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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree ( Submit your own)
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Brigit Langley for Fletcher Langley.
The Matchmaking Menace
This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa
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Post 3+ times in three or more class threads during the course of a school year. Must all be done with the same character, be they a professor, student, or school portrait or ghost!

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for @Justice Rookwood
b. 1872-1873 | MCAB/WCAB | Hufflepuff/Gryffindor | Fifth Year ('88) | #PrefectSeason

"Jemima" is the sorta-friend-sorta-crush of Justice Rookwood. Born in 1872-1873, she began Hogwarts in September of 1884 and was sorted into Hufflepuff or Gryffindor (Hufflepuff would allow her to be dorm-mates with Justice's sister!). While never particularly bold, Jemima has a strong sense of loyalty and is extremely protective of those she cares for. She suffers from deep insecurities (for which the reason is up to the player!) and tends to surround herself with people who make her feel important.

Justice began paying her attention in fall of 1886, but after they shared an ill-advised kiss during Christmas break, she was overwhelmed with guilt and cut him out of her life. One of her friends ("Ida") recently joined Justice's friend group and dragged her along, reviving the guilt she'd long suppressed.

Due to her noticeable anxiety around him, Justice's interest in her has also been revived, but he still hasn't quite figured out what to do about it. Their relationship going forward is open.

The (strongly) suggested PB is Yara Shahidi, but alternatives should be age-appropriate. POC encouraged!

Immediate Ties: @Justice Rookwood, @Harrison Vance
Potential Ties: @Frida Lestrange, @Darling Whitledge, @Clementine Rookwood, @Ruby Urquart
Double Up!: Ms. Banges

b. 1877 | UCHB | Incoming Firstie | Suggested PB: Amandla Stenberg
Medium Priority Character

Youngest child of her family, Fleur is a kind and excitable girl. Extremely close to her cousin Sybille, they have been mistaken for sisters on more than one occasion. Unlike her siblings, she actually gets to go to Hogwarts with the cousin that she shares an age with (an awkward topic among the siblings).

It is up to the player if she shares the same love of cooking and baking that her bestie/cousin Sybille does, or if the interest is there for her at all.

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by lady ❤ —
[Image: AdWeas1.jpg?1]
George’s closest friend since his first day of school, and the first non-related male she ever saw naked. He is in Ravenclaw, and knew “Abel” prior to beginning at Hogwarts. “Thomas” suffered a great deal of social damage when his mother ran off with a pornographer, and as such has developed something of a prudish nature. He is a brilliant transfiguration student who has already begun studying to become an animagus (though this should not be successful until he’s studying his NEWTs, if not later). The suggested PB is Finn Wolfhard.

Immediate Ties: @George Waterford
Bonus Ties: @Cane Backus

[Image: mKmvldu.jpg?1]
If they had attended a modern day high school, Eloise and Ephraim would have been that adorable couple that everyone sort of hates, but still votes “Most Likely to Live Happily Ever After”. Though her seventh year brought with it the tragedy of her father’s passing, Eloise otherwise led a very charmed life up until her husband became a werewolf. She was adamant that she would stick by him after the incident, but he insisted upon a divorce “for her own good”, for which she still resents him. Eloise worked and works as an arithmancer, but with the younger of her children off to Hogwarts at last, she may choose to pick up a teaching slot. She does not live in Hogsmeade, and lived in London at least until the divorce. The suggested PB is Bryce Dallas Howard. Reputation of 5 for (not recent) divorce and werewolf ex-husband.

Looking to thread out the Bad Period and potentially awkward run-ins >D

Immediate Ties: @Cyrus Westerman @Aria Belby @Archer Belby
Bonus Ties: @Begonia Belby
Potential Ties: Hogwarts staff if she goes that route

“WINSTON” -----
[Image: 9ONRDTK.jpg?1]
Elinor’s almost nephew, though he’s not seen her since he was three and so has foggy, if any memories of her at all. “Winston” can look forward to a visit from @Hamish Darrow this summer—yer a wizard! Of course, at present, he doesn’t even know that magic is a thing, so this will come as quite a shock. He just always assumed himself clumsy. And probably unlucky.

Incoming plot needs are to re-meet his not-aunt, and keep in contact with her moving forward! While he’ll still go home for the summer and all that jazz, she’s aggressively a spinster so this is currently her best shot at a pseudo-parental relationship SO I WOULD LIKE THAT A LOT.

Suggested PB is Miles Brown

Immediate Ties: @Elinor Goyle
Potential Ties: Everyone who will be at Hogwarts next school year.

[Image: Fe6MmK0.jpg]
Topaz Urquart received ample support from many of her peers after being turned into a werewolf. Too much support. Enter the trio (@Beatrix Borgin et al) of friends who hate her for it, and, by extension, hate her best friend Holliday and her twin, Ruby!

“Gregory” is the boy of the group—why he hangs out with a pair of girls is decidedly up to you. He is in Slytherin or Ravenclaw, and believes the same magical take on Christianity as @Blythe Fairchild and @Temperance Fairchild. As a fourth year, this character can apply for prefect next year! His family structure is up to you! Pictured is Tye Sheridan.

Immediate Ties: @Beatrix Borgin @Holliday Fudge
Potential Ties: @Blythe Fairchild @Sage Macnair @Archelaus Abney @Justice Rookwood
Double Up: Mr. Rohlwing (3)


— for @Dolores Diggory
b. 1871 | MCHB | Open House | Seventh Year ('88) | Rep 9-10

Lydia Lockhart is the younger sister of Dolores Diggory. Born in early 1871, Lydia began Hogwarts in 1882 and was sorted into any house. A mild-mannered and easygoing child, the only thing preventing Dolly and her from being close is their age difference. Dolly does, however, look forward to playing an active role in her life as a debutante when she comes of age.

The suggested PB is Danielle Campell, with alternatives to be age-appropriate and brunette.

Immediate Ties: @Dolores Diggory
Potential Ties: @"Fortuna Lockhart"

reserved for Bubbles!

b. 1861 | WCHB | Open Job | Suggested PB: Jan Aeberhard
Medium Priority Character

Hudson Woodcroft is quite bitter over his father’s loss of the Three Broomsticks, feeling it had been his rightful inheritance and now no long speaks to his father and avoids the family home because of it. He does, however, make time for Emmeline when she isn’t at school as she admires him and tries to stay in contact with him as much as she can. Reserved for Fallin!

The Walsh Siblings
— For @Una Walsh

b. 1864 | MCHB | American Deb/TBD | Suggested PB: Clara McSweeney
Low Priority Character

The calm and quiet one, Finley is something of a black sheep in the loud Walsh family. She’s the most level-headed of them all and never had a problem with simply being a debutante and finding a good husband. That isn’t to say she isn’t smart and able to hold her own.

b. 1866 | MCHB | American Deb/TBD | Suggested PB: Alyda Grace
Low Priority Character

Hands down the wild child of the family, Eireen seems to always have energy and never stops going. She’s got a quick tongue and even faster temper. She doesn’t think before she speaks and leaves a trail of destruction wherever she goes. She has no desire to be a pretty little debutante expected to sit still and do as she’s commanded. She wants a life of travel and excitement and will do just about anything she can to get it.

Both girls will need to come from America so discussions will need to be had on why they’re coming over (I already have ideas), so please get in contact with me if you have interest in the sisters!
Family Comparison!

[Image: xHD6EJ.png]
[Image: 24fUNtJ.jpg?1]
Belladonna's middle child, Annie has always been a bit more naive than her older sister, but is innately incredibly kind and hopes to be a nurse or healer someday. She is still waiting for her first act of magic, and while she knows that it’s not the worst thing ever to be a muggle like her uncles, she wants dearly to go to Hogwarts with her sister in the fall. Of the children, she is the one that Atticus is closest to. The suggested PB is Chloe Coleman. She is mixed race, with a black mother and a white father.

Immediate Ties: @Atticus Sharpe
Potential Ties: Incoming first years


for @Dolores Diggory
b. 1865-1866 | MCAB | Not-Gryffindor | Debutante/Reasonable MC Occupation

"Victoria" is the childhood best friend of Dolly Diggory. Born between 1865-1866, Victoria was sorted into any house except Gryffindor. The two girls became more distant during school, each embracing their own interests and joining separate social circles; in fact, they hardly spoke at all by third year!

The two went onto have their own lives—at least until a very-married Dolly returned to Britain in 1887 and attempted to reconcile the relationship. Victoria welcomed the presence of her old childhood friend in her life, and after admitting that she was displeased with her still-unmarried status, Dolly sent for her Moroccan matchmaking friend, @Inès Valentine, to find Victoria her soulmate!

Suggested PB is Sofia Carson, with alternatives to be age-appropriate. POC welcome!

Immediate Ties: @Dolores Diggory, @Inès Valentine
Double Up!: Thistle Potts


September --- Lynch
Summer 1868 | likely Gryff | single | 8/9 rep
Divining Debutante
Taylor Marie Hill

A romantic through and through, September is in love with the idea of love and falling for a handsome gentleman. She is an avid fan of divination and fancies herself a possible seer (she is not) which she gets from her mother. September has a big personality and likely drives some of her sisters crazy, but those relationships are up for discussion (with their specific players)!

The Last Lupin
Upper Class Purebloods
@Leon Lupin, @Elsbeth Lupin, @Leo Lupin, @Lionel Lupin,
@'Lysander Lupin' & @Louisa Lupin

The Lupins are an UCPB family of means and reputation (though the rep depends on which one you're talking to). Leon married Elsbeth Echelon-Arnost and took a bit of a rep ding, but still maintains a playboy reputation. They own a large, international shipping company with more than one dockyard, though the main docks are in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Lexington --- Lupin
1863 | open house | single | 6-8 rep
Open Occupation
Nicholas Simoes

Lexington was likely a Gryffindor and is unsure about his direction in life. He may or may not have had some failed business and/or romantic ventures. He's much more liberal on blood purity and class equality than the rest of his family and doesn't really share a lot of their views. Alternatively he may be a hardworking guy who plugs away at a ministry or hospital job and advocates for halfbreed rights. Mostly he's just not your typical Stuffy UCPB Dude™ and has therefore been dubbed the Family Fuckup™.

For Justice Rookwood
@Justice Rookwood | @Clementine Rookwood


b. 1877 | MCPB | Open House | First Year ('88) | Suggested PB: Jordyn Negri

The sister of @Justice Rookwood/@Clementine Rookwood. Less pretty but exceedingly more intelligent than her elder sister, Faye could be considered a "genius" by modern standards; however, with little desire for a career, she's likely to spend her adult years cooped up in a library as a spinster or the wife of an eccentric. After years of being called out on his lies, Justice now bluntly answers her questions—even to the point of exposing her to knowledge she probably shouldn't have. Voted most likely to inform her female friends what sex is before they get married. Her reputation is an 8.

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by lady ❤ —
[Image: 350x185.jpg]
B. 1863-1866 | WCHB | OPEN | ???
The Ex-Intern can be any sex, gender, ethnicity, or sexuality. They are not a metamorphmagus. In 1883, they were working as a Creature-Induced Injuries intern at St Mungo’s and were turned in the same attack as Cyrus Westerman, then healer Ephraim Belby. Publicly outed as a werewolf, they were shunned by their family. What they’ve done in the years since is up to you, however they have not been in Hogsmeade. They will, however, settle into the slums after the fog lifts, and are due for a run-in with their former mentor…

Immediate Ties: @Cyrus Westerman

[Image: j3gBFuQ.jpg?1]
Dezzie’s closest friend, the pair met through quidditch. “Edna” is a Keeper, ideally for the Howlers though I can be flexible with either of those points if need be =P Unlike Dezzie, “Edna”’s family has never been particularly supportive of her choice to play quidditch rather than do Normal Girly Things™, and have made it abundantly clear that if she doesn’t marry this year, she’ll have to choose between her family or her career. Unfortunately, “marry” in their books requires someone they actually approve of, so grabbing a teammate won’t help—she’ll have to either find someone boring, or let them choose! The suggested PB is Zazie Beets but as with most things, I am a flexible octopus. Reputation of 6 or 7.

Immediate Ties: @Desdemona Pettigrew
Bonus Ties: @Arthur Pettigrew
Potential Ties: @Ginevra Blackwood @Nathaniel Gallivan @Jack Humphrey-Mavis @Cassius Lestrange @Declan Wood @Tybalt Kirke @Jossima Warbeck @Roberto Devine @Thom Pettigrew @Rufus Bixby @Tristan Michaud @Thomas Tilcott @Esteban Zavala @Handsome Whitledge @Mundungus MacFusty

MJ made this!
[Image: fDAhFFQ.jpg?1]
The Belby girls, Iris joined her brother as a healer at St Mungo’s before ostensibly marrying for love, though the current state of her marriage and the existence of any children is entirely up to you! Cyrus reached out to her after settling down in the slums, and while she won’t meet with him, she does send him occasional, perfunctory letters and liberated supplies to help him do his budget healing work. She does not live in Hogsmeade. The suggested PB is Jodie Comer. Reputation of 7 due to working mother and werewolf brother.

Immediate Ties: @Cyrus Westerman @Begonia Belby
Bonus Ties: @Aria Belby @Archer Belby
Potential Ties: @Charles Jameshill @Sydney Podmore @Richard Gladstone @Nathalie Jennings @Fletcher Langley @Kenton Yaxley @Kingsley Wells @Garrett Cavey
Double Up! Barney’s would-be love

[Image: 2NHVWuE.jpg?1]
Gervaise's fiance. The quirky muggleborn apprenticed immediately upon leaving school, but has spent the past two years a herbologist in her own rights, working at a tree farm. It is there that she met Gervaise. She was not entirely certain of him at first, but finds comfort in the fact that he's as nerdy about wands as she is about plants. She's fond of her fiance but not as in love with him as he with her. Pictured PB is America Ferrera because diversity is aces, but is 100% flexible.

In September of 1888 she got wrapped up in the pink envelope scandal and eloped with a renowned herbologist. She wrote Gervaise to tell him of this a week later—but what happens next?!

Immediate Ties: @Gervaise Ollivander
Potential Ties: @Temerita Reid @Gideon Ollivander @Gemma Simpson

b. 1841 | MCPB | Jeweler & Owner of Brown's Jewelry | Suggested PB: Eric Dane
Medium Priority Character

Grant is a very creative man from a family of entrepreneurs. As a second son, he knew he wouldn't be the one to take over the family so put his efforts into his own hobby and eventually evolved into a full blown business. Brown's Jewelry was his first baby and is what led him to meeting his wife. Their marriage (and her dowry) saw him to purchasing a storefront. The rest is history and the two play rather active roles in their children's lives. With Vincent having graduated, he's started teaching his heir more hands on lessons when it comes to being a jeweler. In 1884, he takes note of his daughter's interest in jewelry design and during the summer of the fog even uses some of her sketches for actual designs to be sold in the shop.
Immediate Ties: @Monet Brown
Potential Ties: @Timothy Ainsworth, @Gervaise Ollivander

[Image: xHD6EJ.png]
NEEDED ASAP for Bee & Té!

Premise: Elsbeth wants another baby. Elsbeth is sterile thanks to her bout with gonorrhea (don't worry, it's gone now.) Leon is willing to have another. Hi-jinx ensue:

[Image: 433full-emma-rigby.jpg]
Suggested PB: Emma Rigby

  • SURROGATE mama is WC and has been working as a servant for the Lupin's for x amount of time. She is a young-ish widow. Hogwarts education is flexible. Must be a pureblood with blonde hair and blue eyes that resembles Elsbeth somewhat.
  • The servants are made to swear a blood oath but the happenings of the family to keep their secrets safe, but are paid REALLY well because of it.
  • She is a mother of children (# up to you) and has thus proven that she's capable of having a healthy pregnancy.
  • For reasons you can decide (she needs the money, she's in love with Leon, etc.), she accepts a large sum of money promised to her if she produces a baby for the family. She'll need to sleep with Leon to get impregnated. Expect very uncomfortable interactions with Elsbeth since she's in love with Leon (unrequited) and will be jealous. Also she's crazy, so.
  • She'll be kept in the house until she has the baby (and her children can live in a suite with her), and treated like a queen. She'll be treated as a house guest until she has the baby.
  • What happens from there is up to the player! Bee and I are open to surrogate falling for Leon or the other way around, or her trying to run off the baby, whatever causes the most drama.

If you are interested in this plot, contact either myself or Bee @Elsie Beauregard. Please be able to commit to posting regularly so we can get this plot underway. :)

Reserved for Bree

Abercrombies Ahoy!
Upper Class Purebloods
@Nora Abercrombie, @Evelyn Abercrombie & Elwin Abercrombie

A UCPB family with a bit of weight to them, this branch of Abercrombies is relatively laid back. They do stick to other UCPB families, but are not outwardly or annoyingly purist. They kind of just do their own thing and have some ties to other prominent UCPB families. I'm open to adding more as the family grows.

Gaston --- Abercrombie
1861 | open house | single | 9 rep
Adrien Sahores

Gaston likely works in a more reputable department in the ministry (though is probably not in administration yet). He's nearing an age where he could start looking for a wife. His personality can go one of two ways as we see it, he's either overtly flirtatious without a lot of substance behind it or he's painfully shy and awkward, like Nora. Either way he's incredibly bright and may or may not used it to his advantage where he sees fit. @Helga Scamander, one of Nora's best friends, has been eyeing him as possible suitor since her seventh year... and she's probably not subtle about it. There's plenty of amusement to be had!

MJ made this!

b. 1849 | UCPB | Slytherin | Socialite | Suggested PB: Jennifer Garner

The mother of @Lucille Flint and the aunt/former guardian of @Bella Scrimgeour. She was sort of ~rebellious in her childhood, though eventually gave into her parents' nagging and married Titanus Flint, a man more than half a century older than her. She gave him one child before he ultimately perished, and now lives a rather reclusive life in Dorset with her debutante daughter. Her reputation is an 8.

For Evelyn

[Image: ySAS9aP.jpg?1]
Though their marriage was arranged, Elwin and Evelyn were fast to fall genuinely in love with one another and are, by any metric, a splendid couple: she supportive and doting, he understanding and loyal. He does worry, though, about her fragile condition, and so does everything in his power to ensure she is not upset—including keeping a few dreadfully bad investments a secret… The suggested PB is Dan Stevens. Reserved for Fallin

Immediate Ties: @Evelyn Abercrombie
Bonus Ties: Pendergasts and Lestranges

[Image: xHD6EJ.png]

b. 1868 | MCHB | Co-Owner of an Antiques Shop | Suggested PB: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
High Priority Character

Fraternal twin of Jupiter, Mars is the only female of the siblings besides Earth who has married. Co-owning a shop with her husband, she’s just as odd as most of her siblings. She has yet to have any children, and has been married since 1887. This may lead to a few rumors regarding her marriage.

Since childhood, she has been the most mocked out of all of her siblings for her masculine name. Having grown used to it, she mainly shrugs it off. Though she was prone to getting into fights in her youth over the matter. She was a Slytherin.

❧ Immediate Ties: Earth Beck
❧ Potential Ties: —

Henry Thompsett
MCHB | Incoming 1st Year | b. 1877

The youngest Thompsett child, Henry was born in 1877. He is especially close with his older sister as the two are so close in age and were left much on their own when Matthew went to school. He is excited to attend Hogwarts with his siblings in 1888. His personality is largely up to whomever plays him as is his house. If you are looking for a wee little firsty to start your 1888-1889 school year off, Henry is the boy for you.



Marmaduke is also - you guessed it - super open. Roughly 25, the age difference between him and Carmelina means they didn't get to spend too much of their childhoods together, but they probably wrote to each other a lot and I vaguely headcanon that he's her favourite sibling anyway. He is probably the thoughtful, sensitive, anxious sort, possibly with an artistic streak. Absolutely awful at talking to girls. You know who else he could be? Jehan from the Revs!

[Image: xHD6EJ.png]
For Justice Rookwood
@Justice Rookwood | @Faye Rookwood | @Apollo Cartwright


b. 1873 | MCPB | Hufflepuff | Fifth Year | Preferred PB: Angourie Rice

The younger sister of @Justice Rookwood. Born in mid-1873, Clementine and her brother began Hogwarts in the same year, but she was sorted into Hufflepuff while her brother was in Ravenclaw. A sweet girl with a stunningly pretty face, it is only their opposing sexes that kept she and Justice from being close as children. In recent years, however, she's begun to blossom into a young lady rather than a little girl, earning her recognizable attention the male population at Hogwarts. She may or may not be bisexual. Her and her siblings were recently shipped off to St. Mungo's Home for Inconvenient Children after their younger sister caused irreparable damage to their uncle's creature sanctuary. Her reputation is an 8.

(She also has the opportunity for involvement with @Jemima Farley's diary plot, considering they share a dorm and Jemima has a crush on Clementine's brother!)


[Image: xHD6EJ.png]
[Image: 350x185.jpg]
Maeve and her mother have never seen eye to eye. Where Maeve is loud and rash, Cait is reserved and pensive. What they both share is a stubbornness akin to mountains: neither will budge on what they believe to be true. In spite of their differences and the fact that they frequently butt heads over them, the two do love one another. Cait is also deeply in love with her husband, and is the only one who can get him to budge on things. The two met through her cousin, Colm, who married Eileen Connolly. Having failed so utterly with Maeve, she is determined to mold Brighid into the picture of a young lady, whatever it takes. She does not work, but takes part in athletics deemed appropriate for women, and likely volunteers with some appropriate charity. There is no suggested PB, but she should be dark- or red-haired. She is the same height as Maeve, and the two are the shortest in the family (other than Ronan, who is a child).

Immediate Ties: @Maeve Connolly @Finlay Connolly
Bonus Ties: @Lorcan Byrne @Finnian Byrne

[Image: sZFDU0S.jpg?1]
The eldest of his branch of Connolly children but not of his generation, After graduating, he traveled around the world doing some sort of research for four years before returning home to live with the rest of the family. At present, his work sees him deal heavily, if not exclusively, with the museum. Donovan did everything right—was sorted into Gryffindor, went into research—but still managed to irk his father and grandfather by eagerly volunteering to move into a cottage on the family grounds when space in the house proper became cramped. He is one of the quieter Connollys but also one of the sharper. Though hurlable, he is not actively seeking a bride for whatever reason. The suggested PB is Matt Smith with alternatives to have dark hair.

Immediate Ties: @Maeve Connolly @Finlay Connolly
Bonus Ties: @Lorcan Byrne @Finnian Byrne

[Image: oTkHlW.png]
gorgeous set by MJ

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