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Victorians could hire 'professional mourners' to attend their loved one's funeral. These people would partake in the procession and were not allowed to speak, just look awfully sad! — Rune

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"The Prodigal Sister" for Ophelia Devine. Faked deaths, scandal, and schemes!
Kristoffer was going to be great at this, because he was great at everything. Also his memory was greater than everyone else's, because he bet no one else had ever lost their virginity somewhere exotic like Morocco. Hell, he bet no one else had even lost their virginity. Inexperienced losers.

Kristoffer Lestrange in Shining, Shimmering Splendour

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7 Deadly Sins

Complete seven threads, one where your character displays each of the Seven Deadly Sins — Pride, Lust, Sloth, Envy, Weath, Gluttony, and Greed. Each thread should be at least ten posts, with at least three being your own. Character accounts can be combined.


Adoptables Storage List
Adoptables Storage List

Adopted characters will have their request form copied and posted here by a non-involved staff member. All members can review it and remind themselves what the requirements for their characters are. If you do not have a wanted ad, you must send something in to the staff to have posted up in the storage forum that the adopter has already agreed to if you want something on record.

Adoptables Rules: Adoptables belong to the person who adopted them, but they must adhere to the requirements originally set forth in the ad from the person requesting them. The adopter has the right to decline additional requirements added on after the character has been adopted. The requester has the right to take away the adopted character only if they aren't adhering to the original requirements that are preserved in the storage forum.

Note: If you have an already adopted character from a while ago but want the requirements stored away, stick them in the maintenance thread and the staff will post them up. If you have a character that has been adopted and needs the information to be moved to the storage thread, post in the maintenance thread with the link to the post.

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[Image: 48xB5iM.jpg?1]
Every bit a mama’s girl, Flora puts on her best Grownup Behaviour™ to emulate her idol, and the two have been very close (by upper class standards) since she was a toddler. She is gentler in nature than Rufina, and though spoiled, is not at all a brat about it. The suggested PB is Malina Weissman with alternatives to be dark-haired.

Immediate Ties: Rufina Mulciber Ernest Mulciber Annabelle Bones @"Marcella Weasley"
Potential Ties: Sirius Black

[Image: 3iBdLfv.jpg?1]
Rufina’s husband of many years, Ernest and she have a decidedly tepid relationship—though their arranged marriage was never the height of passion. The two are cordial but not close, each engaged in their own spheres as much as possible. Prior to their marriage, he lost his brother and wife. I would prefer if he did not have any other siblings. Unbeknownst to Rufina—though likely suspected by Ernest—he was in fact the father of his now-ward, Rufus, though has never been any more affectionate to his children than the typical Victorian father of means. He is unaware of Rufina’s affair. It would be delightfully convenient if he were friends with Phineas Black, but that’s something to be worked out with Bee and obviously subject to personalities meshing! Plot-wise, Ernest is in for the fun work crippling that his old-board rendition already had, and the fun that goes with it ;) Pictured PB is David Tennant, with alternatives to be white, dark-haired, and age-appropriate.

Immediate Ties: Rufina Mulciber Annabelle Bones Ursula Black
Potential Ties: Phineas Black, any/all Unspeakables

brb i am Anxiety
Argus Scrimgeour
UCPB | b. 1824 | Slytherin Alumnus | Reputation 8
Gentleman of Leisure

The father (and frequent antagonist) of Bella Scrimgeour. He attended Hogwarts as a Slytherin and graduated with the required NEWTs to go into the auror training program. He served as an auror for over twenty years, but an incident involving a dark wizard torturing him with the cruciatus curse sent him into an early retirement. Since then, he's not been quite right in the mind, but hasn't done anything that would cause speculation in the public eye.

Traditional in his beliefs and extremely stubborn, he displayed great disappointment when seeing how Bella had been brought up in her childhood. Her inability—and often her reluctance—to conform to upper class standards let to many arguments that led the two to loathe each other. He "sent her away" to live with his wife's sister in 1887, though keeps an annoyingly close eye on her from afar.

Suggested PB: Liam Neeson. Alternatives should be age-appropriate and white.

Lucille Flint
UCPB | b. 1869 | Hufflepuff Alumna | Reputation 8
Ditzy Debutante

The cousin and close friend of Bella Scrimgeour. She attended Hogwarts as a Hufflepuff and graduated with at least some NEWTs. She and Bella were likely not friends while at Hogwarts (probably due to lack of time spent with each other rather than clashing personalities), but found themselves a good pair during the season. Her father died before she was old enough to remember him, but is often told by relatives that she physically resembles him far more than she does her own mother.

A girl with a bubbly, bright personality but prone to bringing undesirable attention to herself, was well-balanced with Bella, a girl with anxiety around unfamiliar crowds but well enough sense to not make a public spectacle of herself. The two girls consider each other dear friends, but are prone to bickering among themselves about trivial issues.

Strongly suggested PB: Freya Mavor, with others to be white and age-appropriate.

The Delaney Family
— For Shawn Delaney

b. 1869 | MCHB | Debutante | Suggested PB: Meika Woollard
High Priority Character

The little and only sister of the Ship Captain and Merchant Shawn Delaney. The two hail from Boston and are some of those pesky Americans. As the only daughter with three older brothers, she’s quite strong and independent. She was never really babied and doesn’t want to be. She went to Ilvermorny and was a Thunderbird. Of all her brothers, she was closest to Shawn and his disappearance in 1883 bothered her the most. She was beyond ecstatic when he suddenly walked back into the family’s importing business in 1887. She’s the one to fill him in on most of what has happened in the four years he had been gone. It is Caroline that convinces Shawn to go back to Hogsmeade in search of his fiance and then begs to go with him since it was her idea. It takes some time, but he relents. It takes more time for their parents to agree, loathe to let their only daughter go to a land unknown and to let go of their son they just got back. It becomes a good opportunity for the family though, a chance for Shawn to start up business for Delaney Imports in Great Britain. Caroline is determined for it to be a grand adventure, however, and hopes to find herself a Brit for a husband.

Caroline will play an integral part in Shawn’s life when he finds out Immie has married another man and started a whole new life!
Sibling Comparison

[Image: AjRyDCI.jpg?1]
A healer at St Mungo’s, Finlay is the second son and third child in his branch of the family. Though in no position to take a bride, he is deeply infatuated with one of his hospital colleagues. He would never do anything rash, though: Finlay has always been a dreamer, rather than a doer. The suggested PB is Andrew Garfield with alternatives to have dark hair.

Immediate Ties: Maeve Connolly
Bonus Ties: Lorcan Byrne Charles Jameshill Sydney Podmore Richard Gladstone Fletcher Langley Bella Scrimgeour

“What if I loved all these what ifs away?”

deep quote code by Soph ♥
Philip's mother assumes that Philip is gay and what I want here is a friend for Philip that does not exactly help her assume otherwise. They can be of any age, any blood - their life is totally open, really so long as they would reasonably get along like fire with Philip and spend enough time hanging around him and his shop to make Mrs Aymslowe all ~narrow eyed suspicious. There'll be a wanted ad for her up in my adoptables very soon.

Philip is likely bisexual so if you're wanting an actual romance to blossom between them, we could explore that too but only if things naturally go there since Philip is blissfully ignorant of his own preferences. #veman

The Blood Bank

And on a completely different note than the above, this is a super open-ended plot! Basically sometime between 1878 and 1883, Kieran served as an occasional blood bank to a vampire for cash dollaz. #thehustle #poorlifechoices etc. Bonus points if this arrangement was at its most fervent in 1879 when Kieran was unemployed for a hot minute.

Anyways basically the arrangement ended before Kieran became a werewolf, but now the vampire is back/needs blood/whatever and is gonna hit up Kieran and be suspicious when he says no to (kind of) free money.

“What if I loved all these what ifs away?”

deep quote code by Soph ♥
[Image: rogIpCZ.jpg?1]
Becky’s only blood sibling, and the only member of her family with whom she truly has any contact, James is still at Hogwarts though knows he’ll have to conjure up some money if he wants to stay past his OWLs. He has a very strong sense of right and wrong, and likely at least investigated the ‘church of magical jesus’ to reconcile his Christian upbringing with the fact that he’s a wizard. Like Becky, James believes himself to be a muggleborn. Though he may have an interest in quidditch, he would not own his own broomstick. The suggested PB is Timothée Chalamet with alternatives to be brunette.

Immediate Ties: Rebecca Grey

Araminta Scrimgeour

For Bella Scrimgeour
b. 1868 | UCPB | Slytherin ('87) | Debutante

Araminta Scrimgeour is the identical twin sister of Bella Scrimgeour. Born on October 30, 1868, Araminta became the only daughter in the Scrimgeour household when Bella was kidnapped less than three months after their birth. She was raised to be the epitome of femininity, and is skilled in the arts. She began Hogwarts in 1880 and was sorted into Slytherin house, but not before coming face to face with her long-lost twin sister, who was being paraded as a WCMB.

Though thrown off by the gossip that came from the event, she had a strong desire to bond with the sister she'd never known. However, their personalities frequently conflicted, with Bella showing little desire to participate in activities Araminta found enjoyable. Araminta, though kind at the core, came across as haughty and judgmental when she scolded her sister for her mistakes.

Bella was sent to live with the girls' Aunt Laverna Flint a month after they debuted and chose to become a healer instead of a debutante, which led to a rocky relationship between the girls. Bella's constant presence in Witch Weekly and in society gossip further strained their relationship, as Araminta was frequently mistaken for her twin. With rumors now circulating about Bella hanging around the "unseemly types", Araminta has had enough and is determined to clear her sister's head and find her stability — whatever that means.

The required PB is Lera Sarbaeva for #twinsies. She's a fairly high-priority character, so I reserve the right to be picky about who takes her.


Immediate ties: Bella Scrimgeour, Julius Scrimgeour, Lucille Flint, Argus Scrimgeour
Potential ties: Clarissa Cosgrove, Nora Abercrombie, Helga Scamander
Bonus ties: Violetta Lestrange, Holly Scrimgeour @"Stephen Flint"

b. 1852 | UCMB | Open | Suggested PB: Tom Ellis
High Priority Character

Having fallen madly in love with Juniper from the moment they met (likely in part due to her veela charm), Andrew later married the redheaded veela. Though he came to learn  of her nonhuman state, he still swore his love to her due to lust and what he claimed was "love". His personality is open to whoever takes him, but it's clear that he spoils and dotes on his wife.

Recent Development: Juniper was recently grabbed by a man, and while trying to get him to stop, she had turned into her other form, resulting in rumors that she had started the incident (which said incident had left her going to Andrew, crying and already telling him  the real story before the false rumors even surfaced). Possible frustration over the incident (as well as Kelly really hoping that Andrew punches Albert for grabbing his wife, but that is 100% optional). Lots of drama, lots of fun.

“Mrs.” Sarah ____ nee Trelawney | Any House | 30 | Non-Purist
[Image: 2z8vsxy.jpg]
Born in 1857 Sarah was the first child born to Freya Trelawney and like pretty much all of Freya’s children she is illegitimate. At the time of Sarah’s birth Freya still lived with her parents so the first few years of her life were likely relatively comfortable and this continued through the birth of Freya’s next five children. In 1866 the family was disowned and things went from shit to worse from then on. Sarah attended Hogwarts and probably at least achieved OWLs but did not get NEWTs – her profession should reflect her level of education and she can live in Hogsmeade or Irvingly. If she is actually married is up to you but she is at least co-habiting with somebody and keeping up the pretence for some reason. Her rep should be no more than six and, like her mother and sister, she is prone to romanticising things and not always making the best decisions.

Her suggested PB is Sarah Gadon with alternatives to be age appropriate, idgaf about hair colour.

[Image: oTkHlW.png]

brb i am Anxiety

b. 1867 | WCHB | Open Job | Suggested PB: Leighton Meester
Medium Priority Character

Pauline Woodcroft resents her brother for causing animosity within the family and refuses to speak to him. It has caused issues between her and Emmeline as well since Emmeline makes a point to talk to their brother. Emmeline is convinced Pauline’s attitude toward Hudson makes her their father’s favorite.

brb i am Anxiety
The Husband
— For Phoebe Yaxley  —

b. 1858 | UCPB | Gentleman of Leisure | Suggested PB: Adrien Sahores

I see things going one of two ways with Gregory. As such, you will have to speak with me first so we're on the same page for him! But there are some things that are pretty set. He was born in 1858 as the second child but first son. He was betrothed to Phoebe the same year she was born in 1867. He met her for the first time in 1872 in which Phoebe showed her first signs of magic by setting his pants on fire! She's never been fond of him and views him as worthless and boring. She's consistently been having affairs since they were married in 1885. During the months she has a consistent lover, she makes a point to share his bed at least once.

Way A: Gregory is as worthless and weak as Phoebe thinks he is. He can be very timid and is a bit of a failure when it comes to being a first son. He's too nice and understanding to try and make everyone happy at all times. He's a bit of a doormat to his wife and while he's probably aware of her affairs, he doesn't actually do anything about it. If he's played this way, it's like he'd be a temporary character and could be killed off in the future.

Way B: Gregory is actually just biding his time and putting on the act of being worthless. How this works, I'm not entirely sure but he proves to be much more of a man than Phoebe ever anticipated and is simply awaiting the right time to prove such to her. Perhaps he figures out she's doing anything possible to not get pregnant and finally demands things change or else. Or.. perhaps he finds out she's set her eyes on his little brother and is not okay with that. The possibilities are endless and I'm still okay with him being temporary as we can plot an arranged murder if we want.

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