Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Angharad Warbeck
    Full Name: Angharad Matild Warbeck
    Nicknames: the wee poacher
    Birthdate: August 4, 1877
    Current Age: 7 8
    Occupation: n/a
    Hogwarts House: unknown
    Wand: unknown
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Social Class: Lower
    Father:  Gruffudd Warbeck (1857-1878)
    Mother: Arlene Warbeck (nee: Macdonald)(1859-1880)
    Grandfather: Dunmor Quintin (1838- 1884)
    Grandmother: Gavenia Macdonald (1842- 1870)

    Appearance: Angharad is a bit short  for her age at 3 feet 7 inches tall. She’s grown thinner since Dunmor’s death as she is a very poor trapper at this point (she’s only caught a few rabbits). She weighs about 39 pounds and looks pointedly pale and drawn. At 3 feet 11 inches tall, Angharad is a short  for her age, but has grown a bit since being with the MacFustys.  She has also put on some weight and is now an approximately average 45 lbs. She has blue eyes and long hair, which is now often dirty because carrying enough water to fill a tub is nearly impossible for her. She keeps it braided most of the time, so it doesn’t look as unkempt as it might. which she still keeps braided even though it's mostly clean now. Her clothes have gotten in a rather poor state as well. Even after it rains and she collects enough water to wash them, they take on the distinctive smell of decomposition with Dunmor’s body languishing in the bedroom, which isn’t terribly well-sealed off despite her best efforts. While she has yet to get a wand, she does keep Dunmor’s wand in her pocket and, while she hasn’t made any attempt to use it yet, she uses her left hand when she takes it out. She wears clean dresses and shoes now, though her favorite dress is a copy that Mary (Malvina MacFusty) made for her  of a very old-fashioned dress that was a hand-me-down from her mother.  

    1877: Angharad is born to a young, newly married couple in wizarding London. Both moved to London after dropping out of Hogwarts, but were raised in other places, her father in Wales and her mother in Scotland. She is a hearty, happy child and their small family is a loving and content one despite the fact that they have very little by way of wealth or possessions. Gruffudd works a day laborer and Arlene stays at home to care for Angharad.

    1878: Angharad’s father, Gruffudd, dies of Dragon Pox, leaving Arlene alone with a baby whom she had no way to care for. Her mother had raised her alone as well after being disowned by her family for having her child out of wedlock and with an absent, lower class father, but that is not what she wants for her child. She moves with Angharad to the Hebrides where her father, Dunmor, with whom she began to correspond as a teenager, resides.

    1878-1880: The two live with Dunmor, who is always referred to by his first name, and practice subsistence farming and trapping to get by. Neighbors are very far away, but Arlene makes the effort to visit some of the nearer ones from time to time with little Angharad. Angharad is never told that Dunmore is her grandfather and she is never terribly fond of him, particularly because he and Arlene quarrel often with some of those quarrels turning physical on Dunmor’s part.

    October, 1880: Arlene disappears after a late night argument with Dunmor. He tells Angharad that she left to start a new life without a child to worry about so that she could find a decent husband and the neighbors that she left in the night with Angharad so that they could start a new life in London together and find a husband to round out their family. Angharad, who now must hide in the root cellar whenever they have visitors, is devastated by her abandonment too young to question the story’s veracity. The neighbors are suspicious about the story, but cannot prove that it is untrue. Eventually they stop visiting and life goes on with a new normal for the two remaining members of the Quintin-Warbeck household. Dunmor cares for Angharad’s basic needs (feeds her, clothes her, etc.), but largely ignores her aside from that. She sleeps alone in the root cellar and isn’t allowed to venture out of the house unless ordered to do so.

    1881-1884: As she gets older, Dunmor begin to give her more duties around the household such as cooking and cleaning. Eventually, when he goes out trapping, he brings her along to teach her the tricks of the trade, so that she can take over once he is no longer able to do such strenuous work and provide for the both of them. They rarely come across other people when they’re out, but, when they do, she is forced to hide behind trees or bushes and make no noise.

    Summer, 1884: Dunmor made a poorly timed visit to Hogsmeade just before the quarantine and contracts the laughing sickness.  After a protracted illness, he dies. Angharad, who survived a mild case of the illness, which she contracted from him, tried her best to bring the body outside and give him a proper burial, but he is too heavy for her to even get him off of the bed. Instead, she closes up his room and stuffs his old clothes and blankets under the door to staunch some of the smell.  She continues to cultivate their little garden and uses some of the trapping skills that he taught her to catch rabbits and other small animals for food.

    October 1884: Angharad is almost eaten by a dragon because it stole the rabbit she trapped and she tried to get it back, but is saved by Torquil MacFusty. He insists on taking her home afterward and finds out that she lives alone with a rotting corpse and an owl. He takes her against her will to Lews Castle (where the MacFustys live) because, for reasons which are beyond Angharad, he doesn't think a corpse is a fitting guardian for a seven year old girl. She protests and resists as much as her little body is able, but, in the end, the MacFustys decide to take her in so she won't starve or put herself at risk of getting eaten by any other dragons. She runs away quite often at first (usually ending up at her old home), but is always found and brought back.

    Fall/Winter 1884: Angharad meets Vina (or "Mary" as she knows her), the amnesiac MacFusty daughter for the second time (as they had met before when she was still living with Dunmor's corpse) and forms a strong bond with her. She eventually stops sleeping in the dungeons, which she preferred at first due to their similarity to the root cellar where she used to sleep, and starts sleeping under Vina's bed. She also becomes reluctantly fond of Torquil and meets Jamie, another MacFusty brother, who takes her hunting sometimes with his wolf. All in all, she starts to feel somewhat more at home with the MacFustys (though there are still quite a few of them which she decides she dislikes just because for one reason or another). Even though, she doesn't like taking lessons with the MacFusty governess, who she deeply resents for making her practice letters instead of going trapping and perpetually refers to as the "gantin' governess" (aka: horrible governess). She steals and hides the MacFusty babies a couple of times, but, for the most part, stops running away.

    1885: Basically, everything falls apart for her again. Vina (Mary) moves out to a cottage elsewhere on the island. Tor seems to forget she exists for the most part since he's in love with a girl and Jamie's occasional visits get more scarce too, though, on one visit, he does give her a wolf pup, which she names Totty. The only people she still likes that aren't little kids and give her any tiny bit of thought are the MacFusty Da (Donald MacFusty) and Kennard, who's about her age. That's not much consolation, though, as the MacFusty Da mostly has to work too and she only likes Kennard very reluctantly. She starts running away even more than before and will literally take any opportunity to escape no matter where she was or whether or not she has any idea where she plans to go. So far, though, she's always been found and brought back.

    P[b]ersonality:[/b] Angharad was a very friendly and loquacious child when her mother was alive, but after several years of only the limited human contact that Dunmor provided to her, she grew quiet and wary of others. After Dunmor died, she grew somewhat more interested in others and encountered them more and more during her forays outside of her house to trap food, though she still tends to watch them from afar rather than actually engaging with them as much as she can. She is quite a bright girl and quite self-sufficient compared to other seven year olds, but being seven, she is still struggling to support herself alone. She is more capable with housework than anything else as she’s been doing those tasks the longest. As she never really loved Dunmor and had no idea that he was her grandfather, she has not grieved for him, either emotionally or outwardly, but that does not mean that she is unable to connect to anyone or anything emotionally. She is quite attached to the eagle owl, named Aulay, which Dunmor used to communicate with contacts and friends elsewhere in the Hebredes and wider Scotland. She doesn’t know her mother’s surname or location and she has never met any other members of her family, so she has no one to write to, but she still keeps him around for companionship. He feeds himself with mice and the occasional murtlap which he catches. She became even more sociable with select people of whom she approved during the good times at the MacFustys, but now that things have gone downhill for her, she's withdrawn again and is very hesitant to really connect to people lest they let her down or move away from her like her favorite MacFustys did. She's also gotten rather angry at people in general after being, in her opinion, abandoned by all the people who she liked most and is very quick to snap who bother her or who she just doesn't approve of in general. The only "people" who she really feels she can rely on now are Aulay, her owl, and Totty, her wolf. That doesn't, however, mean that she won't approach anyone. If she's bored, she'll look for someone to play with, like any other kid, but they'd better tread lightly and have strong stomachs because her idea of fun is closer to catching and gutting a rabbit than dressing up a doll.

    Sample Roleplay Post: See Poldi’s app or any of my threads

    Name: Addie
    Age: 24
    Contact: PM is best
    Other Characters: Poldi, Gogo, Alianor, Bruno, Isaac
    How did you hear about us?RPG-D
    [Image: angharad1_zpse8d4c072.png]
    Fantabulous set by MJ!
    As of October 9, 1885, Angharad has been living with the MacFustys for a year, but runs away rather frequently.

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