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Emilia Wright for Jude Wright. Casually alienating offspring since 18882.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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All Quiet On The Hogsmeade Front
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June 20th, 1888 — The Train

After the troll had ceased to be a threat, things had quieted down considerably. Of course, 'quiet' relative to a troll attack did not mean anything had actually been quiet; the boy with the broken leg was still talking was too much, the hysterical girl was still being hysterical, and Ben still felt as though his insides were trying to become his outsides every time he moved. The pain only seemed to increase as the adrenaline wore off, so he was quite relieved when they loaded him onto a stretcher and told him he was going not to the hospital but to the train, in order to get the hell out of Hogsmeade. Hogsmeade had been Ben's home for his entire adult life, but so long as it was covered in fog, Ben was quite content never to see it again. He needed magic.

He'd been one of the first settled into the train carriage, which meant he got to watch them bring everyone else on — including the man who'd run into the shop just moments before it collapsed.

"Merlin," he muttered, sizing up the man's injuries. "I thought for sure you were dead."

Open to other victims of the troll attack!

He is sensible and simple; bold and natural
So strange and agreeable; there is nothing formidable
His smile is most naive, cheerful and good-natured
And he’s as handsome up close as at a distance
Lilian wasn't injured. Dimly she could remember flinching as something collided with her face and afterwards one of the healers had been very insistent about bandaging her arm but she was fine really. In fact the only pain that penetrated the haze of her shock was shame. After reaching for her wand and finding it useful, all the right thoughts had run through her head: Run. Hide. Help them. Get out. Only her body hadn’t obeyed and she’d just stood there, numb, until the building basically collapsed around her. She’d been worse than useless.

She lay quietly on her stretcher. The whole thing was overkill, she was fine, but she wasn’t about to turn down the opportunity to go home. As her adrenaline and shock faded a dull throbbing pain started on the side of her face and down along her right arm and made her wince. Perhaps she wasn’t quite as fine as she thought.
Just wanting some sense of order back in the world Lilian walked over to the man who’d pulled her from the building on trembling legs. Or she thought it was him; the whole thing had been a blur.

“Thank-you,” she said lamely. The words seemed inadequate given she should be crushed under the remains of Honeydukes right now.
Justice had eventually been carried away on a stretcher—and without the officials confirming that notice had been given to his uncle, and more importantly, his siblings. He was sure they would find out eventually; still, the lack of certainty made him more uneasy than he already was. Despite his insistence that he was not a child, everyone around him was at least a few years older than himself. It didn't help that the duration of the time between Hogsmeade and the train had been spent staring at the bone sticking straight out of his leg, but fortunately the healers were able to take a look at it once they'd left the fog-zone.

He still hadn't been fully cooperative, though. He'd spent much of the time squirming, groaning, and being otherwise annoying to the majority of the other passengers while he was being treated. Finally, though, they'd managed to get the bone back into place—not that it really felt any better.

"Where are they even taking us?" he grumbled. "Hopefully not all the way to London. We'll all be dead before them, even with the emergency assistance," he said, paying no mind to the feelings of the present mediwizards and witches nearby.

Post Log
Percy had no recollection of being dug out of the rumble of Quin's shop, nor of being carried to the train station on a stretcher. His conciousness slowly began to come to him as he was lifted and put down lifted and put down and then finally had the odd sensation of being jostled upward into a loud breathing thing. His eyes opened at the irrational idea of being fed to a troll. Light from the lamps glared at him angrily and a splitting headache overwhelmed his senses, immediately he closed his eyes again. Somewhere someone said something about being dead. "I'm not?" Percy muttered, although he couldn't be sure how loudly to be honest. It was coming back to him now.

Once he'd stopped moving Percy took stock of himself. Or tried to. A searing pain ripped through his leg and his stomach and he felt as if one very large bruise had decided to develop over his entire personage. He'd certainly felt better that was for sure. Perhaps the gentleman was right and he was very well dead.

Another voice came from closer to him. Gentler less grating with this blasted headache. He peeked upward glaring at the light. "Your welcome?" He didn't have the faintest idea what the lady was thanking him for and he didn't care. Then came the voice of a whining kid, it summoned memories of a boy flying off a troll. Would they have to listen to that for the whole trip? Was this a trip? He really couldn't be quite sure of anything at the moment.
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Ben didn't really know exactly where they were going, despite having been told. The people who had loaded him into the train had just said the name of the hospital, though, and it hadn't sounded familiar to him (which was something of a boon, he supposed; he was not yet so ill-fated that he was familiar with every magical hospital in the British Isles). It certainly hadn't been St. Mungo's, though, and he rather doubted that they would drag the lot of them all the way to London and then go somewhere other than the largest wizarding hospital in England, so he thought it very unlikely that London was their destination.

With a brief eye roll at the younger boy, he said, "You're not dying." While the leg had looked rather gruesome, people didn't die of broken legs. Having buildings fall on them was another matter, and it would have been much more understandable if the Ministry bloke had been worrying (which he didn't seem to be). Even coughing up blood and dealing with poorly defined chest pain was more ominous than having a broken leg, in Ben's opinion, and he wasn't freaking out, either. This kid was clearly just a little high-strung to begin with. What had he even been doing in the middle of a troll attack in the first place?

He is sensible and simple; bold and natural
So strange and agreeable; there is nothing formidable
His smile is most naive, cheerful and good-natured
And he’s as handsome up close as at a distance
Zelda was sitting and staring at the ceiling, head tilted back, her hands cupped over her clothed abdomen.

If she'd been pregnant - unlikely - she almost certainly wasn't pregnant now. The words the healers used involved moderate internal bleeding, which wasn't good. She wished it hadn't been moderate, or internal, because then she could stay at Hogsmeade Hospital and see Ari instead of be on this train with strangers going to Edinburgh to see more strangers.

"We'll be fine," she said quietly, giving a sharp look to the kid. She'd tried to get him to leave. She'd tried.

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Everyone seemed so calm, which didn't sit well with the fifteen-year-old boy who was mentally planning his own funeral and subsequent burial at the moment. Didn't any of them worry about their families? Or at the very least, what their families might think? At least one of the gentleman looked old enough to have a toddler or two...

"That doesn't answer my question," he whined. "Does anyone know where we're going? They didn't bother to tell me!" (Either that or he'd been completely out of it when they said so. He'd more or less had his attention fully fixated on the bone he thought was going to pop out any moment now.)

Post Log
"We're going to a hospital," Ben answered, somewhat irritably. He didn't really know the answer, either, but he didn't think it much mattered. What mattered was that they were being loaded up in order to get medical care — and that wherever they were going, it was somewhere outside of the damn fog. "They didn't tell you because, lucky for us, you're not in charge of getting us there." Not that Ben had been paying the most attention to what was happening elsewhere during the troll attack, having been otherwise occupied, but he didn't recall the boy having done anything useful.

Turning his attention towards the other adult man in the sick bay, who he was much more interested in, Ben asked eagerly, "Were you still in the building when it came down?"

He is sensible and simple; bold and natural
So strange and agreeable; there is nothing formidable
His smile is most naive, cheerful and good-natured
And he’s as handsome up close as at a distance
Percy normally didn’t get annoyed by kids. His niece and nephew were adorable, then again they were still cute when they were annoying. This kid, however, had long outgrown that phase and Percy was still annoyed at him for throwing himself into danger - literally. With his throbbing head and sore body he was more than willing to let the others in the train car deal with him.

He closed his eyes hoping that sleep would bring sweet relief from the pain. But no, it was clear that wasn’t an option. The other man spoke to Percy again. “That’s what they told me.” Percy answered, last thing he remembered was pushing the frozen women through the door in front of him.

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"They're going to take us to Mercy Magical in Edinburgh," Zelda said, still in her quiet tone, no emotion. She didn't know this because they'd told her. She knew this because MA&C was processing most of the fog scene, and Ross had contracted Mercy a few weeks ago for emergency medical situations. As far as she knew, they were the first people to go through.

She did not know what to say to Mr. Adlard, whose continued state of life seemed miraculous, and who had tried very hard to save them all. Thanks seemed like not enough; I'm glad you're still alive was too intimate.

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Ben had been expecting a little more from the other man in response, but perhaps he was being unreasonable. He had just been pulled out of a pile of rubble, after all, and just because the average patron of Excalibur would never miss a chance to launch into an animated retelling of their latest antics had they been engaged in anything particularly heroic (or dangerous) did not mean that the average man was equally willing to do so when they were potentially on the brink of death.

"Well," he said, feeling a bit awkward about how little he had to contribute to this conversation. "It'll make for a good story, at least." If the man it had happened to was ever in the right frame of mind to tell it, that was.

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He is sensible and simple; bold and natural
So strange and agreeable; there is nothing formidable
His smile is most naive, cheerful and good-natured
And he’s as handsome up close as at a distance
They were going to Edinburgh? He wasn't sure his parents had ever taken him there when he was younger, but he certainly hadn't been since he started Hogwarts. It would make a good story, though—and that was exactly what Professor Darrow had been asking for for their History of Magic summer assignment!

Once he got to the hospital, perhaps he'd be able to get his hands on some parchment...

"A very good story," he mumbled under his breath before leaning back.

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