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June 21st, 1888 - Salem Square

At 11:30 A.M. Salem Square is bustling, despite the fog. It's a sunny day above, the light permeating through the blanket over the earth, until it doesn't anymore. At first it's as if a cloud has drifted over the sun - but then it keeps going - and keeps going - and Salem Square is plunged almost entirely into darkness.

What now?

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Today was a day under two weeks since the fog had enveloped her town and frankly she thought the ministry should have done something already. It didn't help her opinion that no one outside of Irvingly had seemed to care until it hit Hogsmeade. Simply put, she wasn't a fan of the fog. It might of been fun the first day to go around in, but now it was annoying and inconvenient. But after two weeks, navigating the fog was become slightly easier. Likely the only reason she had made it to the square when she decided that a shopping pick me up was needed - if anything was even open. She did wonder what the muggles made of the fog. Even if they were now living like muggles at least they weren't oblivious.

It was hard to tell how many vendors had come when all she could see was a couple feet away from herself, and it took her far longer than normal to locate her favorite booth. It was as she did that the sky when dark and she immediately gripped the table like the darkness would somehow knock her off balance. Looking up - not that she could see up, if she was floating right now, loosing all sense of direction seemed likely.

"Did the fog thicken? Or is this something else? I really don't want more bad things. The fog was bad enough now I can't even see my hand in front of my face." Not that anyone could see it but she did actually test it as she was saying it.

Oddly enough Nimiane didn’t mind the fog the way it seemed her staff did, but then again she didn’t really sense anything different as she didn’t have any magic to be affected. As such she had taken to wandering into the small village center every few days. She wasn’t quite sure if it was to brainstorm or to be of assistance, but for whatever reason she enjoyed the solitude of near invisibleness in the fog. Other than the odd smell she found it almost pleasant - in a weird way. She’d of course heard the rumors that it might permanently affect one’s magic but she was already a squib and really it couldn’t get much worse than that, right? Granted after the incident with the innkeeper Nimiane was a bit more wary of where she went, but she figured with Marli by her side she’d be just fine.

She was crossing the Square, or rather navigating around the edges (it was the best way she’d found to get around) when suddenly the dull light they had been accustomed to since the fog rolled in vanished entirely and sent them plunging into darkness. This was a bit concerning and the holiday feeling Nimiane had had vanished with a plunging into her stomach. That couldn’t be good. She began to move more rapidly and ran into someone. Of course. “Oof!” She hadn’t realized she’d been going so fast but the impact sent her reeling to the ground.
Despite her belief that the marketplace had a tendency to attract decidedly less than salubrious sorts Temperance found herself utterly depressed by its clearly diminished size. This fog would be the ruin of them all and it was apparently starting by making it impossible for her to buy fresh greens. She was about to pass along the opinion that malnutrition would inevitably lead to famine when the world went dark.

Her first thought - and it surprised her given how much she truly had expected the worst - was panic that she could no longer see her niece.


She could hear voices around her but see absolutely nothing. Had she gone blind? Was she being punished for something? The thought filled her with terror the like of which she had never known before and as she spoke again her voice wavered.

”Blythe, are you there? I...I can’t see you.”
Blythe's manner had been quieter of late, the Hufflepuff not wishing to voice her feelings that God had shied away from them. How else might one explain the lack of magic? The ever-present fog? Instead, she did her best to go about business as usual and placate her aunt, and had been happy for the chance to visit the village proper.

Until everything went back.

Where once she could see her hand before her face, now she could scarcely see anything. It was as though someone had extinguished what little visible sun remained, and Blythe's entire body tensed up: this was not right.

"I-I'm here," she stammered in the general direction her aunt had been standing. She could not see the woman any longer, but felt about in the hopes of regaining some measure of contact.

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Josiah had been quietly going about his business as the day neared noon. The fog was a hindrance but one he was able to work around. Then everything had gone dark and Josiah wasn't sure what was happening. He looked upwards but everything was pitch black. What had happened to the sun? Was it some sort of eclipse?

“I would take a whisper if that's all you had to give”
Davinder was scared. Maybe a trip with the Fairchilds wasn't the best idea. He looked up to where the sun had been only moments before. He heard Blythe and Temperance, but he couldn't see them. He wanted to call out, but felt to scared. He walked around, trying to find something that would let him see. Someone bumped into him. He fell, and heard a thud and an 'oof.' Another person? Tentatively, Davinder said, "Hello?"
She could hear other people around her, she'd lost her mother the moment the light went out - she could no longer tell where she was even if she was right beside her. "Mother?" she called out, her voice high and panicky.

The sound of someone crashing into someone else only caused her to grip the table tighter, now worried someone else might run into her. She crept forwards slightly, feeling the ground with her feet before she would plant her weight solidly on the ground, not really fancying meeting the ground with her face. She could have asked the seller what was going on, but she didn't even know if they were a magical or muggle and amusing the other voices, she thought she recognized two - one from church and one from school. She'd heard two others, but they were unfamiliar to her.

"Miss Fairchild? Is that you?" Being the two she thought she heard were related and both 'Miss Fairchild's, it didn't really matter which one answered in all honesty. Or even which one of them they thought she was talking to. This is when a lumos charm would have been wonderful - if it wasn't for the muggles. Sometimes she really missed living in Hogsmeade.

Oh she hoped the light came back. It was hard enough to get here with the fog but now it pitch black? How was she ever to make it home?

Around her people called to each other their companions lost in the dark. If it wasn't for the current situation Nimiane would have called for Marli too, but she doubted that her maid was too far, her friend was too much like a shadow for that. Besides, that was a child voice. She had tripped over a child. She hoped he was alright for it was surely a little boy's voice that she had heard. "Are you alright?" She asked gently, reaching forward into the dark for the child to see if he was alright.

Was this an eclipse or some new form of magic like the fog to haunt them all? She didn't know and for now she rather thought she should focus on the incident at hand.
Davinder nodded, then realized she couldn't see him. "Yes ma'am." He felt her hand on his shoulder. She seemed mostly alright as well. There were other people around too, he could hear them. It was odd that he couldn't see them, and yet it had been only minutes. Maybe he should ask if everybody was okay, but he did feel very small at the moment.

"What's going on? Why is it so dark? Is the sun gone?" Davinder asked the stranger. He had a lot of questions. Adults typically knew a lot more, especially women that sounded older, but preferably men. But he didn't hear any men and this woman was close by.
There were a number of young voices around her and it galled Temperance to think that at the moment her own wand was hopeless to help any of them. Her fingers twitched towards her pocket but she stopped herself, not willing to even attempt a spell on the off-chance that this might be different to the fog through the simple fear that it would not work and she would be let down again.

Luckily the voiced were clearer than before and she groped out in the dark, hand landing on a shoulder - at least she hoped it was - and holding tight.

"Stay calm my dear," she said to the body she had caught hold of, convincing herself it was Blythe despite the height being wrong. "We need to find somebody with matches."

Or a candle that was already lit...perhaps if they could reach the church they would be saved yet?
A hand clasped her shoulder abruptly and the incoming fifth year tensed momentarily, quite unsure who was touching her. It wasn't her mother, she could tell that much. It felt different then. But the hand was small enough that she could easily guess it was a woman, which made her feel slightly better. When Miss Fairchild's voice - up close she knew for sure it was her, and the elder - sounded near her ears, the sudden tension leaked out of her.

"Miss Fairchild, I'm so glad you are here. A familiar voice is wonderful, I will admit I didn't know what to do. It is Demelza McGonagall - from church," she offered, smiling - not that that could be seen. "Matches?" She'd never heard of anyone just carrying matches before, not a wizard at least. "Where do you think there might be some?" She had no doubt that some of the muggle homes might have some, but she doubted the muggles would take kindly to their neighbors from across town asking after matches.

The young boy's assurance was a relief But his questions concerned her. Where were his parents? Not wanting to worry the child Nimiane tried to find a reasonable, or at least comforting, answer. "No, the sun isn't gone. It's just temporary. I can't tell because of the fog, but it might be an eclipse." She hoped her tone carried enough conviction to convince the young boy to remain calm. She tried to listen to the murmurs around her, someone nearby was talking about matches. Hopefully that would be there would be light soon. She turned back in the direction of the child, shifting so she was settled on her heels ready to stand if needed. "Here, let me help you up." Nimiane moved the hand on his shoulder down his arm to find his small hand and then rose with him, saying, "Have you ever seen an eclipse?" If she could keep him calm and find his parents then she would feel much more at ease. "Are your parents with you?" She couldn't see and hadn't heard anyone inquiring after the little boy, had he gotten lost?
Davinder nodded at the answers to the questions, though it was doubtful that she could see him. The woman seemed more confident than Davinder. He stood up with her Most older people were, or at least sounded it. "I have not seen an 'ek-lips'. What is it?" Davinder didn't know the word, and when he didn't know words, he got a little bit frustrated with himself. Mostly he felt very stupid, and he knew that he was smarter than most people. After all, that's why he could prank them so well. He could know them.

"I do not have parents. I have the elder Miss Fairchild, who lives with me." Davinder said. He realized more and more often that people liked to know about families. And he knew almost nothing about his, growing up in an orphanage.
Her hand grasped fabric, and she tugged it towards her, uncertain who she would find at the other end of it but hopeful it would prove to be her aunt, or even young Davinder.

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"It is when the sun goes dark for a short while." Nimiane's gentle voice explained as she looked around for someone who might be looking for the little boy.

Explaining his situation Nimiane nodded, keeping his hand in her's. She knew of the Fairchilds and would endeavour to find them. "Let's see if we can find -" She was cut off by the feeling of someone tugging on her sleeve and pulling her backward. A startled sound came out of her, "Hello there?" She finally managed, keeping Davinder's hand firmly in her's despite that arm having been tugged.

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