / I know we're the crooked kind / But you're crooked too, boy, and it shows

...I cannot believe that in thirty songs not ONE The National song came up?! I feel like The National is all I listen to xD
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