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What does the Fawkes say?

@Thistle Potts
22 | MCHB | Ravenclaw | Class of '83 | Hurlable
Florist at The Florist Potts

Friends | classmates, neighbors, fellow nerds.  I don't think she's picky
Hurls | maybe She's not in a hurry and I'd love for her to find something organic and fun but also there's so many pretty people on the board
Ghosts of hurls past | In 1884 she was entertaining a few would-be suitors but in the chaos of that summer they all sort of died, moved away, or just fell out of contact.

@Edmund Grimm
33 | MCHB | Gryffindor | Hurlable
Head of DMGaS

Bros | Classmates, neighbors, Ministry Coworkers, Quidditch connecitons
Hoes | Ed probably availed himself to promiscuous broom bunnies in his time so it would amuse me if he'd run into them all married and such now.  Also he's going to get a doorstep!baby because its a family tradition so he'll need a baby mamma, NPC or otherwise.  If you have ideas for this please PM me rather than posting here
Hurls | He's technically hurlable but he's hopeless so all attempts to hurl him so far have not been much fun./blockquote>

@Temerita Reid
22 | MCHB | Hufflepuff | Class of '84 | Seer
Apprentice Wandmaker

Friends | Classmates, Fellow London shop workers, neighbors, etc
Wand Stuff | Meri is a mega nerd for all things wandlore, wand woods, trees and the like.  Also she's available for fittings.
Seer Stuff | I'm not actively looking for visions things but if you have 'em I'll hear 'em 

@Killian Macmillan
32 | UCPB | Married
Spell Damage Healer-in-Charge

Needs | Literally anyone but Emma?  I honestly don't know what to do with him.  His muse has been super unsociable but I know he and his wife Emma play the social game befitting their class and standing so I'm game for trying whatever.  Also he's vaugely related to so much of the UCPB demographic
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Faaawkes <3 Not that you don't basically know my options already, but here I shall throw them at you officially xD

Elias for Thistle hurling, Ed bros, aaaand very invested conversations with Meri about trees?

Also Ari for Thistle hurls/general plant nerdery! Also I suppose Ari for Killian because coworkers, he is not helpful as an UCPB friend but his bro-in-law is the Minister now, so. xD

Lorcan has probably bought a lotta flowers in his time so probs not the most serious past suitor option but he would have flirted with Thistle back then. Or now, technically. He now lives above a London shop so he's probs not above harassing Meri from time to time either. xD

/one day Adaline and Morty will also be around again

@J. Alfred Darrow is MCHB and Ed's age, one year below him in Gryffindor. They would have known each other for sure but I'm not sure whether they would have enough in common to be friends or not. If they were friends in school they're probably not super close now since Alfred did go and "die" for like, six years. xD

@Thom Pettigrew is UCPB and Killian's age, and does all the social things. Assuming Killian can tolerate Quidditch banter and doesn't have any political beliefs that he holds strongly enough to go crusading for, I don't see any reason why they wouldn't be friendly. They were yearmates in school but Thom was a Slytherin.
For @Thistle Potts :
I can either have @Percival Adlard Jr. be hurled at her now or I could almost see him being a Ghost of Hurls past. He really wasn't looking for anything until now due to a heartbreak in his early 20s, but I could see him having attempted to rebound due to pressure from his friends. As for classmates @Rufus Bixby may have known her. He is a year or two older and was in Gryffindor, but I'm pretty sure he would have talked to a doorknob if given the chance. @Kenton Yaxley is also around her age and was in Slytherin. He's not the nicest guy but went into Plant healing so I could see him having ended up running into her at school in the greenhouses or in the shop. Up to you if you'd want me to hurl him or have him just be a passing person she knows.

For @Temerita Reid :
I have @Nimiane Bellchant in Irvingly. She keeps to herself a bit as a squib, but she writes lots of books (not that anyone knows that) and I could see her having a conversation about just how do wands work at some point. Up to you if that comes about now or if that has been in the past and now they are friends and Nimiane asks her all kinds of magic questions.

For @Edmund Grimm :
I believe he is only two years ahead of @Percival Adlard Jr. and in the same house so I'm sure they would have at least known each other. I could see them as perhaps getting along as work friends? I can also hurl @"Lucille Flint" or @Caroline Delaney at Ed if you are interested in hurls. Unless he wants spinster and magicless @Nimiane Bellchant thrown at him, but she's done looking for romance.

For @Killian Macmillan:
I have UCPB @Kenton Yaxley who works for St. Mungos. I am toying with him being up at Hogsmeade hospital to help with the fog even though he'd much rather be left to his own devices in London. So they could run into each other there. Or perhaps before then. Up to you. Also Kent is a member of Black's so they've likely run into each other at the club.

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